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gpgme-1.13.1-lp152.3.3.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 updates for i586

Name: gpgme Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.13.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.3.1 Build date: Wed Apr 21 16:13:34 2021
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: goat19
Size: 941053 Source RPM: gpgme-1.13.1-lp152.3.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Programmatic library interface to GnuPG
GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) is a library designed to make access to GnuPG
easier for applications. It provides a high-level crypto API for
encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification, and key
management. It uses GnuPG as its back-end.




LGPL-2.1-or-later AND GPL-3.0-or-later


* Wed Mar 31 2021 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Fix t-json test in SP3: [bsc#1183801]
    * tests/json: Bravo key does not have secret key material
    * tests/json: Do not check for keygrip of pubkeys
    * core: Make sure the keygrip is available in WITH_SECRET mode
  - Add gpgme-test-json.patch
* Wed Oct 16 2019 Michael Gorse <>
  - Build qt bindings separately to avoid build cycle with
* Fri Jun 14 2019 Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
  - gpgme 1.13.1:
    * core: At debug levels up to 9 print only an ascii dump.
    * core: Add commented debug helper to posix-io.c.
    * core: Fix error return value of _gpgme_run_io_cb.
    * core: Prettify _gpgme_io_select debug output again and fix TRACE_SYSRES.
    * core: Improve the debug messages even more.
    * core: Avoid explicit locks in the debug code.
    * json: Print "nan", "-inf", "inf" if needed.
    * json: Improve handling of large exponents in the JSON parsor.
    * core: Implement recpstring option parsing for gpgsm.
    * core: Make gpgme_op_encrypt_ext work for CMS.
    * python: Fix typo in DecryptionError exception.
    * python: Make EXTRA_DIST files explicit.
    * Python, doc: Minor style improvement.
    * Always use maintainer mode -Wno cflags.
    * cpp: Fix initialization warning.
    * python: stop raising BadSignatures from decrypt(verify=True)
    * cpp: Add wrapper for gpgme_set_global_flag.
    * core: Fix duplication of close_notify_handler for gpgsm.
* Sun Mar 31 2019 Andreas Stieger <>
  - gpgme 1.13.0:
    * Support GPGME_AUDITLOG_DIAG for gpgsm
    * New context flag "trust-model".
    * Aligned the gpgrt-config code with our other libaries
    * Auto-check for all installed Python versions
    * Fixed generating card key in the C++ bindings
    * Fixed a segv due to bad parameters in genkey
    * Fixed crash if the plaintext is ignored in a CMS verify
    * Fixed test suite problems related to dtags
    * Fixed bunch of python bugs
    * Several fixes to the Common Lisp bindings
    * Fixed minor bugs in gpgme-json
    * Require trace level 8 to dump all I/O data
    * The compiler must now support variadic macros
  - drop gpgme-key-expirity.patch, included upstream
* Wed Jan 09 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Regen keys in Qt tests to not expire bsc#1121051:
    * gpgme-key-expirity.patch
* Tue Oct 09 2018 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Fix the build on ix86 as we disable one test there that should
    not work, sadly just sed is employed as the infrastructure for
    testing is not smart enough for comfy test filtering
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Karol Babioch <>
  - Update to 1.12.0:
    * Enhanced the JSON based interface tool gpgme-json to support Native
    Messaging as well as new Javascript code to support the browser
    site.  See lang/js/README for details.
    * Major overhaul of the Python language bindings documentation
    * Even for old versions of gpg a missing MDC will now lead to a
    decryption failure
    * Added context flag "auto-key-locate" to control the
    * New data function to create a data object from an estream
    * Add more interfaces to the C++ binding
    * Improved error codes on decryption failure
    * Lots of minor fixes
    * Interface changes
* Fri Apr 20 2018
  - update to 1.11.1:
    * Fixed build problems in the 1.11.0 releas
      drop gpgme-1.11-fix-gpgme-json-rpath.patch,
      drop gpgme-1.11-fix-tests.patch
    * Added C++ interfaces which were planned for 1.11.0
* Thu Apr 19 2018
  - Update to 1.11
    * New encryption API to support direct key specification including
    hidden recipients option and taking keys from a file.  This also
    allows to enforce the use of a subkey.
