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Packages beginning with letter Q

qalc-4.5.1-1 CLI frontend for Qalculate! linux/x86_64
qarma-0.20180619-1 Call Qt dialog boxes from the command line linux/x86_64
qastools-0.23.0-2 A collection of desktop applications for ALSA linux/x86_64
qatlib-21.11.0-1 Intel QuickAssist user space library linux/x86_64
qbittorrent-4.5.0-1 A lightweight but featureful BitTorrent client linux/x86_64
qbittorrent-nox-4.5.0-1 A Headless Bittorrent Client linux/x86_64
qbs-1.18.0-1 Qt5 Build System linux/x86_64
qca-2.3.5-1 Straightforward and cross-platform crypto API for Qt linux/x86_64
qcad- A professional CAD system linux/x86_64New
qcalcfilehash-1.0.7-1 Hash calculator linux/x86_64
qdirstat-1.8-1 Qt-based directory statistics linux/x86_64
qdoc5-5.15.8-1 Qt documentation generator, version 5 linux/x86_64
qemu-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator linux/x86_64
qemu-aarch64-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for aarch64 linux/x86_64
qemu-aarch64_be-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for aarch64_be linux/x86_64
qemu-alpha-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for alpha linux/x86_64
qemu-arm-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for arm linux/x86_64
qemu-armeb-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for armeb linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-alsa-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU ALSA audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-dbus-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU D-Bus audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-jack-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU Jack audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-oss-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU OSS audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-pa-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU PulseAudio audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-sdl-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU SDL audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-sndio-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU SNDIO audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-audio-spice-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU spice audio driver linux/x86_64
qemu-block-curl-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU CURL block driver linux/x86_64
qemu-block-dmg-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU block driver for DMG disk images linux/x86_64
qemu-block-iscsi-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU iSCSI block driver linux/x86_64
qemu-block-nfs-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU NFS block driver linux/x86_64
qemu-block-ssh-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU SSH block driver linux/x86_64
qemu-char-spice-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU spice chardev driver linux/x86_64
qemu-common-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU common files needed by all QEMU targets linux/x86_64
qemu-cris-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for cris linux/x86_64
qemu-device-display-qxl-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU QXL display device linux/x86_64
qemu-device-display-virtio-gpu-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU virtio-gpu display device linux/x86_64
qemu-device-display-virtio-gpu-pci-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU virtio-gpu-pci display device linux/x86_64
qemu-device-display-virtio-vga-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU virtio-vga display device linux/x86_64
qemu-device-usb-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU USB host plugin linux/x86_64
qemu-guest-agent-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU guest agent linux/x86_64
qemu-hexagon-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for hexagon linux/x86_64
qemu-hppa-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for hppa linux/x86_64
qemu-i386-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for i386 linux/x86_64
qemu-img-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU command line tool for manipulating disk images linux/x86_64
qemu-kvm-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU metapackage for KVM support linux/x86_64
qemu-kvm-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU metapackage for KVM support linux/x86_64
qemu-loongarch64-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for loongarch64 linux/x86_64
qemu-m68k-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for m68k linux/x86_64
qemu-microblaze-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for microblaze linux/x86_64
qemu-microblazeel-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for microblazeel linux/x86_64
qemu-mips-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for mips linux/x86_64
qemu-mips64-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for mips64 linux/x86_64
qemu-mips64el-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for mips64el linux/x86_64
qemu-mipsel-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for mipsel linux/x86_64
