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RPM of Group Archiving/Backup

afio-2.5.1-8.mga8 Archiver program which writes cpio-format archives linux/i586
backintime-common-1.2.1-2.mga8 Back Up Tool for Linux linux/noarch
backintime-qt-1.2.1-2.mga8 Qt Frontend for Back In Time linux/noarch
backup-manager-0.7.16-2.mga8 A command line backup tool for GNU/Linux linux/noarch
backupninja-1.1.0-4.mga8 Lightweight, extensible meta-backup system linux/noarch
backuponcd-0.9.1-19.mga8 Multi-CD backup shell scripts linux/noarch
backuppc-4.4.0-2.mga8 High-performance, enterprise-grade backup system linux/i586
bacula-backup-mysql-0.8-3.mga8 MySQL backup hook for Bacula linux/noarch
bacula-bat-9.6.7-3.mga9 Bacula bat console linux/i586
bacula-common-9.6.7-3.mga9 Common Bacula files linux/i586
bacula-console-9.6.7-3.mga9 Bacula management console linux/i586
bacula-dir-9.6.7-3.mga9 Bacula Director files linux/i586
bacula-fd-9.6.7-3.mga9 Bacula backup client linux/i586
bacula-sd-9.6.7-3.mga9 Bacula storage daemon files linux/i586
bacula-tray-monitor-9.6.7-3.mga9 Bacula system tray monitor linux/i586
bsdcpio-3.5.2-2.mga9 Copy files to and from archives linux/i586
bsdtar-3.5.2-2.mga9 Full-featured tar replacement built on libarchive linux/i586
buffer-1.19-18.mga8 General purpose buffer program linux/i586
clonezilla-3.35.2-1.mga8 Opensource Clone System (ocs), clonezilla linux/noarch
cpio-2.13-6.mga9 A GNU archiving program linux/i586
dar-2.7.2-1.mga9 Shell command to back up directory trees and files linux/i586
deja-dup-42.7-1.mga9 Simple backup tool and front-end for duplicity linux/i586
draksnapshot-0.20.3-19.mga8 Snapshot utility linux/noarch
dump-0.4b47-2.mga9 Programs for backing up and restoring filesystems linux/i586
duplicity-0.8.18-1.mga9 Untrusted/encrypted backup using rsync algorithm linux/i586
fsarchiver-0.8.6-1.mga9 Safe and flexible file-system backup/deployment tool linux/i586
kfoldersync-3.4.1-5.mga8 Folder synchronization and backup tool linux/i586
libnextcloud-client-devel-3.3.6-1.mga9 Development files for nextcloud-client linux/i586
luckybackup-0.5.0-4.mga8 A powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool linux/i586
mindi-3.0.2-4.mga8 Mindi creates emergency boot disks/CDs using your kernel, tools and modules linux/i586
mindi-busybox-1.25.1-1.mga8 Busybox version suited for Mindi linux/i586
mondo-3.2.2-5.mga8 MondoRescue is a GPL Disaster Recovery and Cloning Solution linux/i586
mt-st-1.4-1.mga8 Programs to control tape device operations linux/i586
mtx-1.3.12-12.mga8 Controls the robotic mechanism in DDS Tape drive autoloaders linux/i586
nagios-plugins-bacula-9.6.7-3.mga9 Nagios Plugin - check_bacula linux/i586
nextcloud-client-3.3.6-1.mga9 The Nextcloud Client linux/i586
nextcloud-client-caja-3.3.6-1.mga9 Caja overlay icons linux/i586
nextcloud-client-dolphin-3.3.6-1.mga9 Dolphin overlay icons linux/i586
nextcloud-client-nautilus-3.3.6-1.mga9 nextcloud client nautilus extension linux/i586
nextcloud-client-nemo-3.3.6-1.mga9 Nemo overlay icons linux/i586
parchive2-0.4-16.mga8 Parchive: Parity Archive Volume Set linux/i586
partclone-0.3.17-1.mga8 File System Clone Utilities linux/i586
partimage-0.6.9-16.mga9 Partition Image linux/i586
pax-3.4-20.mga8 POSIX File System Archiver linux/i586
perl-MondoRescue-3.2.2-4.mga8 The perl-MondoRescue provides a set of functions for the MondoRescue project linux/noarch
qt-fsarchiver- Qt GUI for fsarchiver linux/i586
rear-2.6-1.mga9 Relax and Recover (ReaR) is a Linux Disaster Recovery framework linux/i586
rmt-0.4b47-2.mga9 Provides certain programs with access to remote tape devices linux/i586
rsnapshot-1.4.3-1.mga8 Local and remote filesystem snapshot utility linux/noarch
sharutils-4.15.2-6.mga8 The GNU shar utilities for packaging and unpackaging shell archives linux/i586
star-1.6-3.mga8 An archiving tool with ACL support linux/i586
star-devel-1.6-3.mga8 An archiving tool with ACL devel support linux/i586
taper-7.0-0.pre1.20.mga8 A menu-driven file backup system linux/i586
tar-1.34-1.mga9 A GNU file archiving program linux/i586
timeshift-20.03-1.mga8 System restore tool for Linux linux/i586
ziptool-1.4.0-16.mga8 Tools for Iomega JAZ and ZIP drives linux/i586

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