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python3-gpsd-3.23.1-lp152.5.3.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 updates for i586

Name: python3-gpsd Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 3.23.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.5.3.1 Build date: Fri Dec 3 16:05:41 2021
Group: Development/Libraries/Python Build host: cloud101
Size: 544888 Source RPM: gpsd-3.23.1-lp152.5.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Client libraries in C and Python3 for talking to a running gpsd or GPS
This package provides python3 modules and tools for the gpsd shared libraries.
You will need to have gpsd installed for it to work.






* Tue Oct 19 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Re-enable LTO on aarch64
* Mon Sep 27 2021 Dirk Stoecker <>
  - Set ProtectClock to false or gpsd will not start
* Wed Sep 22 2021 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Don't use gpsd version in patches (will break with every update)
    % harden_gpsd.service.patch
    % harden_gpsdctl@.service.patch
* Wed Sep 22 2021 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Update to version 3.23.1
    * Improve ubx cycle detection.
    * Add quirks for Jackson Labs nonstandard NMEA
    * Change STATUS_NO_FIX to STATUS_UNK to avoid confusion with fix
    * Change STATUS_FIX to STATUS_GPS to avoid confusion with fix
    * Change STATUS_DGPS_FIX to STATUS_DGPS to avoid confusion with
      fix mode.
    * Split SOURCE_ACM from SOURCE_USB.  ACM has no speeds.
    * Add speeds 1 mbps, 1.152 mbps, 1.5 mbps, and higher.  When libc
      supports them.
    * Improve autobaud.
    * Add new u-blox M10 messages.
    * Fix u-blox M6, M7 initialization issues.
    * Various ubxtool and gpxlogger updates.
    * Add mtk3301_speed_switcher()
    * No API, ABI changes.
    * Fallback to "python3" if "python" not found.
* Mon Sep 20 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_gpsd.service.patch
    * harden_gpsdctl@.service.patch
* Sat Aug 07 2021 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Update to version 3.23
    * doc/*xml all moved into www/internals.adoc
    * Convert all DocBook (.xml) to AsciiDoctor (.adoc)
    * Remove all XSL remnants.
    * gpsplot: speedup, add new options.
    * driver_ubx.c: Add decode for UBX-NAV-STATUS
    * gps/ Improve decode for UBX-NAV-STATUS
    * cgps: Add popup help, interactive options.
    * Reorganize and split the man pages.
    * Small updates for u-blox M8 and M10
    * Deprecated mtk3331 and ashtech build options.  Use nmea0183
    * gpssnmp: Move from contrib/ to clients, add manpage
    * Add www/gpsd-client-example-code.adoc
    * Add gpsdebuginfo script and man page.
    * ubxtool: Add BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, and partial SBAS
      subframe decodes
    * Max serial port speed raised to 921,600.
    * SUBFRAME JSON now includes new fields to support multiple
    * gpsd: Add some ADR and UDR message partial decodes.
    * ubxtool: Add some ADR and UDR message polls and decodes.
    * Remove COMPASS_ENABLE.  Always compile attitude code.
    * contrib/ use argparse, arguments -V, --version,
    - -no-html-head.
    * Add readonly flag to DEVICE JSON.
    * Control messages to gpsd now return JSON, instead of, sometimes,
      OK or ERROR.
    * gpsfake uses "# Date: yyyy-mm-dd" to set initial time.
    * Don't compute wrong GPS rollover after 2021-10-23.
    * Bump libgps to version 29.
* Wed Jun 02 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - disable lto on aarch64 for now (bsc#1187089)
* Sat Jan 09 2021 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Update to version 3.22
    * Added client/gpscsv to convert gpsd JSON to csv.
    * Added client/gpsplot to dynamically plot gpsd JSON.
    * Added client/gpssubframe to decode gpsd SUBFRAME JSON.
    * Added nSat and uSat to SKY JSON.  Old clients can not read new
    * Move stuff from source root into clients/, include/, gpsmon/
      and libgps/.
    * Move stuff from source root into gpsd/.
    * Move class ubx out of ubxtool and into gps/
    * Build all targets in gpsd-$VERSION/, not in tree.
    * NMEA 4.11 support for $GI (IRNSS) and $GZ (QZSS).
  - Remove obsolete sed scripts that no longer serve a purpose
  - Use new ldconfig macros in Tumbleweed
* Thu Oct 22 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Update to version 3.21
    * Create python programs from .in files to allow macro substitution.
