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RPM of Group System/Packaging

alien-8.95.1-1.mga8 Install Debian and Slackware Packages with RPM linux/noarch
apper-1.0.0-7.mga8 KDE interface for PackageKit linux/armv7hl
appstream-0.13.1-2.mga8 Utilities to generate, maintain and access the AppStream database linux/armv7hl
appstream-glib-builder-0.7.18-5.mga8 Library and command line tools for building AppStream metadata linux/armv7hl
appstream-util-0.7.18-5.mga8 Utility to do simple operations on AppStream metadata linux/armv7hl
apt-0.5.15lorg3.94-36.mga8 Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support linux/armv7hl
apt-common-0.5.15lorg3.94-36.mga8 Common file for apt frontend linux/armv7hl
apt-mga-2.1.8-2.mga8 Debian apt tools for mageia linux/armv7hl
apt-mga-devel-2.1.8-2.mga8 Debian apt tools for mageia - devel linux/armv7hl
checkinstall- CheckInstall installations tracker linux/armv7hl
copr-cli-1.82-2.mga8 Command line interface for COPR linux/noarch
createrepo_c-0.16.2-1.mga8 Creates a common metadata repository linux/armv7hl
debconf-1.5.74-1.mga8 Debian configuration management system linux/noarch
debconf-i18n-1.5.74-1.mga8 Full internationalization support for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-utils-1.5.74-1.mga8 This package contains some small utilities for debconf developers linux/noarch
debhelper-13.2-1.mga8 Helper programs for Debian rules linux/noarch
debootstrap-1.0.123-1.mga8 Bootstrap a basic Debian or Debian derivative system linux/noarch
deltarpm-3.6.2-3.mga8 Tools to Create and Apply deltarpms linux/armv7hl
dh-strip-nondeterminism-1.1.2-2.mga8 File non-deterministic information stripper — Debhelper add-on linux/noarch
distribution-gpg-keys-1.48-1.mga8 GPG keys of various Linux distributions linux/noarch
dnf-4.6.0-1.mga8 Package manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver linux/noarch
dnf-automatic-4.6.0-1.mga8 Alternative CLI to "dnf upgrade" suitable for automatic, regular execution linux/noarch
dnf-data-4.6.0-1.mga8 Common data and configuration files for DNF linux/noarch
dnf-plugin-spacewalk-2.9.7-3.mga8 DNF plugin for Spacewalk linux/noarch
dnf-plugins-core-4.0.19-1.mga8 Core Plugins for DNF linux/noarch
dnfdaemon-0.3.20-1.mga8 D-Bus daemon for DNF package actions linux/noarch
dnfdragora-2.1.1-1.mga8 DNF package-manager based on libYui abstraction linux/noarch
dnfdragora-common-2.1.1-1.mga8 Shared files for Qt and GTK+ flavours of dnfdragora linux/noarch
dnfdragora-gtk-2.1.1-1.mga8 GTK+ frontend for dnfdragora linux/noarch
dnfdragora-qt-2.1.1-1.mga8 Qt frontend for dnfdragora linux/noarch
dnfdragora-updater-2.1.1-1.mga8 Update notifier applet for dnfdragora linux/noarch
dpkg-1.20.5-4.mga8 Package maintenance system for Debian Linux linux/armv7hl
dpkg-dev-1.20.5-4.mga8 Debian package development tools linux/noarch
dpkg-devel-1.20.5-4.mga8 Debian package management static library linux/armv7hl
dselect-1.20.5-4.mga8 Debian package management front-end linux/armv7hl
etc-update-20020731-20.mga8 Handle configuration file updates linux/noarch
etckeeper-dnf-1.18.14-2.mga8 DNF plugin for etckeeper support linux/noarch
flatpak-1.10.1-1.mga8 Application deployment framework for desktop apps linux/armv7hl
flatpak-1.10.5-1.mga8 Application deployment framework for desktop apps linux/armv7hl
flatpak-1.10.2-1.mga8 Application deployment framework for desktop apps linux/armv7hl
flatpak-builder-1.0.11-1.mga8 Tool to build flatpaks from source linux/armv7hl
genhdlist2-7.12-2.mga8 Tool to generate urpmi metadata (media_info/*) linux/noarch
gnome-packagekit-3.32.0-3.mga8 A PackageKit client for the GNOME desktop linux/armv7hl
gnome-packagekit-common-3.32.0-3.mga8 Common files and services for GNOME PackageKit linux/armv7hl
gnome-packagekit-extra-3.32.0-3.mga8 Session applications to manage packages with GNOME PackageKit (extra bits) linux/armv7hl
gurpmi-8.125-1.mga8 User mode rpm GUI install linux/noarch
haskell-macros-6.4-13.mga8 Rpms macros to easilly build haskell modules linux/noarch
koji-1.23.0-1.mga8 Build system tools linux/noarch
koji-builder-1.23.0-1.mga8 Koji RPM builder daemon linux/noarch
koji-builder-plugins-1.23.0-1.mga8 Koji builder plugins linux/noarch
koji-utils-1.23.0-1.mga8 Koji Utilities linux/noarch
