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Packages beginning with letter F

f37-backgrounds-37.0.5-1.fc37 Fedora 37 default desktop background linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-base-37.0.5-1.fc37 Base images for Fedora 37 default background linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-extras-base-37.0.5-1.fc37 Base images for Extras Backgrounds linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-extras-gnome-37.0.5-1.fc37 Extra Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-extras-kde-37.0.5-1.fc37 Extra Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-extras-mate-37.0.5-1.fc37 Extra Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-extras-xfce-37.0.5-1.fc37 Extra Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-gnome-37.0.5-1.fc37 Fedora 37 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-kde-37.0.5-1.fc37 Fedora 37 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-mate-37.0.5-1.fc37 Fedora 37 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f37-backgrounds-xfce-37.0.5-1.fc37 Fedora 37 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
facter-4.3.0-2.fc37 Command and ruby library for gathering system information linux/noarch
facter-doc-4.3.0-2.fc37 Documentation for facter linux/noarch
fail2ban-1.0.2-3.fc37 Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors linux/noarch
fail2ban-all-1.0.2-3.fc37 Install all Fail2Ban packages and dependencies linux/noarch
fail2ban-firewalld-1.0.2-3.fc37 Firewalld support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-hostsdeny-1.0.2-3.fc37 Hostsdeny (tcp_wrappers) support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-mail-1.0.2-3.fc37 Mail actions for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-selinux-1.0.2-3.fc37 SELinux policies for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-sendmail-1.0.2-3.fc37 Sendmail actions for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-server-1.0.2-3.fc37 Core server component for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-shorewall-1.0.2-3.fc37 Shorewall support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-shorewall-lite-1.0.2-3.fc37 Shorewall lite support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-systemd-1.0.2-3.fc37 Systemd journal configuration for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-tests-1.0.2-3.fc37 Fail2Ban testcases linux/noarch
fancontrol-gui-plasmoid-0.8-1.20220606git5bfa8fa.fc37 Plasmoid for fancontrol-gui linux/noarch
fantasdic-1.0-0.21.beta7.fc37 Dictionary application using Ruby linux/noarch
fapolicyd-selinux-1.2-1.fc37 Fapolicyd selinux linux/noarch
fast_float-devel-3.11.0-1.fc37 Fast & exact implementation of C++ from_chars for float/double linux/noarch
fastfetch-bash-completion-1.11.0-1.fc37 Bash completion files for fastfetch linux/noarch
fcitx5-autostart-5.0.23-1.fc37 This package will make fcitx5 start with your GUI session linux/noarch
fcitx5-chinese-addons-data-5.0.17-1.fc37 Data files of fcitx5-chinese-addons linux/noarch
fcitx5-data-5.0.23-1.fc37 Data files of Fcitx5 linux/noarch
fcitx5-table-extra-5.0.13-1.fc37 Extra tables for Fcitx5 linux/noarch
fcitx5-table-other-5.0.11-1.fc37 Other tables for Fcitx5 linux/noarch
fcitx5-zhuyin-data-5.0.12-1.fc37 Data files for fcitx5-zhuyin linux/noarch
fedfind-5.0.1-1.fc37 Fedora compose and image finder linux/noarch
fedmod-0.6.5-5.fc37 Utilities for generating & maintaining modulemd files linux/noarch
fedmsg-1.1.6-1.fc37 Tools for Fedora Infrastructure real-time messaging linux/noarch
fedmsg-base-1.1.6-1.fc37 Base file system layout for other fedmsg packages linux/noarch
fedmsg-doc-1.1.6-1.fc37 Documentation for the fedmsg library and CLI linux/noarch
fedora-appstream-metadata-20230220-1.fc37 Operating System AppStream Metadata for Fedora Linux linux/noarch
fedora-easy-karma-0.53-1.fc37 Fedora update feedback made easy linux/noarch
fedora-gpg-keys-37-2 Fedora RPM keys linux/noarch
fedora-license-data-1.17-1.fc37 Fedora Linux license data linux/noarch
fedora-messaging-3.2.0-5.fc37 Set of tools for using Fedora's messaging infrastructure linux/noarch
fedora-messaging-doc-3.2.0-5.fc37 Documentation for fedora-messaging linux/noarch
fedora-obsolete-packages-37-24 A package to obsolete retired packages linux/noarch
fedora-release-37-16 Fedora release files linux/noarch
fedora-release-cinnamon-37-16 Base package for Fedora Cinnamon-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-cloud-37-16 Base package for Fedora Cloud-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-common-37-16 Fedora release files linux/noarch
fedora-release-compneuro-37-16 Base package for Fedora Comp Neuro specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-container-37-16 Base package for Fedora container specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-coreos-37-16 Base package for Fedora CoreOS-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-designsuite-37-16 Base package for Fedora Design Suite specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-i3-37-16 Base package for Fedora i3 specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-basic-37-16 Package providing the basic Fedora identity linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-cinnamon-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Cinnamon Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-cloud-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Cloud Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-compneuro-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Comp Neuro Lab linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-container-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Container Base Image linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-coreos-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora CoreOS linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-designsuite-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Design Suite Lab linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-i3-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora i3 Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-iot-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora IoT Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-kde-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora KDE Plasma Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-kinoite-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Kinoite linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-matecompiz-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora MATE-Compiz Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-server-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Server Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-silverblue-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Silverblue linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-snappy-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Snappy environments linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-soas-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Sugar on a Stick linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-workstation-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Workstation Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-xfce-37-16 Package providing the identity for Fedora Xfce Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-iot-37-16 Base package for Fedora IoT specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-kde-37-16 Base package for Fedora KDE Plasma-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-kinoite-37-16 Base package for Fedora Kinoite-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-matecompiz-37-16 Base package for Fedora MATE-Compiz-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-ostree-desktop-37-16 Configuration package for rpm-ostree variants to add rpm-ostree polkit rules linux/noarch
fedora-release-server-37-16 Base package for Fedora Server-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-silverblue-37-16 Base package for Fedora Silverblue-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-snappy-37-16 Base package for Fedora snap specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-soas-37-16 Base package for Fedora Sugar on a Stick-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-workstation-37-16 Base package for Fedora Workstation-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-xfce-37-16 Base package for Fedora Xfce specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-repo-zdicts-2303.1-1.fc37 Zstd dictionaries for Fedora repository metadata linux/noarch
fedora-repos-37-2 Fedora package repositories linux/noarch
fedora-repos-archive-37-2 Fedora updates archive package repository linux/noarch
fedora-repos-eln-37-2 ELN repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-repos-modular-37-2 Fedora modular package repositories linux/noarch
fedora-repos-ostree-37-2 OSTree specific files linux/noarch
fedora-repos-rawhide-37-2 Rawhide repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-repos-rawhide-modular-37-2 Rawhide modular repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-upgrade-38.1-1.fc37 Upgrade Fedora to next version using dnf upgrade (unofficial tool) linux/noarch
fedpkg-1.44-3.fc37 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
fedpkg-stage-1.44-3.fc37 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
fedrq-0.6.0-1.fc37 A tool to query the Fedora and EPEL repositories linux/noarch
fence-agents-alom-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for SUN ALOM linux/noarch
fence-agents-amt-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Intel AMT devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-amt-ws-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Intel AMT (WS-Man) devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-apc-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for APC devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-apc-snmp-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agents for APC devices (SNMP) linux/noarch
fence-agents-aws-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Amazon AWS linux/noarch
fence-agents-azure-arm-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Azure Resource Manager linux/noarch
fence-agents-bladecenter-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter linux/noarch
fence-agents-brocade-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Brocade switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-cdu-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for a Sentry Switch CDU linux/noarch
fence-agents-cisco-mds-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Cisco MDS 9000 series linux/noarch
fence-agents-cisco-ucs-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Cisco UCS series linux/noarch
fence-agents-common-4.12.1-1.fc37 Common base for Fence Agents linux/noarch
fence-agents-compute-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Nova compute nodes linux/noarch
fence-agents-cyberpower-ssh-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for CyberPower network PDUs linux/noarch
fence-agents-docker-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Docker linux/noarch
fence-agents-drac-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Dell DRAC linux/noarch
fence-agents-drac5-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Dell DRAC 5 linux/noarch
fence-agents-eaton-snmp-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Eaton network power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-ecloud-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for eCloud and eCloud VPC linux/noarch
fence-agents-emerson-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Emerson devices (SNMP) linux/noarch
fence-agents-eps-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for ePowerSwitch 8M+ power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-gce-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for GCE (Google Cloud Engine) linux/noarch
fence-agents-hds-cb-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Hitachi Compute Blade systems linux/noarch
fence-agents-heuristics-ping-4.12.1-1.fc37 Pseudo fence agent to affect other agents based on ping-heuristics linux/noarch
fence-agents-hpblade-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for HP BladeSystem devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-ibm-powervs-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM PowerVS linux/noarch
fence-agents-ibm-vpc-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM Cloud VPC linux/noarch
fence-agents-ibmblade-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter linux/noarch
fence-agents-ibmz-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM z LPARs linux/noarch
