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dnf- RPM for noarch

From Extras packages for CentOS 7.9.2009 for x86_64 / Packages

Name: dnf Distribution: Unknown
Version: Vendor: CentOS
Release: 2.el7_9 Build date: Wed Apr 7 17:52:38 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 1648965 Source RPM: dnf-
Packager: CentOS BuildSystem <>
Summary: Package manager
Utility that allows users to manage packages on their systems.
It supports RPMs, modules and comps groups & environments.




GPLv2+ and GPLv2 and GPL


* Thu Feb 25 2021 Daniel Mach <> -
  - Add conflict with librepo < 1.8.1 to enforce librepo upgrade (RhBug:1932228)
* Tue Jan 08 2019 Daniel Mach <> -
  - Update to
* Thu Nov 08 2018 Jaroslav Mracek <> - 2.7.5-19
  - Backport patches for RHBZ#1643129 from upstream dnf-2-modularity
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Marek Blaha <> - 2.7.5-18
  - Exclude system and commandline pkg from filtering (RhBug:1630226)
* Mon Jul 23 2018 Marek Blaha <> - 2.7.5-17
  - Rename yum4 subpackage to nextgen-yum4
  - Correct Source0 URL
* Tue May 29 2018 Martin Hatina <> - 2.7.5-16
  - Apply util-Correctly-source-errno.EEXIST patch
* Mon May 28 2018 Martin Hatina <> - 2.7.5-15
  - Do not require libdnf
* Fri May 25 2018 Martin Hatina <> - 2.7.5-14
  - Fix patch applying.
* Fri May 25 2018 Martin Hatina <> - 2.7.5-13
  - Rebase to dnf from dnf-2-modularity-6 release.
* Wed Apr 18 2018 Daniel Mach <> - 2.7.5-12
  - Fix defaults loading.
* Tue Apr 17 2018 Martin Hatina <> - 2.7.5-11
  - Rebase to dnf from dnf-2-modularity-4 release.
* Mon Mar 26 2018 Martin Hatina <> - 2.7.5-10
  - Require libmodulemd.
* Mon Mar 26 2018 Martin Hatina <> - 2.7.5-9
  - Rebase to dnf from dnf-2-modularity-3 release.
* Mon Feb 12 2018 Daniel Mach <> - 2.7.5-8
  - Rebase to dnf from dnf-2-modularity branch.
* Thu Feb 08 2018 Igor Gnatenko <> - 2.7.5-7
  - Demote deltarpm to weak dependencies
* Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.7.5-6
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Jan 03 2018 Igor Gnatenko <> - 2.7.5-5
  - Use %systemd_requires
  - Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards
* Wed Nov 29 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> - 2.7.5-4
  - Fix problem with demands.cacheonly that caused problems for system-upgrade
* Tue Nov 07 2017 Igor Gnatenko <> - 2.7.5-3
  - Remove platform-python subpackage
* Fri Oct 27 2017 Igor Gnatenko <> - 2.7.5-2
  - Enable usage of rich deps for NM integration
* Wed Oct 18 2017 Igor Gnatenko <> - 2.7.5-1
  - Improve performance for excludes and includes handling (RHBZ #1500361)
  - Fixed problem of handling checksums for local repositories (RHBZ #1502106)
  - Fix traceback when using dnf.Base.close() (RHBZ #1503575)
* Mon Oct 16 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> - 2.7.4-1
  - Update to 2.7.4-1
  - Enhanced performance for excludes and includes handling
  - Solved memory leaks at time of closing of dnf.Base()
  - Resolves: rhbz#1480979 - I thought it abnormal that dnf crashed.
