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Singular-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations linux/armv7hl
Singular-devel-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 Singular development files linux/armv7hl
Singular-doc-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 Singular documentation files linux/armv7hl
Singular-emacs-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 Emacs interface to Singular linux/armv7hl
Singular-libpolys-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 C++ class library for polynomials in Singular linux/armv7hl
Singular-libpolys-devel-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 Development files for libpolys linux/armv7hl
Singular-libs-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 Singular library linux/armv7hl
Singular-surfex-4.2.0p3-1.fc35 Singular java interface linux/armv7hl
sameboy-0.15.8-1.fc35 Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator written in C linux/armv7hl
scap-security-guide-0.1.65-1.fc35 Security guidance and baselines in SCAP formats linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-doc-0.1.65-1.fc35 HTML formatted security guides generated from XCCDF benchmarks linux/noarch
sddm-0.19.0-18.fc35 QML based X11 desktop manager linux/armv7hl
sddm-themes-0.19.0-18.fc35 SDDM Themes linux/noarch
sdrpp-1.0.3-2.fc35 SDRPlusPlus bloat-free SDR receiver software linux/armv7hl
seadrive-daemon-2.0.16-1.fc35 Daemon part of Seafile Drive client linux/armv7hl
seadrive-gui-2.0.16-1.fc35 GUI part of Seafile Drive client linux/armv7hl
seahorse-41.0-1.fc35 A GNOME application for managing encryption keys linux/armv7hl
secvarctl-0.3-1.fc35 A command line tool for managing Secure Boot Variables on POWER linux/armv7hl
sendmail-8.17.1-1.fc35 A widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA) linux/armv7hl
sendmail-cf-8.17.1-1.fc35 The files needed to reconfigure Sendmail linux/noarch
sendmail-doc-8.17.1-1.fc35 Documentation about the Sendmail Mail Transport Agent program linux/noarch
sendmail-milter-8.17.1-1.fc35 The sendmail milter library linux/armv7hl
sendmail-milter-devel-8.17.1-1.fc35 Development files for the sendmail milter library linux/armv7hl
setroubleshoot-plugins-3.3.14-3.fc35 Analysis plugins for use with setroubleshoot linux/noarch
sharpziplib-1.3.3-0.fc35 Zip, GZip, Tar and BZip2 library linux/armv7hl
sharpziplib-devel-1.3.3-0.fc35 Development files for sharpziplib linux/armv7hl
simple-scan-40.5-1.fc35 Simple scanning utility linux/armv7hl
skrooge-2.28.0-1.fc35 Personal finances manager linux/armv7hl
skrooge-libs-2.28.0-1.fc35 Runtime libraries for skrooge linux/armv7hl
slirp4netns-1.1.12-2.fc35 slirp for network namespaces linux/armv7hl
smoldyn-2.65-5.fc35 A particle-based spatial stochastic simulator linux/armv7hl
smoldyn-doc-2.65-5.fc35 smoldyn documentation linux/noarch
smoldyn-libs-2.65-5.fc35 smoldyn libraries linux/armv7hl
smoldyn-libs-devel-2.65-5.fc35 smoldyn libraries for development linux/armv7hl
soprano-2.9.4-27.fc35 Qt wrapper API to different RDF storage solutions linux/armv7hl
soprano-apidocs-2.9.4-27.fc35 Soprano API documentation linux/noarch
soprano-devel-2.9.4-27.fc35 Developer files for soprano linux/armv7hl
sos-4.2-1.fc35 A set of tools to gather troubleshooting information from a system linux/noarch
soundtouch-2.3.1-1.fc35 Audio Processing library for changing Tempo, Pitch and Playback Rates linux/armv7hl
soundtouch-devel-2.3.1-1.fc35 Libraries, includes, etc to develop soundtouch applications linux/armv7hl
spdlog-1.9.2-2.fc35 Super fast C++ logging library linux/armv7hl
spdlog-devel-1.9.2-2.fc35 Development files for spdlog linux/armv7hl
squeezelite- Headless music player for streaming from Logitech Media Server linux/armv7hl
startdde-5.8.29-1.fc35 Starter of deepin desktop environment linux/armv7hl
strace-6.1-1.fc35 Tracks and displays system calls associated with a running process linux/armv7hl
stress-ng-0.13.00-1.fc35 Stress test a computer system in various ways linux/armv7hl
sushi-41.0-1.fc35 A quick previewer for Nautilus linux/armv7hl
swappy-1.4.0-1.fc35 Wayland native snapshot editing tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS linux/armv7hl
sylfilter-0.8-21.fc35 A generic message filter library and command-line tools linux/armv7hl
sylfilter-devel-0.8-21.fc35 Development files for sylfilter linux/armv7hl
sympa-6.2.70-2.fc35 Powerful multilingual List Manager linux/armv7hl
sympa-devel-doc-6.2.70-2.fc35 Sympa devel doc linux/armv7hl
sympa-httpd-6.2.70-2.fc35 Sympa with Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
sympa-lighttpd-6.2.70-2.fc35 Sympa with lighttpd linux/armv7hl
sympa-nginx-6.2.70-2.fc35 Sympa with nginx linux/armv7hl
sysprof-3.42.0-1.fc35 A system-wide Linux profiler linux/armv7hl
sysprof-capture-devel-3.42.0-1.fc35 Development files for sysprof-capture static library linux/armv7hl
sysprof-cli-3.42.0-1.fc35 Sysprof command line utility linux/armv7hl
sysprof-devel-3.42.0-1.fc35 Development files for sysprof linux/armv7hl

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