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gmameui-0.2.13-0.3.20120704cvs.fc18 RPM for armv5tel

From RpmFusion Non-Free for Fedora 18 for arm

Name: gmameui Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.2.13 Vendor: RPM Fusion
Release: 0.3.20120704cvs.fc18 Build date: Fri Mar 1 22:21:56 2013
Group: Applications/Emulators Build host:
Size: 1214211 Source RPM: gmameui-0.2.13-0.3.20120704cvs.fc18.src.rpm
Summary: Frontend for MAME
GMAMEUI is a front-end program that helps you run MAME (either xmame or
sdlmame), allowing you to run your arcade games quickly and easily.






* Wed Jul 11 2012 Sérgio Basto <> - 0.4.13-0.2.20120704cvs
  - add Requires: gnome-icon-theme-legacy, to fix more missing icons.
* Sat Jul 07 2012 Sérgio Basto <> - 0.2.13-0.2.20120704cvs
  - add missing icons, extract from gnome-icon-theme-gperfection2_2.3-0ubuntu3_all.deb
    gmamui relies on some old gnome-icons-theme, cleans icons errors.
* Wed Jul 04 2012 Sérgio Basto <> - 0.2.13-0.1.20120704cvs
  - from Julian Sikorski patch for gmameui.spec : 
    - Updated the license tag to GPLv3+
    - Added vte-devel to BuildRequires, removed explicit gtk2-devel
    - Dropped empty README and TODO from %doc
  - add gmameui-fix3.patch, fix3 extends old fix2, which Fix FTBFS with
  - add gmameui-fix4.patch, which force autotools use autopoint, which make works much more
    smooth. TODO understand why ./setup-gettext --gettext-tool, don't return autopoint in mock build.
* Sun May 13 2012 Nicolas Chauvet <> - 0.2.12-1
  - Update to 0.2.12
  - Fix build
* Thu Feb 09 2012 Nicolas Chauvet <> - 0.2.10-2
  - Rebuilt for
* Sun Jul 05 2009 Matthias Saou <> 0.2.10-1
  - Update to 0.2.10.
  - Add new libgnome-devel and libarchive-devel build requirements.
  - Re-enable translations, they build/install again.
* Sun Mar 29 2009 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora [AT] leemhuis [DOT] info> - 0.2.2-3
  - rebuild for new F11 features
* Sat Oct 18 2008 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora [AT] leemhuis [DOT] info - 0.2.2-2
  - rebuild for RPM Fusion
* Fri May 16 2008 Matthias Saou <> 0.2.2-1
  - Initial RPM package, based on the gxmame spec file.



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