qemu-mipsn32-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for mipsn32 linux/x86_64
qemu-mipsn32el-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for mipsn32el linux/x86_64
qemu-nios2-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for nios2 linux/x86_64
qemu-or1k-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for or1k linux/x86_64
qemu-ppc-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for ppc linux/x86_64
qemu-ppc64-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for ppc64 linux/x86_64
qemu-ppc64le-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for ppc64le linux/x86_64
qemu-riscv32-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for riscv32 linux/x86_64
qemu-riscv64-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for riscv64 linux/x86_64
qemu-s390x-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for s390x linux/x86_64
qemu-sanity-check-1.1.6-1 Simple qemu and Linux kernel sanity checker linux/x86_64
qemu-sanity-check-nodeps-1.1.6-1 Simple qemu and Linux kernel sanity checker (no dependencies) linux/x86_64
qemu-sh4-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for sh4 linux/x86_64
qemu-sh4eb-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for sh4eb linux/x86_64
qemu-sparc-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for sparc linux/x86_64
qemu-sparc32plus-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for sparc32plus linux/x86_64
qemu-sparc64-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for sparc64 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-aarch64-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for AArch64 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-aarch64-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for AArch64 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-alpha-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for Alpha linux/x86_64
qemu-system-alpha-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for Alpha linux/x86_64
qemu-system-arm-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for ARM linux/x86_64
qemu-system-arm-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for ARM linux/x86_64
qemu-system-avr-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for ARM linux/x86_64
qemu-system-avr-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for ARM linux/x86_64
qemu-system-cris-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for CRIS linux/x86_64
qemu-system-cris-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for CRIS linux/x86_64
qemu-system-hppa-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for HPPA linux/x86_64
qemu-system-hppa-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for hppa linux/x86_64
qemu-system-loongarch64-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for LoongArch64 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-loongarch64-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for LoongArch64 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-m68k-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for ColdFire (m68k) linux/x86_64
qemu-system-m68k-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for ColdFire (m68k) linux/x86_64
qemu-system-microblaze-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for Microblaze linux/x86_64
qemu-system-microblaze-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for Microblaze linux/x86_64
qemu-system-mips-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for MIPS linux/x86_64
qemu-system-mips-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for MIPS linux/x86_64
qemu-system-nios2-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for nios2 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-nios2-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for nios2 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-or1k-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for OpenRisc32 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-or1k-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for OpenRisc32 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-ppc-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for PPC linux/x86_64
qemu-system-ppc-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for PPC linux/x86_64
qemu-system-riscv-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for RISC-V linux/x86_64
qemu-system-riscv-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for RISC-V linux/x86_64
qemu-system-rx-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for Renesas RX linux/x86_64
qemu-system-s390x-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for S390 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-s390x-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for S390 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-sh4-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for SH4 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-sh4-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for SH4 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-sparc-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for SPARC linux/x86_64
qemu-system-sparc-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for SPARC linux/x86_64