    * New encryption flag for the new API to enforce the use of plain
    mail addresses (addr-spec).
    * The import API can now tell whether v3 keys are skipped. These
    old and basically broken keys are not anymore supported by GnuPG
    * The decrypt and verify API will now return the MIME flag as
    specified by RFC-4880bis.
    * The offline mode now has an effect on gpg by disabling all
    network access.
    * A failed OpenPGP verification how returns the fingerprint of the
    intended key if a recent gpg version was used for signature
    * Various minor fixes.
  - Dropped patch 0001-core-Tweak-STATUS_FAILURE-handling.patch, since
    it is included upstream now.
  - add gpgme-1.11-fix-gpgme-json-rpath.patch to remove rpath
  - add gpgme-1.11-fix-tests.patch to fix tests
* Mon Apr 16 2018
  - bsc#1089497: Address failure handling issues when using gpg 2.2.6
    via gpgme, as used by libzypp
    Add 0001-core-Tweak-STATUS_FAILURE-handling.patch
* Mon Jan 08 2018
  - Tweak up the python conditional to allow us finegraining and
    selecting only py2 or py3 if needed
* Tue Dec 12 2017
  - gpgme 1.10.0:
    * Now returns more specific error codes for decryption to distinguish
      between bad passphrase, user canceled, and no secret key.
    * Now returns key origin information if available.
    * Added context flag "auto-key-retrieve" to selectively enable the
      corresponding gpg option.
    * Added flag is_de_vs to decryption and verify results.
    * py: Use SEEK_SET as default for
    * cpp: Various new APIs.
    * Reduced spawn overhead on Linux again.  Added new configure option
    - -disable-linux-getdents to disable this feature for very old
      Linux versions.
    * Improved the Python bindings build system.
    * Made the test suite less fragile.
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.9.0 release:
      gpgme_decrypt_result_t      EXTENDED: New field 'is_de_vs'.
      gpgme_signature_t           EXTENDED: New field 'is_de_vs'.
      gpgme_keyorg_t              NEW.
      gpgme_op_delete_ext         NEW.
      gpgme_op_delete_ext_start   NEW.
      GPGME_DELETE_FORCE          NEW.
      gpgme_op_conf_dir           NEW.
      gpgme_set_ctx_flag          EXTENDED: New flag 'auto-key-retrieve'.
      cpp: DecryptionResult::isDeVs         NEW.
      cpp: Signature::isDeVs                NEW.
      cpp: EngineInfo::Version::operator>   NEW.
      cpp: Context::createKey               NEW.
      cpp: Context::startCreateKey          NEW.
      cpp: Context::createSubkey            NEW.
      cpp: Context::startCreateSubkey       NEW.
      qt: QuickJob                          NEW.
      py: DecryptResult           EXTENDED: New boolean field 'is_de_vs'.
      py: Signature               EXTENDED: New boolean field 'is_de_vs'.
      py: GpgError                EXTENDED: Partial results in 'results'.
* Tue Nov 07 2017
  - Make python package naming consistent with python singlespec
* Tue Mar 28 2017
  - gpgme 1.9.0:
    * Clarified meaning of the 'expire' parameter of gpgme_op_createkey
    and gpgme_op_createsubkey.  New flag to force a key without an
    expiration date.
    * New function gpgme_op_keylist_from_data_start to list keys from
    data objects without importing them.
    * New function gpgme_op_set_uid_flag to flag a key as primary.
    * New function gpgme_op_decrypt_ext to run decryption with special
    flags.  This can for example be used to unwrap keys (remove only
    the encryption layer).
    * New encryption flags to wrap a key (adding an encryption layer to
    an OpenPGP message) or to create anonymously encrypted messages.
    * Support for adduid and revuid operations in the C++ bindings.
    * Support for smartcard key generation in the C++ bindings.
    * Several new functions for the Python binding.
    * Many smaller bug fixes.
