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ImageMagick-doc- RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: ImageMagick-doc Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed May 20 21:40:20 2020
Group: Documentation/HTML Build host: cloud135
Size: 10085484 Source RPM: ImageMagick-
Summary: Document Files for ImageMagick Library
HTML documentation for ImageMagick library and scene examples.






* Tue May 19 2020
  - use --quiet option to update-alternatives [bsc#1171431]
* Mon May 18 2020
  - version update to
    * Black artefacts during quantization (reference
* Tue May 12 2020
  - version update to
    * Disable "random" OpenCL kernel.  Previously the work load was distributed
      but each started with the same random seed.
    * Finished implementation of -distort rigid-affine.
    * Enable threaded PNG coder.
* Mon May 04 2020
  - version update to
    * Correction to allocate a colormap of the maximum colors when color
      reducing an image sequence.
    * Write to stdout for mp4:-.
    * Allocate a colormap of the maximum colors when color reducing an image
    * Label was not centered properly (reference
    * Some configure --with-method-prefix methods were missing (reference
    * Fix erroneous "insufficient image data" exception (reference
    * Fix an unconditional jump for the XPM coder (reference
    * Improve unrotate value returned by the minimum bounding box (thanks
      to Fred Weinhaus).
    * Default inkscape delegate to version 0.92 (reference
    * Set monochrome image depth to 1 for Group4 compression.
    * The X max attribute for certain fonts is zero (reference
    * Multi-value of jp2:quality does not work (reference
    * Return EPS & TIFF images from the EPT image format (reference
* Mon Mar 30 2020
  - version update to
    * The -charcoal option should ignore the alpha channel.
    * Fix numerical instability issue when drawing lines
    * Improve mono font rendering (reference
* Wed Mar 25 2020
  - version update to
    * Fixed another sizing issue with the label coder when pointsize is set.
    * Respect explicit image filename modified (e.g. png24:im.png) (reference
    * Add support for returning the minimum bounding box of an image with the
      %[minimum-bounding-box] property.
    * Stroked dash array render properly again.
* Fri Mar 20 2020
  - version update to
    * Add support for returning the convex hull of an image with the
      %[canvas-hull] property.
    * Added option to specify the preferred version when writing a PDF file with
    - define pdf:version=version (e.g. 1.7).
    * Do not throw exception on empty draw path (reference
    * Fix possible buffer overflow in ComplexImages().
    * SVG to MVG requires transforms to appear before clipping paths (reference
* Mon Mar 09 2020
  - version update to
    * Label text no longer gets cut-off (reference
    * Prevent heap overflow (reference
* Mon Mar 02 2020
  - version update to
    * Make sure we can grok this Fx expression: 1- -2.
    * Do not advance when substituting a NULL string.
    * Correct alpha for named colors in the Q32 non-HDRI build.
    * Write Group4 compressed image as a single strip.
    * No percent sign in lab() color.
    * Introducing the -color-threshold command-line option.
    * Handle out of range HDRI values for -statistic option (reference
    * Fix improper casting when computing image signature (reference
* Mon Feb 24 2020
  - version update to
    * Adapt to a change in command-line options in the SVG inkscape delegate.
    * No percent sign in lab() color.
    * Support connected-components:eccentricity-threshold,
    * Set the alpha channel if the write mask is not enabled.
    * Corrected ellipse orientation when computing image moments.
* Mon Feb 17 2020
  - version update to
    * Report gray(127.5) as gray(50%).
    * Support -define connected-components:perimeter-threshold=min-max
* Mon Feb 10 2020
  - version update to
    * More work on connect components, e.g. keep-colors, remove-colors,
    * Initialize mutex before locking if its not already initialized.
    * Support 24-bit TIFF images.
* Mon Feb 03 2020
  - version update to
    * Support additional connected components defines.
    * Refresh cache morphology when writing MPC images.
* Mon Jan 27 2020
  - version update to
    * Alpha draw primitive no longer returns a parser exception.
    * Support 32-bit tiled TIFF images.
