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Packages beginning with letter F

f2c-20200916-1.mga8 A Fortran 77 to C/C++ conversion program linux/i586
f2fs-tools-1.14.0-1.mga8 Utilities for the Flash-friendly Filesystem (F2FS) linux/i586
f3-8.0-1.mga8 Utility to test for fake flash drives and cards linux/i586
facile-1.1.3-11.mga9 Constraint programming library linux/i586
facter-2.4.6-5.mga8 Ruby module for collecting simple facts about a host operating system linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-1.3.1-12.mga8 Faenza icon theme linux/noarch
fail2ban-0.11.2-3.mga9 Ban IP-addresses that result in too many password failures linux/noarch
fairymax-4.8-9.mga8 A XBoard compatible chess and chess-variant engine linux/i586
fakechroot-2.20.1-5.mga9 Gives a fake chroot environment linux/i586
fakeroot-1.26-2.mga9 Gives a fake root environment linux/i586
faketime-0.9.7-3.mga8 Report faked system time to programs linux/i586
falkon-3.1.0-7.mga9 Cross-platform Qt Web Browser based on QtWebEngine linux/i586
falkon-core-3.1.0-7.mga9 Falkon web browser core package linux/i586
falkon-gnome-keyring-3.1.0-7.mga9 GNOME keyring plugin for Falkon web browser linux/i586
falkon-kde-3.1.0-7.mga9 KDE Frameworks Integration plugin for Falkon web browser linux/i586
falkon-plugins-3.1.0-7.mga9 Various plugins for Falkon web browser linux/i586
fallingtime-1.0.2-2.mga8 2-player arcade game inspired by Fall Down linux/i586
fasd-1.0.1-3.mga8 A command-line productivity booster linux/noarch
fasterxml-oss-parent-41-1.mga9 FasterXML parent pom linux/noarch
fastjar-0.98-13.mga8 Archive tool for Java archives linux/i586
fastlz-0.1.0-0.0.svn12.5.mga8 Lightning-fast lossless compression library linux/i586
fatback-1.3-11.mga8 A forensic tool for recovering files from FAT file systems linux/i586
fatpack-0.10.7-7.mga8 Pack your dependencies onto your script file linux/noarch
fatrace-0.13-3.mga8 Reports file access events from all running processes linux/i586
fatsort- FAT sorter for FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems linux/i586
fb2png-0.1-22.git85df73c.mga8 Take screenshots from the framebuffer linux/i586
fbida-2.14-5.mga8 Frame-buffer image viewers and editors linux/i586
fbreader-0.99.5-12.mga8 Reader for e-books in various formats linux/i586
fbset-2.1-30.mga8 Framebuffer utilities for changing video modes linux/i586
fbtv-3.107-3.mga8 A console program for watching TV linux/i586
fceux-2.3.0-3.mga9 A cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator linux/i586
fceux-net-server-2.3.0-3.mga9 Server for the FCEUX emulator linux/i586
fcgi-2.4.0-21.mga8 The FastCGI development kit linux/i586
fcitx- Fcitx - Free Chinese Input Toys for X linux/i586
fcitx-chewing-0.2.3-3.mga8 Chewing Wrapper for Fcitx linux/i586
fcitx-configtool-0.4.10-3.mga8 Gtk configuretool for Fcitx linux/i586
fcitx-devel- fcitx development library linux/i586
fcitx-gir- GObject Introspection interface description for fcitx linux/i586
fcitx-gtk- fcitx gtk module linux/i586
fcitx-gtk3- fcitx gtk3 module linux/i586
fcitx-qt4- Qt4 immodule for fcitx linux/i586
fcitx-qt5-1.2.5-2.mga8 Fcitx IM module for Qt5 linux/i586
fcitx-qt5-devel-1.2.5-2.mga8 Development files for fcitx-qt5 linux/i586
fcode-utils-1.0.2-4.mga8 Utilities for dealing with FCode linux/i586
fcoe-utils-1.0.32-3.mga8 Fibre Channel over Ethernet utilities linux/i586
fcron-3.2.1-3.mga8 Task scheduler linux/i586
fdns- Firejail DNS-over-HTTPS Proxy Server linux/i586
fdupes-2.1.2-1.mga8 Identify or delete duplicate files linux/i586
featherpad-0.18.0-1.mga9 Lightweight Qt5 Plain-Text Editor for Linux linux/i586
fedpkg-minimal-1.1.0-3.mga8 Script to allow fedpkg fetch to work linux/noarch
feff-1.10.1-3.mga8 Front-end for FFmpeg linux/i586
feh-3.7.1-1.mga9 Image viewer at heart, though it does other cool stuff linux/i586
felix-gogo-command-1.1.2-1.mga9 Apache Felix Gogo command line shell for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-gogo-command-javadoc-1.1.2-1.mga9 Javadoc for felix-gogo-command linux/noarch
felix-gogo-parent-6-1.mga9 Parent pom for Apache Felix Gogo linux/noarch
felix-gogo-runtime-1.1.4-1.mga9 Apache Felix Gogo command line shell for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-gogo-runtime-javadoc-1.1.4-1.mga9 Javadoc for felix-gogo-runtime linux/noarch
felix-gogo-shell-1.1.4-1.mga9 Apache Felix Gogo command line shell for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-gogo-shell-javadoc-1.1.4-1.mga9 Javadoc for felix-gogo-shell linux/noarch
felix-parent-7-1.mga8 Parent POM file for Apache Felix Specs linux/noarch
felix-scr-2.1.26-1.mga9 Apache Felix Service Component Runtime (SCR) linux/noarch
felix-scr-javadoc-2.1.26-1.mga9 Javadoc for felix-scr linux/noarch
felix-utils-1.11.6-1.mga9 Utility classes for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-utils-javadoc-1.11.6-1.mga9 API documentation for felix-utils linux/noarch
fence-agents-4.5.1-2.mga8 Fencing agents for cluster suite linux/i586
festival-2.5-2.mga8 A free speech synthesizer linux/i586
festival-devel-2.5-2.mga8 Static libraries and headers for festival text to speech linux/i586
festival-freebsoft-utils-0.10-3.mga8 A collection of utilities that enhance Festival with some useful features linux/noarch
festlex-CMU-1.4.3-18.mga8 CMU dictionary in Festival form linux/noarch