qemu-system-tricore-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for tricore linux/x86_64
qemu-system-tricore-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for tricore linux/x86_64
qemu-system-x86-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for x86 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-x86-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for x86 linux/x86_64
qemu-system-xtensa-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for Xtensa linux/x86_64
qemu-system-xtensa-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU system emulator for Xtensa linux/x86_64
qemu-trace-stap-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for trace-stap linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-curses-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU curses UI driver linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-dbus-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU D-Bus UI driver linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-egl-headless-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU EGL headless driver linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-gtk-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU GTK UI driver linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-opengl-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU OpenGL driver linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-sdl-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU SDL UI driver linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-spice-app-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU spice-app UI driver linux/x86_64
qemu-ui-spice-core-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU Spice UI driver linux/x86_64
qemu-user-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets linux/x86_64
qemu-user-binfmt-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets linux/x86_64
qemu-user-static-tapset-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets static build linux/x86_64
qemu-x86_64-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for x86_64 linux/x86_64
qemu-xtensa-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for xtensa linux/x86_64
qemu-xtensaeb-static-7.2.0-0.rc4.1 Qemu static binary for xtensaeb linux/x86_64
qhull-2015.7.2.0-3 Compute convex hulls linux/x86_64
qimgv-1.0.2-3 Simple Qt5 image viewer linux/x86_64
qlalr5-5.15.8-1 Qt LALR parser generator linux/x86_64
qlipper-5.1.2-2 Lightweight clipboard history linux/x86_64
qmake-qt6-6.4.2-1 The legacy qmake build tool for Qt 6 linux/x86_64
qmake5-5.15.8-1 Makefile generation system for Qt 5 linux/x86_64
qmi-tools-1.30.8-1 Helper utilities to control QMI devices linux/x86_64
qmlkonsole-22.09-1 Terminal application for Plasma Mobile linux/x86_64
qmltermwidget-0.7.0-0.20210804.2 Terminal widget for QML linux/x86_64
qmplay2-22.10.23-3 Video player linux/x86_64
qownnotes-22.11.1-1 QOwnNotes is a plain-text file notepad and todo-list manager with markdown support and ownCloud / Nextcloud integration. linux/x86_64
qownnotes-translations-22.11.1-1 Translations files for qownnotes linux/noarch
qpdf-11.2.0-1 Inspect and manipulate PDF files linux/x86_64
qphotorec-7.1-3 Signature based file carver. Recover lost files linux/x86_64
qps-2.6.0-1 Visual process manager linux/x86_64
qpwgraph-0.3.9-1 PipeWire Graph Qt GUI Interface linux/x86_64
qqc2-breeze-style-5.26.5-1 Breeze style for QtQuickComponents 2 linux/x86_64
qqc2-desktop-style-5.102.0-1 QtQuickControls2 style for consistency between QWidget and QML apps linux/x86_64New
qqc2-desktop-style-devel-5.102.0-1 Development files for qqc2-desktop-style linux/x86_64New
qqwing-1.3.4-3 Command-line Sudoku solver and generator linux/x86_64
qrencode-4.1.1-1 QR Code encoder into PNG image linux/x86_64
qrq-0.3.3-1 Morse telegraphy trainer linux/x86_64
qscintilla-doc-2.13.3-1 QScintilla docs linux/x86_64
qt-avif-image-plugin-0.5.1-1 Qt plugin for handling AVIF images linux/x86_64
qt-creator-8.0.1-2 Qt Creator is a lightweight, cross-platform IDE linux/x86_64
qt-creator-common-8.0.1-2 Files used by both Qt Creator Qt4 and Qt Creator Qt5 linux/noarch
qt-jdenticon-0.3.0-1 Jdenticon Qt5 plugin linux/x86_64
qt-jpegxl-image-plugin-0.4.1-1 Qt plugin for handling JPEG XL images linux/x86_64
qt-jpegxl-image-plugin-qt6-0.4.1-1 JPEG XL plugin for Qt 6.x linux/x86_64
qt-theme-kvantum-1.0.7-1 Kvantum - an SVG renderer for drawing Qt widgets - theme engine linux/x86_64
qt-virt-manager-0.72.99-1 Qt Virtual Machine Manager linux/x86_64
qt5-assistant-5.15.8-1 Qt5 Assistant Doc Utility linux/x86_64
qt5-database-plugin-sqlite3-22.12.1-1 Improved Sqlite 3.x support plugin for Qt 5.x linux/x86_64
qt5-designer-5.15.8-1 qt5-qttools Visual Design Tool linux/x86_64
qt5-designer-plugin-akonadiwidgets-22.12.1-1 Akonadi Widgets for Qt Designer linux/x86_64
qt5-devel-5.15.8-1 Meta-package for installing all Qt 5 development files linux/x86_64
qt5-doc-5.15.8-1 Qt QCH documentation linux/noarch
qt5-examples-5.15.8-1 Example applications for qt5-qtbase linux/x86_64
qt5-gstreamer-1.2.0-17 C++ bindings for GStreamer with a Qt5-style API linux/x86_64
qt5-linguist-5.15.8-1 qt5-qttools Visual Design Tool linux/x86_64