    * New -connected-component options (reference
    * Make PNG creation reproducible (reference
    * Refactor uninitialize variable patch for -fx "while(,)" expression.
* Tue Jan 21 2020
  - version update to
    * Allow larger negative interline spacing (reference
    * Conditional compile for huge xml pages for RSVG delegate library.
    * Put "width" property in the PNG namespace (reference
    * -combine -colorspace sRGB no longer returns grayscale output (reference
    * Support Jzazbz colorspace (contributed by snibgo @
* Tue Jan 14 2020
  - version update to
    * Fixed three failing Magick.NET unit tests.
    * Also support svg:xml-parse-huge when using librsvg.
    * Optimize -evaluate-sequence option (reference
    * Support Fx do() iterator.
    * `magick -size 100x100 xc:black black.pnm` no longer creates a white image
    * setjmp/longjmp in jpeg.c no longer trigger undefind behavior (reference
    * Permit compositing in the CMYK colorspace (reference
* Wed Jan 08 2020
  - version update to
    * Support extended Fx assignment operators (e.g. *=, /=, ++, --, etc.)
    * Support Fx for() iterator.
    * Optimize Fx performance.
    * Ensure circle.rb renders the same for IMv6 and IMv7
* Thu Jan 02 2020
  - version update to
    * xc:white no longer creates a black PNM image (reference
    * Sync pixel cache for -kmeans option.
    * Thread -kmeans option.
    * PSD: only set the alpha channel when type is not 0.
    * Fix Lab to custom profile (CMYK or RGB) conversion bug (reference
    * Fix Build failure with MinGW-w64 (reference
    * Inject image profile properties immediately after the image is read.
    * Replace pseudo-random number generator with a Xoshiro generator.
    * The -layers optimize option requires a fully transparent previous image.
    * Some clang releases do not support _aligned_alloc().
    * Support -kmeans command-line option.
    * The -layers optimize option requires a fully transparent previous image.
* Fri Dec 20 2019
  - version update to
    * Build file clean-up (reference
    * Improve semaphore handling @
    * Introduce HeapOverflowSanityCheckGetExtent() method (reference
    * The -layers optimize option requires a fully transparent previous image.
* Thu Dec 12 2019
  - version update to
    * -type bilevel behavior restored, it creates a black and white image.
    * Support Pocketmod image format, e.g.
      convert -density 300 pages?.pdf pocketmod:organize.pdf
    * Fixed numerous issues  posted to GitHub (reference
    * Update documentation.
  - deleted patches
    - ImageMagick-targa.patch (upstreamed)
* Wed Nov 27 2019
  - version update to
    * Increase the maximum number of bezier coordinates (reference
    * Santize "'" from SHOW and WIN delegates under Linux, '"\' for Windows
      (thanks to Enzo Puig).
    * Correct for TGA orientation (reference
    * The result for -compose Copy -extent on a  MYK image is CMYK (reference
    * Fix potential buffer overflow when reading a fax image (alert from
    * Support dng:use-camera-wb option.
  - added patches
    + ImageMagick-targa.patch
* Wed Nov 20 2019
  - version update to
    * Ensure Ascii85 compression is thread safe.
    * Santize ';' from SHOW and WIN delegates.
    * Add exception parameter to CMS transform methods.
    * Output exception there is an attempt to perform an operation not allowed by
      the security policy
    * JPEG and JPG are aliases in coder security policy.
    * Fixed numerous issues  posted to GitHub
* Wed Oct 30 2019
  - version update to
    * Fixed numerous issues  posted to GitHub (reference
    * Support trim:background-color define for -trim option.
  - modified sources
    % baselibs.conf
* Mon Oct 07 2019
  - version update to
    * Support animated WebP encoding/decoding (reference
    * Text stroke cut off (reference
    * Adds support for lossless JPEG1 recompression (reference
    * line endings renedered as empty boxes (reference
* Mon Sep 23 2019
  - version update to
    * Support compound statements in FX while() (reference
    * Eliminate fault when trace delegate is not available.