    * Finally clean .sconsign*.dblite with "scons -c"
    * Remove revision.h.  Move REVISION into gpsd_config.h
    * Change asciidoc to asciidoctor, and revise documents to match.
    * library version bumped to 27
    * Add leap_seconds to gps_data_t
    * Add/change many rtcm2 structs in gps.h
    * Add/change many rtcm3 structs in gps.h
    * Maindenhead now 8 chars.
    * Add icondir and sharedir install options
    * Install basic doc in sharedir
    * Move gps_data_t->status to gps_fix_t.status for better fix merging
    * The gps python module is now Pure Python + FFI.  FFI only for
    * User should manually delete any old packet*so.
    * Add wspeedt, wspeedr, wanglem, wanglet, wangler to  gps_fix_t
    * Add "-p CONFIG", "-p STATUS", "-t" and "-tt" options to ubxtool.
    * Add python_shebang option to scons config.
    * gpsrinex has long options and many new options.
    * Added long options to gpsd.
    * Remove unused FORCE_GLOBAL_ENABLE
    * Remove config option reconfigure, replace with -p, --passive runtime option.
    * Remove config option controlsend (RECONFIGURE_ENABLE)
    * Add config option rundir=XX.  Default set to /run, or /var/run as required.
    * Fixes for Python 2.6 up to 3.9.
* Fri Apr 17 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Update to version 3.20
    * Change README into an asciidoc file and publish HTML from it
    * Add NED and geoid_sep to gps_fix_t and TPV JSON.
    * Add "-e NED" to ubxtool to enable NED messages.
    * gpsdata.separation replaced by gpsdata.fix.geoid_sep.
    * Remove nofloats build option.
    * TPV JSON "alt" is now fixed at WGS84.  Probably.
    * xgps now uses XGPSOPTS environment variable.
    * add health variable to satellite_t
    * change satellite_t elevation and azimuth to double
    * satellite_t elevation, azimuth, and ss use NAN for unknown value.
    * add altMSL, altHAE, and depth, to gps_fix_t
    * altitude in gps_fix_t is deprecated and undefined
    * wgs84_separation() now return EGM2008 computed from 5x5 degree base data.
    * The best results are close to cm, the worst off up to 12m.
    * Move mag_var from gps_device_t to magnetic_var gps_data_t.
    * Added mag_var() to interpolate magnetic variation (deviation) from a table.
    * Remove true2magnetic() as mag_var() improves on it.
    * Remove TIMEHINT_ENABLE.  It only worked when enabled.
    * Remove NTP_ENABLE and NTPSHM_ENABLE.  It only worked when enabled.
    * Add dgps_age and dgps_station to gps_fix_t
    * Convert all timestamp_t to timespec_t.
    * Remove FIXED_PORT_SPEED and FIXED_STOP_BITS build options.
    * Add -s [speed] and -f [framing] runtime options to gpsd.
    * A working CC and termios.h are mandatory.
    * use the current leap second to determine the current GPS epoch.
    *, leapseconds.cache, timebase.h and leapfetch option gone.
  - Remove 0001-Make-sure-Qgpsmm.pc-is-usable.patch (upstreamed)
  - Fix legacy socket path
* Mon Mar 16 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Allow building without python2 available
* Sat Sep 28 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add 0001-Make-sure-Qgpsmm.pc-is-usable.patch to fix the bogus values
    in qgpsmm.pc
  - Update the URLs
* Tue Sep 17 2019
  - Update to version 3.19
    * Rearrange rawdata_t.  Bump the API because gps_data_t changed.
    * Report sequence-ID fields in type 7 and 13 AIS messages.
    * Preliminary support for SiRFstar V
    * Improve error modeling.
    * Update pseudo NMEA to v3.0, with fractional time.
    * Improve cycle detection, mostly for NMEA.
    * Move epe from gps_data_t to be near its friends in gps_fix_t.
    * Preliminary u-blox 9 support.
    * Add qErr in gps_data_t to store PPS quantization error.
    * Add Android (AOSP) support
    * Improved multi gnss and multi signal support.
    * NMEA 4.10 multi gnss multi signal support.
    * The arguments to "ubxtool -p P" have been expanded and changed.
    * New options, -g, -x, -z, added to ubxtool for u-blox 9 support.