qt5-linguist-tools-5.15.8-1 qt5-qttools Visual Design Tool linux/x86_64
qt5-macros-5.15.8-1 Base macros for Qt 5 linux/x86_64
qt5-nfc-5.15.8-1 Qt5 Nfc Component Library linux/x86_64
qt5-platformtheme-gtk3-5.15.8-1 GTK 3.x platform theme for Qt 5 linux/x86_64
qt5-platformtheme-gtk3-devel-5.15.8-1 Development files for the Qt5 GTK3 platform theme integration linux/x86_64
qt5-platformtheme-xdgdesktopportal-5.15.8-1 XDG Desktop Portal platform theme for Qt 5 linux/x86_64
qt5-platformtheme-xdgdesktopportal-devel-5.15.8-1 Development files for the Qt5 XDG Desktop Portal platform theme integration linux/x86_64
qt5-porting-tools-5.15.8-1 Tools that help porting code from Qt 4.x to 5.x linux/x86_64
qt5-qt3d-5.15.8-1 Qt 3D toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qt3d-devel-5.15.8-1 Development files for the Qt 3D library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtbase-devel-5.15.8-1 Meta-package for installing all Qt 5 Base development files linux/x86_64
qt5-qtcanvas3d-5.12.3-1 Qt5 - Canvas3d component linux/x86_64
qt5-qtcanvas3d-examples-5.12.3-1 Programming examples for qt5-qtcanvas3d linux/x86_64
qt5-qtcharts-examples-5.15.8-1 Example code for the qt5-qtcharts library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtchooser-5.15.8-1 qtchooser integration for Qt 5.x linux/x86_64
qt5-qtdatavis3d-examples-5.15.8-1 Example code for the qt5-qtdatavis3d library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtdeclarative-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtdeclarative-animation-5.15.8-1 Animation support for Qt Declarative linux/x86_64
qt5-qtdeclarative-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for the use of Qt Declarative linux/x86_64
qt5-qtdoc-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtenginio-1.6.3-2 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtfeedback-0.0.0-0.20210927.7 Qt Tactile Feedback Add-on Module linux/x86_64
qt5-qtgamepad-examples-5.15.8-1 Example code for the qt5-qtgamepad library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtgraphicaleffects-5.15.8-1 Qt Graphical Effects toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtimageformats-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtlocation-5.15.8-1 Qt Location linux/x86_64
qt5-qtlottie-5.15.8-1 Qt5 Lottie linux/x86_64
qt5-qtlottie-doc-5.15.8-1 QtLottie5 APIs and tools docs linux/noarch
qt5-qtmultimedia-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtmultimedia-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for the QtMultimedia engine linux/x86_64
qt5-qtnetworkauth-examples-5.15.8-1 Example code for the qt5-qtnetworkauth library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtpositioning-5.15.8-1 Qt5 Positioning Component Library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtpurchasing-examples-5.15.8-1 Example code for the qt5-qtpurchasing library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtquick1-5.7.1-3 QtQuick 1.x library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtquick1-examples-5.7.1-3 Examples for QtQuick 1.x linux/x86_64
qt5-qtquickcontrols-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtquickcontrols-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for the QtQuick Controls library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtquickcontrols2-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtquickcontrols2-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for qt5-qtquickcontrols2 linux/x86_64
qt5-qtserialbus-5.15.8-1 Qt library for accessing industrial serial buses linux/x86_64
qt5-qtserialbus-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for the Qt SerialBus library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtserialport-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for the Qt SerialPort library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtspeech-examples-5.15.8-1 Example code for the qt5-qtspeech library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtsvg-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for QtSvg linux/x86_64
qt5-qttools-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qttools-qtdbus-5.15.8-1 Qt5 Dbus Binary linux/x86_64
qt5-qttranslations-5.15.8-1 Qt GUI toolkit linux/noarch
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard-5.15.8-1 Qt Virtual Keyboard linux/x86_64
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for the Qt Virtual Keyboard linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwayland-5.15.8-1 Qt5 - Wayland platform support and QtCompositor module linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwebchannel-5.15.8-1 Qt %{version} WebChannel library linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwebengine-5.15.13-0.20230105.1 Qt WebEngine linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwebengine-devel-5.15.13-0.20230105.1 Metapackage pulling in all QtWebEngine development files linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwebengine-examples-5.15.13-0.20230105.1 Examples for QtWebEngine linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwebglplugin-5.15.8-1 WebGL platform plugin for Qt Quick applications linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwebkit-5.212.20211230-3 Qt GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