  - Resolves: rhbz#1461423 - Memory leak in python-dnf
  - Resolves: rhbz#1499564 - dnf list installed crashes
  - Resolves: rhbz#1499534 - dnf-2 is much slower than dnf-1 when handling groups
  - Resolves: rhbz#1499623 - Mishandling stderr vs stdout (dnf search, dnf repoquery)
* Fri Oct 06 2017 Igor Gnatenko <> - 2.7.3-1
  - Fix URL detection (RHBZ #1472847)
  - Do not remove downloaded files with --destdir option (RHBZ #1498426)
  - Fix handling of conditional packages in comps (RHBZ #1427144)
* Mon Oct 02 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> - 2.7.2-1
  - Update to 2.7.2-1
  - Added new option ``--comment=<comment>`` that adds a comment to transaction in history
  - :meth:`dnf.Base.pre_configure_plugin` configure plugins by running their pre_configure() method
  - Added pre_configure() methotd for plugins and commands to configure dnf before repos are loaded
  - Resolves: rhbz#1421478 - dnf repository-packages: error: unrecognized arguments: -x rust-rpm-macros
  - Resolves: rhbz#1491560 - 'dnf check' reports spurious "has missing requires of" errors
  - Resolves: rhbz#1465292 - DNF remove protected duplicate package
  - Resolves: rhbz#1279001 - [RFE] Missing dnf --downloaddir option
  - Resolves: rhbz#1212341 - [RFE] Allow plugins to override the core configuration
  - Resolves: rhbz#1299482 - mock --init fails with message "Failed calculating RPMDB checksum"
  - Resolves: rhbz#1488398 - dnf upstream tests failures on f26
  - Resolves: rhbz#1192811 - dnf whatprovides should show which provides matched a pattern
  - Resolves: rhbz#1288845 - "dnf provides" wildcard matching is unreliable (not all packages with matches listed)
  - Resolves: rhbz#1473933 - [abrt] dnf-automatic: resolved(): 'Rpmconf' object has no attribute '_interactive'
  - Resolves: rhbz#1237349 - dnf autoremove not removing what dnf list extras shows
  - Resolves: rhbz#1470050 - the 'priority=' option in /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo is not respected
  - Resolves: rhbz#1347927 - dnf --cacheonly downloads packages
  - Resolves: rhbz#1478115 - [abrt] dnf: _hcmd_undo(): list index out of range
  - Resolves: rhbz#1461171 -  RFE: support --advisory= with install
  - Resolves: rhbz#1448874 - "dnf needs-restarting" vanished from bash completion
  - Resolves: rhbz#1495116 - Dnf version fails with traceback in container
* Mon Aug 07 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.6.3-1
  - Fix problem with dnf.Package().remote_location() (RhBug:1476215) (Jaroslav
  - Change behavior of -C according to documentation (RhBug:1473964) (Jaroslav
  - It should prevent to ask attribute of None (RhBug:1359482) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Solve a problems with --arch options (RhBug:1476834) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Use security plugin code for dnf-automatic (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix unicode error for python2 (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Inform about packages installed for group (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Provide info if pkg is removed due to dependency (RhBug:1244755) (Jaroslav
  - Unify format of %{_mandir} paths in dnf.spec (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove as unneeded test (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Provide yum4 package for rhel7 build (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Make yum compatible layer very minimal (RhBug:1476748) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove metadata_expire from yum compatible layer (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove keepcache from yum compatibility layer (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove options from yum conf (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove unused functionality from  yum compatible layer (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add deplist command for dnf (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix problems with --downloaddir options (RhBug:1476464) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Move description of --forcearch into proper place (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Provide description of --downloaddir option (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix if in spec file (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add description of "test" tsflags (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Enable import gpg_keys with tsflag test (RhBug:1464192) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Keep old reason when undoing erase (RhBug:1463107) (Eduard Čuba)
  - spec: eliminate other weak dependencies for el<=7 (Igor Gnatenko)
  - spec: do not strongly require inhibit plugin (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Inform that packages are only downloaded (RhBug:1426196) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Move releasever check after the etc/dnf/vars substitutions. (Alexander
  - Provide substitution for Repodict.add_new_repo() (RhBug:1457507) (Jaroslav
* Mon Jul 24 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.6.2-1
  - Remove autodeglob optimization (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Integrate --destdir with --destdir from download plugin (Ondřej Sojka)
  - Add CLI option --destdir (RhBug:1279001) (Ondřej Sojka)
  - Add myself to the AUTHORS file (Nathaniel McCallum)
  - Add the --forcearch CLI flag (Nathaniel McCallum)
  - Add 'ignorearch' option (Nathaniel McCallum)
  - Provide an API for setting 'arch' and 'basearch' (Nathaniel McCallum)
  - Add nevra forms for repoquery command (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Fix UnicodeDecodeError during checkSig() on non UTF-8 locale (RhBug:1397848)
    (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Add dnf option --noautoremove (RhBug:1361424) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add group argument for mark command (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Report problems for each pkg during gpgcheck (RhBug:1387925) (Jaroslav
  - fix minor spelling mistakes (René Genz)