  - Drop gpsd-declaration-in-for-loop.patch
* Mon Dec 10 2018 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Correct flag to disable stripping (nostrip=True)
  - Add gpsd-declaration-in-for-loop.patch to remove c99 construction
    (backport from upstream), fixes building for Leap-42.3
  - Upstream changed location of gpsd in systemd gpsd.service file
    (change it back to {_sbindir})
* Sun Nov 25 2018
  - Update to version 3.18.1
    * Fix some installation issues.
    * A few minor updates to ubxtool and driver_ubx.
    * Add contrib/skyview2svg
  - Update to version 3.18.0
    * Add ECEF support to ievermore, italk,Skytraq, SiRF, U-blox drivers.
    * Add ECEF support to JSON, cgps and xgps.
    * Add GREIS (Javad) driver from Virgin Orbit.
    * Add CLI tools zerk and ubxtool to manage JAVAD and u-blox GPS.
    * Add gnssid:svid to satellite_t, cgps and xgps.  PRN will die.
    * Add gnssid:svid to JSON, cgps and xgps.
    * Add stricter version checking (more to todo).
    * More and better regression tests.
    * Better Python dependency checking, at build time and runtime.
    * Fix several buffer issues.
    * New polar plots, and improved statistice, in gpsprof.
    * gpsd master/slave mode works, first time ever.
    * All isnan() changed to !isfinite(), fixing many bugs.
    * Client-side Python libraries may automatically reconnect
    * Too many other bug fixes and improvements to mention.
    * Over 1,000 commits from 46 different commiters.
  - Update to version 3.17.0
    * Repair support for non-NMEA devices requring active probing
      (e.g. Garmin USB GPSes).
    * Fix a SiRF driver bug that occasionally confused NTP.
    * Support for Spectratime iSync GRClok and LNRClok oscillators.
    * gpxlogger can reconnect when the GPS loses the fix.
    * xgps and xgpsspeed moved to python-gi, getting shut of the
      deprecated pygtk2 bindings.
    * Default mode for xgpsspeed is now the more interesting nautical
    * gpsmon includes the hostname with the device display.
      gpsprof now has centimeter precision.
  - Remove patch:
    * gpsd-python3.patch (not longer needed)
  - Update gpsd.keyring (old key 8C6C738D got superseeded by 0C898D47 )
* Thu Jun 28 2018
  - Fix requires for gpsd-clients
  - Cleanup spec file a bit
* Fri Jun 15 2018
  - Require python3 versions for packages importing python modules, all
    scripts use python3 as interpreter.
* Fri Dec 01 2017
  - build with Qt5
  - refreshed gpsd-python3.patch
* Tue Nov 28 2017
  - removed  gpsd-fix-shebang.patch
  - reworked gpsd-python3.patch
  - build python3 subpackage
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Nov 20 2017
  - Update to version 3.17:
    * Repair support for non-NMEA devices requring active probing
      (e.g. Garmin USB GPSes).
    * Fix a SiRF driver bug that occasionally confused NTP.
    * Support for Spectratime iSync GRClok and LNRClok oscillators.
    * gpxlogger can reconnect when the GPS loses the fix.
    * xgps and xgpsspeed moved to python-gi,
      getting shut of the deprecated pygtk2 bindings.
    * Default mode for xgpsspeed is now the more interesting nautical
    * gpsmon includes the hostname with the device display.
    * gpsprof now has centimeter precision.
  - Add gpsd-python3.patch to fix building with python3
  - Fix shebangs of python script (currently still python2)
  - Refresh gpsd-fix-shebang.patch
* Mon Nov 13 2017
  - Rename python subpackage to python2
* Thu Apr 06 2017
  - Remove conditionals for 1210 and older (oldest codebase built is SLE12)
  - run scons in multiple threads
  - convert to pkgconfig dependencies
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Cleanup build/spec file:
    * Use .desktop files and PNG icon from tarball
    * correct flag to disable stripping (nostrip=True)
* Fri Aug 26 2016
  - Update gpsd.keyring (old key 8421F11C got superseeded by 8C6C738D)
  - Added "-std=gnu++98" to the compile-flags otherwise compilation will break
    on systems with >= gcc6
  - ifdef "Requires: pps-tools-devel" since it's only available on recent
  - Update to version 3.16
    * Test rebuilds for mid-2015 leapsecond bump.
    * Regression tests will run even if "python" in Python 3.
    * Build correctly on systems where -ltinfo is split from -lncurses.
