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Packages beginning with letter V

veritysetup-2.4.1-1.fc35 A utility for setting up dm-verity volumes linux/armv7hl
veritysetup-debuginfo-2.4.1-1.fc35 Debug information for package veritysetup linux/armv7hl
vigra-1.11.1-37.fc35 Generic Programming for Computer Vision linux/armv7hl
vigra-debuginfo-1.11.1-37.fc35 Debug information for package vigra linux/armv7hl
vigra-debugsource-1.11.1-37.fc35 Debug sources for package vigra linux/armv7hl
vigra-devel-1.11.1-37.fc35 Development tools for programs which will use the vigra library linux/armv7hl
vips-8.11.3-4.fc35 C/C++ library for processing large images linux/armv7hl
vips-debuginfo-8.11.3-4.fc35 Debug information for package vips linux/armv7hl
vips-debugsource-8.11.3-4.fc35 Debug sources for package vips linux/armv7hl
vips-devel-8.11.3-4.fc35 Development files for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-doc-8.11.3-4.fc35 Documentation for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-magick-8.11.3-4.fc35 Magick support for vips using ImageMagick6 linux/armv7hl
vips-magick-debuginfo-8.11.3-4.fc35 Debug information for package vips-magick linux/armv7hl
vips-openslide-8.11.3-4.fc35 OpenSlide support for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-openslide-debuginfo-8.11.3-4.fc35 Debug information for package vips-openslide linux/armv7hl
vips-poppler-8.11.3-4.fc35 Poppler support for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-poppler-debuginfo-8.11.3-4.fc35 Debug information for package vips-poppler linux/armv7hl
vips-tools-8.11.3-4.fc35 Command-line tools for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-tools-debuginfo-8.11.3-4.fc35 Debug information for package vips-tools linux/armv7hl
vte-profile-0.66.0-2.fc35 Profile script for VTE terminal emulator library linux/armv7hl
vte-profile-debuginfo-0.66.0-2.fc35 Debug information for package vte-profile linux/armv7hl
vte291-0.66.0-2.fc35 Terminal emulator library linux/armv7hl
vte291-debuginfo-0.66.0-2.fc35 Debug information for package vte291 linux/armv7hl
vte291-debugsource-0.66.0-2.fc35 Debug sources for package vte291 linux/armv7hl
vte291-devel-0.66.0-2.fc35 Development files for vte291 linux/armv7hl
vte291-devel-debuginfo-0.66.0-2.fc35 Debug information for package vte291-devel linux/armv7hl
vtk-9.0.3-1.fc35 The Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library linux/armv7hl
vtk-data-9.0.3-1.fc35 VTK data files for tests/examples linux/noarch
vtk-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk linux/armv7hl
vtk-debugsource-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug sources for package vtk linux/armv7hl
vtk-devel-9.0.3-1.fc35 VTK header files for building C++ code linux/armv7hl
vtk-devel-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-devel linux/armv7hl
vtk-examples-9.0.3-1.fc35 Examples for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-java-9.0.3-1.fc35 Java bindings for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-java-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-java linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-9.0.3-1.fc35 The Visualization Toolkit - mpich version linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-mpich linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-devel-9.0.3-1.fc35 VTK header files for building C++ code with mpich linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-devel-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-mpich-devel linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-java-9.0.3-1.fc35 Java bindings for VTK with mpich linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-java-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-mpich-java linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-qt-9.0.3-1.fc35 Qt bindings for VTK with mpich linux/armv7hl
vtk-mpich-qt-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-mpich-qt linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-9.0.3-1.fc35 The Visualization Toolkit - openmpi version linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-openmpi linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-devel-9.0.3-1.fc35 VTK header files for building C++ code with openmpi linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-devel-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-openmpi-devel linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-java-9.0.3-1.fc35 Java bindings for VTK with openmpi linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-java-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-openmpi-java linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-qt-9.0.3-1.fc35 Qt bindings for VTK with openmpi linux/armv7hl
vtk-openmpi-qt-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-openmpi-qt linux/armv7hl
vtk-qt-9.0.3-1.fc35 Qt bindings for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-qt-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-qt linux/armv7hl
vtk-testing-9.0.3-1.fc35 Testing programs for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-testing-debuginfo-9.0.3-1.fc35 Debug information for package vtk-testing linux/armv7hl

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