festlex-POSLEX-1.4.3-18.mga8 Festival Speech Lexicons for Engish linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc-common-1.4.3-18.mga8 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) - Common linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc16k-1.4.3-18.mga8 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) 16kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc8k-1.4.3-18.mga8 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) 8kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc-common-1.4.3-18.mga8 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KED) - Common linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc16k-1.4.3-18.mga8 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KED) 16kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc8k-1.4.3-18.mga8 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KDE) 8kHz linux/noarch
festvox-suopuhe-common-1.0g-20051204.13.mga8 Common files for Festival Finnish speakers linux/noarch
festvox-suopuhe-lj-1.0g-20051204.13.mga8 Festival Voice - Finnish female speaker (suo_fi_lj) linux/noarch
festvox-suopuhe-mv-20041119-13.mga8 Festival Voice - Finnish male speaker (hy_fi_mv) linux/noarch
fet-5.37.5-3.mga8 Free Timetabling Software linux/i586
fetchmail-6.4.8-8.mga9 Full-featured POP/IMAP mail retrieval daemon linux/i586
fetchmail-daemon-6.4.8-8.mga9 SySV init script for demonize fetchmail for retrieving emails linux/i586
fetchmailconf-6.4.8-8.mga9 A utility for graphically configuring your fetchmail preferences linux/i586
ffado-2.4.4-2.mga9 Firewire audio driver applications and utilities linux/i586
ffmpeg-4.4.1-1.mga9 Hyper fast audio and video encoder linux/i586
ffmpeg-java-20071012-0.0.17.mga8 A Java wrapper around ffmpeg, using JNA linux/noarch
ffmpeg-java-javadoc-20071012-0.0.17.mga8 Javadoc for ffmpeg-java linux/noarch
ffmpeg2theora-0.30-7.mga8 A simple converter to create Ogg Theora files linux/i586
ffmpegthumbnailer-2.2.2-1.mga8 Lightweight video thumbnailer linux/i586
ffmpegthumbs-21.04.1-1.mga9 Video thumbnail generator for KDE file managers linux/i586
ffms2-2.23-6.mga8 Wrapper library around libffmpeg linux/i586
ffmulticonverter-1.8.0-7.mga9 GUI File Format Converter linux/noarch
fftw-wisdom-3.3.9-1.mga8 FFTW-wisdom file generator linux/i586
fgx-2.8.0-10.mga8 Launcher for Open Source Flight Simulator FlightGear linux/i586
field3d-1.7.3-10.mga9 Library for storing voxel data linux/i586
fife-0.4.2-14.mga9 Cross-platform game creation framework linux/i586
figlet-2.2.5-7.mga8 A program for making large letters out of ordinary text linux/i586
figlet-more-fonts-20040514-17.mga8 Program for making large letters out of ordinary text linux/noarch
file-5.41-1.mga9 A utility for determining file types linux/i586
file-rename-utils-1.7.3-9.mga8 Bash utilities that enable various file renaming actions, and more linux/noarch
file-roller-3.40.0-1.mga9 An archive manager for GNOME linux/i586
filelight-21.04.1-1.mga9 Graphical disk usage statistics linux/i586
filelight-handbook-21.04.1-1.mga9 Filelight handbook linux/noarch
filemanager-actions-3.4-4.mga8 Configurable context menu for Nautilus, Caja and Nemo linux/i586
filemanager-actions-caja-3.4-4.mga8 Configurable context menu for Caja linux/i586
filemanager-actions-devel-3.4-4.mga8 Development files of filemanager-actions linux/i586
filemanager-actions-nautilus-3.4-4.mga8 Configurable context menu for Nautilus linux/i586
filemanager-actions-nemo-3.4-4.mga8 Configurable context menu for Nemo linux/i586
filerunner- A simple file manager with built-in FTP support linux/noarch
filesystem-2.1.9-34.mga8 The basic directory layout for a Linux system linux/i586
filezilla-3.55.0-1.mga9 Fast and reliable FTP client linux/i586
fillets-ng-1.0.1-16.mga9 Fish Fillets NG, a puzzle game with 70 levels linux/i586
fillets-ng-data-1.0.1-5.mga9 Data files for the Fish Fillets NG game linux/noarch
finch-2.14.8-1.mga9 A text-based user interface for Pidgin linux/i586
findbugs-3.0.1-16.mga8 Find bugs in Java code linux/noarch
findbugs-bcel-6.0-0.10.20140707svn1547656.4.mga8 Byte Code Engineering Library for FindBugs linux/noarch
findbugs-bcel-javadoc-6.0-0.10.20140707svn1547656.4.mga8 Javadoc for findbugs-bcel linux/noarch
findbugs-javadoc-3.0.1-16.mga8 Javadoc documentation for findbugs linux/noarch
findbugs-tools-3.0.1-16.mga8 Addon tools for findbugs linux/noarch
findutils-4.8.0-1.mga8 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/i586
finger-0.17-22.mga8 The finger client linux/i586
finger-server-0.17-22.mga8 The finger daemon linux/i586
fio-3.26-1.mga9 A flexible I/O tester/benchmarker linux/i586
fira-code-fonts-6-1.mga9 Monospaced font with programming ligatures linux/noarchNew
fire-and-fondness-1.0.0-2.mga8 Short game about finding love in burning buildings linux/noarch
fire-and-fondness-2-1.0.0-1.mga8 A puzzle game featuring romance, explosions, and daytime television linux/noarch
firebird- Firebird SQL database management system linux/i586
firebird-devel- UDF support library for Firebird SQL server linux/i586
firebird-doc- Documentation for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
firebird-examples- Examples for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
firebird-utils- Firebird SQL user utilities linux/i586
firefox-91.3.0-1.mga9 Mozilla Firefox Web browser linux/i586