  - Print warning when wrong delimiter in cache (RhBug:1332099) (Vítek Hoch)
  - Fix the loading of config for dnf-automatic command_email (RhBug:1470116)
    (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Enable download progress bar if redirected output (RhBug:1161950) (Jaroslav
  - Support short abbrevations of commands (RhBug:1320254) (Vítek Hoch)
  - Remove unused variables kwargs (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Not reinstall packages if install from repository-pkgs used (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - bump dnf version to 2.6.0 (Igor Gnatenko)
  - spec: use python2- prefix for hawkey (Igor Gnatenko)
  - spec: use sphinx-build binary rather than package name (Igor Gnatenko)
  - spec: python-bugzilla is not needed for building (Igor Gnatenko)
  - spec: fix instructions about generating tarball (Igor Gnatenko)
  - po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Add an example of installation without weak-deps  (RhBug:1424723) (Jaroslav
  - Add detection if mirrorlist is used for metalink (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Rename variable (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add --groupmember option to repoquery (RhBug:1462486) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Check checksum for local repositories (RhBug:1314405) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Spelling fixes (Ville Skyttä)
  - repoquery --obsoletes prints obsoletes (RhBug:1457368) (Matěj Cepl)
  - Provide pkg name hint for icase (RhBug:1339280) (RhBug:1138978) (Jaroslav
  - Return only latest pkgs for "dnf list upgrades" (RhBug:1423472) (Jaroslav
  - cleanup code not executed in case of exception (Marek Blaha)
  - Allow to modify message for user confirmation (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add autocheck_running_kernel config option (Štěpán Smetana)
  - Inform about skipped packages for group install (RhBug:1427365) (Jaroslav
  - Remove group remove unneeded pkgs (RhBug:1398871) (RhBug:1432312) (Jaroslav
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
* Mon Jun 12 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.5.1-1
  - bump version to 2.5.1 + update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix: dnf update --refresh fails for repo_gpgcheck=1 (RhBug:1456419) (Daniel
  - Don't try to cut datetime message (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Use localized datetime format (RhBug:1445021) (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Work with locale date (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Use ISO 8601 time format in logfile (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Add unitest to prevent callbacks breakage (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Provide compatibility for tools that do not use total_drpms (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Requires strict usage of repoquery --recursive (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix output for --resolve with --installed for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove unnecessary inheritance of yum conf options (Martin Hatina)
  - Remove alwaysprompt option support (RhBug:1400714) (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Allow to install groups with multilib_policy=all (RhBug:1250702) (Jaroslav
  - Redesign Base.install() to provide alternatives (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Report excludes includes into logger.debug (RhBug:1381988) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Provide new API to parse string to NEVRA () (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add more repoquery querytags (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Not hide tracebacks (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Solve error handling for get attr in yumdb (RhBug:1397848) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Provide a better error if throttle to low (RhBug:1321407) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Change timeout to 30s (RhBug:1291867) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add pre_transaction hook for plugins (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Not download metadata if "dnf history [info|list|userinstalled]" (Jaroslav
  - Not download metadata if "dnf repo-pkgs <repo> list --installed" (Jaroslav
  - Not download metadata if "dnf list --installed" (RhBug:1372895) (Jaroslav
  - Format pkg str for repoquery --tree due to -qf (RhBug:1444751) (Jaroslav
* Mon May 22 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.5.0-1
  - Update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Change documentation for history --userinstalled (RhBug:1370062) (Jaroslav
  - Change example to install plugin using versionlock (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove unused method Goal.best_run_diff() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Change recommendations if some problems appear (RhBug:1293067) (Jaroslav
  - Report problems for goals with optional=True (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Format resolve problem messages in method in dnf.util (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Enhance reports about broken dep (RhBug:1398040)(RhBug:1393814) (Jaroslav
  - search: do not generate error if not match anything (RhBug:1342157) (Jaroslav
  - Check if any plugin is removed in transaction (RhBug:1379906) (Jaroslav
  - Show progress for DRPM (RhBug:1198975) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix disabledplugin option (Iavael)
  - [history]: fixed info command merged output (Eduard Čuba)
* Thu May 11 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.4.1-1
  - bump version to 2.4.1 + update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - goal: do not mark weak dependencies as userinstalled (Igor Gnatenko)
  - fix typo in supplements (RhBug:1446756) (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Describe present behavior of installonly_limit conf option (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Reset all transaction for groups if Base.reset() (RhBug:1446432) (Jaroslav
