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glibc-gconv-extra-2.36-18.fc37 RPM for i686

From Fedora 37 updates for x86_64 / Packages / g

Name: glibc-gconv-extra Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 2.36 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 18.fc37 Build date: Mon Nov 20 13:27:47 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 8002354 Source RPM: glibc-2.36-18.fc37.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: All iconv converter modules for glibc.
This package contains all iconv converter modules built in glibc.




LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ and GPLv2+ with exceptions and BSD and Inner-Net and ISC and Public Domain and GFDL


* Mon Nov 20 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36-18
  - Fix force-first handling in dlclose, take two (#2244992, #2246048)
* Thu Oct 26 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.36-17
  - Revert "Fix force-first handling in dlclose" (#2246048)
* Fri Oct 20 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36-16
  - Fix force-first handling in dlclose (#2244992)
* Thu Oct 19 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36-15
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit 88d5d70b1e89c0a449352286134946e26f7a498a:
  - Revert "elf: Move l_init_called_next to old place of l_text_end in link map"
  - Revert "elf: Always call destructors in reverse constructor order (bug 30785)"
  - Revert "elf: Remove unused l_text_end field from struct link_map"
* Tue Oct 03 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36-14
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
  - tunables: Terminate if end of input is reached (CVE-2023-4911)
* Tue Oct 03 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36-13
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
  - Document CVE-2023-4806 and CVE-2023-5156 in NEWS
  - Fix leak in getaddrinfo introduced by the fix for CVE-2023-4806 [BZ #30843]
  - getaddrinfo: Fix use after free in getcanonname (CVE-2023-4806)
  - io: Fix record locking contants for powerpc64 with __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
  - CVE-2023-4527: Stack read overflow with large TCP responses in no-aaaa mode
* Mon Sep 11 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36-12
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit f441cb9a70fa3f55e9bbd615924879d692d21a6c:
  - elf: Move l_init_called_next to old place of l_text_end in link map
  - elf: Remove unused l_text_end field from struct link_map
  - elf: Always call destructors in reverse constructor order (bug 30785)
  - elf: Do not run constructors for proxy objects
  - elf: Introduce to _dl_call_fini
  - x86: Fix incorrect scope of setting `shared_per_thread` [BZ# 30745]
  - x86: Use `3/4*sizeof(per-thread-L3)` as low bound for NT threshold.
  - x86: Fix slight bug in `shared_per_thread` cache size calculation.
  - x86: Increase `non_temporal_threshold` to roughly `sizeof_L3 / 4`
  - elf: _dl_find_object may return 1 during early startup (bug 30515)
  - io: Fix F_GETLK, F_SETLK, and F_SETLKW for powerpc64
  - io: Fix record locking contants on 32 bit arch with 64 bit default time_t (BZ#30477)
  - __check_pf: Add a cancellation cleanup handler [BZ #20975]
* Wed Aug 16 2023 Adam Williamson <> - 2.36-11
  - Backport CI config fixes from rawhide to try and fix CI
* Tue May 02 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36-10
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit b7008a92f505632f32b313d1033d6d15c99a0b31:
  - gmon: Revert addition of tunables to the manual
  - gmon: Revert addition of tunables to preserve GLIBC_PRIVATE ABI
  - gmon: fix memory corruption issues [BZ# 30101]
  - gmon: improve mcount overflow handling [BZ# 27576]
  - gmon: Fix allocated buffer overflow (bug 29444)
  - posix: Fix system blocks SIGCHLD erroneously [BZ #30163]
  - x86_64: Fix asm constraints in feraiseexcept (bug 30305)
  - gshadow: Matching sgetsgent, sgetsgent_r ERANGE handling (bug 30151)
  - x86: Check minimum/maximum of non_temporal_threshold [BZ #29953]
  - stdlib: Undo post review change to 16adc58e73f3 [BZ #27749]
  - elf: Smoke-test ldconfig -p against system /etc/
  - Use 64-bit time_t interfaces in strftime and strptime (bug 30053)
  - elf: Fix GL(dl_phdr) and GL(dl_phnum) for static builds [BZ #29864]
  - cdefs: Limit definition of fortification macros
  - x86: Prevent SIGSEGV in memcmp-sse2 when data is concurrently modified [BZ #29863]
* Tue Jan 10 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.36-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit e05036b194559cbfcdfcfb1b920d37b939e3e35c:
  - time: Set daylight to 1 for matching DST/offset change (bug 29951)
  - elf/tst-tlsopt-powerpc fails when compiled with -mcpu=power10 (BZ# 29776)
  - x86: Fix -Os build (BZ #29576)
  - sunrpc: Suppress GCC -Os warning on user2netname
  - locale: prevent maybe-uninitialized errors with -Os [BZ #19444]
  - time: Use 64 bit time on tzfile
  - nscd: Use 64 bit time_t on libc nscd routines (BZ# 29402)
  - nis: Build libnsl with 64 bit time_t
  - Apply asm redirections in syslog.h before first use [BZ #27087]
  - x86: Fix wcsnlen-avx2 page cross length comparison [BZ #29591]
  - elf: Fix rtld-audit trampoline for aarch64
* Mon Nov 14 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36-8
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit 0f90d6204d79223fd32248c774df0cb7f0e604de:
  - Linux: Support __IPC_64 in sysvctl *ctl command arguments (bug 29771)
  - mktime: improve heuristic for ca-1986 Indiana DST
  - Makerules: fix MAKEFLAGS assignment for upcoming make-4.4 [BZ# 29564]
  - LoongArch: Fix ABI related macros in elf.h to keep consistent with binutils[1].
  - linux: Fix fstatat on MIPSn64 (BZ #29730)
  - longlong.h: update from GCC for LoongArch clz/ctz support
  - elf: Reinstate on DL_DEBUG_BINDINGS _dl_lookup_symbol_x
  - linux: Fix generic struct_stat for 64 bit time (BZ# 29657)
  - Avoid undefined behaviour in ibm128 implementation of llroundl (BZ #29488)
  - Fix BZ #29463 in the ibm128 implementation of y1l too
  - elf: Do not completely clear reused namespace in dlmopen (bug 29600)
  - nss: Use shared prefix in IPv4 address in tst-reload1
  - nss: Fix tst-nss-files-hosts-long on single-stack hosts (bug 24816)
  - nss: Implement --no-addrconfig option for getent
  - Ensure calculations happen with desired rounding mode in y1lf128
* Mon Oct 17 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.36-7
  - Enable ELF DT_HASH for shared objects and the dynamic loader (#2129358)
* Fri Oct 07 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit 2bd815d8347851212b9a91dbdca8053f4dbdac87:
  - nscd: Drop local address tuple variable [BZ #29607]
  - x86-64: Require BMI1/BMI2 for AVX2 strrchr and wcsrchr implementations
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 and LZCNT for AVX2 memrchr implementation
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 (raw|w)memchr implementations
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 wcs(n)cmp implementations
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 strncmp implementation
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 strcmp implementation
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 str(n)casecmp implementations
  - x86: include BMI1 and BMI2 in x86-64-v3 level
  - hppa: undef __ASSUME_SET_ROBUST_LIST
  - hppa: Fix initialization of dp register [BZ 29635]
  - stdlib: Fix __getrandom_nocancel type and arc4random usage (BZ #29638)
  - get_nscd_addresses: Fix subscript typos [BZ #29605]
  - m68k: Enforce 4-byte alignment on internal locks (BZ #29537)
  - gconv: Use 64-bit interfaces in gconv_parseconfdir (bug 29583)
  - elf: Implement force_first handling in _dl_sort_maps_dfs (bug 28937)
  - elf: Rename _dl_sort_maps parameter from skip to force_first
  - scripts/ Generate program run-time dependencies
  - elf: Fix hwcaps string size overestimation
* Fri Sep 23 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36-5
  - Remove .annobin* symbols from (#2126477)
* Wed Sep 14 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit df51334828f2af214105aad82042140ee3a6de0a:
  - elf: Run tst-audit-tlsdesc, tst-audit-tlsdesc-dlopen everywhere
  - NEWS: Note bug 12154 and bug 29305 as fixed
  - resolv: Fix building tst-resolv-invalid-cname for earlier C standards
  - nss_dns: Rewrite _nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r using current interfaces
  - resolv: Add new tst-resolv-invalid-cname
  - nss_dns: In gaih_getanswer_slice, skip strange aliases (bug 12154)
  - nss_dns: Rewrite getanswer_r to match getanswer_ptr (bug 12154, bug 29305)
  - nss_dns: Remove remnants of IPv6 address mapping
  - nss_dns: Rewrite _nss_dns_gethostbyaddr2_r and getanswer_ptr
  - nss_dns: Split getanswer_ptr from getanswer_r
  - resolv: Add DNS packet parsing helpers geared towards wire format
  - resolv: Add internal __ns_name_length_uncompressed function
  - resolv: Add the __ns_samebinaryname function
  - resolv: Add internal __res_binary_hnok function
  - resolv: Add tst-resolv-aliases
  - resolv: Add tst-resolv-byaddr for testing reverse lookup
  - nscd: Fix netlink cache invalidation if epoll is used [BZ #29415]
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2022-39046
  - syslog: Remove extra whitespace between timestamp and message (BZ#29544)
  - elf: Restore how vDSO dependency is printed with LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS (BZ #29539)
  - Apply asm redirections in wchar.h before first use (rhbz#2115752)
  - elf: Call __libc_early_init for reused namespaces (bug 29528)
  - syslog: Fix large messages (BZ#29536)
  - Linux: Fix enum fsconfig_command detection in <sys/mount.h> (rhbz#2126522)
  - linux: Fix sys/mount.h usage with kernel headers (rhbz#2126522)
  - linux: Use compile_c_snippet to check linux/mount.h availability
  - linux: Mimic kernel defition for BLOCK_SIZE
  - linux: Use compile_c_snippet to check linux/pidfd.h availability
  - Add compile_c_snippet
* Tue Sep 06 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36-3
  - Co-Authored-By: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>
  - Retain .gnu_debuglink section in (#2090744)
  - Remove redundant debuginfo file (#2090744)
* Tue Aug 23 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit 5c62874f423af93e97b51bc9a57af228a546156f:
  - NEWS: Add entry for bug 28846
  - socket: Check lengths before advancing pointer in CMSG_NXTHDR
  - alpha: Fix generic brk system call emulation in __brk_call (bug 29490)
  - Linux: Terminate subprocess on late failure in tst-pidfd (bug 29485)
  - elf: Replace `strcpy` call with `memcpy` [BZ #29454]
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.19
  - dlfcn: Pass caller pointer to static dlopen implementation (bug 29446)
* Wed Aug 03 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.36-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit 33f1b4c1452b33991e670f636ebe98b90a405e10:
  - wcsmbs: Add missing test-c8rtomb/test-mbrtoc8 dependency
  - stdlib: Suppress gcc diagnostic that char8_t is a keyword in C++20 in uchar.h.
  - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.25. (tag: glibc-2.36)
  - Prepare for glibc 2.36 release.
  - Update install.texi, and regenerate INSTALL.
  - Update NEWS bug list.
  - Update libc.pot for 2.36 release.
  - tst-pidfd.c: UNSUPPORTED if we get EPERM on valid pidfd_getfd call
  - stdlib: Tuned down tst-arc4random-thread internal parameters
  - LoongArch: Add greg_t and gregset_t.
  - LoongArch: Fix VDSO_HASH and VDSO_NAME.
  - riscv: Update rv64 libm test ulps
  - riscv: Update nofpu libm test ulps
* Wed Jul 27 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-32
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit eaad4f9e8f07fc43618f6c8635a7e82831a423dd:
  - arc4random: simplify design for better safety
  - LoongArch: Update NEWS and README for the LoongArch port.
  - LoongArch: Update for the LoongArch Port.
  - LoongArch: Hard Float Support
  - LoongArch: Build Infrastructure
  - LoongArch: Add ABI Lists
  - LoongArch: Linux ABI
  - LoongArch: Linux Syscall Interface
  - LoongArch: Atomic and Locking Routines
  - LoongArch: Generic <math.h> and soft-fp Routines
  - LoongArch: Thread-Local Storage Support
  - LoongArch: ABI Implementation
  - LoongArch: Add relocations and ELF flags to elf.h and scripts/
  - LoongArch: Add LoongArch entries to
  - struct stat is not posix conformant on microblaze with __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
  - Linux: dirent/tst-readdir64-compat needs to use TEST_COMPAT (bug 27654)
  - manual: Add documentation for arc4random functions
  - s390x: Add optimized chacha20
  - powerpc64: Add optimized chacha20
  - x86: Add AVX2 optimized chacha20
  - x86: Add SSE2 optimized chacha20
  - aarch64: Add optimized chacha20
  - benchtests: Add arc4random benchtest
  - stdlib: Add arc4random tests
  - stdlib: Add arc4random, arc4random_buf, and arc4random_uniform (BZ #4417)
  - locale: Optimize tst-localedef-path-norm
  - malloc: Simplify implementation of __malloc_assert
  - Update scripts/config.* files from upstream GNU config version
  - linux: return UNSUPPORTED from tst-mount if entering mount namespace fails
* Thu Jul 21 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.35.9000-31
  - Rebuilt for
* Sun Jul 17 2022 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.35.9000-30
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 49889fb256a7f9b894b2d16fea23de1ac25b65e2.
  - x86: Add support to build st{p|r}{n}{cpy|cat} with explicit ISA level
  - x86: Add support to build wcscpy with explicit ISA level
  - x86: Add support to build strcmp/strlen/strchr with explicit ISA level
  - elf: Fix wrong fscanf usage on tst-pldd
  - Apply asm redirections in stdio.h before first use [BZ #27087]
  - S390: Define SINGLE_THREAD_BY_GLOBAL only on s390x
  - x86: Add missing rtm tests for strcmp family
  - x86: Remove unneeded rtld-wmemcmp
  - x86: Move wcslen SSE2 implementation to multiarch/wcslen-sse2.S
  - x86: Move wcschr SSE2 implementation to multiarch/wcschr-sse2.S
  - x86: Move strcat SSE2 implementation to multiarch/strcat-sse2.S
  - x86: Move strchr SSE2 implementation to multiarch/strchr-sse2.S
  - x86: Move strrchr SSE2 implementation to multiarch/strrchr-sse2.S
  - x86: Move memrchr SSE2 implementation to multiarch/memrchr-sse2.S
  - x86: Move strcpy SSE2 implementation to multiarch/strcpy-sse2.S
  - x86: Move strlen SSE2 implementation to multiarch/strlen-sse2.S
  - x86: Move strcmp SSE42 implementation to multiarch/strcmp-sse4_2.S
  - x86: Move wcscmp SSE2 implementation to multiarch/wcscmp-sse2.S
  - x86: Move strcmp SSE2 implementation to multiarch/strcmp-sse2.S
  - nptl: Fix ___pthread_unregister_cancel_restore asynchronous restore
  - x86: Remove __mmask intrinsics in strstr-avx512.c
  - x86: Remove generic strncat, strncpy, and stpncpy implementations
  - i386: Remove -Wa,-mtune=i686
  - x86-64: Remove redundant strcspn-generic/strpbrk-generic/strspn-generic
  - elf: Rename tst-audit26 to tst-audit28
  - x86-64: Don't mark symbols as hidden in strcmp-XXX.S
  - stdlib: Tests for mbrtoc8, c8rtomb, and the char8_t typedef.
  - stdlib: Implement mbrtoc8, c8rtomb, and the char8_t typedef.
  - gconv: Correct Big5-HKSCS conversion to preserve all state bits. [BZ #25744]
  - aarch64: Optimize string functions with shrn instruction
  - test-container: return UNSUPPORTED for ENOSPC on clone()
  - x86: Add support for building {w}memcmp{eq} with explicit ISA level
  - x86: Add support for building {w}memset{_chk} with explicit ISA level
  - x86: Add support for building {w}memmove{_chk} with explicit ISA level
  - x86: Add support for building str{c|p}{brk|spn} with explicit ISA level
  - x86: Add comment explaining no Slow_SSE4_2 check in ifunc-sse4_2
  - Replace __libc_multiple_threads with __libc_single_threaded
  - linux: Add mount_setattr
  - linux: Add tst-mount to check for Linux new mount API
  - linux: Add open_tree
  - linux: Add fspick
  - linux: Add fsconfig
  - AArch64: Reset HWCAP2_AFP bits in FPCR for default fenv
  - elf: Fix direction of NODELETE log messages during symbol lookup
* Fri Jul 08 2022 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.35.9000-29
  - Modify glibc autorequires to exclude %dist
* Tue Jul 05 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35.9000-28
  - ppc64le: Increase Clang compatibility of float128 redirects (#2100546)
* Tue Jul 05 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35.9000-27
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 7519dee356a0ab21c8990e59ed05dd48a4e573a0:
  - malloc: Simplify checked_request2size interface
  - stdlib: Simplify buffer management in canonicalize
  - localedef: Support building for older C standards
  - de_DE: Convert to UTF-8
  - locale: localdef input files are now encoded in UTF-8
  - locale: Introduce translate_unicode_codepoint into linereader.c
  - locale: Fix signed char bug in lr_getc
  - locale: Turn ADDC and ADDS into functions in linereader.c
  - libc-symbols.h: remove unused macros
* Mon Jul 04 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.35.9000-26
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8ee2c043cfb35c48b45c7c5aed4022a8a7352bdc.