qt5-qtwebview-examples-5.15.8-1 Examples for QtWebEngine linux/x86_64
qt5-qtxmlpatterns-xmlpatterns-5.15.8-1 Qt5 Xmlpatterns Utility linux/x86_64
qt5-style-cleanlooks-5.0.0-5 Cleanlooks style for Qt5 linux/x86_64
qt5-style-kvantum-0.10.9-2 SVG-based Qt5 theme engine plus a config tool and extra themes linux/x86_64
qt5-style-motif-5.0.0-5 Motif style for Qt5 linux/x86_64
qt5-style-plastique-5.0.0-5 Plastique style for Qt5 linux/x86_64
qt5-style-plugins-5.0.0-5 Additional style plugins for Qt5 linux/x86_64
qt5-style-qtcurve-1.9-1 QtCurve style for Qt5 linux/x86_64
qt6-cmake-6.4.2-1 Cmake extensions for Qt 6 linux/x86_64
qt6-qt3d-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code for the Qt 6 3D module linux/x86_64
qt6-qt5compat-6.4.2-1 Qt 5.x compatibility library for Qt 6 linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-doc-6.4.2-1 Documentation for the Qt 6 framework linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 framework linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-sql-firebird-6.4.2-1 QtSQL plugin for accessing Firebird and Interbase databases linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-sql-mariadb-6.4.2-1 QtSQL plugin for accessing MariaDB and MySQL databases linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-sql-odbc-6.4.2-1 QtSQL plugin for accessing databases through ODBC linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-sql-postgresql-6.4.2-1 QtSQL plugin for accessing PostgreSQL databases linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-sql-sqlite-6.4.2-1 QtSQL plugin for accessing SQLite databases linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-theme-gtk3-6.4.2-1 GTK3 Theme for Qt 6 linux/x86_64
qt6-qtbase-tools-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 build tools linux/x86_64
qt6-qtcharts-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Charts module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtconnectivity-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Connectivity module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtdatavis3d-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Charts module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtdeclarative-6.4.2-1 Version 6 of the Qt Quick framework linux/x86_64
qt6-qtdeclarative-examples-6.4.2-1 Example applications for Qt Declarative 6 linux/x86_64
qt6-qtdoc-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 Documentation Tools linux/x86_64
qt6-qthttpserver-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Network Authentication module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtimageformats-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 image formats module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtimageformats-devel-6.4.2-1 Development files for the Qt imageformats module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtlottie-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 Quick 3D linux/x86_64
qt6-qtmultimedia-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code demonstrating the use of qt6-qtmultimedia linux/x86_64
qt6-qtmultimedia-gstreamer-6.4.2-1 Gstreamer based plugin for Qt multimedia playback linux/x86_64
qt6-qtnetworkauth-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Network Authentication module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtpositioning-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code demonstrating the use of qt6-qtpositioning linux/x86_64
qt6-qtquick3d-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code for the Qt 6 3D module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtquick3d-profiler-6.4.2-1 Profiler for QtQuick 3D linux/x86_64
qt6-qtquick3dphysics-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code for the Qt 6 3D module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtquickcontrols2-6.0.1-1 Qt 6 Quick controls linux/x86_64
qt6-qtquicktimeline-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 Quick Timeline plugin linux/x86_64
qt6-qtremoteobjects-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 RemoteObjects module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtscxml-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code for the Qt 6 3D module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtsensors-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Sensors module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtserialbus-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Web Sockets module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtserialport-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt 6 Web Sockets module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtspeech-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code for the Qt 6 Text-to-Speech module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtsvg-6.0.1-1 Qt 6 Tools linux/x86_64