    * Properly distinquish linear and non-linear gray colorspaces (reference
    * Support XPM symbolic (reference
    * DilateIntensity is channel independent (reference
* Mon Sep 02 2019
  - version update to
    * Properly identify the DNG and AI image format (reference
    * Added option to limit the maximum point size with -define
    * Corrected JP2 numresolution calculation (reference:
* Wed Aug 21 2019
  - version update to
    * Issue with -background and -swirl (reference
    * Enable reading EXR image file from stdin.
    * Module is a reserved keyword for C++ 20 (reference
    * Improve GetNextToken() performance.
    * Heap-buffer-overflow in Postscript coder (reference
    * The -alpha shape option nondeteministic under OpenMP (reference
    * Correction to the ModulusAdd and ModulusSubtract composite op (reference
* Mon Jul 22 2019
  - version update to
    * Unexpected -alpha shape results (reference
    * Converting from PDF to PBM inverts the image (reference
    * Heap-buffer overflow (reference
    * PerlMagick test suite passes again (reference
    * resolve division by zero  (reference
    * introducing MagickLevelImageColors() MagickWand method.
    * Transient problem with text placement with gravity (reference
    * Support TIM2 image format (reference
    * For -magnify option, specify an alternative scaling method with -define
      magnify:method=method, choose from these methods: eagle2X, eagle3X,
      eagle3XB, epb2X, fish2X, hq2X,  scale2X (default), scale3X, xbr2X.
* Mon Jul 15 2019
  - version update to
    * Fix -fx parsing issue (reference
    * Eliminate buffer overflow in TranslateEvent() (reference
    * Clone rather than copy X window name/icon.
    * Optimize PDF reader.
* Mon Jun 24 2019
  - version update to
    * Added support for reading all images from a HEIC image (reference
    * Heap-buffer-overflow in MagickCore/fourier.c (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
* Tue Jun 18 2019
  - disable indirect reads [bsc#1138425]
  - modified patches
    % ImageMagick-configuration-SUSE.patch (refreshed)
* Wed Jun 12 2019
  - version update to
    * Add support for RGB565 image format (reference
    * Use user defined allocator instead of `malloc` (reference
    * Add static decorator to accelerator kernels (reference
* Mon Jun 03 2019
  - version update to
    * Fix transient convolution bug.
  - deleted patches
    - ImageMagick-montage.t-failing.patch (upstreamed)
* Tue May 28 2019
  - version update to
    * Support 16 and 32 bit tiled float TIFF images.
    * Convolve morphology alpha channel fix (reference
    * Text improvements to the internal SVG renderer.
  - disable failing averageImages test for i586
  - modified patches
    disable also PCL [bsc#1136183]
    % ImageMagick-configuration-SUSE.patch
  - added patches
    + ImageMagick-montage.t-failing.patch
* Mon May 27 2019
  - version update to
    * Return HEIC images in the sRGB colorspace.
    * Fix image signatures to ensure they are Q-depth invariant (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
* Mon May 13 2019
  - version update to
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
* Mon Apr 29 2019
  - version update to
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
* Tue Apr 23 2019
  - version update to
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * Honor SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable (reference
    * Standardize on UTC time for any image format timestamp.
    * Add MagickAutoThresholdImage(), MagickCannyEdgeImage(),
      MagickComplexImages(), MagickConnectedComponentsImage(),
      MagickHoughLineImage(), MagickKuwaharaImage(), MagickLevelizeImageColors(),
      MagickLevelImageColors(), MagickMeanShiftImage(), MagickPolynomialImage(),
      MagickRangeThresholdImage(), MagickSetSeed(), MagickWaveletDenoiseImage()
      methods to MagickWand API.
* Tue Apr 23 2019
  -bsc#1133110 - Remove jasper dependency from ImageMagick
* Tue Apr 16 2019
  - version update to
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * The -layers option compared pixels inocorrectly as opacity rather than
    * The -preview raise option now returns expected results.
