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RPM of Group Accessibility

accerciser-3.38.0-3.mga9 An interactive Python tool for querying accessibility information linux/noarch
at-spi2-core-qt-2.40.3-1.mga9 To enable qt accessibility linux/i586
brltty-6.4-1.mga9 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix linux/i586
brltty-dracut-6.4-1.mga9 brltty module for Dracut linux/i586
caribou-0.4.21-10.mga9 A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard linux/i586
cellwriter-1.3.6-4.mga8 Character-based hardwriting input panel linux/i586
dasher-5.0.0-0.6.beta.mga8 Graphical predictive text entry system linux/i586
easystroke-0.6.0-18.mga9 A gesture-recognition application for X11 linux/i586
gnome-shell-extensions-onboard-1.4.1-9.mga9 Shell extension for gnome linux/i586
kmag-21.04.1-1.mga9 Screen magnifier for Plasma 5 linux/i586
kmousetool-21.04.1-1.mga9 Automatic Mouse Click linux/i586
kmouth-21.04.1-1.mga9 A type-and-say front end for speech synthesizers linux/i586
matchbox-keyboard-0.1-12.mga8 On screen virtual keyboard linux/i586
mousetweaks-3.32.0-2.mga8 Help motorically impaired users to use the mouse linux/i586
onboard-1.4.1-9.mga9 On-screen keyboard with spelling suggestions, auto-show and more linux/i586
onestroke-0.8.4-12.mga8 Gesture recognition for tablet PC's linux/i586
orca-40.0-1.mga9 GNOME screen reader for people with visual impairments linux/noarch
rsibreak-0.12.13-3.mga8 Assists in the Recovery and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury linux/i586
workrave-1.10.45-1.mga9 Assists in recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) linux/i586
xstroke-0.6.cvs20040921-12.mga8 Fullscreen gesture and alphabet recognition linux/i586

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