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RPM of Group Sciences/Computer science

alt-ergo-2.3.3-1.mga9 Automated theorem prover including linear arithmetic linux/armv7hl
coq-8.16.1-1.mga9 The Coq Proof Assistant linux/armv7hl
coq-flocq-4.1.0-2.mga9 Formalization of floating point numbers for Coq linux/armv7hl
coq-ide-8.16.1-1.mga9 The Coq Integrated Development Interface linux/armv7hl
coq-ide-server-8.16.1-1.mga9 The coqidetop language server linux/armv7hl
cuba-4.2.2-1.mga9 A library for multidimensional numerical integration linux/armv7hl
curaengine-4.12.1-3.1.mga9 Engine for processing 3D models into G-code instructions for 3D printers linux/armv7hl
curaengine-4.12.1-3.mga9 Engine for processing 3D models into G-code instructions for 3D printers linux/armv7hl
imagej-1.53v-1.mga9 Image Processing and Analysis in Java linux/noarch
kicad-7.0.1-1.mga9 An open source program for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams linux/armv7hl
kicad-doc-7.0.1-1.mga9 KiCad Documentation linux/noarch
kicad-footprints-7.0.1-1.mga9 KiCad Footprint Libraries linux/noarch
kicad-packages3d-7.0.1-1.mga9 KiCad 3D Models linux/noarch
kicad-symbols-7.0.1-1.mga9 KiCad Symbols linux/noarch
kicad-templates-7.0.1-1.mga9 KiCad Templates linux/noarch
lexed-4.7-19.mga9 Lexicon analyser linux/armv7hl
ltl2ba-1.3-2.mga9 Fast translation from LTL formulas to Buchi automata linux/armv7hl
ocaml-alt-ergo-lib-2.3.3-1.mga9 Automated theorem prover library linux/armv7hl
ocaml-alt-ergo-lib-devel-2.3.3-1.mga9 Development files for ocaml-alt-ergo-lib linux/armv7hl
ocaml-alt-ergo-parsers-2.3.3-1.mga9 Parser library used by the Alt-Ergo SMT solver linux/armv7hl
ocaml-alt-ergo-parsers-devel-2.3.3-1.mga9 Development files for ocaml-alt-ergo-parsers linux/armv7hl
picosat-965-2.mga9 Lightweight SAT solver linux/armv7hl
povray- The Persistence of Vision Raytracer linux/armv7hl
povray-scenes- POV-Ray example scenes linux/noarch
sundials-6.5.1-1.mga9 Nonlinear, differential and algebraic equation solvers linux/armv7hl

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