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.8.0 release:
    gpgme_op_createkey          CHANGED: Meaning of 'expire' parameter.
    gpgme_op_createsubkey       CHANGED: Meaning of 'expire' parameter.
    gpgme_key_t                 EXTENDED: New field 'origin'.
    gpgme_key_t                 EXTENDED: New field 'last_update'.
    gpgme_subkey_t              EXTENDED: New field 'is_de_vs'.
    gpgme_user_id_t             EXTENDED: New field 'origin'.
    gpgme_user_id_t             EXTENDED: New field 'last_update'.
    gpgme_op_keylist_from_data_start NEW.
    gpgme_op_set_uid_flag_start      NEW.
    gpgme_op_set_uid_flag            NEW.
    gpgme_op_decrypt_ext_start       NEW.
    gpgme_op_decrypt_ext             NEW.
    GPGME_ENCRYPT_WRAP               NEW.
    gpgme_data_rewind                UN-DEPRECATE.
    cpp: Context::revUid(const Key&, const char*)      NEW.
    cpp: Context::startRevUid(const Key&, const char*) NEW.
    cpp: Context::addUid(const Key&, const char*)      NEW.
    cpp: Context::startAddUid(const Key&, const char*) NEW.
    cpp: Key::UserID::revoke()                         NEW.
    cpp: Key::addUid()                                 NEW.
    cpp: Key::isDeVs                                   NEW.
    cpp: GpgGenCardKeyInteractor                       NEW.
    cpp: Subkey::keyGrip                               NEW.
    cpp: Subkey::isDeVs                                NEW.
    cpp: Data::toKeys                                  NEW.
    cpp: Context::setDecryptFlags                      NEW.
    cpp: Context::decrypt                         EXTENDED: Flags added.
    cpp: Context::startDecrypt                    EXTENDED: Flags added.
    cpp: Context::decryptAndVerify                EXTENDED: Flags added.
    cpp: Context::startCombinedDecryptionAndVerification EXTENDED: Flags.
    cpp: Context::encryptFlags                    EXTENDED: New flags.
    qt: CryptoConfig::stringValueList()                NEW.
    py: Context.__init__        EXTENDED: New keyword arg home_dir.
    py: Context.home_dir        NEW.
    py: Context.keylist         EXTENDED: New keyword arg mode.
    py: Context.keylist         EXTENDED: New keyword arg source.
    py: Context.create_key      NEW.
    py: Context.create_subkey   NEW.
    py: Context.key_add_uid     NEW.
    py: Context.key_revoke_uid  NEW.
    py: Context.key_sign        NEW.
    py: Context.key_tofu_policy NEW.
    py: core.pubkey_algo_string NEW.
    py: core.addrspec_from_uid  NEW.
  - drop upstreamed patches:
    * gpgme-include_functional.patch
    * remove-a-forgotten-instance-of-libsuffix.diff
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - Re-conditionalize python builds, to allow gpgme to build on
    Leap 42.3 (python tests fail with an older gpg, see
    gpg issue 3008)
  - Enable Qt build also on Leap 42.3 (needed for KDE PIM)
* Tue Feb 14 2017
  - Unconditionalize python and python3 builds
  - Unconditionalize c++ build
* Mon Feb 13 2017
  - Fix RPM groups
* Mon Feb 13 2017
  - Do not condition around the qt version as it breaks baselibs validator
* Tue Feb 07 2017
  - gpgme-include_functional.patch: include <functional> where
    needed, fix GCC7 build
* Tue Nov 22 2016
  - Add remove-a-forgotten-instance-of-libsuffix.diff: fix CMake
    files for gpgmepp (or they won't work with KDE software)
* Sat Nov 19 2016
  - gpgme 1.8:
    * The module of the Python bindings has been renamed to 'gpg'.
    * New interface to query current software versions.
    * New feature to use gpg's --{show,override}session-key options.
    * New interface to set the sender of a mail.
    * qt: Added Distinguished Name parser from libkleo
    * The --homedir option is now used with recent gpgconf versions.