  - Explain how add negative num for --latest-limit (RhBug:1446641) (Jaroslav
  - trivial: don't duplicate option names (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Add support for --userinstalled for repoquery command (RhBug:1278124)
    (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Fix header of search result sections (RhBug:1301868) (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Filter out src for get_best_selector (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add minor changes in formating of documentation (Jaroslav Mracek)
* Tue May 02 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.4.0-1
  - po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - introduce '--enableplugin' option (Martin Hatina)
  - Improve detection of file patterns (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add method _get_nevra_solution() for subject (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Do not add "*" into query filter in _nevra_to_filters() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove usage of nevra_possibilities_real() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Increase performance for downgrade_to() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add additional keys for get_best_query() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Increase performance for get_best_selector() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Increase performance for get_best_query() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix "Package" text translation (RhBug:1302935) (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Create a warning if releasever is None (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Adds cost, excludepkgs, and includepkgs to Doc (RhBug:1248684) (Jaroslav
  - Change auto-detection of releasever in empty installroot (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Do not load system repo for makecache command (RhBug:1441636) (Jaroslav
  - Do not raise assertion if group inst and rmv pkgs (RhBug:1438438) (Jaroslav
  - yum layer using python3 (Martin Hatina)
  - Filter url protocols for baseurl in Package.remote_location (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add armv5tl to arm basearch (Neal Gompa)
  - Setup additional parameters for handler for remote packages (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Use same method for user/password setting of every librepo.handle (Jaroslav
  - Fix PEP8 violations and remove unused import (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Handle unknown file size in download progress (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Allow to delete cashed files from command line by clean command (Jaroslav
  - Save command line packages into chachedir (RhBug:1256313) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add progress bar for download of commandline pkgs (RhBug:1161950) (Jaroslav
  - Fix minor typo Closes: #781 Approved by: ignatenkobrain (Yuri Chornoivan)
  - Mark unremoved packages as failed (RhBug:1421244) (Jaroslav Mracek)
* Mon Apr 10 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.3.0-1
  - update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Add require of subcommand for repo-pkgs command (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - shell: Fix commands initialization (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Add support for --location for repoquery command (RhBug:1290137) (Jaroslav
  - Add support of --recursive with --resolve in repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add --recursive option for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add --whatconflicts for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add support for multiple options for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add multiple format option for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix problem with "dnf repoquery --querytags" (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add support of 3 options into updateinfo command (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add inheritance of reason for obsoleting packages (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Mark installonlypkgs correctly as user installed (RhBug:1349314) (Jaroslav
  - Solve a problem with None names in callbacks (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Solve a problem for callbacks (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Revert "remove: CLI: --randomwait" (RhBug:1247122) (Ondřej Sojka)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Set strings for translations (RhBug:1298717) (Jaroslav Mracek)
* Mon Mar 27 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.2.0-1
  - bump version to 2.2.0 + update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add documentation of new API callback actions (RhBug:1411432) (Jaroslav
  - Fix python2 doesn't have e.__traceback__ attribute (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Do not report erasing package as None. (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Display scriplet for transaction (RhBug:1411423) (RhBug:1406130) (Jaroslav
  - Add support for rpmcallbacks (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - AUTHORS: updated (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Not show expiration check if no repo enabled (RhBug:1369212) (Jaroslav
  - Fix changelog in dnf spec file (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Add myself (mhatina) to AUTHORS (Martin Hatina)
  - po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
* Tue Mar 21 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.1.1-1
  - bump version to 2.1.1 + update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Sync the translation with locale (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Disable exceptions in logging (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Fix severity info in "updateinfo info" (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add help for shell commands (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - shell: no crash if missing args (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - proper check of releasever, when using installroot (RhBug:1417542) (Martin