firefox-af-91.3.0-1.mga9 Afrikaans interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-an-91.3.0-1.mga9 Aragonese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ar-91.3.0-1.mga9 Arabic interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ast-91.3.0-1.mga9 Asturian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-az-91.3.0-1.mga9 Azeri interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-be-91.3.0-1.mga9 Belarusian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-bg-91.3.0-1.mga9 Bulgarian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-bn-91.3.0-1.mga9 Bengali interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-br-91.3.0-1.mga9 Breton interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-bs-91.3.0-1.mga9 Bosnian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ca-91.3.0-1.mga9 Catalan interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-cs-91.3.0-1.mga9 Czech interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-cy-91.3.0-1.mga9 Welsh interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-da-91.3.0-1.mga9 Dansk interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-de-91.3.0-1.mga9 German interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-el-91.3.0-1.mga9 Greek interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-en_CA-91.3.0-1.mga9 Canadian English interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-en_GB-91.3.0-1.mga9 British English interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-en_US-91.3.0-1.mga9 English (United States) interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-eo-91.3.0-1.mga9 Esperanto interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-es_AR-91.3.0-1.mga9 Spanish (Argentina) interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-es_CL-91.3.0-1.mga9 Spanish (Chile) interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-es_ES-91.3.0-1.mga9 Spanish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-es_MX-91.3.0-1.mga9 Spanish (Mexico) interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-et-91.3.0-1.mga9 Estonian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-eu-91.3.0-1.mga9 Basque interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-mozvoikko-2.0.1-11.mga9 Finnish spell-checking extension for Mozilla applications linux/noarch
firefox-fa-91.3.0-1.mga9 Farsi interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ff-91.3.0-1.mga9 Fulah interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-fi-91.3.0-1.mga9 Finnish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-fr-91.3.0-1.mga9 French interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-fy_NL-91.3.0-1.mga9 Frisian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ga_IE-91.3.0-1.mga9 Irish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-gd-91.3.0-1.mga9 Scottish Gaelic interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-gl-91.3.0-1.mga9 Galician interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-gu_IN-91.3.0-1.mga9 Gujarati interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-he-91.3.0-1.mga9 Hebrew interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hi_IN-91.3.0-1.mga9 Hindi interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hr-91.3.0-1.mga9 Croatian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hsb-91.3.0-1.mga9 Upper Sorbian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hu-91.3.0-1.mga9 Hungarian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hy_AM-91.3.0-1.mga9 Armenian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ia-91.3.0-1.mga9 Interlingua interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-id-91.3.0-1.mga9 Indonesian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-is-91.3.0-1.mga9 Icelandic interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-it-91.3.0-1.mga9 Italian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ja-91.3.0-1.mga9 Japanese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ka-91.3.0-1.mga9 Georgian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-kab-91.3.0-1.mga9 Kabyle interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-kk-91.3.0-1.mga9 Kazakh interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-km-91.3.0-1.mga9 Khmer interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-kn-91.3.0-1.mga9 Kannada interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ko-91.3.0-1.mga9 Korean interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-lij-91.3.0-1.mga9 Ligurian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-lt-91.3.0-1.mga9 Lithuanian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-lv-91.3.0-1.mga9 Latvian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-mk-91.3.0-1.mga9 Macedonian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-mr-91.3.0-1.mga9 Marathi interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ms-91.3.0-1.mga9 Malay interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-my-91.3.0-1.mga9 Burmese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-nb_NO-91.3.0-1.mga9 Norwegian Bokmaal interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-nl-91.3.0-1.mga9 Dutch interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-nn_NO-91.3.0-1.mga9 Norwegian Nynorsk interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-oc-91.3.0-1.mga9 Occitan interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pa_IN-91.3.0-1.mga9 Punjabi (gurmukhi) interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pl-91.3.0-1.mga9 Polish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pt_BR-91.3.0-1.mga9 Brazilian portuguese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pt_PT-91.3.0-1.mga9 Portuguese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ro-91.3.0-1.mga9 Romanian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ru-91.3.0-1.mga9 Russian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-si-91.3.0-1.mga9 Sinhala interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sk-91.3.0-1.mga9 Slovak interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sl-91.3.0-1.mga9 Slovenian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sq-91.3.0-1.mga9 Shqipe interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sr-91.3.0-1.mga9 Serbian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sv_SE-91.3.0-1.mga9 Swedish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-szl-91.3.0-1.mga9 Silesian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ta-91.3.0-1.mga9 Tamil interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-te-91.3.0-1.mga9 