    * Initialise ghostscript instances with NULL (reference
    * Modulo off by one patch for -virtual-pixel option (reference
* Thu Apr 04 2019
  - version update to
    * Fixed -virtual-pixel option (reference
    * -draw image DstOver is now responsive to the composite operator (reference
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
* Mon Mar 18 2019
  - added temporary %pretrans to ImageMagick-config-upstream and
    ImageMagick-config-SUSE [bsc#1122033comment#37]
* Mon Mar 18 2019
  - version update to
    * Associate one lock with each resource.
    * Report exception if opening TIFF did not work out.
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
* Wed Mar 13 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-33
    * Fix SVG conversion infinite loop (reference
    * Initialize primitive drawing structure after resizing.
    * Fix out-of-boundary LocaleLowerCase() @
    * -trim is no longer sensitive to the image virtual canvas.
* Mon Mar 04 2019
  - update to 7.0.8-30
    * Support define to remove additional background from an image during a
      trim, e.g. -define trim:percent-background=0% -trim.
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
  - deleted patches
    - ImageMagick-montage.t.patch (upstreamed)
* Thu Feb 28 2019
  - provide two new (conflicting) packages with configuration
    * ImageMagick-config-upstream
    - provides configuration provided by upstream (no restrictions)
    * ImageMagick-config-SUSE (preferred)
    - provides configuration provided by SUSE (with security
    and use update-alternatives for selecting configurations.
  - remove code for < 1315
  - deleted patches
    - ImageMagick-disable-insecure-coders.patch (renamed)
  - added patches
    + ImageMagick-configuration-SUSE.patch
* Tue Feb 19 2019
  - updated to 7.0.8-28
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
  - deleted patches
    - ImageMagick-test-FITS.patch (upstreamed)
  - deleted sources
    - input.fits (not needed)
  - added patches
    + ImageMagick-montage.t.patch
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-27:
    * Mod patch to properly handle subimage ranges (e.g. image.gif[2-3]).
  - added ImageMagick-test-FITS.patch and input.fits temporarily
  - remove ImageMagick-clamp-after-edge.patch, it is solved another
    way (see [bsc#1106415c#10])
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-26:
    * Fixed a number of issues (reference
* Thu Jan 31 2019
  - update to 7.0.8-25:
    * Eliminate spurious font warning (#1458)
    * Support HEIC EXIF & XMP profiles.
  - changelog for 7.0.8-24:
    * Support -clahe option real clip limit
    * ShadeImage() kernels can return negative pixels, clamp to range (#1319)
    * Annotate with negative offsets no longer renders slanted text
* Mon Jan 14 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - clamp after edge [bsc#1106415]
    + ImageMagick-clamp-after-edge.patch
* Mon Jan 07 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-23:
    * CacheInfo destructor must be aligned in DestroyPixelStream().
    * Support negative rotations in a geometry (e.g. -10x-10+10+10).
    * Return expected canvas offset after a crop with gravity.
* Fri Dec 28 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-21:
    * Check to ensure SeekBlob() offset can be represented in an off_t.
    * Cube image format returns a HALD image.
    * CLAHE tiles overlapped are now centered relative to the image.
* Wed Dec 19 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-17:
    * Support -clahe clip limit with percentages (e.g. -clahe
* Tue Dec 11 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-16:
    * Add support for -clahe clip limit with percentages (e.g. -clahe 2x2+128+3%)
    * Check for modulo underflow.
    * Change SVG default DPI to 96 from 90 to meet recommendation of SVG2 & CSS.
    * Added support for the -clahe option: contrast limited adaptive histogram
    * Added support for GIMP 2.10 files (reference
* Wed Oct 31 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-14:
    * Adding coder headers with magic.xml will no longer be supported.
    * Adding coder aliases with coder.xml will no longer be supported.
    * fixing oss-fuzz issues
* Mon Oct 22 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - asan_build: build ASAN included
  - debug_build: build more suitable for debugging
* Wed Oct 03 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - allow writing PS, PS2, PS3, XPS, EPS and PDF, disable reading
    only by default security policy [bsc#1105592c#32]
* Mon Oct 01 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - also disable EPS coder in default policy.xml [bsc#1105592]
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 7.0.8-12:
    * Added support for arithmetic coding to the jpeg encoder:
    - define jpeg:arithmetic-coding=true.
