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perl-base-5.34.0-2.mga9 RPM for aarch64

From Mageia Cauldron for aarch64 / media / core / release

Name: perl-base Distribution: Mageia
Version: 5.34.0 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 2.mga9 Build date: Mon May 24 13:07:46 2021
Group: Development/Perl Build host: localhost
Size: 7888832 Source RPM: perl-5.34.0-2.mga9.src.rpm
Packager: tmb <tmb>
Summary: The Perl programming language (base)
This is the base package for perl.
It contains the ther perl interpreter as well as the minimal set of perl
modules for minimal basesystem.




GPL+ or Artistic


* Mon May 24 2021 tmb <tmb> 2:5.34.0-2.mga9
  + Revision: 1726212
  - rebuild post bootstrap
* Sun May 23 2021 tv <tv> 2:5.34.0-1.mga9
  + Revision: 1726158
  - 5.34.0 bump (see <>
    or release notes)
* Tue Apr 27 2021 pterjan <pterjan> 2:5.32.1-5.mga9
  + Revision: 1720147
  - Rebuild to hopefully help with gcc commands name change
* Fri Apr 02 2021 tv <tv> 2:5.32.1-4.mga9
  + Revision: 1712548
  - Fix dumping a hash entry of PL_strtab type
  - Fix an arithmetic left shift of a minimal integer value (GH#18639)
* Tue Mar 09 2021 tv <tv> 2:5.32.1-3.mga9
  + Revision: 1700866
  - Protect locale tests from LANGUAGE environment variable
  - Prevent the number of buckets in a hash from getting too large
  - Fix a memory leak when compiling a regular expression (GH#18604)
* Fri Feb 26 2021 tv <tv> 2:5.32.1-2.mga9
  + Revision: 1692220
  - Make accessing environment by DynaLoader thread-safe
  - Use duplocale() if available
  - Fix fc() in Turkish locale
  - Fix croaking on "my $_" when "use utf8" is in effect (GH#18449)
  - Fix PERL_UNUSED_ARG() definition in XSUB.h
  - Add missing entries to perldiag (GH#18276)
* Fri Jan 29 2021 tv <tv> 2:5.32.1-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1673952
  - 5.32.1 bump (see <>
    or release notes)
* Thu Dec 17 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-10.mga8
  + Revision: 1660199
  - rebuild with new glibc in order to stop forcing libnsl on programs trying to link with -lperl
* Fri Nov 20 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-9.mga8
  + Revision: 1647899
  - Fix a crash in optimizing split() (GH#18232)
  - reapply "USE_MM_LD_RUN_PATH" (temporary disabled in 5.32.0-RC0)
  - remove useless & unapplied fix-LD_RUN_PATH-for-MakeMaker.patch which dates back from Aug 2000
  - replace patchlevel patch by a call to patchlevel.h
  - drop incversion patch (no more uneeded since 5.28.0-0.2.mga7)
* Thu Nov 12 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-8.mga8
  + Revision: 1644850
  - drop the patch disabling some tests with iurt as they are now passing
  - Fix un undefined behavior in Perl_custom_op_get_field()
  - Fix Config variable names in in t/op tests
  - Fix fetching a magic on the stacked file test operators
* Wed Nov 11 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-7.mga8
  + Revision: 1644435
  - use perl patch for lib64 which is more generic (eg: aarch64 support)
  - no need to rebuild perl for testsuite
  - fix & reenable %check
* Wed Oct 14 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-6.mga8
  + Revision: 1635955
  - Fix sv_collxfrm macro to respect locale
  - Fix an iterator signedness in handling a mro exception (GH#18155)
  - Fix a code flow in Perl_sv_inc_nomg()
* Thu Sep 24 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-5.mga8
  + Revision: 1629781
  - Fix a buffer overflow when compiling a regular expression with a bracketed
    character class with a white space
  - Fix a mismatch with the recursive subpatterns (GH#18096)
* Thu Aug 27 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-4.mga8
  + Revision: 1619258
  - Fix inheritance resolution of lexical objects in a debugger (GH#17661)
  - Fix a misoptimization when assigning a list in a list context (GH#17816)
  - Fix handling left-hand-side undef when assigning a list (GH#16685)
  - Fix a memory leak when compiling a long regular expression (GH#18054)
  - Fix handling exceptions in a global destruction (GH#18063)
  - Fix sorting with a block that calls return (GH#18081)
* Sun Aug 09 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1612237
  - Actually pass the correct CFLAGS to dtrace
  - Do not use a C compiler reserved identifiers