  - Inform about "Cache was expired" with "dnf clean" (RhBug:1401446) (Jaroslav
  - crypto: port to the official gpgme bindings (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Fix doc example for `fill_sack` method (Lubomír Sedlář)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Not try to install src package (RhBug:1416699) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add usage for add_new_repo() with repofrompath option (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add new API add_new_repo() in RepoDict() (RhBug:1427132) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - docs: adds documentation for dnf-automatic's Command and CommandEmail
    emitters. (rhn)
  - docs: fixes typo in section description in automatic (rhn)
  - Adds new emitters for dnf-automatic. (rhn)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Ensure that callback will not kill dnf transaction (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Ensure that name will be not requested on None (RhBug:1397047) (Jaroslav
  - Python 3.6 invalid escape sequence deprecation fix (Ville Skyttä)
  - display severity information in updateinfo (#741) (Michael Mraka)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Add --nodocs option for dnf (RhBug:1379628) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Replace passive plugin noroot (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix incorrect formating of string for (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Not print help if empty line in script for shell command (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Run fill_sack after all repos have changed status (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Remove Hawkey object from repo if rerun of dnf.fill_sack (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - util/on_metered_connection: be more polite to failures (Igor Gnatenko)
  - cosmetic: i18n: rewording of 'Login user' (RhBug:1424939) (Jan Silhan)
  - Fix problem with --whatprovides in repoquery (RhBug:1396992) (Jaroslav
  - Add -a and --all option for repoquery (RhBug:1412970) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Change camel-case of output of grouplist (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Minor correction in release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Minor correction in release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
* Thu Feb 16 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.1.0-1
  - bump version to 2.1.0 + update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix problem with --recent option in repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Fix problem with duplicated --obsoletes (RhBug:1421835) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Python 3.6 invalid escape sequence deprecation fixes (Ville Skyttä)
  - Add --repoid as alias for --repo (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - introduce dnf.base.Base.update_cache() (Martin Hatina)
  - Try to install uninstalled packages if group installed (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Enable search of provides in /usr/(s)bin (RgBug:1421618) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - style: ignore E261 (Igor Gnatenko)
  - makecache: do not run on metered connections (RhBug:1415711) (Igor Gnatenko)
  - change '--disableplugins' to '--disableplugin' (Martin Hatina)
  - cosmetic: removed unused import (Jan Silhan)
  - show hint how to display why package was skipped (RhBug:1417627) (Jan Silhan)
  - spec: add information how to obtain archive (Igor Gnatenko)
  - fix messages (UX) (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - zanata update (Jan Silhan)
* Thu Feb 09 2017 Jaroslav Mracek <> 2.0.1-1
  - bump version to 2.0.1 + update release notes (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - introduce cli 'obsoletes' option (Martin Hatina)
  - swap tids if they are in wrong order (RhBug:1409361) (Michael Mraka)
  - Disable shell command recursion (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - Honor additional arguments for DNF shell repo list command (Jaroslav Rohel)
  - don't traceback when bug title is not set (Michael Mraka)
  - introducing list-security, info-security etc. commands (Michael Mraka)
  - Add lsedlar to contributors list (Lubomír Sedlář)
  - Return just name from Package.source_name (Lubomír Sedlář)
  - introduce dnf.conf.config.MainConf.exclude() (Martin Hatina)
  - systemd: Disable daemons on ostree-managed systems (Colin Walters)
  - introduced dnf.base.Base.autoremove() (RhBug:1414512) (Martin Hatina)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - build: use relative directory for translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Temporary eliminate a problem with install remove loop (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Handle info message when DRPM wastes data (RhBug:1238808) (Daniel
  - Fix output for better translation (RhBug:1386085) (Abhijeet Kasurde)
  - yum layer refactored (Martin Hatina)
  - return values changed to match yum's (Martin Hatina)
  - Reword sentence after removing package (RhBug:1286553) (Abhijeet Kasurde)
  - Minor documentation revisions (Mark Szymanski)
  - Minor code fix (Abhijeet Kasurde)
  - automatic: email emitter date header (David Greenhouse)
  - Solve problem when no repo and only rpms with upgrade command (Jaroslav
  - bash_completion: use system-python if it's available (Igor Gnatenko)
  - spec: use system-python for dnf-yum as well (Igor Gnatenko)
  - comps/groups: fix tests (Michal Luscon)
  - comps: adjust group_upgrade to new CompsTransPkg style (Michal Luscon)
  - groups: refactored installation (RhBug:1337731, RhBug:1336879) (Michal