Telugu interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-th-91.3.0-1.mga9 Thai interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-tl-91.3.0-1.mga9 Pilipino interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-tr-91.3.0-1.mga9 Turkish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-uk-91.3.0-1.mga9 Ukrainian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ur-91.3.0-1.mga9 Urdu interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-uz-91.3.0-1.mga9 Uzbek interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-vi-91.3.0-1.mga9 Vietnamese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-xh-91.3.0-1.mga9 Xhosa interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-zh_CN-91.3.0-1.mga9 Simplified Chinese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-zh_TW-91.3.0-1.mga9 Traditional Chinese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firejail-0.9.66-1.mga9 SUID sandbox program linux/i586
firetools-0.9.62-2.mga8 Graphical user interface for Firajail linux/i586
firewall-applet-0.9.3-2.mga9 Firewall panel applet linux/noarch
firewall-config-0.9.3-2.mga9 Firewall configuration application linux/noarch
firewalld-0.9.3-2.mga9 A firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall linux/noarch
firewalld-filesystem-0.9.3-2.mga9 Firewalld directory layout and rpm macros linux/noarch
fish-3.3.1-1.mga9 Smart and user-friendly command line shell linux/i586
fitscut-1.4.4-14.mga8 A tool for making cutouts and color images from FITS files linux/i586
five-or-more-3.32.2-1.mga8 GNOME Five or More game linux/i586
fizmo-0.8.2-3.mga8 A Z-Machine interpreter supporting unicode, sound, blorbfile and more linux/i586
flac-1.3.3-4.mga9 An encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec linux/i586
flac123-0.0.12-6.mga8 Command line program for playing FLAC audio files linux/i586
flacon-7.0.1-1.mga9 Audio file splitter and converter linux/i586
flam3-3.1.1-5.mga8 Programs to generate and render cosmic recursive fractal flames linux/i586
flam3-devel-3.1.1-5.mga8 C headers to generate and render cosmic recursive fractal flames linux/i586
flamerobin- Graphical client for Firebird linux/i586
flameshot-0.9.0-1.mga9 Powerful and simple to use screenshot software linux/i586
flang-12.0.1-1.mga9 A Fortran language front-end designed for integration with LLVM linux/i586
flang-doc-12.0.1-1.mga9 Documentation for Flang linux/noarch
flare-engine-1.12-1.mga9 Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine linux/i586
flare-game-1.09.01-2.mga8 Dark fantasy single-player 2D action RPG using the FLARE engine linux/noarch
flash-imagewriter- Tool for writing distros and distro installers to USB drive linux/i586
flashbench-72-2.mga8 Bench-marking and analysis utility for flash devices linux/i586
flashrom-1.2-2.mga8 Simple program for reading/writing flash chips content linux/i586
flatbuffers-2.0.0-1.mga9 Memory efficient serialization library linux/i586
flatpak-1.12.2-1.mga9 Application deployment framework for desktop apps linux/i586
flatpak-builder-1.0.11-1.mga8 Tool to build flatpaks from source linux/i586
flatpak-tests-1.12.2-1.mga9 Tests for flatpak linux/i586
flaw-1.3.2a-16.mga8 F.L.A.W. is a fighting game between magicians linux/i586
fldigi-4.1.18-1.mga9 A software modem for Amateur Radio use linux/i586
flex-2.6.4-5.mga8 A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers) linux/i586
flexdock-1.2.4-13.mga8 Swing windowing and docking framework linux/noarch
flickcurl-1.26-6.mga8 C library for the Flickr API linux/i586
flightcrew-cli-0.9.0-19.mga9 command line tool for FlightCrew linux/i586
flightcrew-common-0.9.0-19.mga9 A C++, cross-platform, native code epub validator linux/i586
flightcrew-gui-0.9.0-19.mga9 Qt5 graphical front-end for FlightCrew linux/i586
flightcrew-plugin-0.9.0-19.mga9 Plugin for FlightCrew linux/i586
flightgear-2020.3.11-1.mga9 The FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/i586
flightgear-data-2020.3.11-1.mga9 The data for FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/noarch
flite-2.2-1.mga8 Small, fast speech synthesis engine (text-to-speech) linux/i586
florence-0.6.3-7.mga8 Extensible scalable on-screen virtual keyboard linux/i586
flrig-1.3.54-1.mga9 Transceiver control program for Amateur Radio use linux/i586
fltk-fluid-1.3.6-1.mga9 Fast Light User Interface Designer: GUI builder for FLTK linux/i586
fluid-soundfont-common-3.1-15.mga8 Common files for FluidR3 sound font linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-gm-3.1-15.mga8 Pro-quality General Midi soundfont linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-gs-3.1-15.mga8 Pro-quality General Standard Extension sound font linux/noarch
fluidsynth-2.2.3-1.mga9 Realtime, SoundFont-based synthesizer linux/i586
flukz-0.4-8.mga8 Flukz is an editor and player of shoot'em up video games linux/i586
flute-1.3.0-10.mga8 Java CSS parser using SAC linux/noarch
flute-javadoc-1.3.0-10.mga8 Javadoc for flute linux/noarch
fluxbox-1.3.7-7.mga8 Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code linux/i586
fluxbox-pulseaudio-1.3.7-7.mga8 Enable pulseaudio support linux/i586
flvtool2-1.0.6-13.mga8 Manipulation tool for Macromedia Flash Video files (FLV) linux/noarch
flvtool2-doc-1.0.6-13.mga8 Documentation for flvtool2 linux/noarch
fmirror-0.8.4-21.mga8 FTP mirroring package linux/i586
fmit-1.2.14-2.mga8 Free Music Instrument Tuner (FMIT) linux/i586
focuswriter-1.7.6-2.mga8 A full-screen, distraction-free writing program linux/i586
foliate-2.6.3-1.mga9 A simple and modern GTK eBook reader linux/i586
folks-0.15.3-1.mga9 Aggregates people from multiple sources to create metacontacts linux/i586
folks-bluez-backend-0.15.3-1.mga9 Bluetooth Phonebook Access Profile backend for folks linux/i586