    * The internal locking functions have been replaced by libgpg-error
      locking functions.
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.7.1 release:
      gpgme_set_sender                NEW.
      gpgme_get_sender                NEW.
      gpgme_op_query_swdb             NEW.
      gpgme_op_query_swdb_result      NEW.
      gpgme_query_swdb_result_t       NEW.
      gpgme_get_ctx_flag              NEW.
      gpgme_decrypt_result_t          EXTENDED: New field session_key.
      qt: DN                          NEW.
      qt: DN::Attribute               NEW.
      qt: Job::context(Job*)          NEW.
      cpp: EngineInfo::Version::Version(const char*) NEW.
      cpp: EngineInfo::Version::Version()            NEW.
      cpp: SwdbResult                                NEW.
      cpp: Context::setSender(const char*)           NEW.
      cpp: Context::getSender()                      NEW.
* Fri Oct 21 2016
  - in addition to dropping gpgme-1.7.0-python-Include-config.h.patch
    remove automake depdendency and call
  - build QT lib only on Factory
* Thu Oct 20 2016
  - Trim and update descriptions
* Tue Oct 18 2016
  - New upstream release 1.7.1
    * Fixed problems with the new language bindings.
    * New helper function gpgme_addrspec_from_uid.
    * Use option --exit-on-status-write-error with newer gpg versions.
    * qt: Missed API from the Qt Binding inclusion has
      been added again.
    * qt: abstractimportjob.h is now installed to that
      ImportJobs can be used again.
    * qt: Fixed spelling error in API (startReceive).
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.7.0 release:
      gpgme_addrspec_from_uid         NEW.
      qt: WksPublishJob::startRecieve RENAMED to ::startReceive.
      qt: MultiDeleteJob              NEW.
      qt: AbstractImportJob           NEW.
      qt: SpecialJob                  NEW.
      cpp: Signature::key(bool, bool)              NEW.
      cpp: UserID::addrSpecFromString(const char*) NEW.
      cpp: UserID::addrSpec()                      NEW.
  - Drop conflict (handled on kdepimlibs4 side)
  - Drop upstreamed patches:
    * gpgme-1.7.0-nonvoid-returns.patch
    * gpgme-1.7.0-cpp-qt-Include-config.h.patch
    * gpgme-1.7.0-python-Include-config.h.patch
* Wed Oct 12 2016
  - Switch on the Qt bindings
  - Add missing buildrequires, files, and needed adjustments for the
    Qt build
* Tue Oct 11 2016
  - Conflict libgpgmepp-devel with kdepimlibs4-devel as they both
    install the same header (kdepimlibs4 for historical reasons)
* Mon Sep 26 2016
  - gpgme 1.7.0:
    * Python2 bindings
    * C++ bindings
    * disabled: Python3, Qt-Framework API
    * New functions gpgme_op_createkey and gpgme_op_createsubkey to make
      key creation easier (requires GnuPG 2.1).
    * New functions gpgme_op_adduid and gpgme_op_revuid to make user id
      management easier (requires GnuPG 2.1).
    * New function gpgme_op_keysign to make key signing easier (requires
      GnuPG 2.1).
    * New function gpgme_op_interact to replace the now deprecated
      functions gpgme_op_edit and gpgme_op_card_edit.
    * New function gpgme_pubkey_algo_string to convert a public key
      algorithm into a GnuPG 2.1 style string.
    * Support for GnuPG 2.1's TOFU trust model.
    * Notation flags are now correctly set on verify.
    * New global flag "require-gnupg" to set a minimal gnupg version.
    * More supported items in gpgme_get_dirinfo.
    * New function gpgme_data_set_flag and flag "size-hint".
    * New function gpgme_set_ctx_flag and flags "full-status" and
    * Improved gpgme_data_identify to distinguish more file types.
    * New flag GPGME_ENCRYPT_SYMMETRIC for gpgme_op_encrypt to allow
      mixed public key and symmetric encryption.
    * New field KEYGRIP in gpgme_subkey_t.  New fields FPR in gpgme_key_t.