  - Increase requirement for hawkey (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Change reporting problems for downgradePkgs() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Use selector for base.package_upgrade() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add usage of selectors for base.package_install() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Use selector for base.package_downgrade() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Redirect base.downgrade() to base.downgrade_to() (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Enable wildcard for downgrade command (RhBug:1173349) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Refactor downgrade cmd behavior (RhBug:1329617)(RhBug:1283255) (Jaroslav
  - Redirect into stderr for repolist (RhBug:1369411) (Jaroslav
  - Redirect into stderr for repoquery (RhBug:1243393) (Jaroslav
  - Add possibility for commands to redirect logger (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Put information about metadata expiration into stdout (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Change warning about added repo into info (RhBug:1243393) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Move grouplist output from logger into stdout (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - let repo exclude work the same way as global exclude (Michael Mraka)
  - Fix wrong assumptions about metalinks (RhBug:1411349) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - handle --disablerepo/--enablerepo properly with strict (RhBug:1345976)
    (Štěpán Smetana)
  - Add fix to notify user about no repos (RhBug:1369212) (Abhijeet Kasurde)
  - Add information about "hidden" option in dnf doc (RhBug:1349247) (Abhijeet
  - Fix for 'history package-list' (Amit Upadhye)
  - Enable multiple args for repoquery -f (RhBug:1403930) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Set default as repo._section (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Create from self.forms value forms in (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add description of swap command into documentation (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add swap command (RhBug:1403465) (RhBug:1110780) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Solve a problem with shell when empty line or EOF (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - shell: add history of commands (RhBug:1405333) (Michal Luscon)
  - Add info if no files with repoquery -l (RhBug:1254879) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - po: migrate to zanata python client and trivial fixes in build (Igor
  - po: include all possible languages from zanata (Igor Gnatenko)
  - po: include comments for translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  - shell: catch exceptions from depsolving (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: update documentation (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add transaction reset cmd (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add transaction resolve cmd (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: provide rewritable demands for cmds (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: catch tracebacks from shlex (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: handle ctrl+D more gracefully (Michal Luscon)
  - groups: set demands in configure instead of run (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: implement config cmd (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add help (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: make alias repo list -> repolist (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: catch exceptions from do_transaction (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: resolve transaction in ts run (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add default value for internal methods argument (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: create run alias for ts run (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add ts list cmd (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: refill sack after every successful repo cmd (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: allow running multiple transaction in one session (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add ts command (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: catch cmd parsing and run exceptions (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: allow to run scripts (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add repo cmd (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add resolving + transaction run support (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: implement quit method (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: add custom cmds stubs (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: implement basic logic (Michal Luscon)
  - shell: register new cmd (Michal Luscon)
* Wed Dec 14 2016 Michal Luscon <> 2.0.0-1
  - tests: catch ModuleNotFoundError as well (Igor Gnatenko)
  - Switch out automatic service for automatic-download and automatic-install
    (Pat Riehecky)
  - Make upgrade-to alias for upgrade (RhBug:1327999) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - skip appending an empty option (RhBug: 1400081) (Michael Mraka)
  - Add description of nevra foems for commands and autoremove args (Jaroslav
  - Add support of arguments nevra forms for autoremove command (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add nevra forms for remove command (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add nevra forms for install command (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - add bin/yum into .gitignore (Michal Luscon)
  - clean: acquire all locks before cleaning (RhBug:1293782) (Michal Luscon)
  - Change hawkey version requirement (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add information for translators (RhBug:1386078) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Change info to warning for clean repoquery output (RhBug:1358245) (Jaroslav
  - Add description of pkg flag for Query (RhBug:1243393) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Add minor changes in documentation (Jaroslav Mracek)
  - Do not always overwrite the name with the repo ID (Neal Gompa)
* Fri Dec 02 2016 Martin Hatina <> 2.0.0-0.rc2.1
  - See
* Thu Sep 29 2016 Michal Luscon <> 2.0.0-0.rc1.1
  - See



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