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
* Mon Sep 03 2018
  - update to 7.0.8-11:
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
    * Add support for "module" security policy.
* Wed Aug 22 2018
  - disable PS, PS2, PS3, XPS and PDF coders in default policy.xml
* Fri Aug 17 2018
  - update to 7.0.8-10:
    * Added dcraw coder (dcraw:img.cr2) that can be used to force the use of the
      dcraw delegate when libraw is the default raw delegate.
    * Restored thread support for the HEIC coder.
    * ThumbnailImage function no longer reveals sensitive information (reference
  - remove upstreamed ImageMagick-filter.t.patch
* Mon Aug 06 2018
  - update to 7.0.8-9:
    * XBM coder leaves the hex image data uninitialized if hex value of the
      pixel is negative.
    * More improvements to SVG text handling.
    * New -range threshold option that combines hard and soft thresholding.
    * Non-HDRI ScaleLongToQuantum() private method no longer adds a half interval.
    * Fixed memset() negative-size-param (reference
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
  - fixed tests by ImageMagick-filter.t.patch
* Tue Jul 17 2018
  - enable i586 tests again, except t/montage.t
* Mon Jul 16 2018
  - update to 7.0.8-6:
    * Improve SVG support for tspan element.
    * Add support for -fx image.extent.
    * Fixed a few potential memory leaks.
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
    * Support %B property, the image file size without any decorations.
* Mon Jul 02 2018
  - use "BuildRequires: p7zip-full" for TW as 7za binary needed by
    ImageMagick was moved to this package (see bsc#899627 for more
    details about this change)
* Tue Jun 26 2018
  - update to 7.0.8-3:
    * Apply translate component of SVG transform rotate.
    * More robust SVG text handling.
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
    * Fixed an issue with stroke and label
* Wed Jun 13 2018
  - update to 7.0.8-0:
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
    * Heap buffer overflow fix (reference
    * Boundary issues with -gamma option when HDRI is enabled (reference
    * Properly initialize SVG color style.
    * A SVG rectangle with a width and height of 1 is a point.
    * Fixed memory corruption for MVG paths.
  - consider test to be completely broken on i586, removing:
    - ImageMagick-relax-filter.t.patch
    - ImageMagick-tests.tap-attributes.patch
* Mon May 21 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-34:
    * Added support for reading eXIf chunks to the PNG coder.
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
    * Improved clip / composite mask handling.
    * Restore SetImageAlpha() behavior.
    * Fix -clip and -mask options.
  - fixes [bsc#1093395]
* Fri May 11 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-31:
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow,
      memory exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
    * Missing break when checking "compliance" element.
  - removed upstreamed ImageMagick-draw-circle-primitive.patch
* Wed May 02 2018
  - instead of disabling test, apply upstream fix introduced
    few minutes after upstream report was made
    - ImageMagick-filter.t-primitive-circle.patch
    + ImageMagick-draw-circle-primitive.patch
* Wed May 02 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-29:
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow,
      memory exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
  - turn off drawing primitive 'circle' test:
    + ImageMagick-filter.t-primitive-circle.patch
  - dropped patches (upstreamed):
    - ImageMagick-CVE-2018-9135.patch
    - ImageMagick-write.t-pict.patch
* Wed Apr 11 2018
  - security update (webp.c)
    * CVE-2018-9135 [bsc#1087825]
      + ImageMagick-CVE-2018-9135.patch
* Tue Apr 10 2018
  - consider urw-base35-fonts [bsc#1088463]
* Tue Apr 10 2018
  - Drop buildrequire on mupdf-devel-static, there is only one occurance
    in all makefiles mentioning MUPDF_LIBS and it is always empty
  - Format with minimal run of spec-cleaner
    * Use license
    * Sort BRs alphabetically
* Thu Apr 05 2018
  - Remove BuildRequires on dcraw, it is not needed at buildtime.
* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - do not run tests on i586 at all
* Mon Mar 26 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-28:
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts
  - tesuite still fails, however:
  - added ImageMagick-write.t-pict.patch
  - added ImageMagick-tests.tap-attributes.patch
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-27:
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow,
      memory exceeded, and timeouts.
  - remove ImageMagick-remove-test.tap-attributes.patch as the perl
    testsuite fails in bunch of tests anyway. Waiting for results of
    the upstream bug (
* Fri Mar 16 2018
  - added ImageMagick-remove-test.tap-attributes.patch, removes
    failing test on i586
* Wed Mar 14 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-26
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
      exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
* Mon Mar 05 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-25
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow,
      memory exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - update to 7.0.7-24
    * Do not refer to page in OptimizeLayerFrames (reference
    * PerlMagick unit tests pass again.
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow,
      memory exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
  - removed upstreamed
    - ImageMagick-write.t-PICT-signature.patch
    - ImageMagick-montage.t-directory-exception.patch
* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - upstream fixes the test by changing the signature
    - ImageMagick-820e636.patch
    + ImageMagick-write.t-PICT-signature.patch
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - update to
    * Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow,
      memory exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
    * Add list-length policy to limit the maximum image sequence length.
  - added patches
    + ImageMagick-montage.t-directory-exception.patch
    + ImageMagick-820e636.patch
* Mon Feb 19 2018
  - Add explicit buildrequires on: pkgconfig(libwebpmux),
    pkgconfig(cairo), pkgconfig(fontconfig), pkgconfig(libpng),
    pkgconfig(x11), pkgconfig(xext), pkgconfig(zlib). all
    of them direct build dependencies but not included in
    the spec file
* Wed Jan 31 2018
  - update context for ImageMagick-s390-disable-tests.patch
* Wed Jan 24 2018
  - update to
    * Support aspect ratio geometry, e.g. -crop 3:2.
    * Add support for reading the HEIC image format (reference
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks, credit to OSS Fuzz.
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - update to
    * Fix some enum values in the OpenCL code.
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks.
    * Check for webpmux library version 0.4.4.
    * Fix heap use after free error.
    * Fix error reading multi-layer XCF image file.
    * Fix possible stack overflow in WEBP reader.
* Tue Jan 02 2018
  - enable ImageMagick-s390-disable-tests.patch also for ppc, ppc64
* Wed Dec 27 2017
  - readd ImageMagick-relax-filter.t.patch for SLE15 i586
  - enable ImageMagick-s390-disable-tests.patch also for s390, in
    addition to s390x
* Mon Dec 18 2017
  - update to 7.0.7-15
    * Overall standard deviation is the average of each pixel channel.
    * Support Stereo composite operator.
    * The -tint option no longer munges the alpha channel.
    * Don't delete in-memory blob when reading an image.
    * Support HDRI color profile management.
* Mon Dec 04 2017
  - remove forgotten 'exit 0' from check phase
* Wed Nov 22 2017
  - update to 7.0.7-11
    * no upstream change log in ChangeLog, as usually would be, except
      Release ImageMagick version 7.0.7-11,
      GIT revision 21635:0447c6b46:20171111
* Wed Nov 01 2017
  - update to 7.0.7-10
    * Fixed a problem with resource bookkeeping in
  - update to 7.0.7-9
    * Encode JSON control characters.
    * Added support for reading mipmaps in dds images.
  - removed unneded ImageMagick-relax-filter.t.patch
* Mon Oct 16 2017
  - disable failing tests on s390x [bsc#1062932]
    + ImageMagick-s390-disable-tests.patch
* Mon Oct 16 2017
  - update to 7.0.7-8
    * Return expected results for a percent 0 -chop option argument.
    * Tweaks to OpenMP support within ImageMagick.
    * Correct handling of GIF transparency.