folks-common-0.15.3-1.mga9 Common files for folks linux/i586
folks-eds-backend-0.15.3-1.mga9 EDS backend for folks linux/i586
folks-ofono-backend-0.15.3-1.mga9 Ofono backend for folks linux/i586
folks-telepathy-backend-0.15.3-1.mga9 Telepathy backend for folks linux/i586
foma-0.9.18-6.mga8 finite-state compiler and C library linux/i586
font-tools-0.1-30.mga8 Some utilities for use by drakfont linux/i586
fontbox-2.0.24-1.mga9 Apache FontBox linux/noarch
fontconfig-2.13.93-5.mga9 Font configuration library linux/i586
fontforge-20201107-3.mga9 Font Editor for PostScript, TrueType, OpenType and various fonts linux/i586
fontforge-doc-20201107-3.mga9 Documentation files for fontforge linux/noarch
fonts-bitmap-tscii-1.1-18.mga8 Tamil Bitmap fonts linux/noarch
fonts-dejavu-common-2.37-3.mga8 Common files for the Dejavu font set linux/noarch
fonts-filesystem-2.0.5-5.mga8 Directories used by font packages linux/noarch
fonts-otf-adobe-source-code-pro- A set of mono-spaced OpenType fonts designed for coding environments linux/noarch
fonts-otf-source-han-2.000-4.mga8 A set of Pan-CJK fonts designed to complement Source Sans Pro linux/noarch
fonts-rpm-macros-2.0.5-5.mga8 Build-stage rpm automation for fonts packages linux/noarch
fonts-rpm-templates-2.0.5-5.mga8 Example fonts packages rpm spec templates linux/noarch
fonts-srpm-macros-2.0.5-5.mga8 Source-stage rpm automation for fonts packages linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-Inconsolata-2.001-3.mga8 Inconsolata monospace font linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-ahuramazda-1.0-3.mga8 Avestan Unicode font linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-al-anvar-noorehira-0.6.0-8.1.mga8 Noorehira TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-al-anvar-scheherazade-0.6.0-8.1.mga8 Scheherazade TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-1.1-19.mga8 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-arabeyes-2.0-13.mga8 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-farsi-0.4-17.mga8 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-kacst-2.01-3.mga8 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-armenian-1.1-27.mga8 Armenian TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-bengali-0.5-15.mga8 A set of Bangla fonts under GPL linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-bitstream-vera-1.10-18.mga8 Bitstream Vera ttf fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-chinese-0.2.20080216.1-14.mga8 Unified Chinese True Type font linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-chinese-opendesktop-1.6.100-12.mga8 Font -- Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese Ming and Kai Face linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-decoratives-1.4-8.mga8 True Type Fonts (decoratives) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-default-zh_CN-0.2.0-13.mga8 Virtual package providing default zh_CN fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-default-zh_TW-1.6.100-12.mga8 Virtual package providing default zh_TW fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-dejavu-2.37-3.mga8 DejaVu ttf Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-dejavu-lgc-2.37-3.mga8 Variable-width serif font faces, Latin-Greek-Cyrillic subset linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-devanagari-1.0-11.mga8 Devanagari TTF font(s) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-ethiopic-1.0-18.mga8 Ethiopic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-hack-3.003-2.mga8 Typeface designed for source code linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-japanese-0.20121001-8.mga8 Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-japanese-extra-0.20040217-20.mga8 Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-kanjistrokeorders-21.04.1-1.mga9 Kanji Stroke Orders Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-kannada-1.0-14.mga8 Kannada TTF fonts (Unicode encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-korean-1.0.2-0.080608.10.mga8 Un Fonts in Koream linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-latex-0.1-16.mga8 LaTeX TrueType fonts for LyX linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-liberation-2.1.5-1.mga9 Fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Windows Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-libertine-5.3.0-8.mga8 Linux Libertine Open Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-lohit-2.3.8-10.mga8 Free Indian truetype/opentype fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-mageia-0.1.3-7.mga8 The Mageia logo truetype font linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-malayalam-1.0-11.mga8 Malayalam TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-mingzat-0.100-6.mga8 TTF font for the Lepcha script linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-old-standard-2.0.2-3.mga8 Old Standard font by Alexey Kryukov linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-open-dyslexic-20160623-3.mga8 TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-paratype-0-7.mga8 A pan-Cyrillic public font family linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-paratype-astra-1.1.0-3.mga8 PT Astra Sans and PT Astra Serif fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tamil-1.1-18.mga8 Tamil TTF fonts (Unicode encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-thai-0.4.17-7.mga8 Thai TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tibetan-ttmuni-1.901b-11.mga8 Tibetan Machine Unicode font linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tifinagh-1.0-14.mga8 Tifinagh TTF font(s) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tscii-1.1-18.mga8 Tamil TTF fonts (TSCII encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-unifont-14.0.01-1.mga9 GNU Unifont glyphs linux/noarchNew