  - Fix hurd namespace issues for internal signal functions
  - argp: Remove old includes in !_LIBC case
  - Use GCC 12 branch in
  - Refactor internal-signals.h
  - riscv: Use memcpy to handle unaligned access when fixing R_RISCV_RELATIVE
  - AArch64: Add asymmetric faulting mode for tag violations in mem.tagging tunable
  - linux: Fix mq_timereceive check for 32 bit fallback code (BZ 29304)
  - x86: Add missing IS_IN (libc) check to strncmp-sse4_2.S
  - x86: Add missing IS_IN (libc) check to strcspn-sse4.c
  - x86: Add missing IS_IN (libc) check to memmove-ssse3.S
  - x86-64: Properly indent X86_IFUNC_IMPL_ADD_VN arguments
  - x86-64: Small improvements to dl-trampoline.S
  - x86: Move mem{p}{mov|cpy}_{chk_}erms to its own file
  - x86: Move and slightly improve memset_erms
  - x86: Add definition for __wmemset_chk AVX2 RTM in ifunc impl list
  - linux: Remove unnecessary nice.c and signal.c
  - nptl: Remove unused members from struct pthread
  - Linux: Forward declaration of struct iovec for process_madvise
  - x86: Add more feature definitions to isa-level.h
* Wed Jun 29 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.35.9000-25
  - Rebuild for fixed CI test for bz699724
* Tue Jun 28 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.35.9000-24
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit a3563f3f369878467dd74aeb360448119a7a4b41.
  - elf: Fix -DNDEBUG warning in _dl_start_args_adjust
  - elf: Fix compile error with -Werror and -DNDEBUG
  - x86-64: Only define used SSE/AVX/AVX512 run-time resolvers
  - x86: Move CPU_FEATURE{S}_{USABLE|ARCH}_P to isa-level.h
  - x86: Fix backwards Prefer_No_VZEROUPPER check in ifunc-evex.h
  - x86: Rename strstr_sse2 to strstr_generic as it uses string/strstr.c
  - x86: Remove unused file wmemcmp-sse4
  - x86: Put wcs{n}len-sse4.1 in the sse4.1 text section
  - x86: Align entry for memrchr to 64-bytes.
  - Makerules: Remove no-op -Wl,-d when linking libc_pic.os
  - m68k: optimize RTLD_START
  - misc: Optimize internal usage of __libc_single_threaded
  - linux: Add move_mount
  - linux: Add fsmount
  - linux: Add fsopen
  - resolv/tst-resolv-noaaaa: Support building for older C standards
  - resolv: Implement no-aaaa stub resolver option
  - support: Change non-address output format of support_format_dns_packet
  - riscv: Use elf_machine_rela_relative to handle R_RISCV_RELATIVE
  - x86: Remove faulty sanity tests for RTLD build with no multiarch
  - stdlib: Fixup mbstowcs NULL __dst handling. [BZ #29279]
  - x86: Replace all sse instructions with vex equivilent in avx+ files
  - x86: Add support for compiling {raw|w}memchr with high ISA level
  - x86: Add defines / utilities for making ISA specific x86 builds
  - stdlib: Remove attr_write from mbstows if dst is NULL [BZ: 29265]
  - stdlib: Remove trailing whitespace from Makefile
  - debug: make __read_chk a cancellation point (bug 29274)
  - s390: use LC_ALL=C for readelf call
  - s390: use $READELF
* Mon Jun 20 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-23
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e5446dfea11e969212939197b606424a718d9b65:
  - i386: Fix include paths for strspn, strcspn, and strpbrk
  - elf: Silence GCC 11/12 false positive warning
  - x86: Rename generic functions with unique postfix for clarity
  - x86: Add BMI1/BMI2 checks for ISA_V3 check
  - x86-64: Handle fewer relocation types for RTLD_BOOTSTRAP
  - aarch64: Handle fewer relocations for RTLD_BOOTSTRAP
  - riscv: Change the relocations handled for RTLD_BOOTSTRAP
  - x86: Cleanup bounds checking in large memcpy case
  - x86: Add bounds `x86_non_temporal_threshold`
  - Remove remnant reference to ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_EXTERN_PROTECTED_DATA
  - x86: Add sse42 implementation to strcmp's ifunc
  - x86: Fix misordered logic for setting `rep_movsb_stop_threshold`
  - elf: Refine direct extern access diagnostics to protected symbol
  - Avoid -Wstringop-overflow= warning in iconv module.
  - Add bounds check to __libc_ifunc_impl_list
  - libio: Avoid RMW of flags2 outside lock (BZ #27842)
  - x86: Optimize svml_s_tanhf4_core_sse4.S
  - x86: Optimize svml_s_tanhf8_core_avx2.S
  - x86: Add data file that can be shared by tanhf-avx2 and tanhf-sse4
  - x86: Optimize svml_s_tanhf16_core_avx512.S
  - x86: Improve svml_s_atanhf4_core_sse4.S
  - x86: Improve svml_s_atanhf8_core_avx2.S
  - x86: Improve svml_s_atanhf16_core_avx512.S
  - x86: Align varshift table to 32-bytes
  - x86: Add copyright to strpbrk-c.c
* Thu Jun 09 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35.9000-22
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ace9e3edbca62d978b1e8f392d8a5d78500272d9:
  - nss: handle stat failure in check_reload_and_get (BZ #28752)
  - nss: add assert to DB_LOOKUP_FCT (BZ #28752)
  - x86: Fix page cross case in rawmemchr-avx2 [BZ #29234]
  - nptl_db: disable DT_RELR on
  - elf: add missing newlines in lateglobal test
  - nptl: Fix __libc_cleanup_pop_restore asynchronous restore (BZ#29214)
  - x86: ZERO_UPPER_VEC_REGISTERS_RETURN_XTEST expect no transactions
  - x86: Shrink code size of memchr-evex.S
  - x86: Shrink code size of memchr-avx2.S
  - x86: Optimize memrchr-avx2.S
  - x86: Optimize memrchr-evex.S
  - x86: Optimize memrchr-sse2.S
  - Benchtests: Improve memrchr benchmarks
  - x86: Add COND_VZEROUPPER that can replace vzeroupper if no `ret`
  - x86: Create header for VEC classes in x86 strings library
  - powerpc: Fix VSX register number on __strncpy_power9 [BZ #29197]
  - AArch64: Sort makefile entries
  - AArch64: Add SVE memcpy
  - x86_64: Add strstr function with 512-bit EVEX
  - scripts/ Add PT_AARCH64_MEMTAG_MTE constant
* Mon Jun 06 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.35.9000-21
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 999835533bc60fbd0b0b65d2412a6742e5a54b9d:
  - socket: Fix mistyped define statement in socket/sys/socket.h (BZ #29225)
  - Declare timegm for ISO C2X
  - Add PT_AARCH64_MEMTAG_MTE from Linux 5.18 to elf.h
  - grep: egrep -> grep -E, fgrep -> grep -F
  - string.h: Fix boolean spelling in comments
  - elf: Add #include <errno.h> for use of E* constants.
  - elf: Add #include <sys/param.h> for MAX usage.
  - linux: Add process_mrelease
  - linux: Add process_madvise
  - linux: Set tst-pidfd-consts unsupported for kernels headers older than 5.10
  - Support passing strace and valgrind arguments
  - Linux: Adjust struct rseq definition to current kernel version
  - iconv: Use 64 bit stat for gconv_parseconfdir (BZ# 29213)
  - catgets: Use 64 bit stat for __open_catalog (BZ# 29211)
  - inet: Use 64 bit stat for ruserpass (BZ# 29210)
  - socket: Use 64 bit stat for isfdtype (BZ# 29209)
  - posix: Use 64 bit stat for fpathconf (_PC_ASYNC_IO) (BZ# 29208)
  - posix: Use 64 bit stat for posix_fallocate fallback (BZ# 29207)
  - misc: Use 64 bit stat for getusershell (BZ# 29203)
  - misc: Use 64 bit stat for daemon (BZ# 29203)
  - linux: use statx for fstat if neither newfstatat nor fstatat64 is present
  - Add MADV_DONTNEED_LOCKED from Linux 5.18 to bits/mman-linux.h
  - Add HWCAP2_MTE3 from Linux 5.18 to AArch64 bits/hwcap.h
  - i686: Use generic sincosf implementation for SSE2 version
  - benchtests: Add workload name for sincosf
  - i686: Use generic sinf implementation for SSE2 version
  - i686: Use generic cosf implementation for SSE2 version
  - benchtests: Add workload name for cosf
  - x86_64: Optimize sincos where sin/cos is optimized (bug 29193)
  - manual: fix reference to source file
  - Add SOL_SMC from Linux 5.18 to bits/socket.h
  - elf: Remove _dl_skip_args
  - x86_64: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - sparc: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - sh: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - s390: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - riscv: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - nios2: Remove _dl_skip_args usage (BZ# 29187)
  - mips: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - microblaze: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - m68k: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - ia64: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - i686: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - hppa: Remove _dl_skip_args usage (BZ# 29165)
  - csky: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - arc: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - arm: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - alpha: Remove _dl_skip_args usage
  - benchtests: Improve benchtests for strstr, memmem, and memchr
  - dlsym: Make RTLD_NEXT prefer default version definition [BZ #14932]
  - x86-64: Ignore r_addend for R_X86_64_GLOB_DAT/R_X86_64_JUMP_SLOT
  - x86_64: Implement evex512 version of strlen, strnlen, wcslen and wcsnlen
  - Update kernel version to 5.18 in header constant tests
  - String: Improve overflow test coverage for strnlen
* Thu May 26 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-20
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3d9926663cba19f40d26d8a8ab3b2a7cc09ffb13:
  - Update syscall-names.list for Linux 5.18
  - Fix deadlock when pthread_atfork handler calls pthread_atfork or dlclose
  - Use Linux 5.18 in
  - stdio-common: Simplify printf_unknown interface in vfprintf-internal.c
  - stdio-common: Move union printf_arg int <printf.h>
  - stdio-common: Add printf specifier registry to <printf.h>
  - elf/dl-reloc.c: Copyright The GNU Toolchain Authors
  - benchtests: Improve bench-strnlen.c
  - math: Add math-use-builtins-fabs (BZ#29027)
  - linux: Add CLONE_NEWTIME from Linux 5.6 to bits/sched.h
  - Revert "[ARM][BZ #17711] Fix extern protected data handling"
  - Revert "[AArch64][BZ #17711] Fix extern protected data handling"
  - elf: Rewrite long RESOLVE_MAP macro to an always_inline static function
* Mon May 23 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.35.9000-19
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 748df8126ac69e68e0b94e236ea3c2e11b1176cb.