fence-agents-ifmib-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for devices with IF-MIB interfaces linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo-moonshot-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for HP iLO Moonshot devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo-mp-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for HP iLO MP devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo-ssh-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agents for HP iLO devices over SSH linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo2-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agents for HP iLO2 devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-intelmodular-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for devices with Intel Modular interfaces linux/noarch
fence-agents-ipdu-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM iPDU network power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-ipmilan-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agents for devices with IPMI interface linux/noarch
fence-agents-ironic-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for OpenStack's Ironic (Bare Metal as a service) linux/noarch
fence-agents-kubevirt-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for KubeVirt platform linux/noarch
fence-agents-ldom-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Sun LDom virtual machines linux/noarch
fence-agents-lpar-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM LPAR linux/noarch
fence-agents-mpath-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for reservations over Device Mapper Multipath linux/noarch
fence-agents-netio-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Koukaam NETIO devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-openstack-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for OpenStack's Nova service linux/noarch
fence-agents-ovh-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for OVH provider linux/noarch
fence-agents-pve-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for PVE linux/noarch
fence-agents-raritan-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Raritan Dominion PX linux/noarch
fence-agents-rcd-serial-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for RCD serial linux/noarch
fence-agents-rhevm-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for RHEV-M linux/noarch
fence-agents-rsa-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM RSA II linux/noarch
fence-agents-rsb-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Fujitsu RSB linux/noarch
fence-agents-sanbox2-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for QLogic SANBox2 FC switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-sbd-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for SBD (storage-based death) linux/noarch
fence-agents-scsi-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for SCSI persistent reservations linux/noarch
fence-agents-vbox-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for VirtualBox linux/noarch
fence-agents-virsh-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for virtual machines based on libvirt linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for VMWare with VI Perl Toolkit or vmrun linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-rest-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for VMWare with REST API linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-soap-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for VMWare with SOAP API v4.1+ linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-vcloud-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for VMWare vCloud Director linux/noarch
fence-agents-wti-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for WTI Network power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-xenapi-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for Citrix XenServer over XenAPI linux/noarch
fence-agents-zvm-4.12.1-1.fc37 Fence agent for IBM z/VM over IP linux/noarch
fennel-1.3.0-1.fc37 A Lisp that compiles to Lua linux/noarch
firewall-applet-1.2.5-1.fc37 Firewall panel applet linux/noarch
firewall-config-1.2.5-1.fc37 Firewall configuration application linux/noarch
firewalld-1.2.5-1.fc37 A firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall linux/noarch
firewalld-filesystem-1.2.5-1.fc37 Firewalld directory layout and rpm macros linux/noarch
firewalld-test-1.2.5-1.fc37 Firewalld testsuite linux/noarch
flamegraph-1.0-12.20220917gitd9fcc27.fc37 Stack trace visualizer linux/noarch
flamegraph-demos-1.0-12.20220917gitd9fcc27.fc37 Demos of graphs produced by flamegraph linux/noarch
flamegraph-stackcollapse-1.0-12.20220917gitd9fcc27.fc37 Stack collapsers and support scripts linux/noarch
flamegraph-stackcollapse-perf-1.0-12.20220917gitd9fcc27.fc37 Stack collapser for perf output linux/noarch
flamegraph-stackcollapse-php-1.0-12.20220917gitd9fcc27.fc37 Stack collapser for PHP linux/noarch
flang-doc-15.0.7-1.fc37 Documentation for Flang linux/noarch
flare-1.14-1.fc37 A single player, 2D-isometric, action Role-Playing Game linux/noarch
flat-remix-gtk2-theme-0.0.20220627-1.fc37 GTK+ 2 support for the Flat Remix GTK theme linux/noarch
flat-remix-gtk3-theme-0.0.20220627-1.fc37 GTK+ 3 support for the Flat Remix GTK theme linux/noarch
flat-remix-gtk4-theme-0.0.20220627-1.fc37 GTK+ 3 support for the Flat Remix GTK theme linux/noarch
flat-remix-theme-0.0.20220627-1.fc37 Pretty simple theme inspired on material design linux/noarch
flatpak-selinux-1.14.4-1.fc37 SELinux policy module for flatpak linux/noarch
flatseal-1.8.1-1.fc37 Manage Flatpak permissions linux/noarch
fontbox-2.0.27-1.fc37 Apache FontBox linux/noarch
fontconfig-devel-doc-2.14.1-2.fc37 Development Documentation files for fontconfig library linux/noarch
fpaste- A simple tool for pasting info onto the Fedora community paste server linux/noarch
freecad-data-0.20.2-1.fc37 Data files for FreeCAD linux/noarch
freedroidrpg-data-1.0-1.fc37 Data files for the freedroidrpg game linux/noarch
freeipa-client-common-4.10.1-1.fc37 Common files used by IPA client linux/noarch
freeipa-common-4.10.1-1.fc37 Common files used by IPA linux/noarch
freeipa-healthcheck-0.12-1.fc37 Health check tool for FreeIPA linux/noarch
freeipa-healthcheck-core-0.12-1.fc37 Core plugin system for healthcheck linux/noarch
freeipa-python-compat-4.10.1-1.fc37 Compatiblity package for Python libraries used by IPA linux/noarch
freeipa-selinux-4.10.1-1.fc37 FreeIPA SELinux policy linux/noarch
freeipa-server-common-4.10.1-1.fc37 Common files used by IPA server linux/noarch
freeipa-server-dns-4.10.1-1.fc37 IPA integrated DNS server with support for automatic DNSSEC signing linux/noarch
frescobaldi-3.2-5.fc37 Edit LilyPond sheet music with ease! linux/noarch
frr-selinux-8.4.2-1.fc37 Selinux policy for FRR linux/noarch
fts-rest-client-3.12.2-1.fc37 File Transfer Service (FTS) -- Python3 Client and CLI linux/noarch

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