fonts-ttf-urw-1-5.git20170804.mga8 The 35 standard True Type fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-west_european-1.4-8.mga8 TrueType fonts (West European charset) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-wqy-microhei-0.2.0-13.mga8 WenQuanYi MicroHei TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-cyrillic-1.1-19.mga8 Cyrillic Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-greek-2.0-16.mga8 Greek Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-hebrew-0.130-7.mga8 Hebrew Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonttools-4.24.4-1.mga9 A tool to convert True/OpenType fonts to XML and back linux/noarch
fonttosfnt-1.2.2-1.mga9 Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper linux/i586
foobillardplus-3.43-0.svn170.6.mga8 A free 3D OpenGL billiard game linux/i586
foomatic-db-4.0-3.20210807.1.mga9 Foomatic printer/driver database linux/noarch
foomatic-db-engine-4.0.13-1.20210807.1.mga9 Foomatic database access, printer admin, and printing utils linux/i586
fop-2.5-2.mga8 XSL-driven print formatter linux/noarch
fop-javadoc-2.5-2.mga8 Javadoc for fop linux/noarch
forbidden-apis-2.5-4.mga8 Policeman's Forbidden API Checker linux/noarch
foremost-1.5.7-11.mga8 Recover files based on their headers and footers linux/i586
forge-parent-38-10.mga8 Sonatype Forge Parent Pom linux/noarch
fortune-bofh-1.2-8.mga8 BOFH excuses fortune linux/noarch
fortune-joelkirchartz- Fortune Cookies Collection by Joel Kirchartz linux/noarch
fortune-mod-3.6.1-1.mga9 A program to display a random quote linux/i586
fortune-murphy-1.0-23.mga8 Quotes from Murphy's laws linux/noarch
fortune-pep-talk-0.1.0-4.mga8 Pep talk quotes from Halls cough drops wrappers linux/noarch
fortune-shlomif-0.22.2-1.mga8 Fortune Cookies Collection by Shlomi Fish linux/noarch
fossil-2.14.2-2.mga9 Simple, high-reliability, distributed, software configuration management linux/i586
fotowall-1.0-8.mga8 Photo collection creativity tool linux/i586
fotoxx-21.40-1.mga9 Editor of image files from digital cameras linux/i586
four-in-a-row-3.38.1-1.mga8 GNOME Four-in-a-row game linux/i586
fox-example-apps-1.7.77-1.mga9 FOX example applications linux/i586
foxtrotgps-1.2.2-6.mga9 Easy-to-use graphical GPS tool linux/i586
fpaste- A simple tool for pasting info onto linux/noarch
fpc-3.2.0-1.mga8 Free Pascal Compiler linux/i586
fpc-doc-3.2.0-1.mga8 Free Pascal Compiler - documentation and examples linux/i586
fpc-src-3.2.0-1.mga8 Free Pascal Compiler - sources linux/i586
fpgui-1.5-0.20200626.1.mga8 Widget set to develop cross-platform GUI software using fpc linux/i586
fping-5.0-1.mga8 Quickly ping N number of hosts to determine their reachability linux/i586
fprintd-1.90.9-1.mga9 D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access linux/i586
fprintd-devel-1.90.9-1.mga9 Development files for fprintd linux/i586
fprintd-pam-1.90.9-1.mga9 PAM module for fingerprint authentication linux/i586
frame-2.5.0-6.mga8 Buildup and synchronization of simultaneous touches linux/i586
frameworkintegration-5.88.0-1.mga9 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 4 addon with framework integration linux/i586
freealchemist-0.5-10.mga8 Free clone of naturalchimie (puzzle game) linux/noarch
freebasic-1.07.0-1.mga8 Free BASIC language compiler linux/i586
freecad-0.19.2-3.mga9 A general purpose 3D CAD modeler linux/i586
freecad-data-0.19.2-3.mga9 Data files for FreeCAD linux/noarch
freecell-solver-6.2.0-1.mga8 The Freecell Solver Executable linux/i586
freecell-solver-data-6.2.0-1.mga8 The Freecell Solver data files linux/noarch
freeciv-client-2.6.4-1.mga9 FREE CIVilization clone - client linux/i586
freeciv-data-2.6.4-1.mga9 FREE CIVilization clone - data files linux/noarch
freeciv-server-2.6.4-1.mga9 FREE CIVilization clone - server linux/i586
freecol-0.11.6-4.mga8 Turn-based strategy game based on Colonization linux/noarch
freedink-109.6-2.mga8 Humorous top-down adventure and role-playing game linux/i586
freedink-data-1.08.20190120-2.mga8 Game data for GNU FreeDink linux/noarch
freedink-dfarc-3.14-8.mga8 Frontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink linux/i586
freedm-0.12.1-2.mga8 Deathmatch Doom Game with no monsters linux/noarch
freedoom-0.12.1-2.mga8 Complete and free DOOM IWAD linux/noarch
freedroid-1.0.2-22.mga8 Clone of the C64 Game Paradroid linux/i586
freedroidrpg-1.0-0.rc2.1.mga9 A futuristic and immersive action RPG about fighting bots linux/i586
freedroidrpg-data-1.0-0.rc2.1.mga9 Games data for the FreedroidRPG game linux/noarch
freedups-0.6.14-13.mga8 Hardlinks identical files to save space linux/noarch
freedv-1.6.1-2.mga9 Digital Voice for Amateur Radio linux/i586
freefilesync-11.3-2.mga8 A free file sync tool linux/i586
freeguide-0.11.1-4.mga8 A TV Guide linux/noarch
freehdl-0.0.8-10.mga8 Free HDL simulator linux/i586
freeipmi-1.6.5-2.mga8 FreeIPMI linux/i586
freeipmi-fish-1.6.5-2.mga8 FreeIPMI Shell linux/i586
freeipmi-utils-1.6.5-2.mga8 FreeIPMI Utilities linux/i586
freemarker-2.3.30-1.mga8 The Apache FreeMarker Template Engine linux/noarch
freemarker-javadoc-2.3.30-1.mga8 Javadoc for freemarker linux/noarch
freeorion- Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game linux/i586
freeorion-data- FreeOrion game data files linux/noarch
freeradius-3.0.25-1.mga9 High-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server linux/i586