  - Fix an IO::Handle spurious error reported for regular file handles (GH#18019)
  - Fix SvUV_nomg() macro definition
  - Fix SvTRUE() documentation
  - Fix ext/XS-APItest/t/ tests
  - Fix IO::Handle::error() to report write errors (GH#6799)
  - Fix a link to Unicode Technical Standard #18 (GH#17881)
  - Fix setting a non-blocking mode in IO::Socket::UNIX (GH#17787)
  - Fix running actions after stepping in a debugger (GH#17901)
  - Fix a buffer size for asctime_r() and ctime_r() functions
  - Prevent from an integer overflow in RenewDouble() macro
  - Fix a buffer overread in when reallocating formats (GH#17844)
  - Fix a number of arguments passed to a BOOT XS subroutine (GH#17755)
  - do not package File::Spec::VMS
* Mon Jun 22 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-2.mga8
  + Revision: 1598514
  - BR bzip2-devel + zlib-devel
  - typo fix + kill old comment
  - no need to tell that csh exists
  - kill doble sitelib/arch
  - use system bzip2 library
  - Configure Compress::Zlib to use system zlib
* Sun Jun 21 2020 shlomif <shlomif> 2:5.32.0-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1598236
  - New version 5.32.0
* Tue Jun 16 2020 pterjan <pterjan> 2:5.32.0-0.3.mga8
  + Revision: 1593794
  - Clean rebuild
* Mon Jun 08 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-0.2.mga8
  + Revision: 1590921
  - 5.32.0 RC1
* Tue Jun 02 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.32.0-0.1.mga8
  + Revision: 1589698
  - 5.32.0-RC0
* Tue Jun 02 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.30.3-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1589682
  - 5.30.3 (see <>
    for release notes)
  - Security release fixes CVE-2020-10543, CVE-2020-10878 and CVE-2020-12723
  - add bug ID
  + danf <danf>
  - Switch URLs from http: to https:
* Fri Mar 27 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.30.2-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1561279
  - Work around a glibc bug in caching LC_MESSAGES (GH#17081)
  - Fix POSIX:setlocale() documentation
  - Prevent from an integer overflow in POSIX::SigSet()
  - Fix thread-safety of IO::Handle (GH#14816)
  - Close :unix PerlIO layers properly (rhbz#987118)
  - Fix sorting tied arrays (GH#17496)
  - Fix a spurious warning about a multidimensional syntax (GH#16535)
  - Fix a warning about an uninitialized value in B::Deparse (GH#17537)
* Mon Mar 16 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.30.2-2.mga8
  + Revision: 1556948
  - clean up more now useless deps filtering
  - remove manual provides that duplicate automatic ones
  - Fix memory handling when parsing string literals
  - clean up deps filtering + add one more provides to workaround
  - remove uneeded workarounds
* Sun Mar 15 2020 shlomif <shlomif> 2:5.30.2-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1556497
  - Update to version 5.30.2.
    There are some spec helpers' disablings assignments there due to a perl
    version mismatch.
    Tested to be fine locally (x86-64 mageia v8).
* Sat Feb 29 2020 tv <tv> 2:5.30.1-5.mga8
  + Revision: 1552357
  - drop old mga6 compat entries from INC
  - added an example systemtap script
  - added systemtap tapset to make use of systemtap-sdt-devel
  - run Configure with -Dusedtrace for systemtap support
* Tue Feb 18 2020 umeabot <umeabot> 2:5.30.1-4.mga8
  + Revision: 1539073
  - Mageia 8 Mass Rebuild
* Fri Nov 29 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.1-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1463776
  - Fix a memory leak when compiling a regular expression with a non-word class
* Tue Nov 12 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.1-2.mga8
  + Revision: 1459654
  - Fix overloading for binary and octal floats (RT#125557)
  - Fix handling undefined array members in Dumpvalue (RT#134441)
  - Fix taint mode documentation regarding @INC
  - Fix handling a layer argument in Tie::StdHandle::BINMODE() (RT#132475)
  - Fix an unintended upgrade to UTF-8 in the middle of a transliteration
  - Fix a race in File::stat() tests (GH#17234)
  - Fix a buffer overread when parsing a number (GH#17279)
  - Fix GCC 10 version detection (GH#17295)
* Mon Nov 11 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.1-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1459328
  - 5.30.1 bump (see <>
    for release notes)
* Thu Sep 12 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-10.mga8