qt6-qtsvg-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code for the Qt 6 SVG module linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 Tools linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-assistant-6.4.2-1 Qt Assistant - a help file viewer linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-dbus-6.4.2-1 Command line tool for talking to DBus linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-dbusviewer-6.4.2-1 Graphical tool for talking to DBus linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-designer-6.4.2-1 Qt Designer - a graphical UI builder linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-devel-6.4.2-1 Development files for working with Qt Tools linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-distancefieldgenerator-6.4.2-1 Qt Distance Field Generator - font cache builder linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-doc-6.4.2-1 Documentation generator for Qt linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples demonstrating the use of Qt Tools linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-linguist-6.4.2-1 Qt Linguist - a frontend for translating software linux/x86_64
qt6-qttools-linguist-tools-6.4.2-1 Tools for working with translation files generated by Qt Linguist linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 Translations linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-assistant-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt Assistant linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-connectivity-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt Connectivity linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-declarative-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt Declarative linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-designer-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt Designer linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-linguist-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt Linguist linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-location-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt Location linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-multimedia-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt Multimedia linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-serialport-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt SerialPort linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-webengine-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt WebEngine linux/x86_64
qt6-qttranslations-websockets-6.4.2-1 Translations for Qt WebSockets linux/x86_64
qt6-qtvirtualkeyboard-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt %{major} Virtual Keyboard module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtwayland-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 Wayland support library linux/x86_64
qt6-qtwebengine-6.4.2-1 Qt 6 Web Engine - a web browser library for Qt linux/x86_64
qt6-qtwebengine-designer-6.4.2-1 Qt Designer integration for QtWebEngine linux/x86_64
qt6-qtwebengine-examples-6.4.2-1 Sample code demonstrating the use of qt6-qtwebengine linux/x86_64
qt6-qtwebsockets-examples-6.4.2-1 Examples for the Qt %{major} Web Sockets module linux/x86_64
qt6-qtwebview-examples-6.4.2-1 Example code for the Qt 6 Web View module linux/x86_64
qtav-1.13.0-3 Multimedia playback framework based on Qt and FFmpeg linux/x86_64
qtbluetooth5-5.15.8-1 Qt5 Bluetooth Component Library linux/x86_64
qtchooser-66-2 Wrapper used to select between Qt binary versions linux/x86_64
qtcurve-1.9-1 QtCurve Theme for Qt and GTK linux/x86_64
qtcurve-gtk2-1.9-1 QtCurve Theme for GTK2 linux/x86_64
qtemu-2.1-2 A graphical user interface for QEMU linux/x86_64
qterminal-1.2.0-1 QT-based multitab terminal emulator linux/x86_64
qtermwidget-1.2.0-1 Qt terminal widget linux/x86_64
qtkeychain-common-0.13.2-1 Common files for qtkeychain (translations etc) linux/x86_64
qtpdf-0.0-0.20170626.2 Qt library for PDF rendering linux/x86_64
qtpdf-examples-0.0-0.20170626.2 Examples for the QtPdf library linux/x86_64
qtwebkit-qml-2.3.4-8 QML module for QtWebKit integration in Qt Quick linux/x86_64
qtxdg-tools-3.10.0-1 Tools for using xdg-utils with LXQt linux/x86_64
qtxdg-tools-devel-3.10.0-1 cmake files for locating qtxdg-tools linux/x86_64
quadrapassel-40.2-3 GNOME Quadrapassel game linux/x86_64
quassel-0.13.1-9 A modern cross-platform distributed IRC client (monolythic) linux/x86_64
quassel-client-0.13.1-9 A modern cross-platform distributed IRC client - Client only linux/x86_64
quassel-common-0.13.1-9 A modern cross-platform distributed IRC client - Common files linux/x86_64
quassel-core-0.13.1-9 A modern cross-platform distributed IRC client - Core server linux/x86_64
quaternion- An IM client for the Matrix protocol linux/x86_64
quectel-tools-1.5-1 Tools for working with Quectel cellular modems linux/x86_64
quick-usb-formatter-0.6-1.preview.4 A small KF5 application to format usb sticks and devices linux/x86_64
quota-4.09-1 System administration tools for monitoring users' disk usage linux/x86_64
quota-devel-4.09-1 Development files for quota linux/x86_64
quota-ldap-scripts-4.09-1 ldap-scripts for quota linux/x86_64
quota-nld-4.09-1 quota_nld daemon linux/x86_64
quota-warnquota-4.09-1 Send e-mail to users over quota linux/x86_64
qutebrowser-2.5.2-1 A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebEngine linux/noarch
qview-5.0-1 Simple Qt-based image viewer linux/x86_64

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