    * Avoid some rare overflow conditions in PPS code.
    * Fix bugs in JSON sat-view parsing due to the JSON parser stuffing
      ints into shorts.
    * Various small fixes to AIS interpretation.
    * Prevent a memory leak in long-running gpsmon instances.
    * Fix Savannah bug #45270: serial driver does not work properly on pipes.
    * Fix Savannah bug #44648: GPSD won't build if CCFLAGS contains options
      that are only compatible with the cros1s-compiler.
    * Fix Savannah bug #45342: SConstruct generates wrong *.pc files.
    * Fix Savannah bug #46495: gpsd_poll may crash due to unitialized pointer
      (probably due to buggy FD_ISSET on host system).
    * Fix Savannah bug #46648: gpsd crashes and buffer overflow is reported
      when terminated.
    * Fix Savannah bug #46802: AIVDM to CSV is broken in some weird cases.
    * Fix Savannah bug #46804: JSON satellite view parsing is somewhat broken.
* Tue Aug 09 2016
  - use pkgconfig(udev) to always allow using udev-mini
* Mon Aug 08 2016
  - add pps-tools-devel as BuildRequires to enable kernel PPS
* Mon Aug 01 2016
  - use pkg-config to figure out udevdir. Fixes bootstrapping with
* Tue Nov 24 2015
  - Added missing requirements %{libgps} and %{libQgps} for devel package
* Sun Nov 08 2015
  - Update to version 3.15
    * Fix a rare crash bug related to devices becomin inaccessible
      while timed out.
    * Accept NMEA 4.1 GSV sententences with the trailing signal-ID field.
    * Fixed incorrect decode of south latitudes in AIS Type 17 messages.
    * splint has been retired; this removes almost 2KLOC of annotations.
    * chrpath is no longer a build dependency. Corrected Beidou/QZNSS display
      in the Python clients so the graphics don't look like SBAS.
  - Changes from version 3.14
    * Skyview support for the Beidou and QZSS constellations in the
      NMEA0183 driver.
    * ntpmon rename to ntpshmmon - it doesn't actually monitor NTP itself.
    * New HOWTO on the website: "Introduction to Time Service".
  - Remove gpsd-3.13-ntpshm.patch; fixed on upstream release
* Sat Mar 07 2015
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Add gpg signature
  - Add gpsd-3.13-ntpshm.patch
  - Install unit files
  - Update to 3.13
    * compiler.h inclusion removed for gps.h so it's standalone
      for /usr/include.
    * TOFF JSON report gives the offset between GPS top of second and
      clock time.
    * A new ntpmon tool supports capturing clock samples from NTP
      SHM segments.
  - Changes for 3.12
    * The daemon's power utilization has been reduced by changing
      from non-blocking to blocking I/O; this may be significant
      on mobile devices.
    * Better protection against false matches of Inland AIS messages;
      thisrequired a libgps version bump to 22 (as a side effect,
      per-devicefootprint has decreased).
    * PPS feature is no longer markedexperimental/unstable.
    * Sentence tag fields have been dropped from the JSON reports.
    * GNSS and GLONASS SKY reports are now merged.
    * Addressed versions of AIS Type 25 and 26 are now handled.
    * The 'nmea' build option is now 'nmea0183'.
    * New 'minimal' option sets all boolean options not explicitly
      set on the build command line to false.
    * The 'limited_max_devices' option is now 'max_devices'; the
      'limited_max_clients' option is now 'max_clients'
    * The previously deprecated 'libQgpsmm' option has been
      removed; use 'qt'.
    * A bug fix for error modeling when NMEA 0183 reports empty DOP fields.
    * On OS X, the "osx-pl203" driver has been explicitly listed
      as unsupported.
    * The last remnants of the old pre-JSON query protocol have
      been removed from the client library.
* Thu Jan 15 2015
  - Update to version 3.11
    * A bug that prevented track interpolation has been fixed.
    * We now get vertical error position and speed estimates from the
      u-blox driver rather than having to interpolate them.
    * Some unusual AIS talker IDs (NMEA 4.0 station classes) are supported.
    * chrpath is no longer a dependency for building and testing, and
      now defaults to 'no'.
    * Full systemd support.
    * Fixes for handling large PPS offsets.
    * Improved recovery from device flakeouts, gpsmon argument parsing.
  - Disable chrpath
* Tue Nov 25 2014
  - Added python-gpsd requires for gpsd-clients



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