libpackagekit-glib18-1.2.2-1.mga8 Libraries for accessing PackageKit linux/armv7hl
libpackagekitglib-gir1.0-1.2.2-1.mga8 GObject Introspection interface description for PackageKit linux/armv7hl
libpackagekitqt5_1-1.0.2-3.mga8 Libraries for accessing PackageKit-Qt5 linux/armv7hl
libsolv-demo-0.7.16-1.mga8 Application demoing the libsolv library linux/armv7hl
libsolv-demo-0.7.19-1.mga8 Application demoing the libsolv library linux/armv7hl
libsolv-tools-0.7.16-1.mga8 A new approach to package dependency solving linux/armv7hl
libsolv-tools-0.7.19-1.mga8 A new approach to package dependency solving linux/armv7hl
licensecheck-3.0.29-3.mga8 Simple license checker for source files linux/noarch
mageia-dnf-conf-1.0-3.mga8 Mageia-specific configuration for DNF linux/noarch
mageia-repo-zdicts-1906.2-3.mga8 Zstd dictionaries for Mageia repository metadata linux/noarch
mageia-repos-8-1.mga8 Mageia package repositories linux/armv7hl
mageia-repos-cauldron-8-1.mga8 Cauldron repo definitions linux/armv7hl
mageia-repos-keys-8-1.mga8 Mageia repository GPG keys linux/noarch
mageia-repos-pkgprefs-8-1.mga8 Mageia repository package preferences linux/noarch
manafirewall-0.0.1-3.mga8 manafirewall is the manatools firewalld configuration tool linux/noarch
manafirewall-common-0.0.1-3.mga8 Shared files for Qt and GTK+ flavours of manafirewall linux/noarch
manafirewall-gtk-0.0.1-3.mga8 GTK+ frontend for manafirewall linux/noarch
manafirewall-qt-0.0.1-3.mga8 Qt frontend for manafirewall linux/noarch
meson-0.56.0-1.mga8 High productivity build system linux/noarch
microdnf-3.7.0-1.mga8 Lightweight implementation of DNF in C linux/armv7hl
mock-core-configs-34.1-1.mga8 Mock core config files basic chroots linux/noarch
mock-mageia-configs-8-1.mga8 Extra configs for Mageia for Mock linux/noarch
modulemd-validator-2.12.0-1.mga8 Tool for validating modulemd data linux/armv7hl
nodejs-packaging-23-3.mga8 RPM Macros and Utilities for Node.js Packaging linux/noarch
ostree-2020.8-2.mga8 Tool for managing bootable, immutable filesystem trees linux/armv7hl
packagekit-1.2.2-1.mga8 A DBUS packaging abstraction layer linux/armv7hl
packagekit-command-not-found-1.2.2-1.mga8 Ask the user to install command line programs automatically linux/armv7hl
packagekit-cron-1.2.2-1.mga8 Cron job and related utilities for PackageKit linux/armv7hl
packagekit-gstreamer-plugin-1.2.2-1.mga8 Install GStreamer codecs using PackageKit linux/armv7hl
packagekit-gtk3-module-1.2.2-1.mga8 Install fonts automatically using PackageKit linux/armv7hl
packdrake-7.12-2.mga8 A simple Archive Extractor/Builder linux/noarch
perl-Dpkg-1.20.5-4.mga8 Dpkg perl modules linux/noarch
perl-File-StripNondeterminism-1.1.2-2.mga8 File non-deterministic information stripper — Perl module linux/noarch
perl-ProjectBuilder-0.16.1-1.mga8 Perl module providing multi-OSes continuous packaging linux/noarch
plasma-pk-updates-0.3.2-6.mga8 Plasma applet for system updates using PackageKit linux/armv7hl
po-debconf-1.0.21-3.mga8 Tool for managing templates file translations with gettext linux/noarch
project-builder-0.16.1-1.mga8 Project Builder helps providing multi-OSes Continuous Packaging linux/noarch
python-multilib-conf-1.2-6.mga8 Config files for python-multilib linux/noarch
python3-debconf-1.5.74-1.mga8 python3 for debconf linux/noarch
python3-dnf-4.6.0-1.mga8 Python 3 interface to DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-kickstart-4.0.13-1.mga8 Kickstart Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-leaves-4.0.19-1.mga8 Leaves Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-local-4.0.19-1.mga8 Local Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-post-transaction-actions-4.0.19-1.mga8 Post transaction actions Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-rpmconf-4.0.13-1.mga8 RpmConf Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-show-leaves-4.0.19-1.mga8 Show-leaves Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-showvars-4.0.13-1.mga8 showvars Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-snapper-4.0.13-1.mga8 Snapper Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-spacewalk-2.9.7-3.mga8 DNF plugin for Spacewalk linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-system-upgrade-4.0.13-1.mga8 System Upgrade Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-torproxy-4.0.13-1.mga8 Tor Proxy Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-tracer-4.0.13-1.mga8 Tracer Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugin-versionlock-4.0.19-1.mga8 Version Lock Plugin for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugins-core-4.0.19-1.mga8 Python 3 interface to core plugins for DNF linux/noarch