freeradius-krb5-3.0.25-1.mga9 The Kerberos module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-ldap-3.0.25-1.mga9 The LDAP module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-mysql-3.0.25-1.mga9 The MySQL module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-postgresql-3.0.25-1.mga9 The PostgreSQL module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-sqlite-3.0.25-1.mga9 The sqlite module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-unixODBC-3.0.25-1.mga9 The unixODBC module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-yubikey-3.0.25-1.mga9 The yubikey module for freeradius linux/i586
freerdp-2.4.1-2.mga9 A free remote desktop protocol client linux/i586
freetds-1.2.20-1.mga9 An Open Source implementation of the tabular data stream protocol linux/i586
freetds-doc-1.2.20-1.mga9 User documentation for FreeTDS linux/i586
freetumble-1.1-5.mga8 Colourful puzzle game with three game modes linux/i586
freetuxtv-0.6.6-8.mga8 Freetuxtv - TV player linux/i586
freetype2-demos-2.11.0-1.mga9 A collection of FreeType demos linux/i586
frei0r-1.7.0-3.mga8 A minimalistic plugin API for video effects linux/i586
frei0r-devel-1.7.0-3.mga8 Development files for frei0r linux/i586
frescobaldi-3.1.3-2.mga9 A LilyPond sheet music editor linux/noarch
fribidi-1.0.10-1.mga8 Library to support Bi-directional scripts linux/i586
fritzing-0.9.6-2.mga9 Electronic Design Automation software; from prototype to product linux/i586
frobby-0.9.0-3.mga8 Computations With Monomial Ideals linux/i586
frogr-1.6-2.mga8 Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME linux/i586
frotz-2.52-1.mga8 Interactive fiction interpreter for Z-Machine (Infocom) games linux/i586
frotz-gui-2.52-1.mga8 SDL GUI for frotz interactive fiction interpreter linux/i586
frozen-bubble-2.212.0-37.mga9 Frozen Bubble arcade game linux/i586New
fs-uae-3.0.5-1.mga8 Amiga emulator with on-screen GUI and online play support linux/i586
fs-uae-arcade-3.0.5-1.mga8 Fullscreen game browser for FS-UAE linux/noarch
fs-uae-launcher-3.0.5-1.mga8 Graphical configuration frontend and launcher for FS-UAE linux/noarch
fsarchiver-0.8.6-1.mga9 Safe and flexible file-system backup/deployment tool linux/i586
fskbsetting-0.3.5-6.mga8 GUI Front-end for setxkbmap command linux/i586
fslsfonts-1.0.5-3.mga8 List fonts served by X font server linux/i586
fstobdf-1.0.6-4.mga8 Generate BDF font from X font server linux/i586
fstrcmp-0.7.D001-3.mga8 Library that is used to make fuzzy comparisons of strings and byte arrays linux/i586
fswebcam-20200725-1.mga9 Small and simple webcam software for Linux linux/i586
ftjam-2.5.3rc2-0.18.mga8 Replacement for make linux/i586
ftpsync-1.81-8.mga8 Tool to synchronize a remote FTP-served with a local directory linux/noarch
fungw-1.2.0-1.mga9 Standard installation of libfungw linux/i586
funkload-1.17.1-6.mga9 Functional and Load Web Tester linux/noarch
fuse-2.9.9-4.mga8 Interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the kernel linux/i586
fuse-common-3.10.5-1.mga9 Common files for File System in Userspace (FUSE) v2 and v3 linux/noarch
fuse-emulator-1.6.0-1.mga9 Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) linux/i586
fuse-emulator-utils-1.4.3-3.mga9 The additional utilities for Fuse ZX Spectrum emulator linux/i586
fuse3-3.10.5-1.mga9 Interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the kernel linux/i586
fuseiso-20070708-15.mga8 FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images linux/i586
fusesource-pom-1.12-3.mga8 Parent POM for FuseSource Maven projects linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-1.3-1.mga8 Web Based LDAP Administration Program linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-database-1.3-1.mga8 Fusiondirectory database management framework for fusiondirectory linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-alias-1.3-1.mga8 Alias mail addresses management for Postfix MTA linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-applications-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for applications linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-argonaut-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for the Argonaut deployment service linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-audit-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for audit linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-autofs-1.3-1.mga8 AutoFS-NFS management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-certificates-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for certificates linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-community-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for community linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-cyrus-1.3-1.mga8 Cyrus accounts management linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-debconf-1.3-1.mga8 Debconf management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-developers-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for developers linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-dhcp-1.3-1.mga8 DHCP service management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-dns-1.3-1.mga8 DNS service management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-dovecot-1.3-1.mga8 dovecot plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-dsa-1.3-1.mga8 DSA accounts branch management linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-ejbca-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for ejbca linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-fai-1.3-1.mga8 FAI plugin for managing system deployment linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-freeradius-1.3-1.mga8 Freeradius management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-fusioninventory-1.3-1.mga8 fusioninventory management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-gpg-1.3-1.mga8 gpg management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-ipmi-1.3-1.mga8 