  - dlfcn: Move RTLD_DEFAULT/RTLD_NEXT outside __USE_GNU
  - elf: Optimize _dl_new_hash in dl-new-hash.h
  - nss: Optimize nss_hash in nss_hash.c
  - benchtests: Add benchtests for dl_elf_hash, dl_new_hash and nss_hash
  - nss: Add tests for the nss_hash in nss_hash.h
  - elf: Add tests for the dl hash funcs (_dl_new_hash and _dl_elf_hash)
  - elf: Refactor dl_new_hash so it can be tested / benchmarked
  - locale: Add more cached data to LC_CTYPE
  - locale: Remove private union from struct __locale_data
  - locale: Remove cleanup function pointer from struct __localedata
  - locale: Call _nl_unload_locale from _nl_archive_subfreeres
  - stdio-common: Add tst-memstream-string for open_memstream overflow
  - __printf_fphex always uses LC_NUMERIC
  - vfprintf: Consolidate some multibyte/wide character processing
  - vfprintf: Move argument processing into vfprintf-process-arg.c
  - stdio-common: Add tst-vfprintf-width-i18n to cover numeric field width
  - string.h: fix __fortified_attr_access macro call [BZ #29162]
  - Enable DT_RELR in glibc shared libraries and PIEs automatically
  - S390: Enable static PIE
  - linux: Add tst-pidfd.c
  - linux: Add P_PIDFD
  - linux: Add pidfd_send_signal
  - linux: Add pidfd_getfd
  - linux: Add pidfd_open
  - aarch64: Move _start to separate file and drop _dl_skip_args
  - linux: Add a getauxval test [BZ #23293]
  - rtld: Remove DL_ARGV_NOT_RELRO and make _dl_skip_args const
  - rtld: Use generic argv adjustment in [BZ #23293]
  - scripts/ Add *T_RISCV_* constants
  - Remove dl-librecon.h header.
  - elf: Remove ldconfig kernel version check
  - Remove kernel version check
  - linux: Use /sys/devices/system/cpu on __get_nprocs_conf (BZ#28991)
  - csu: Implement and use _dl_early_allocate during static startup
  - Linux: Introduce __brk_call for invoking the brk system call
  - sys/cdefs.h: Do not require C++ compilers to define __STDC__
  - fortify: Ensure that __glibc_fortify condition is a constant [BZ #29141]
  - Update RISC-V specific ELF definitions
* Mon May 16 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-18
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 9403b71ae97e3f1a91c796ddcbb4e6f044434734:
  - x86_64: Remove bzero optimization
  - RISC-V: Use an autoconf template to produce `preconfigure'
  - MIPS: Use an autoconf template to produce `preconfigure'
  - m68k: Use an autoconf template to produce `preconfigure'
  - C-SKY: Use an autoconf template to produce `preconfigure'
  - Remove configure fno_unit_at_a_time
  - stdio: Remove the usage of $(fno-unit-at-a-time) for siglist.c
  - stdio: Remove the usage of $(fno-unit-at-a-time) for errlist.c
  - Add declare_object_symbol_alias for assembly codes (BZ #28128)
  - wcrtomb: Make behavior POSIX compliant
* Tue May 10 2022 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.35.9000-17
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8162147872491bb5b48e91543b19c49a29ae6b6d.
  - nptl: Add backoff mechanism to spinlock loop
  - Linux: Implement a useful version of _startup_fatal
  - ia64: Always define IA64_USE_NEW_STUB as a flag macro
  - linux: Fix posix_spawn return code if clone fails (BZ#29109)
  - benchtests: Add wcrtomb microbenchmark
  - clock_settime/clock_gettime: Use __nonnull to avoid null pointer
  - clock_adjtime: Use __nonnull to avoid null pointer
  - ntp_xxxtimex: Use __nonnull to avoid null pointer
  - adjtimex/adjtimex64: Use __nonnull to avoid null pointer
  - hurd spawni: Fix reauthenticating closed fds
  - Linux: Define MMAP_CALL_INTERNAL
  - i386: Honor I386_USE_SYSENTER for 6-argument Linux system calls
  - i386: Remove OPTIMIZE_FOR_GCC_5 from Linux libc-do-syscall.S
  - manual: Clarify that abbreviations of long options are allowed
* Tue May 03 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35.9000-16
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8e28aa3a51bf0ef3683f2aed4b5b448744897b66:
  - elf: Remove fallback to the start of DT_STRTAB for dladdr
  - powerpc32: Remove unused HAVE_PPC_SECURE_PLT
  - dlfcn: Implement the RTLD_DI_PHDR request type for dlinfo
  - manual: Document the dlinfo function
  - Do not use --hash-style=both for building glibc shared objects
  - benchtests: Better libmvec integration
  - benchtests: Add UNSUPPORTED benchmark status
  - linux: Fix fchmodat with AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW for 64 bit time_t (BZ#29097)
  - Use __ehdr_start rather than _begin in _dl_start_final
  - sysdeps: Add 'get_fast_jitter' interace in fast-jitter.h
  - posix/glob.c: update from gnulib
  - benchtests: Add pthread-mutex-locks bench
  - linux: Fix missing internal 64 bit time_t stat usage
  - elf: Fix DFS sorting algorithm for LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS with missing libraries (BZ #28868)
  - posix: Remove unused definition on _Fork
  - NEWS: Mention DT_RELR support
  - elf: Add more DT_RELR tests
  - elf: Properly handle zero DT_RELA/DT_REL values
  - elf: Support DT_RELR relative relocation format [BZ #27924]
  - Add GLIBC_ABI_DT_RELR for DT_RELR support
  - elf: Define DT_RELR related macros and types
  - i386: Regenerate ulps
  - dlfcn: Do not use rtld_active () to determine state (bug 29078)
  - INSTALL: Rephrase -with-default-link documentation
* Mon Apr 25 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.35.9000-15
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 1305edd42c44fee6f8660734d2dfa4911ec755d6:
  - elf: Move post-relocation code of _dl_start into _dl_start_final
  - misc: Fix rare fortify crash on wchar funcs. [BZ 29030]
  - elf: Remove unused enum allowmask
  - scripts/ Mark as UNSUPPORTED on Python 3.5 and earlier
  - x86: Optimize {str|wcs}rchr-evex
  - x86: Optimize {str|wcs}rchr-avx2
  - x86: Optimize {str|wcs}rchr-sse2
  - benchtests: Improve bench-strrchr
  - x86-64: Fix SSE2 memcmp and SSSE3 memmove for x32
  - Default to --with-default-link=no (bug 25812)
  - scripts: Add module
  - Add locale for syr_SY
  - elf: Move elf_dynamic_do_Rel RTLD_BOOTSTRAP branches outside
  - m68k: Handle fewer relocations for RTLD_BOOTSTRAP (#BZ29071)
  - nptl: Fix pthread_cancel cancelhandling atomic operations
  - x86: Fix missing __wmemcmp def for disable-multiarch build
  - elf: Remove __libc_init_secure
* Tue Apr 19 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.35.9000-14
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 78fb88827362fbd2cc8aa32892ae5b015106e25c.
  - mips: Fix mips64n32 64 bit time_t stat support (BZ#29069)
  - x86: Cleanup page cross code in memcmp-avx2-movbe.S
  - x86: Remove memcmp-sse4.S
  - x86: Optimize memcmp SSE2 in memcmp.S
  - misc: Use 64 bit time_t interfaces on syslog
  - misc: syslog: Move SYSLOG_NAME to USE_MISC (BZ #16355)
  - misc: syslog: Use fixed-sized buffer and remove memstream
  - misc: syslog: Simplify implementation
  - misc: syslog: Fix indentation and style
  - misc: Add syslog test
  - support: Add xmkfifo
  - stdio: Split __get_errname definition from errlist.c
  - x86: Reduce code size of mem{move|pcpy|cpy}-ssse3
  - x86: Remove mem{move|cpy}-ssse3-back
  - x86: Remove str{p}{n}cpy-ssse3
  - x86: Remove str{n}cat-ssse3
  - x86: Remove str{n}{case}cmp-ssse3
  - x86: Remove {w}memcmp-ssse3
  - nptl: Handle spurious EINTR when thread cancellation is disabled (BZ#29029)
  - S390: Add new s390 platform z16.