  - recommend ghostscript [bsc#1054924c#25]
* Thu Oct 05 2017
  - updated to 7.0.7-6
    * Reset the magick_list_initialized boolean when needed.
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks.
    * Support URW-base35 fonts.
    * Removed "ping_preserve_iCCP=MagickTrue;" statement that was
      inadvertently added to coders/png.c.
* Tue Oct 03 2017
  - %make_install only for sle12 and higher
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Update package summaries and RPM groups.
    Make use of %make_install.
* Tue Sep 26 2017
  - updated to 7.0.7-4
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks.
    * Maximum valid hour is 23, not 24, in the PNG tIME chunk, and maximum
      valid minute is 59, not 60.
    * Use signed integer arithmetic to calculate timezone corrections.
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - builds for sle11
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - builds for sle12
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  -  updated to 7.0.7-1
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks.
    * Added -define tiff:write-layers=true to add support for writing
      layered tiff files.
    * Don't overwrite symbolic links when the shred policy is enabled.
    * Support -metric ssim, structual similarity index.
    * Fixed thread safety issue inside the pango and librsvg decoder.
    * Fixed bug with writing tIME chunk when timezone has a negative
    * Support CubicSpline resize filter.  Define the lobes with the
    - define filter:lobes={2,3,4}.
    * Prevent assertion failure when creating PDF thumbnail.
* Thu Aug 31 2017
  - fix previous submission
  - remove ghostscript recommends
* Mon Aug 28 2017
  - Sort the header with spec-cleaner and convert the deps to .pc ones
  - Drop --with-pic, applies to static library only
  - Add --disable-silent-rules to see the compilation output in log
  - Fix graphviz/lcms options to match configure ones
  - Remove indirect-reads switch not present in at all
* Mon Aug 28 2017
  - another attempt to make a libMagickCore* version installable with
    another version [bsc#1054659]
    + ImageMagick-library-installable-in-parallel.patch
* Mon Aug 14 2017
  - updated to 7.0.6-7
    * Improve EPS aliasing
    * Added a new option called 'dds:fast-mipmaps'
    * The mipmaps of a dds image can now be created from a list of images with
    - define dds:mipmaps=fromlist
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks
    * Put UTC time in the PNG tIME chunk instead of local time
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks
    * Properly set image->colorspace in the PNG decoder (previously
      it was setting image->gamma, but only setting image->colorspace
      for grayscale and gray-alpha images.
    * Fix improper use of NULL in the JNG decoder
    * Added "-define png:ignore-crc" option to PNG decoder. When you know
      your image has no CRC or ADLER32 errors, this can speed up decoding.
      It is also helpful in debugging bug reports from "fuzzers".
    * Off by one error for gradient coder
    * YUV coder no longer renders streaks
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks
    * Added experimental PNG orNT chunk, to store image->orientation.
    * Removed vpAg chunk write support
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks
    * Fix memory leaks when reading a malformed JNG image
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks
    * The -monochrome option no longer returns a blank canvas
    * coders/png.c: fixed memory leak of quantum_info
    * coders/png.c: fixed NULL dereference when trying to write an empty MNG
    * Added caNv, eXIf, and pHYs to the list of PNG chunks to be removed
      by the "-strip" option.
    * Implemented PNG eXIf chunk support
    * Support new -auto-threshold option.  OTSU and Triangle methods are
      currently supported.  Look for the Kapur method in the next release.
    * Fixed numerous memory leaks
    * Don't use variable float_t / double_t, bump SO
    * Support DNG images with libraw delegate library.
    * Reject PNG file that is too small (under 60 bytes) to contain
      a valid image.
    * Reject JPEG file that is too small (under 107 bytes) to contain
      a valid image.
    * Reject JNG file that is too small (under 147 bytes) to contain
      a valid image.
    * Stop a memory leak in read_user_chunk_callback()
* Thu Aug 10 2017
  - workaround failed test
    + ImageMagick-relax-filter.t.patch (patch modified)
    on i586 with sse2 enabled, the Contrast test in filter.t fails
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - updated to 7.0.6-0
    * coders/png.c: Accept exIf chunks whose data segment
      erroneously begins with "Exif\0\0".
