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RPM of Group Games/Arcade

90secondportraits-1.01b-5.mga9 Speed painting game: paint portraits in 90 seconds! linux/noarch
abe-1.1-18.mga9 Abe's Amazing Adventure linux/armv7hl
abuse-sdl-0.8-11.mga9 The classic Crack-Dot-Com game linux/armv7hl
airstrike-1.0-0.pre6a.9.mga9 Incredibly addictive 2D dogfight game linux/armv7hl
andy-super-great-park-1.0.21-7.mga9 A 2D shooter on rails linux/armv7hl
andy-super-great-park-data-1.0.21-7.mga9 Data files for Andy's Super Great Park linux/noarch
armagetron- Armagetron Advanced, 3D lightcycle game using OpenGL linux/armv7hl
asteroids3D-0.5.1-12.mga9 A 3D, first-person game of blowing up asteroids linux/armv7hl
atanks-6.6-1.mga9 Scorched Earth game clone linux/armv7hl
ballz-1.0.4-3.mga9 B.A.L.L.Z. - platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball linux/armv7hl
barrage-1.0.7-1.mga9 Kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes linux/armv7hl
bitfighter-022-4.mga9 Free multi-player 2D space combat game with dual-axes controls linux/armv7hl
bloboats-1.0.2-12.mga9 Boat racing game linux/armv7hl
blobwars-2.00-5.mga9 Mission and Objective based 2D Platform Game linux/armv7hl
blockout-2.5-6.mga9 A free clone of the original BlockOut DOS game linux/armv7hl
blockout-data-2.5-6.mga9 Data files for BlockOut II linux/noarch
bobobot-0-0.preview3.7.mga9 A megaman clone linux/armv7hl
bomber-23.04.3-1.mga9 Arcade bombing game linux/armv7hl
bomber-23.04.1-1.mga9 Arcade bombing game linux/armv7hl
briquolo-0.5.7-16.mga9 An OpenGL breakout game linux/armv7hl
brogue-1.7.5-5.mga9 Roguelike game that favors simplicity over complexity linux/armv7hl
btanks-0.9.8083-18.mga9 Funny battle on your desk linux/armv7hl
btanks-data-0.9.8083-18.mga9 Data files for btanks linux/noarch
bugsquish-0.0.6-26.mga9 Kill bugs with mouse linux/armv7hl
bumprace-1.5.8-2.mga9 Drive the ship to exit linux/armv7hl
burgerspace-1.9.5-1.mga9 A Burgertime(TM) clone linux/armv7hl
bzflag-2.4.26-1.mga9 A multiplayer 3D tank battle game linux/armv7hl
cave9-0.4.1-5.mga9 A cave exploration game featuring unique controls based on gravity linux/armv7hl
caveexpress-2.5.2-1.mga9 Classic 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels linux/armv7hl
cdogs-sdl-0.12.0-2.mga9 Open source, classic overhead run-and-gun game linux/armv7hl
chromium-bsu- Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter linux/armv7hl
circuslinux-1.0.3-26.mga9 Cute breakout-like game linux/armv7hl
clanbomber-2.1.1-35.mga9 A free (GPL) Bomberman-like multiplayer game linux/armv7hl
commandergenius-2.7.3-2.mga9 An open clone of the Commander Keen engines linux/armv7hl
crack-attack-1.1.14-32.mga9 Tetris like game linux/armv7hl
crack-attack-music-1-19.mga9 Music files for crack-attack linux/noarch
crack-attack-sounds-1-19.mga9 Sound files for crack-attack linux/noarch
digger-20160420-4.mga9 The Unix version of the old classic game Digger linux/armv7hl
duckmarines-1.0c-6.mga9 Frantic couch multiplayer action linux/noarch
extremetuxracer-0.8.2-1.mga9 OpenGL racing game featuring Tux linux/armv7hl
fallingtime-1.0.2-3.mga9 2-player arcade game inspired by Fall Down linux/armv7hl
flaw-1.3.2a-17.mga9 F.L.A.W. is a fighting game between magicians linux/armv7hl
flukz-0.4-9.mga9 Flukz is an editor and player of shoot'em up video games linux/armv7hl
foobillardplus-3.43-0.svn170.7.mga9 A free 3D OpenGL billiard game linux/armv7hl
freedroid-1.0.2-23.mga9 Clone of the C64 Game Paradroid linux/armv7hl
freetumble-1.1-6.mga9 Colourful puzzle game with three game modes linux/armv7hl
frozen-bubble-2.212.0-39.mga9 Frozen Bubble arcade game linux/armv7hl
galois-0.8-1.mga9 Extended falling blocks game with many different geometries linux/armv7hl
gltron-0.70-24.mga9 Gltron, a 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL linux/armv7hl
gnome-nibbles-3.38.3-1.mga9 GNOME Nibbles game linux/armv7hl
gnome-robots-40.0-2.mga9 GNOME Robots game linux/armv7hl
goatattack-0.4.5-4.mga9 Fast-paced multiplayer pixel art shooter game linux/armv7hl
goatattack-data-0.4.5-4.mga9 Arch-independent data files for the game Goat Attack linux/noarch