  - Replace {u}int_fast{16|32} with {u}int32_t
  - stdlib: Reflow and sort most variable assignments
  - elf: Fix memory leak in _dl_find_object_update (bug 29062)
  - hurd: Define ELIBEXEC
  - hurd: Fix arbitrary error code
  - NEWS: Move PLT tracking slowdown to glibc 2.35.
  - Remove _dl_skip_args_internal declaration
  - test-container: Fix "unused code" warnings on HURD
  - Add .clang-format style file
  - manual: Avoid name collision in libm ULP table [BZ #28956]
* Tue Apr 12 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-13
  - Add entry for Tarifit language locale for Morocco, and
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 1a85970f41ea1e5abe6da2298a5e8fedcea26b70:
  - powerpc: Relocate stinfo->main
  - powerpc64: Set up thread register for _dl_relocate_static_pie
  - powerpc64: Use medium model toc accesses throughout
  - linux: Constify rfv variable in dl_vdso_vsym
  - string: Replace outdated comments in strlen().
  - S390: Fix elf/tst-audit25[ab]
  - sparc64: Remove fcopysign{f} implementation
  - alpha: Remove fcopysign{f} implementation
  - math: Use builtin for ldbl-96 copysign
  - ia64: Remove fcopysign{f} implementation
  - x86: Remove fcopysign{f} implementation
  - powerpc: Remove fcopysign{f} implementation
  - Add rif_MA locale [BZ #27781]
  - tests/string: Drop simple/stupid/builtin tests
  - test-memcpy: Actually reverse source and destination
  - benchtests: Only build libmvec benchmarks iff $(build-mathvec) is set
* Tue Apr 05 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35.9000-12
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 053fe273434056f551ed8f81daf750db9dab5931:
  - linux: Fix __closefrom_fallback iterates until max int (BZ#28993)
  - Remove -z combreloc and HAVE_Z_COMBRELOC
  - sparc: Remove s_abs implementations
  - ia64: Remove fabs implementations
  - x86: Remove fabs{f} implementation
  - alpha: Remove s_abs implementations
  - Allow for unpriviledged nested containers
  - Increase the test timeout of some string tests
  - realpath: Bring back GNU extension on ENOENT and EACCES [BZ #28996]
  - stdlib: Fix tst-getrandom memcmp call
  - stdlib: Fix tst-rand48.c printf types
  - elf: Remove unused functions from tst-audit25(a,b)
  - nptl: Use libc-diag.h with tst-thread-setspecific
  - crypt: Remove unused variable on cert test
  - elf: Remove unused variables in tests
  - elf: Fix wrong fscanf usage on tst-pldd
  - posix: Remove unused variable on tst-_Fork.c
  - resolv: Initialize loop variable on tst-resolv-trailing
  - locale: Remove set but unused variable on ld-collate.c
  - localedate: Fix printf type on tst_mbrtowc
  - localedata: Remove unused variables in tests
  - x86: Small improvements for wcslen
  - x86: Small improvements for wcscpy-ssse3
  - debug: Improve fdelt_chk error message
  - Add HWCAP2_AFP, HWCAP2_RPRES from Linux 5.17 to AArch64 bits/hwcap.h
  - x86: Remove AVX str{n}casecmp
  - x86: Add EVEX optimized str{n}casecmp
  - x86: Add AVX2 optimized str{n}casecmp
  - string: Expand page cross test cases in test-strncmp.c
  - string: Expand page cross test cases in test-strcmp.c
  - x86: Optimize str{n}casecmp TOLOWER logic in strcmp-sse42.S
  - x86: Optimize str{n}casecmp TOLOWER logic in strcmp.S
  - string: Expand page cross tests in test-strncasecmp.c
  - string: Expand page cross tests in test-strcasecmp.c
  - benchtests: Use json-lib in bench-strncasecmp.c
  - benchtests: Use json-lib in bench-strcasecmp.c
  - x86: Fix fallback for wcsncmp_avx2 in strcmp-avx2.S [BZ #28896]
  - x86: Remove strspn-sse2.S and use the generic implementation
  - x86: Remove strpbrk-sse2.S and use the generic implementation
  - x86: Remove strcspn-sse2.S and use the generic implementation
  - x86: Optimize strspn in strspn-c.c
  - x86: Optimize strcspn and strpbrk in strcspn-c.c
  - benchtests: Use json-lib in bench-strspn.c
  - benchtests: Use json-lib in bench-strpbrk.c
  - x86: Code cleanup in strchr-evex and comment justifying branch
  - x86: Code cleanup in strchr-avx2 and comment justifying branch
  - benchtests: Add random benchmark in bench-strchr.c
  - benchtests: Use json-lib in bench-strchr.c
  - Update kernel version to 5.17 in
  - iconvdata: Fix enum type on UTF-7
  - nscd: Remove unused variable
  - support: Fix support_process_state_wait path size calculation
  - support: Remove unused extract_8 function
  - locale: Remove ununsed wctype_table_get function
  - gmon: Remove unused sprofil.c functions
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.17
  - Fix ununsed fstatat64_time64_statx
  - malloc: Fix duplicate inline for do_set_mxfast
  - elf: Remove inline _dl_dprintf
  - fix bashisms in
  - getaddrinfo: Refactor code for readability
  - Use Linux 5.17 in
  - resolv: Fix unaligned accesses to fields in HEADER struct
  - gai_init: Avoid jumping from if condition to its else counterpart
  - gaiconf_init: Refactor some bits for readability
  - gethosts: Return EAI_MEMORY on allocation failure
  - gaih_inet: Split result generation into its own function
  - gaih_inet: split loopback lookup into its own function
  - gaih_inet: make gethosts into a function
  - gaih_inet: separate nss lookup loop into its own function
  - gaih_inet: Split nscd lookup code into its own function.
  - gaih_inet: Split simple gethostbyname into its own function
  - gaih_inet: make numeric lookup a separate routine
  - gaih_inet: Simplify service resolution
  - getaddrinfo: Fix leak with AI_ALL [BZ #28852]
  - gaih_inet: Simplify canon name resolution
  - Simplify allocations and fix merge and continue actions [BZ #28931]
  - iconv: Add UTF-7-IMAP variant in utf-7.c
  - iconv: make utf-7.c able to use variants
  - iconv: Better mapping to RFC for UTF-7
  - iconv: Always encode "optional direct" UTF-7 characters
  - stdio-common: Add wide stream coverage to tst-vfprintf-user-type
  - libio: Flush-only _IO_str_overflow must not return EOF (bug 28949)
  - libio: Convert tst_swprintf to the test framework
  - scripts/ Fix C&P error in * callrefs processing
  - stdio-common: Generate ja_JP.EUC-JP locale
  - stdio-common: Re-flow and sort Makefile variables
  - nss: Sort tests and tests-container and put one test per line
  - benchtests: Use "=" instead of ":=" [BZ #28970]
  - hppa: Use END instead of PSEUDO_END in swapcontext.S
* Tue Mar 15 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.35.9000-11
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d05e6dc8d1032e1732542a48e0fb895432008b6e.
  - hppa: Implement swapcontext in assembler (bug 28960)
  - associate a deallocator for iconv_open
  - associate a deallocation for opendir
  - Add access function attributes to epoll_wait
  - Add access function attributes to grp and shadow headers
  - Define ISO 639-3 "tok" [BZ #28950]
  - nss: Protect against errno changes in function lookup (bug 28953)
  - nss: Do not mention NSS test modules in <gnu/lib-names.h>
  - malloc: Exit early on test failure in tst-realloc
  - Add some missing access function attributes
  - libio: Ensure output buffer for wchars (bug #28828)
  - inet: Return EAI_MEMORY when nrl_domainname() fails to allocate memory
  - inet: Remove strdupa from nrl_domainname()
  - inet: Fix getnameinfo (NI_NOFQDN) race condition (BZ#28566)
  - benchtests: make accept string as attribute value
* Wed Mar 09 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-10
  - Drop glibc-rh1070416.patch; nscd related, thus no longer relevant.
* Tue Mar 08 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 6de743a4e31a94e3d022e64a90c9082290a5a573:
  - x86_64: Fix code formatting of vectorized math functions
  - pthread: Do not overwrite tests-time64
  - x86_64: Fix svml_s_acosf16_core_avx512.S code formatting
  - i386: Remove libc-do-syscall from sysdep-dl-routines [BZ #28936]
  - linux/i386: remove dead assignment of sysdep-dl-routines
* Tue Mar 08 2022 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.35.9000-8
  - Fix version check to accommodate gettext snapshot builds in rawhide.
* Tue Mar 01 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.35.9000-7
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2bbc694df279020a6620096d31c1e05c93966f9b:
  - nptl: Fix cleanups for stack grows up [BZ# 28899]
  - manual: SA_ONSTACK is ignored without alternate stack
  - io: Add fsync call in tst-stat
  - Linux: Consolidate auxiliary vector parsing (redo)
* Fri Feb 25 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 1fe00d3eb602a0754873b536dc92fb6226759ee4:
  - build: Properly generate .d dependency files [BZ #28922]
  - benchtests: Generate .d dependency files [BZ #28922]
  - benchtests: Remove duplicated loop in bench-bzero-walk.c
  - localedata: Do not generate output if warnings were present.
