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Packages beginning with letter X

xed-doc-3.2.8-1.fc37 Documentation files for xed linux/noarch
xfe-theme-1.45-1.fc37 Extra theme files for xfe linux/noarch
xine-ui-skins-0.99.14-3.fc37 Extra skins for xine-ui linux/noarch
xkeyboard-config-2.36-3.fc37 X Keyboard Extension configuration data linux/noarch
xkeyboard-config-devel-2.36-3.fc37 Development files for xkeyboard-config linux/noarch
xmpbox-2.0.27-1.fc37 Apache XmpBox linux/noarch
xorg-x11-server-source-1.20.14-21.fc37 Xserver source code required to build VNC server (Xvnc) linux/noarch
xournalpp-plugins-1.1.3-1.fc37 Default plugin for xournalpp linux/noarch
xournalpp-ui-1.1.3-1.fc37 User interface for xournalpp linux/noarch
xpanes-4.1.4-1.fc37 Awesome tmux-based terminal divider linux/noarch
xreader-data-3.6.3-1.fc37 Support files for the xreader document viewer linux/noarch
xreader-doc-3.6.3-1.fc37 Documentation files for xreader linux/noarch
xrootd-doc-5.5.4-1.fc37 Developer documentation for the xrootd libraries linux/noarch
xrootd-selinux-5.5.4-1.fc37 SELinux policy module for the xrootd server linux/noarch

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