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Packages beginning with letter X

x3270- X based 3270 emulator Linux/alpha
xanim-27064-4 Viewer for various animated graphic formats Linux/alpha
xbanner-1.31-2 Spruces up the standard xdm interface Linux/alpha
xbill-2.0-3 Kill Bill as he tries to put Windows in computers. Linux/alpha
xbl-1.0h-2 3d geometry game Linux/alpha
xboard-3.2.pl0-9 X11 Interface to GNU Chess Linux/alpha
xboing-2.4-2 Breakout style video game Linux/alpha
xchomp-1.0-8 PacMan type game for X Linux/alpha
xdaliclock-2.10-2 Marc's favorite clock Linux/alpha
xdemineur-1.1-8 Minesweeper game Linux/alpha
xearth-1.0-9 Displays a lit globe in the background of your X screen Linux/alpha
xevil-1.5-7 A fast-action, explicitly violent game for X Linux/alpha
xfig-3.2-3 X11 drawing tool Linux/alpha
xfishtank-2.0-9 turns your X root into an aquarium Linux/alpha
xfm-1.3.2-9 X File Manager Linux/alpha
xgalaga-1.6c-7 Galaga clone Linux/alpha
xgammon-0.98-11 backgammon game Linux/alpha
xgopher-1.3.3-5 X based gopher client Linux/alpha
xinitrc-1.4-2 Default startup script for X Windows Linux/noarch
xjewel-1.6-8 Game like Sega's columns Linux/alpha
xlander-1.2-8 moon landing simulation Linux/alpha
xloadimage-4.1-9 X based image viewer Linux/alpha
xlockmore-4.09-2 X terminal locking program with many screensavers Linux/alpha
xmailbox-2.5-4 X based Mail notification tool Linux/alpha
xmorph-1996.07.12-4 morphing program with an X interface Linux/alpha
xntp3-5.93-2 Network Time Protocol utilities Linux/alpha
xpaint-2.4.9-3 paint program for X Linux/alpha
xpat2-1.04-5 X Patience - various solitaire card games Linux/alpha
xpdf-0.7a-1 xpdf is a PDF viewer Linux/alpha
xpm-3.4j-2 X11 Pixmap Library Linux/alpha
xpm-devel-3.4j-2 Development libraries and header files for X Pixmap library Linux/alpha
xpuzzles-5.4.1-3 various geometric puzzles Linux/alpha
xrn-8.02-7 X News Reader Linux/alpha
xscreensaver-2.16-2 X screen savers Linux/alpha
xsnow-1.40-6 Xsnow will spread Christmas cheer on your X display Linux/alpha
xsysinfo-1.6-2 display bar graphs of system load Linux/alpha
xterm-color-1.1-7 Ansi Color xterm Linux/alpha
xtoolwait-1.1-2 Starts an X program and waits for its window Linux/alpha
xtrojka-1.2.3-2 falling blocks game Linux/alpha
xv-3.10a-10 X based image viewer for darned near all images Linux/alpha
xwpe-1.4.2-14 X Windows Programming Environment Linux/alpha
xwpe-X11-1.4.2-14 X Windows Programming Environment - X11 programs Linux/alpha
xwpick-2.20-8 efficient X screen grabber Linux/alpha
xxgdb-1.12-5 X interface to the gdb debugger Linux/alpha
xzip-161-2 X windows interpreter for Infocom format text adventure games Linux/alpha

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