granatier-23.04.3-1.mga9 KDE Bomberman game linux/armv7hl
granatier-23.04.1-1.mga9 KDE Bomberman game linux/armv7hl
gtetrinet-0.7.11-16.mga9 TetriNET game client for Linux linux/armv7hl
heroes-0.21-21.mga9 Game like Nibbles but different linux/armv7hl
hijinx-1.3.0-3.mga9 A game about platforming, curses, and turtles linux/noarch
holotz-castle-1.3.14-7.mga9 A platform game with high doses of mistery linux/armv7hl
holotz-castle-data-1.3.14-7.mga9 Data files for the Holotz's Castle game linux/noarch
icebreaker-2.2.1-2.mga9 An addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins linux/armv7hl
irrlamb-0.2.1-2.20160920.15.mga9 Physics-based 3D puzzle platformer linux/armv7hl
iyfct-1.02-7.mga9 In Your Face City Trains: coffee-break runner game linux/noarch
jumpnbump-1.61-4.mga9 Cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies linux/armv7hl
jumpnbump-menu-1.61-4.mga9 Level selection and config menu for the Jump 'n Bump game linux/noarch
kapman-23.04.3-1.mga9 A Pac-Man clone linux/armv7hl
kapman-23.04.1-1.mga9 A Pac-Man clone linux/armv7hl
kblocks-23.04.3-1.mga9 Single player falling blocks puzzle game linux/armv7hl
kblocks-23.04.1-1.mga9 Single player falling blocks puzzle game linux/armv7hl
kbounce-23.04.3-1.mga9 Claim areas and don't get disturbed linux/armv7hl
kbounce-23.04.1-1.mga9 Claim areas and don't get disturbed linux/armv7hl
kbreakout-23.04.3-1.mga9 Breakout like game linux/armv7hl
kbreakout-23.04.1-1.mga9 Breakout like game linux/armv7hl
kgoldrunner-23.04.3-1.mga9 A game of action and puzzle solving linux/armv7hl
kgoldrunner-23.04.1-1.mga9 A game of action and puzzle solving linux/armv7hl
knightsgame-25-23.mga9 Multiplayer objective-oriented game with knights questing in a dungeon linux/armv7hl
kobodeluxe-0.5.1-16.mga9 SDL port of Akira Higuchis game XKobo linux/armv7hl
kollision-23.04.3-1.mga9 A simple ball dodging game linux/armv7hl
kollision-23.04.1-1.mga9 A simple ball dodging game linux/armv7hl
kroniax-1.2-10.mga9 Sidescrolling skill-based game linux/armv7hl
ksnakeduel-23.04.3-1.mga9 Snake race played against the computer linux/armv7hl
ksnakeduel-23.04.1-1.mga9 Snake race played against the computer linux/armv7hl
lbreakouthd-1.1.3-1.mga9 Breakout-style arcade game linux/armv7hl
liquidwar-5.6.5-6.mga9 Unique multiplayer wargame linux/armv7hl
ltris-1.2.6-1.mga9 Nice tetris clone linux/armv7hl
lugaru-1.2-4.mga9 Ninja rabbit fighting game linux/armv7hl
lugaru-data-1.2-4.mga9 Arch-independent data files for the Lugaru game linux/noarch
maelstrom-3.0.6-22.mga9 SDL port of Maelstrom asteroids game linux/armv7hl
mame-0.253-1.mga9 Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator linux/armv7hl
mame-data-0.253-1.mga9 Data files used by MAME linux/noarch
mame-data-software-lists-0.253-1.mga9 Software lists used by MAME linux/noarch
mame-doc-0.253-1.mga9 Documentation for MAME linux/noarch
mame-tools-0.253-1.mga9 Additional tools for MAME linux/armv7hl
meandmyshadow-0.5a-5.mga9 Puzzle/platform game where you try to reach the exit by solving puzzles linux/armv7hl
megamario-1.7-10.mga9 Super Mario 1 clone linux/armv7hl
moleinvasion-0.4-11.mga9 Jump'n run game with Tux linux/armv7hl
mrrescue-1.02e-5.mga9 Action game where you evacuate civilians from burning buildings linux/noarch
mures-0.5-25.mga9 Clone of Sega's "Chu Chu Rocket", a multi-player puzzle game linux/armv7hl
neverball-1.6.0-12.mga9 Roll a ball through an obstacle course linux/armv7hl
ninvaders-0.1.1-11.mga9 Space Invaders clone written in ncurses for cli gaming linux/armv7hl
openclonk-data-8.1-10.mga9 Arch-independent data files for OpenClonk linux/noarch
openmortal-0.7.1-25.mga9 Parody of Mortal Kombat linux/armv7hl
ostrichriders-0.6.5-3.mga9 Knights flying on ostriches compete against other riders linux/armv7hl
pax-britannica-1.0.0-7.mga9 Underwater one-button real-time strategy game linux/armv7hl
penguin-command-1.6.11-18.mga9 A clone of the classic Missile Command game linux/armv7hl
picmi-23.04.3-1.mga9 A nonogram logic game for KDE linux/armv7hl
picmi-23.04.1-1.mga9 A nonogram logic game for KDE linux/armv7hl