ipmi management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-kolab2-1.3-1.mga8 Kolab2 management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-ldapdump-1.3-1.mga8 ldapdump plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-ldapmanager-1.3-1.mga8 Simple LDAP backup and insertion tasks linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-mail-1.3-1.mga8 Mail management base plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-mixedgroups-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for mixedgroups linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-nagios-1.3-1.mga8 Nagios account settings management linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-netgroups-1.3-1.mga8 NIS Netgroups account management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-newsletter-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for newsletter linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-opsi-1.3-1.mga8 OPSI configuration management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-personal-1.3-1.mga8 Personal configuration management linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-posix-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for posix linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-ppolicy-1.3-1.mga8 Ppolicy configuration management linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-puppet-1.3-1.mga8 Puppet configuration management linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-pureftpd-1.3-1.mga8 PureFTPD connectivity plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-quota-1.3-1.mga8 File system user quota management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-renater-partage-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for renater-partage linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-repository-1.3-1.mga8 Repository management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-samba-1.3-1.mga8 Plugin for Samba 2/3 integration linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-sinaps-1.3-1.mga8 Plugin for Sinaps integration linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-sogo-1.3-1.mga8 SOGo plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-spamassassin-1.3-1.mga8 Spamassassin plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-squid-1.3-1.mga8 Squid connectivity plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-ssh-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for ssh linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-subcontracting-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for subcontracting linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-sudo-1.3-1.mga8 Sudo manager linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-supann-1.3-1.mga8 Fusiondirectory plugin for SUPANN directory management linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-sympa-1.3-1.mga8 SYMPA mailing lists management plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-systems-1.3-1.mga8 System management base plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-user-reminder-1.3-1.mga8 Management plugin for user-reminder linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-weblink-1.3-1.mga8 weblink plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-plugin-webservice-1.3-1.mga8 webservice plugin linux/noarch
fusiondirectory-schema-1.3-1.mga8 Schema Definitions for the fusiondirectory package linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-2.6-1.mga8 FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-collect-2.6-1.mga8 Custom information retrieval support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-deploy-2.6-1.mga8 Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-esx-2.6-1.mga8 ESX inventory support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-inventory-2.6-1.mga8 Local inventory support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-network-2.6-1.mga8 Network discovery and inventory support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-wakeonlan-2.6-1.mga8 Wake-on-lan support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fuzzylite-6.0-1.mga8 A fuzzy logic control library in C++ linux/i586
fvwm-crystal-3.7.1-1.mga9 An eye-candy and powerful desktop environment based on FVWM2 linux/noarch
fvwm2-2.6.9-5.mga9 The F virtual window manager for the X Window system linux/i586
fvwm2-config-mageia-2.6.9-5.mga9 Mageia system-wide configuration for Fvwm2 linux/i586
fvwm2-doc-2.6.9-5.mga9 Documentation files for Fvwm2 linux/i586
fvwm3-1.0.4-2.mga9 FVWM version 3, the successor to fvwm2 linux/i586
fvwm3-config-mageia-1.0.4-2.mga9 Mageia system-wide configuration for Fvwm3 linux/i586
fvwm3-doc-1.0.4-2.mga9 Documentation files for Fvwm3 linux/i586
fwbuilder-6.0.0-0.6.mga8 Firewall Builder linux/i586
fwknop-2.6.10-3.mga8 Firewall Knock Operator client linux/i586
fwknop-server-3.0.0-3.mga8 The Firewall Knock Operator server. An implementation of Single Packet Authorization linux/i586
fwsnort-1.6.8-3.mga8 Translates Snort rules into equivalent iptables rules linux/noarch
fwts-20.08.00-3.mga8 Firmware Test Suite linux/i586
fwts-efi-runtime-dkms-20.08.00-3.mga8 Firmware Test Suite frontend interface linux/i586
fwupd-1.7.2-1.mga9 Firmware update daemon linux/i586New
fwupd-plugin-modem-manager-1.7.2-1.mga9 fwupd plugin using ModemManger linux/i586New
fwupd-tests-1.7.2-1.mga9 Data files for installed tests linux/i586New
fwupdate-12-2.mga8 Tools to manage UEFI firmware updates linux/i586
fwupdate-efi-12-2.mga8 UEFI binaries used by libfwup linux/i586
fxload-2008_10_13-6.mga8 EZ-USB utility program linux/i586

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