  - localedef: Update LC_MONETARY handling (Bug 28845)
  - localedef: Handle symbolic links when generating locale-archive
  - benchtests: Add small sizes (<= 64) to bench-bzero-walk.c
  - math: Add more input to atanh accuracy tests
  - resolv: Fix tst-resolv tests for 2.35 ABIs and later
  - x86_64: Disable libmvec tests if multiarch not enabled [BZ# 28869]
  - benchtests: Add benches for memset with 0 value
  - i686: Remove bzero optimizations
  - s390: Remove bzero optimizations
  - powerpc: Remove powerpc64 bzero optimizations
  - powerpc: Remove powerpc32 bzero optimizations
  - sparc: Remove bzero optimization
  - ia64: Remove bzero optimization
  - alpha: Remove bzero optimization
  - x86_64: Remove bcopy optimizations
  - i386: Remove bcopy optimizations
  - powerpc: Remove bcopy optimizations
  - ia64: Remove bcopy
  - hppa: Fix warnings from _dl_lookup_address
  - hppa: Revise gettext trampoline design
* Wed Feb 23 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.35.9000-5
  - Fix locale-archive generation (#2057697)
* Tue Feb 22 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.35.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit fdc1ae67fef27eea1445bab4bdfe2f0fb3bc7aa1:
  - Add SOL_MPTCP, SOL_MCTP from Linux 5.16 to bits/socket.h
  - elf: Check invalid hole in PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28838]
  - realpath: Do not copy result on failure (BZ #28815)
  - x86: Fix TEST_NAME to make it a string in tst-strncmp-rtm.c
  - x86: Test wcscmp RTM in the wcsncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]
  - hppa: Fix swapcontext
  - x86: Fallback {str|wcs}cmp RTM in the ncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]
  - string: Add a testcase for wcsncmp with SIZE_MAX [BZ #28755]
  - microblaze: Use the correct select syscall (BZ #28883)
  - Update kernel version to 5.16 in
  - pthread: Use 64 bit time_t stat internally for sem_open (BZ #28880)
  - x86: Fix bug in strncmp-evex and strncmp-avx2 [BZ #28895]
  - String: Strength memset tests in test-memset.c
  - x86-64: Define __memcmpeq in
  - htl: Destroy thread-specific data before releasing joins
  - htl: Fix initializing the key lock
  - mach: Fix LLL_SHARED value
  - htl: Make pthread_[gs]etspecific not check for key validity
  - x86-64: Remove bzero weak alias in SS2 memset
  - hppa: Fix typo
  - linux: Use socket-constants-time64.h on tst-socket-timestamp-compat
  - Fix elf/tst-audit2 on hppa
  - x86: Don't check PTWRITE in tst-cpu-features-cpuinfo.c
  - x86: Set .text section in memset-vec-unaligned-erms
  - Linux: Include <dl-auxv.h> in dl-sysdep.c only for SHARED
  - Revert "Linux: Consolidate auxiliary vector parsing"
  - String: Ensure 'MIN_PAGE_SIZE' is multiple of 'getpagesize'
  - Use binutils 2.38 branch in
  - elf: Remove LD_USE_LOAD_BIAS
  - malloc: Remove LD_TRACE_PRELINKING usage from mtrace
  - elf: Remove prelink support
  - Linux: Consolidate auxiliary vector parsing
  - Linux: Assume that NEED_DL_SYSINFO_DSO is always defined
  - elf: Merge dl-sysdep.c into the Linux version
  - hppa: Fix bind-now audit (BZ #28857)
* Tue Feb 15 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-3
  - Reduce installed size of some langpacks by de-duplicating LC_CTYPE
* Thu Feb 10 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35.9000-2
  - Drop glibc-fedora-localedef.patch and adjust locale installation
    accordingly so that installed content remains unchanged.
* Wed Feb 09 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3d9f171bfb5325bd5f427e9fc386453358c6e840:
  - x86-64: Optimize bzero
  - benchtests: Add benches for bzero
  - linux: fix accuracy of get_nprocs and get_nprocs_conf [BZ #28865]
  - x86: Remove SSSE3 instruction for broadcast in memset.S (SSE2 Only)
  - benchtests: Sort benches in Makefile
  - Benchtests: Add length zero benchmark for memset in bench-memset.c
  - x86: Improve vec generation in memset-vec-unaligned-erms.S
  - x86-64: Add vector tan/tanf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector erfc/erfcf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector asinh/asinhf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector tanh/tanhf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector erf/erff to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector acosh/acoshf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector atanh/atanhf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector log1p/log1pf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector log2/log2f to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector log10/log10f to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector atan2/atan2f to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector cbrt/cbrtf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector sinh/sinhf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector expm1/expm1f to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector cosh/coshf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector exp10/exp10f to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector exp2/exp2f to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector hypot/hypotf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector asin/asinf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector atan/atanf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - elf: Replace with tst-audit24bmod2
  - x86_64/multiarch: Sort sysdep_routines and put one entry per line
  - string: Sort headers, routines, tests and tests-translation
  - x86: Improve L to support L(XXX_SYMBOL (YYY, ZZZ))
  - Benchtests: move 'alloc_bufs' from loop in bench-memset.c
  - x86-64: Fix strcmp-evex.S
  - x86-64: Fix strcmp-avx2.S
  - x86-64: Add vector acos/acosf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - benchtests: Add more coverage for strcmp and strncmp benchmarks
  - x86: Optimize strcmp-evex.S
  - x86: Optimize strcmp-avx2.S
  - string: Improve coverage in test-strcmp.c and test-strncmp.c
  - string/test-str*cmp: remove stupid_[strcmp, strncmp, wcscmp, wcsncmp].
  - Open master branch for glibc 2.36 development
* Tue Feb 08 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.35/master,
    commit 24962427071fa532c3c48c918e9d64d719cc8a6c:
  - Add BZ#28860 reference on NEWS
  - linux: Fix missing __convert_scm_timestamps (BZ #28860)
* Thu Feb 03 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35-1
  - glibc 2.35 upstream release
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.35/master,
    commit a2f1675634b3513c09c38e55e6766e8c05768b1f:
  - linux: __get_nprocs_sched: do not feed CPU_COUNT_S with garbage [BZ #28850]
  - posix: Fix tst-spawn6 terminal handling (BZ #28853)
  - Regenerate configure
  - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.24.
  - Prepare for glibc 2.35 release.
  - Regenerate configure.
  - Update install.texi, and regenerate INSTALL.
  - Update NEWS bug list.
  - Update NEWS.
  - Update translations.
  - Linux: Use ptrdiff_t for __rseq_offset
  - Fix elf/tst-audit25a with default bind now toolchains
  - posix: Replace posix_spawnattr_tc{get,set}pgrp_np with posix_spawn_file_actions_addtcsetpgrp_np
  - or1k: Define PI_STATIC_AND_HIDDEN
  - SET_RELHOOK: merge i386 and x86_64, and move to sysdeps/mach/hurd/x86
  - elf: Fix runtime linker auditing on aarch64 (BZ #26643)
  - elf: Issue la_symbind for bind-now (BZ #23734)
  - elf: Fix initial-exec TLS access on audit modules (BZ #28096)
  - elf: Add la_activity during application exit
  - localedata: Adjust C.UTF-8 to align with C/POSIX.
  - localedef: Fix handling of empty mon_decimal_point (Bug 28847)
  - malloc: Fix tst-mallocalign1 macro spacing.
* Tue Feb 01 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-39
  - Drop glibc-temp-Wno-use-after-free.patch, fixed upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3fb18fd80c5900cc82748f3320b30516c57d24da:
  - elf: Add <dl-r_debug.h>
  - Mention _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 for gcc12 in NEWS
  - malloc: Fix -Wuse-after-free warning in tst-mallocalign1 [BZ #26779]
  - Update libc.pot for 2.35 release.
  - tst-socket-timestamp-compat.c: Check __TIMESIZE [BZ #28837]
  - Add prelink removal plan on NEWS
  - Linux: Only generate 64 bit timestamps for 64 bit time_t recvmsg/recvmmsg
  - linux: Fix ancillary 64-bit time timestamp conversion (BZ #28349, BZ#28350)
  - support: Add support_socket_so_timestamp_time64
  - Fix elf/loadfail test build dependencies
  - Fix glibc 2.34 ABI omission (missing GLIBC_2.34 in dynamic loader)
  - x86: Use CHECK_FEATURE_PRESENT to check HLE [BZ #27398]
  - Guard tst-valgrind-smoke.out with run-built-tests
  - hurd: Add posix_spawnattr_tc{get,set}pgrp_np on libc.abilist
  - Avoid -Wuse-after-free in tests [BZ #26779].
  - elf: Replace tst-p_alignmod1-editX with a python script
  - stdlib: Avoid -Wuse-after-free in __add_to_environ [BZ #26779]
  - io: Fix use-after-free in ftw [BZ #26779]
  - intl: Avoid -Wuse-after-free [BZ #26779]
  - elf: Fix use-after-free in ldconfig [BZ #26779]
  - posix: Add terminal control setting support for posix_spawn
* Mon Jan 24 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.34.9000-38
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5b8e7980c5dabd9aaefeba4f0208baa8cf7653ee.