pinball-0.3.4-5.mga9 Emilia 3d Pinball linux/armv7hl
pingus-0.7.6-25.mga9 A free Lemmings clone linux/armv7hl
pipepanic-0.1.3-11.mga9 A pipe connecting game linux/armv7hl
plee-the-bear-0.7.1-9.mga9 2D platform game starring Plee the Bear linux/armv7hl
plee-the-bear-data-0.7.1-9.mga9 Data files for Plee the Bear linux/noarch
puzzlemoppet-20150420-8.mga9 Challenging 3D puzzle game linux/armv7hl
qmc2-arcade-0.243-1.mga9 MAME Catalog / Launcher II - Arcade Mode linux/armv7hl
quadrapassel-40.2-2.mga9 GNOME Quadrapassel game linux/armv7hl
ri-li-2.0.1-16.mga9 A toy wood train kit game linux/armv7hl
rigelengine-0.9.1-1.mga9 A modern reimplementation of the game Duke Nukem II linux/armv7hl
rocksndiamonds- A boulderdash like game linux/armv7hl
sauerbraten-server-2020_12_29-1.mga9.nonfree Standalone server linux/armv7hl
sdl-ball-1.04-2.mga9 A Free/OpenSource brick-breaking game with pretty graphics linux/armv7hl
srb2-2.2.11-2.mga9 A 3D Sonic fan game based off of Doom Legacy (aka "Sonic Robo Blast 2") linux/armv7hl
srb2-data-2.2.11-2.mga9 Architecture independent data for srb2 linux/noarch
starfighter-2.4-2.mga9 Project: Starfighter, a side-scrolling shoot 'em up space game linux/armv7hl
starfighter-data-2.4-2.mga9 Arch-independent data files for Project: Starfighter linux/noarch
stepmania-5.1-0.b1.1.mga9 Dance and rhythm game with 3D graphics and dance pad support linux/armv7hl
stepmania-data-5.1-0.b1.1.mga9 Data files for StepMania linux/noarch
stepmania-stepmix1-1-15.mga9 StepMania StepMix1 song pack linux/noarch
supertux-0.6.3-4.mga9 Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller with Tux linux/armv7hl
supertux-data-0.6.3-4.mga9 Data files for supertux linux/noarch
supertuxkart-1.4-2.mga9 3D kart racing game linux/armv7hl
supertuxkart-data-1.4-2.mga9 Data files for the SuperTuxKart game linux/noarch
tecnoballz-0.93.1-6.mga9 A Brick Busting game linux/armv7hl
toppler-1.1.6-9.mga9 Reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulous linux/armv7hl
torcs-data-1.3.7-4.mga9 Data files for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-data-nonfree-1.3.4-9.mga9.nonfree Data files for torcs which are not free to reuse linux/noarch
trackballs-1.3.4-1.1.mga9 A Marble Madness-like game linux/armv7hl
trackballs-1.3.4-1.mga9 A Marble Madness-like game linux/armv7hl
tremulous-data-1.2.0-0.beta1.10.mga9 Data files for tremulous the FPS game linux/noarch
trophy-2.0.4-3.mga9 A 2D car racing action game for Linux linux/armv7hl
tsc-2.1.0-10.mga9 The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. - a 2D platform game in classic style linux/armv7hl
tsc-data-2.1.0-10.mga9 Games data for the TSC game linux/noarch
tux_aqfh-1.0.14-25.mga9 Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest For Herring linux/armv7hl
tuxpuck-0.8.2-24.mga9 Clone of ShufflePuck Cafe historical game linux/armv7hl
xbill-2.1-20.mga9 Defend your computers from Wingdows Viruses linux/armv7hl
xinvaders3d-1.5.0-1.mga9 3D space-invaders clone on X Window System linux/armv7hl
xmoto-0.6.2-1.mga9 A challenging 2D motocross platform game linux/armv7hl
xpilot-4.5.5-11.mga9 An X Window System based multiplayer aerial combat game linux/armv7hl
xsoldier-1.8-10.mga9 Shooting game on X Window System linux/armv7hl
xtux-20030306-25.mga9 Multiplayer arcade game featuring open-source mascots linux/armv7hl
yal-0.3-10.mga9 Yet another (game) launcher linux/armv7hl
yamagi-quake2-7.45-2.mga9 Yamagi Quake II is an enhanced client for id Software's Quake II linux/armv7hl
yamagi-quake2-ctf-7.45-2.mga9 Quake II 3.21 'Capture The Flag' for Yamagi Quake II linux/armv7hl
yamagi-quake2-rogue-7.45-2.mga9 Quake II Mission Pack #2: "Ground Zero" for Yamagi Quake II linux/armv7hl
yamagi-quake2-server-7.45-2.mga9 Yamagi Quake II server linux/armv7hl
yamagi-quake2-xatrix-7.45-2.mga9 Mission Pack #1: "The Reckoning" for Yamagi Quake II linux/armv7hl
yourik-2.1.2-8.mga9 The animal rights themed arcade shooter linux/armv7hl
zaz-1.0.1-2.mga9 A puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets linux/armv7hl

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