python3-dnf-plugins-extras-common-4.0.13-1.mga8 Common files for Extras Plugins for DNF linux/noarch
python3-koji-cli-plugins-1.23.0-1.mga8 Koji client plugins linux/noarch
python3-rpm-generators-11-4.mga8 Dependency generators for Python RPMs linux/noarch
python3-rust2rpm-17-1.mga8 Convert Rust packages to RPM linux/armv7hl
qarepo-1.6-5.mga8 The QA Repo tool linux/noarch
qt4urpm-1.0.1-19.mga8 A Qt based frontend for the urpm* package management tools linux/armv7hl
rpm- The RPM package management system linux/armv7hl
rpm- The RPM package management system linux/armv7hl
rpm- The RPM package management system linux/armv7hl
rpm-build- Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/armv7hl
rpm-build- Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/armv7hl
rpm-build- Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/armv7hl
rpm-helper-0.24.21-1.mga8 Helper scripts for rpm scriptlets linux/noarch
rpm-mageia-setup-2.57-2.mga8 The Mageia rpm configuration and scripts linux/armv7hl
rpm-mageia-setup-build-2.57-2.mga8 The Mageia rpm configuration and scripts to build rpms linux/armv7hl
rpm-plugin-audit- Rpm plugin for logging audit events on package operations linux/armv7hl
rpm-plugin-audit- Rpm plugin for logging audit events on package operations linux/armv7hl
rpm-plugin-audit- Rpm plugin for logging audit events on package operations linux/armv7hl
rpmbootstrap-0.16.1-1.mga8 Tool similar to debootstrap for RPM based distributions linux/noarch
rpmcheck-0.0.2368-21.mga8 A tool to check consistency of rpm repositories linux/armv7hl
rpmconf-1.1.3-1.mga8 Tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files linux/noarch
rpmconf-base-1.1.3-1.mga8 Filesystem for rpmconf linux/noarch
rpmdrake-6.32-1.mga8 Mageia graphical front end for software installation/removal linux/noarch
rpmorphan-1.19-2.mga8 List packages that have no dependencies (like deborphan) linux/noarch
rpmstats-0.6.1-20.mga8 Gather statistics from installed packages linux/armv7hl
rpmtidy-1.0-7.mga8 Deletes obsolete RPMS from cache linux/noarch
rpmtools-7.12-2.mga8 Various RPM command-line tools linux/noarch
rust-packaging-17-1.mga8 RPM macros for building Rust packages on various architectures linux/armv7hl
rust-srpm-macros-17-1.mga8 RPM macros for building Rust source packages linux/noarch
spack-0.16.1-0.20201230gitc22141f.3.mga8 A flexible package manager linux/noarch
spack-repos-0.16.1-0.20201230gitc22141f.3.mga8 A flexible package manager linux/noarch
strip-nondeterminism-1.1.2-2.mga8 File non-deterministic information stripper — stand-alone tool linux/noarch
tracer-0.7.1-4.mga8 Finds outdated running applications in your system linux/noarch
tracer-common-0.7.1-4.mga8 Common data files for tracer linux/noarch
triehash-0.3-2.mga8 Generator for order-preserving minimal perfect hash functions in C linux/noarch
urpmi-8.125-1.mga8 Command-line software installation tools linux/noarch
urpmi-debuginfo-install-10.1-5.mga8 debuginfo-install shim for urpmi linux/noarch
urpmi-ldap-8.125-1.mga8 Extension to urpmi to specify media configuration via LDAP linux/noarch
urpmi-parallel-ka-run-8.125-1.mga8 Parallel extensions to urpmi using ka-run linux/noarch
urpmi-parallel-ssh-8.125-1.mga8 Parallel extensions to urpmi using ssh and scp linux/noarch
urpmi-proxy-0.5.1-2.mga8 A proxy for urpmi repository mirrors linux/noarch
web-assets-devel-5-5.mga8 RPM macros for Web Assets packaging linux/noarch
web-assets-filesystem-5-5.mga8 The basic directory layout for Web Assets linux/noarch
yum-4.6.0-1.mga8 As a Yum CLI compatibility layer, supplies /usr/bin/yum redirecting to DNF linux/noarch
yum-utils-4.0.19-1.mga8 Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer linux/noarch
yumex-dnf-4.3.3-6.mga8 A graphical package management tool powered by DNF linux/noarch
zypper-1.14.42-1.mga8 Command line package manager linux/armv7hl

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