  - Linux: Detect user namespace support in io/tst-getcwd-smallbuff
  - Fix handling of unterminated bracket expressions in fnmatch (bug 28792)
  - realpath: Avoid overwriting preexisting error (CVE-2021-3998)
  - elf: Add a test for PT_LOAD segments with invalid p_align [BZ #28688]
  - elf: Add a test for PT_LOAD segments with p_align == 1 [BZ #28688]
  - elf: Add a test for PT_LOAD segments with mixed p_align [BZ #28676]
  - Add and use link-test-modules-rpath-link [BZ #28455]
  - tst-realpath-toolong: Fix hurd build
  - getcwd: Set errno to ERANGE for size == 1 (CVE-2021-3999)
  - Add valgrind smoke test
  - htl: Fix cleaning the reply port
  - elf: Properly align all PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28676]
  - realpath: Set errno to ENAMETOOLONG for result larger than PATH_MAX [BZ #28770]
  - support: Add helpers to create paths longer than PATH_MAX
  - nptl: Effectively skip CAS in spinlock loop
  - mips: Move DT_MIPS into <ldsodefs.h>
  - x86_64: Document libmvec vector functions accuracy [BZ #28766]
  - x86: Black list more Intel CPUs for TSX [BZ #27398]
  - elf: Fix tst-align3
  - elf: Move _dl_setup_hash to its own file
  - htl: Fix build error in annexc
  - elf: Reinstate tst-audit17
  - x86: use default cache size if it cannot be determined [BZ #28784]
  - rt/tst-mqueue*: Return UNSUPPORTED when mq_open fails with ENOSYS
  - Linux: Add epoll_pwait2 (BZ #27359)
  - Properly handle --disable-default-pie [BZ #28780]
  - elf: Fix 64 time_t support for installed statically binaries
  - Revert "elf: Fix 64 time_t support for installed statically binaries"
  - CVE-2022-23218: Buffer overflow in sunrpc svcunix_create (bug 28768)
  - sunrpc: Test case for clnt_create "unix" buffer overflow (bug 22542)
  - CVE-2022-23219: Buffer overflow in sunrpc clnt_create for "unix" (bug 22542)
  - socket: Add the __sockaddr_un_set function
  - elf/tst-dl_find_object: Disable subtests for non-contiguous maps (bug 28732)
  - elf: Set l_contiguous to 1 for the main map in more cases
  - elf: Introduce rtld_setup_main_map
  - hurd: Make RPC input array parameters const
  - hurd: optimize exec cleanup
  - hurd: Add __rtld_execve
  - hurd: Fix exec() leak on proc_task2proc failure
  - htl: Hide __pthread_attr's __schedparam type [BZ #23088]
  - htl: Clear kernel_thread field before releasing the thread structure
  - hurd: drop SA_SIGINFO availability xfail
  - hurd: Fix timer/clock_getres crash on NULL res parameter
  - hurd: Fix pthread_kill on exiting/ted thread
  - [hurd] Drop spurious #ifdef SHARED
  - [hurd] Call _dl_sort_maps_init in _dl_sysdep_start
  - elf tst-dl_find_object: Fix typo
  - s390x: Use <gcc-macros.h> in early HWCAP check
  - x86: Add x86-64-vN check to early startup
  - powerpc64le: Use <gcc-macros.h> in early HWCAP check
  - Add --with-rtld-early-cflags configure option
  - elf: Split dl-printf.c from dl-misc.c
  - elf/Makefile: Reflow and sort most variable assignments
  - Generate gcc-macros.h
  - x86: HAVE_X86_LAHF_SAHF, HAVE_X86_MOVBE and -march=x86-64-vN (bug 28782)
  - math: Add more inputs to atan2 accuracy tests [BZ #28765]
  - Disable debuginfod in printer tests [BZ #28757]
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.16
  - i386: Remove broken CAN_USE_REGISTER_ASM_EBP (bug 28771)
  - stdlib: Fix formatting of tests list in Makefile
  - stdlib: Sort tests in Makefile
  - x86_64: Fix SSE4.2 libmvec atan2 function accuracy [BZ #28765]
  - debug: Synchronize feature guards in fortified functions [BZ #28746]
  - debug: Autogenerate _FORTIFY_SOURCE tests
  - Do not build libresolv module with 64 bit time_t flags
  - Revert "linux: Fix ancillary 64-bit time timestamp conversion (BZ #28349, BZ #28350)"
  - Revert "support: Add support_socket_so_timestamp_time64"
  - timezone: Fix tst-bz28707 Makefile rule
  - linux: Fix ancillary 64-bit time timestamp conversion (BZ #28349, BZ #28350)
  - support: Add support_socket_so_timestamp_time64
  - elf: Fix 64 time_t support for installed statically binaries
  - Enable _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 for gcc 12 and above
  - manual: Drop obsolete @refill
  - aarch64: Add HWCAP2_ECV from Linux 5.16
  - Use Linux 5.16 in
  - x86: Fix __wcsncmp_evex in strcmp-evex.S [BZ# 28755]
  - x86: Fix __wcsncmp_avx2 in strcmp-avx2.S [BZ# 28755]
  - math: Fix float conversion regressions with gcc-12 [BZ #28713]
  - elf: Simplify software TM implementation in _dl_find_object
  - Restore ENTRY_POINT definition on hppa, ia64 (bug 28749)
  - elf: Fix fences in _dl_find_object_update (bug 28745)
  - ttydefaults.h: Fix CSTATUS to control-t
  - AArch64: Check for SVE in ifuncs [BZ #28744]
  - debug: Remove catchsegv and libSegfault (BZ #14913)
  - Documentation for OpenRISC port
  - add OpenRISC support
  - or1k: Build Infrastructure
  - or1k: ABI lists
  - or1k: Linux ABI
  - or1k: Linux Syscall Interface
  - or1k: math soft float support
  - or1k: Atomics and Locking primitives
  - or1k: Thread Local Storage support
  - or1k: startup and dynamic linking code
  - or1k: ABI Implementation
  - linux/syscalls: Add or1k_atomic syscall for OpenRISC
  - elf: Add reloc for OpenRISC
  - elf: Add a comment after trailing backslashes
  - elf: Also try DT_RUNPATH for LD_AUDIT dlopen [BZ #28455]
  - elf: Fix tst-linkall-static link when pthread is not in libc
* Thu Jan 20 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.34.9000-37
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 04 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-36
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 28713c06129f8f64f88c423266e6ff2880216509:
  - elf: Sort tests and modules-names
  - hurd: nuke all unknown ports on exec
  - hurd: Fix auth port leak
  - Remove stale reference to libanl.a
  - elf: Add <dl-debug.h>
  - Properly check linker option in LIBC_LINKER_FEATURE [BZ #28738]
  - hurd: Implement _S_msg_get_dtable
  - Update automatically-generated copyright dates
  - Sync move-if-change from Gnulib, updating copyright
  - Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.
  - Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights
  - hurd: Use __trivfs_server_name instead of trivfs_server_name
  - hurd: Bump BRK_START to 0x20000000
  - hurd: Avoid overzealous shared objects constraints
  - time: Refactor timesize.h for some ABIs
  - hurd: Make getrandom a stub inside the random translator
  - open64: Force O_LARGEFILE on all architectures
  - x86-64: Add vector tan/tanf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector erfc/erfcf implementation to libmvec
  - resolv: Do not install symbolic link
  - resolv: Do not build for ABIs starting at 2.35
  - timezone: test-case for BZ #28707
  - timezone: handle truncated timezones from tzcode-2021d and later (BZ #28707)
  - x86-64: Add vector asinh/asinhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector tanh/tanhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector erf/erff implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector acosh/acoshf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector atanh/atanhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector log1p/log1pf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector log2/log2f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector log10/log10f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector atan2/atan2f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector cbrt/cbrtf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector sinh/sinhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector expm1/expm1f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector cosh/coshf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector exp10/exp10f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector exp2/exp2f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector hypot/hypotf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector asin/asinf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector atan/atanf implementation to libmvec
* Wed Dec 29 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-35
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5d28a8962dcb6ec056b81d730e3c6fb57185a210:
  - elf: Add _dl_find_object function
  - malloc: Remove memusage.h
  - malloc: Use hp-timing on libmemusage
  - Remove atomic-machine.h atomic typedefs
  - malloc: Remove atomic_* usage
  - microblaze: Add missing implementation when !__ASSUME_TIME64_SYSCALLS
  - elf: Do not fail for failed dlmopen on audit modules (BZ #28061)
  - elf: Issue audit la_objopen for vDSO
  - elf: Add audit tests for modules with TLSDESC
  - elf: Avoid unnecessary slowdown from profiling with audit (BZ#15533)
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_pltexit
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_pltenter
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_preinit
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_symbind_alt and _dl_audit_symbind
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_objclose
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_objsearch
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_activity_map and _dl_audit_activity_nsid
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_objopen
  - hurd: Fix static-PIE startup
  - hurd: let csu initialize tls
  - hurd: Fix XFAIL-ing mallocfork2 tests
  - hurd: XFAIL more tests that require setpshared support
  - malloc: Add missing shared thread library flags
  - stdio-common: Fix %m sprintf test output for GNU/Hurd
  - x86: Optimize L(less_vec) case in memcmpeq-evex.S
  - x86: Optimize L(less_vec) case in memcmp-evex-movbe.S
  - elf: Remove AArch64 from comment for AT_MINSIGSTKSZ
  - math: Properly cast X_TLOSS to float [BZ #28713]
  - Set default __TIMESIZE default to 64
  - stdio: Implement %#m for vfprintf and related functions
  - elf: Remove unused NEED_DL_BASE_ADDR and _dl_base_addr
  - x86-64: Add vector acos/acosf implementation to libmvec
  - intl/plural.y: Avoid conflicting declarations of yyerror and yylex
  - elf: Remove excessive p_align check on PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28688]
  - s_sincosf.h: Change pio4 type to float [BZ #28713]
  - Linux: Fix 32-bit vDSO for clock_gettime on powerpc32
  - Regenerate ulps on x86_64 with GCC 12
  - Add ARPHRD_CAN, ARPHRD_MCTP to net/if_arp.h
  - Remove ununsed tcb-offset
  - riscv: align stack before calling _dl_init [BZ #28703]
  - riscv: align stack in clone [BZ #28702]
  - elf: Fix tst-cpu-features-cpuinfo for KVM guests on some AMD systems [BZ #28704]
  - powerpc64[le]: Allocate extra stack frame on syscall.S
  - Update copyright header in recently merged ab_GE locale
  - fortify: Fix spurious warning with realpath
* Tue Dec 28 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-34
  - armhfp, i686: Revert 64-bit time_t/off_t for internal use (#2034715)
* Fri Dec 17 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-33
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit b99b0f93ee8762fe53ff65802deb6f00700b9924:
  - nss: Use "files dns" as the default for the hosts database (#2033020)
  - arm: Guard ucontext _rtld_global_ro access by SHARED, not PIC macro
  - Fix The GNU ToolChain Authors copyright notice
  - Remove upper limit on tunable MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD
  - localedata: add new locale ab_GE
  - Fix __minimal_malloc segfaults in __mmap due to stack-protector
  - __glibc_unsafe_len: Fix comment
  - malloc: Enable huge page support on main arena
  - malloc: Move MORECORE fallback mmap to sysmalloc_mmap_fallback
  - malloc: Add Huge Page support to arenas
  - malloc: Add Huge Page support for mmap
  - malloc: Move mmap logic to its own function
  - malloc: Add THP/madvise support for sbrk
  - malloc: Add madvise support for Transparent Huge Pages
  - powerpc: Use global register variable in <thread_pointer.h>
  - Use LFS and 64 bit time for installed programs (swbz#15333)
* Wed Dec 15 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-32
  - Do not use --enable-static-pie configure flag since it is now ignored
* Wed Dec 15 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-31
  - Drop glibc-fedora-revert-PT_LOAD-segment-align.patch; fix applied upstream
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4435c29892c43ae9908a42e591747be63102689b:
  - Support target specific ALIGN for variable alignment test [BZ #28676]
  - NEWS: Document LD_PREFER_MAP_32BIT_EXEC as x86-64 only
  - elf: Align argument of __munmap to page size [BZ #28676]
* Tue Dec 14 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-30
  - Add glibc-fedora-revert-PT_LOAD-segment-align.patch to revert upstream
    commits 718fdd87b1b9 and fc2334ab32e0.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0884724a95b60452ad483dbe086d237d02ba624d:
  - intl: Emit no lines in bison generated files
  - hurd: Do not set PIE_UNSUPPORTED
  - mach: Fix spurious inclusion of stack_chk_fail_local in libmachuser.a
  - Disable DT_RUNPATH on NSS tests [BZ #28455]
  - sysdeps: Simplify sin Taylor Series calculation
  - math: Remove the error handling wrapper from hypot and hypotf
  - math: Use fmin/fmax on hypot
  - aarch64: Add math-use-builtins-f{max,min}.h
  - math: Add math-use-builtinds-fmin.h
  - math: Add math-use-builtinds-fmax.h
  - math: Remove powerpc e_hypot
  - i386: Move hypot implementation to C
  - math: Use an improved algorithm for hypotl (ldbl-128)
  - math: Use an improved algorithm for hypotl (ldbl-96)
  - math: Improve hypot performance with FMA
  - math: Use an improved algorithm for hypot (dbl-64)
  - math: Simplify hypotf implementation
  - Cleanup encoding in comments
  - Replace --enable-static-pie with --disable-default-pie
  - hurd: Add rules for static PIE build
  - hurd: Fix gmon-static
  - x86-64: Remove LD_PREFER_MAP_32BIT_EXEC support [BZ #28656]
  - elf: Use errcode instead of (unset) errno in rtld_chain_load
  - Add a testcase to check alignment of PT_LOAD segment [BZ #28676]
  - elf: Properly align PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28676]
  - elf: Install a symbolic link to as /usr/bin/
  - nptl: Add one more barrier to nptl/tst-create1
  - nptl: rseq failure after registration on main thread is fatal
  - nptl: Add public rseq symbols and <sys/rseq.h>
  - nptl: Add glibc.pthread.rseq tunable to control rseq registration
  - Linux: Use rseq to accelerate sched_getcpu
  - nptl: Add rseq registration
  - nptl: Introduce THREAD_GETMEM_VOLATILE
  - nptl: Introduce <tcb-access.h> for THREAD_* accessors
  - nptl: Add <thread_pointer.h> for defining __thread_pointer
  - String: test-memcpy used unaligned types for buffers [BZ 28572]
  - localedef: check magic value on archive load [BZ #28650]
  - x86: Don't set Prefer_No_AVX512 for processors with AVX512 and AVX-VNNI
  - linux: Add generic ioctl implementation
  - linux: Add generic syscall implementation
  - misc, nptl: Remove stray references to __condvar_load_64_relaxed
  - csu: Always use __executable_start in gmon-start.c
  - elf: execve statically linked programs instead of crashing [BZ #28648]
  - Add --with-timeoutfactor=NUM to specify TIMEOUTFACTOR
* Mon Dec 13 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-29
  - Remove nscd (#1905142)
* Fri Dec 10 2021 Pavel Březina <> - 2.34.9000-28
  - /etc/nsswitch.conf is now owned by authselect (rhbz#2023741)
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.34.9000-27
  - Set BuildFlagsNonshared only if _annotated_build is set.
* Sat Dec 04 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-26
  - Drop glibc-rh2026399.patch, not needed anymore due to upstream fix.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4df1fa6ddc8925a75f3da644d5da3bb16eb33f02:
  - x86-64: Use notl in EVEX strcmp (#2026399)
  - nptl: Increase default TCB alignment to 32
  - elf: add definition for ELF_NOTE_FDO and NT_FDO_PACKAGING_METADATA note
  - AArch64: Improve A64FX memcpy
  - AArch64: Optimize memcmp
  - powerpc64[le]: Fix CFI and LR save address for asm syscalls [BZ #28532]
  - linux: Implement pipe in terms of __NR_pipe2
  - linux: Implement mremap in C
  - linux: Add prlimit64 C implementation
  - elf: Include <stdbool.h> in tst-tls20.c
  - elf: Include <stdint.h> in tst-tls20.c
  - hurd: Let report-wait use a weak reference to _hurd_itimer_thread
* Sat Dec 04 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-25
  - x86_64: Disable additional EVEX string functions (#2026399)
* Fri Dec 03 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-24
  - x86_64: Disable EVEX *cmp* string functions (#2026399)
* Thu Dec 02 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-23
  - Drop glibc-sdt-headers.patch; the official systemtap headers work again.
* Thu Nov 25 2021 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.34.9000-22
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 137ed5ac440a4d3cf4178ce97f349b349a9c2c66:
  - linux: Use /proc/stat fallback for __get_nprocs_conf (BZ #28624)
  - linux: Add fanotify_mark C implementation
  - linux: Only build fstatat fallback if required
  - regex: fix buffer read overrun in search [BZ#28470]
  - x86-64: Add vector sin/sinf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector pow/powf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector log/logf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector exp/expf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector cos/cosf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - io: Refactor close_range and closefrom
  - nptl: Do not set signal mask on second setjmp return [BZ #28607]
  - powerpc: Define USE_PPC64_NOTOC iff compiler supports it
  - setjmp: Replace jmp_buf-macros.h with jmp_buf-macros.sym
  - Update kernel version to 5.15 in
  - socket: Do not use AF_NETLINK in __opensock
  - elf: Move la_activity (LA_ACT_ADD) after _dl_add_to_namespace_list() (BZ #28062)
  - Add PF_MCTP, AF_MCTP from Linux 5.15 to bits/socket.h
  - malloc: Fix malloc debug for 2.35 onwards
  - elf: Introduce GLRO (dl_libc_freeres), called from __libc_freeres
  - nptl: Extract <bits/atomic_wide_counter.h> from pthread_cond_common.c



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