    * New flag GPGME_DATA_ENCODING_MIME to declare that the encrypted or
      signed data is a valid MIME part.  This is to support future GnuPG
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.6.0 release:
      gpgme_pubkey_algo_string       NEW.
      GPGME_PK_EDDSA                 NEW.
      gpgme_set_ctx_flag             NEW.
      gpgme_data_set_flag            NEW.
      gpgme_op_createkey             NEW.
      gpgme_op_createkey_start       NEW.
      gpgme_op_createsubkey          NEW.
      gpgme_op_createsubkey_start    NEW.
      gpgme_op_adduid_start          NEW.
      gpgme_op_adduid                NEW.
      gpgme_op_revuid_start          NEW.
      gpgme_op_revuid                NEW.
      gpgme_op_keysign_start         NEW.
      gpgme_op_keysign               NEW.
      gpgme_op_tofu_policy_start     NEW.
      gpgme_op_tofu_policy           NEW.
      gpgme_op_interact_start        NEW.
      gpgme_op_interact              NEW.
      gpgme_interact_cb_t            NEW.
      gpgme_op_edit_start            DEPRECATED.
      gpgme_op_edit                  DEPRECATED.
      gpgme_op_card_edit_start       DEPRECATED.
      gpgme_op_card_edit             DEPRECATED.
      gpgme_edit_cb_t                DEPRECATED.
      gpgme_status_code_t            DEPRECATED.
      gpgme_genkey_result_t          EXTENDED: New fields pubkey and seckey.
      gpgme_signature_t              EXTENDED: New field key.
      gpgme_key_t                    EXTENDED: New field fpr.
      gpgme_subkey_t                 EXTENDED: New field keygrip.
      gpgme_user_id_t                EXTENDED: New field tofu.
      gpgme_tofu_policy_t            NEW.
      gpgme_tofu_info_t              NEW.
      GPGME_CREATE_SIGN              NEW.
      GPGME_CREATE_ENCR              NEW.
      GPGME_CREATE_CERT              NEW.
      GPGME_CREATE_AUTH              NEW.
      GPGME_CREATE_FORCE             NEW.
      GPGME_KEYSIGN_LOCAL            NEW.
      GPGME_KEYSIGN_LFSEP            NEW.
      GPGME_INTERACT_CARD            NEW.
    * Add patches to fix build:
      + gpgme-1.7.0-nonvoid-returns.patch
      + gpgme-1.7.0-cpp-qt-Include-config.h.patch
      + gpgme-1.7.0-python-Include-config.h.patch
* Fri Sep 11 2015
  - restore taking build timestamp from changelog date
* Wed Aug 26 2015
  - gpgme 1.6.0:
    * Added gpgme_set_offline to do a key listinging w/o requiring
    * Added gpgme_set_status_cb to allow a user to see some status
    * Added an export mode for secret keys.
    * More precise error codes are returned if GnuPG >= 2.1.8 is used.
    * The passphrase handler for the loopback mode has been improved and may
    also be used with genkey.
    * Interface changes relative to the 1.5.1 release:
    gpgme_set_offline              NEW.
    gpgme_get_offline              NEW.
    gpgme_set_status_cb            NEW.
    gpgme_get_status_cb            NEW.
* Fri Jun 19 2015
  - fix install-info for clean uninstall [boo#935339]
* Mon Jun 08 2015
  - gpgme 1.5.5:
    * Fixed crash in key listings for user ids with a backslash.
    * Fixed regression for GPGSM use with GnuPG < 2.1.
    * Properly set signature summary for revoked OpenPGP keys.
* Tue Apr 14 2015
  - gpgme 1.5.4:
    * Fixed a possible crash in the debug code.
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - making the build reproducible - see
    for a very similiar problem
* Fri Dec 26 2014
  - gpgme 1.5.3:
    * The export key functions do now return an error if used with the
    latest GnuPG version.
* Sat Nov 22 2014
  - gpgme 1.5.2:
    + gpgme-tool is now installed.
    + Fix external listing for modern keyservers.
    + Minor other fixes.
  - disable failing unit tests



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