  + Revision: 1439933
  - Fix a memory leak when matching a UTF-8 regular expression (RT#134390)
  - Fix a detection for futimes (RT#134432)
* Mon Sep 02 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-9.mga8
  + Revision: 1436401
  - actually apply patches 10 & 12
  - Fix parsing a Unicode property name when compiling a regular expression
  - Fix a buffer overread when parsing a Unicode property while compiling
    a regular expression (RT#134133)
  - Do not interpret 0x and 0b prefixes when numifying strings (RT#134230)
  - Fix a buffer overread when compiling a regular expression with many escapes
  - Fix a buffer overflow when compiling a regular expression with many branches
  - Correct a misspelling in perlrebackslash documentation (RT#134395)
* Sat Aug 31 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-8.mga8
  + Revision: 1435952
  - Define %perl_vendor*, %perl_archlib, %perl_privlib, because in rpm 4.15
    those are no longer defined
  - Remove invalid macro definitions from macros.perl
    These two lines are trying to redefine macro named "global", which is
    obviously wrong, but additionally the thing they're *trying* to do is also
    wrong in rpm >= 4.9 world, so best just remove them.
* Wed Aug 28 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-7.mga8
  + Revision: 1434716
  - actually apply patch 5
  - patch 4: USE_MM_LD_RUN_PATH
* Tue Aug 27 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-6.mga8
  + Revision: 1433273
  - Provide maybe_command independently (rhbz#1129443)
* Mon Aug 26 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-5.mga8
  + Revision: 1432465
  - rebuild on BS (for missing signature)
* Mon Aug 26 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-4.mga8
  + Revision: 1432305
  - Fix a NULL pointer dereference in PerlIOVia_pushed()
  - Fix a crash when setting $@ on unwinding a call stack (RT#134266)
  - Fix parsing a denominator when parsing a Unicode property name
  - Fix a documentation about a future API change
  - Do not run File-Find tests in parallel
* Fri Aug 09 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1428411
  - Fix propagating non-string variables in an exception value (RT#134291)
  - Include trailing zero in scalars holding trie data (RT#134207)
  - Fix a use after free in /(?{...})/ (RT#134208)
  - Fix a use after free in debugging output of a collation
  - Fix file mode of a perl-example.stp example
* Thu Jul 25 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-2.mga8
  + Revision: 1423951
  - Fix a test for a crash in SIGALARM handler when waiting on a child process to
    be closed (RT#122112)
  - Fix a crash on an uninitialized warning when processing a multideref node
  - Preserve append mode when opening anonymous files (RT#134221)
* Sun Jun 30 2019 tv <tv> 2:5.30.0-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1416374
  - 5.30.0 bump (see <>
    for release notes)
  - Fix an out-of-buffer read while parsing a Unicode property name (RT#134134)
  - Do not panic when outputting a warning (RT#134059)
  - Fix memory handling when parsing string literals
  - Fix an undefined behavior in shifting IV variables
  - Fix stacking file test operators (CPAN RT#127073)
  - Fix a crash in SIGALARM handler when waiting on a child process to be closed
  - Fix a crash with a negative precision in sprintf function (RT#134008)
  - Fix an erroneous assertion on OP_SCALAR (RT#134048)
  - Prevent from wrapping a width in a numeric format string (RT#133913)
  - Fix subroutine protypes to track reference aliases (RT#134072)
  - Improve retrieving a scalar value of a variable modified in a signal handler
  - Fix changing packet destination sent from a UDP IO::Socket object (RT#133936)
  - Fix a stack underflow in readline() if passed an empty array as an argument
  - Fix setting supplementar group IDs (RT#134169)
  - Fix %{^CAPTURE_ALL} to be an alias for %- variable (RT#131867)
  - Fix %{^CAPTURE} value when used after @{^CAPTURE} (RT#134193)
  - Define %perl_vendor*, %perl_archlib, %perl_privlib, because in rpm
    4.15 those are no longer defined
  - Make site paths specific to Perl minor version (e.g.
    /usr/local/share/perl5/5.30) to prevent from an ABI clash after upgrade
    to an ABI-incompatible Perl



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