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RPM of Group System Environment/Libraries

pam_radius-1.4.0-4.el7 PAM Module for RADIUS Authentication linux/ppc64le
pcl-1.7.2-1.el7 Library for point cloud processing linux/ppc64le
perl-PDF-API2-2.021-2.el7 Perl module for creation and modification of PDF files linux/noarch
perl-openbabel-2.3.2-2.el7 Perl wrapper for the Open Babel library linux/ppc64le
perl-prelude-5.2.0-2.el7 Perl bindings for prelude linux/ppc64le
php-libdmtx-0.7.2-17.el7 PHP bindings for libdmtx linux/ppc64le
php-paragonie-constant-time-encoding-1.1.0-1.el7 Constant-Time Character Encoding in PHP Projects linux/noarch
php-pecl-igbinary-1.2.1-1.el7 Replacement for the standard PHP serializer linux/ppc64le
physfs-2.0.3-6.el7 Library to provide abstract access to various archives linux/ppc64le
pjproject-2.3-6.el7 Libraries for building embedded/non-embedded VoIP applications linux/ppc64le
pkcs11-helper-1.11-3.el7 A library for using PKCS#11 providers linux/ppc64le
platform-2.0.1-2.el7 Platform support library used by libCEC and binary add-ons for Kodi linux/ppc64le
plib-1.8.5-15.el7 Set of portable libraries especially useful for games linux/ppc64le
poco-crypto-1.6.1-3.el7 The Crypto POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-data-1.6.1-3.el7 The Data POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-foundation-1.6.1-3.el7 The Foundation POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-json-1.6.1-3.el7 The JSON POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-mongodb-1.6.1-3.el7 The MongoDB POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-mysql-1.6.1-3.el7 The Data/MySQL POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-net-1.6.1-3.el7 The Net POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-netssl-1.6.1-3.el7 The NetSSL POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-odbc-1.6.1-3.el7 The Data/ODBC POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-pagecompiler-1.6.1-3.el7 The PageCompiler POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-sqlite-1.6.1-3.el7 The Data/SQLite POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-util-1.6.1-3.el7 The Util POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-xml-1.6.1-3.el7 The XML POCO component linux/ppc64le
poco-zip-1.6.1-3.el7 The Zip POCO component linux/ppc64le
podofo-libs-0.9.1-17.el7 Runtime library for podofo linux/ppc64le
portaudio-19-16.el7 Free, cross platform, open-source, audio I/O library linux/ppc64le
portmidi-217-15.el7 Real-time Midi I/O Library linux/ppc64le
portmidi-devel-217-15.el7 Headers for developing programs that will use portmidi linux/ppc64le
prelude-tools-5.2.0-2.el7 Command-line tools for libprelude linux/ppc64le
pychart-1.39-17.el7 Python library for generating chart images linux/noarch
pynag-0.9.1-1.el7 Python modules and utilities for Nagios plugins and configuration linux/noarch
pynag-examples-0.9.1-1.el7 Example scripts which manipulate Nagios configuration linux/noarch
python-bcdoc-0.12.2-3.el7 Tools to help document botocore-based projects linux/noarch
python-cpopen-1.5-1.el7 Creates a sub-process in simpler safer manner linux/ppc64le
python-lash-0.5.4-26.el7 Python wrapper for LASH linux/ppc64le
python-libdmtx-0.7.2-17.el7 Python bindings for libdmtx linux/ppc64le
python-oauth2-1.5.211-8.el7 Python support for improved oauth linux/noarch
python-openbabel-2.3.2-2.el7 Python wrapper for the Open Babel library linux/ppc64le
python-paste-deploy-1.5.0-10.el7 Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers linux/noarch
python-paste-script-1.7.5-7.el7 A pluggable command-line frontend linux/noarch
python-portmidi-217-15.el7 Python wrapper for portmidi linux/ppc64le
python-pthreading-0.1.3-3.el7 Re-implement threading.Lock, RLock and Condition with libpthread linux/noarch
python-saslwrapper-0.16-5.el7 Python bindings for saslwrapper linux/ppc64le
python-tinycss-0.3-7.el7 CSS parser for Python linux/ppc64le
python-webob1.4-1.4.1-1.el7 WSGI request and response object linux/noarch
python2-azure-storage-0.36.0-1.el7 Microsoft Azure Storage Library for Python linux/noarch
python2-botan-1.10.17-1.el7 Python2 bindings for botan linux/ppc64le
python2-lxc-0.1-1.el7 Python2 bindings for LXC linux/ppc64le
python2-opentrep-0.07.4-2.el7 Python bindings for opentrep linux/ppc64le
python2-prelude-5.2.0-2.el7 Python 2 bindings for prelude linux/ppc64le
python2-pymssql-2.1.4-1.el7 DB-API interface to Microsoft SQL Server linux/ppc64le
python2-simplejson-3.11.1-1.el7 Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python2 linux/ppc64le
python34-coverage-4.0.3-5.el7 Code coverage testing module for Python 34 linux/ppc64le
python34-prelude-5.2.0-2.el7 Python 3 bindings for prelude linux/ppc64le
python36-coverage-4.0.3-5.el7 Code coverage testing module for Python 36 linux/ppc64le
python36-lxc-1.0.11-2.el7 Python binding for lxc linux/ppc64le
python36-prelude-5.2.0-2.el7 Python 3 bindings for prelude linux/ppc64le
python36-pyasn1-0.4.7-1.el7 ASN.1 tools for Python 36 linux/noarch
python36-pyasn1-modules-0.4.7-1.el7 Modules for pyasn1 linux/noarch
python36-pymssql-2.1.4-1.el7 DB-API interface to Microsoft SQL Server linux/ppc64le
python36-qpid-proton-0.37.0-1.el7 Python language bindings for the Qpid Proton messaging framework linux/ppc64le
python36-simplejson-3.11.1-1.el7 Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python3 linux/ppc64le

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