    * Introduce SetMagickSecurityPolicy() (MagickCore) and
      MagickSetSecurityPolicy() (MagickWand) to set the ImageMagick security
      policy (reference
    * Removed experimental PNG zxIF chunk support; the proposal is dead.
    * Fix choppy bitmap font rendering (reference
    * The +opaque option is not longer a noop (reference
    * Add support  for 'hex:' property.
    * Transient error validating the JPEG-2000 image format (reference
    * Properly allocate DCM image colormap (reference
    * Improper allocation of memory for IM instances without threads (reference
    * Delete corrupt image from list (reference
    * Support various image operators for the compare utility (reference
* Fri May 19 2017
  - updated to 7.0.5-6
    * Revise DICOM window and rescale handling.
    * Restore the -alpha Shape option.
    * Fix transient PDF bug.
    * The +opaque option now works on all channels.
    * Ensure backwards compatibility for the -combine option.
    * Check for EOF conditions for RLE image format.
    * Reset histogram page geometry.
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - updated to 7.0.5-5
    * Minimize buffer copies to improve OpenCL performance.
    * Morphology thinning is no longer a no-op.
    * Patch two PCD writer problems, corrupt output and dark pixels.
    * Support ICC based PDF's.
    * Fix improper EPS clip path rendering.
  - workaround failed test
    + ImageMagick-relax-filter.t.patch
* Wed Mar 22 2017
  - updated to 7.0.5-4
    * new branch, see
  - deleted unneded patches
    . ImageMagick-
    . ImageMagick-
    . ImageMagick-
    . ImageMagick-
    . ImageMagick-
    . ImageMagick-montage.t.patch
    . ImageMagick-
  - renamed patches
    . ImageMagick-6.8.8-1-disable-insecure-coders.patch to
* Mon Mar 20 2017
  - updated to 6.8.8-2
    * Support namespaces for the security policy.
    * Respect throttle policy.
    * Support the -authenticate option for PDF.
    * Fix Spurious memory allocation message.
    * Identical images should return inf for PSNR.
    * Fixed fd leak for webp coder.
    * Prevent random pixel data for corrupt JPEG image.
    * Support pixel-cache and shred security policies.
    * Fixed memory leak when creating nested exceptions in Magick++.
    * Eliminate bogus assertion.
    * Unbreak build without JPEG support.
    + ImageMagick-montage.t.patch
* Mon Feb 13 2017
  - updated to 6.9.7-7
    * Sanitize comments that include braces for the MIFF image format.
    * Uninitialized data in MAT image format.
    * see ChangeLog for full changelog
* Tue Jan 24 2017
  - updated to 6.9.7-5
    * Don't set background for transparent tiled images
    * Added support for RGB555, RGB565, ARGB4444 and ARGB1555 to the
      BMP encoder
    * Fix memory leak in MPC image format.
    * Increase memory allocation for TIFF pixels
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Fri Dec 02 2016
  - updated to 6.9.6-6
    * If a convenient line break is not found, force it for caption: (reference
    * Off by 1 error when computing the standard deviation (reference
    * Apply Debian patches, (reference
    * Permit EPT images with just a TIFF or EPS image, not both (reference
    * The -clone option no longer leak memory.
  - turn on make check along perl test
* Tue Nov 22 2016
  - Updated to 6.9.6-5
    * Web pages were broken when we moved to HTTPS protocol.
    * Restore -sharpen / -convolve options to work with CMYK (reference
    * Off by one memory allocation (reference
    * Prevent fault in MSL interpreter (reference
    * Added layer ZIP compression to the PSD encoder.
    * Unit test pass again after small SUN image patch.
    * Fixed incorrect RLE decoding when reading a DCM image that contains
      multiple segments.
    * Fixed incorrect RLE decoding when reading an SGI image (reference
* Mon Sep 26 2016
  - Updated to 6.9.5-10
    * Added layer RLE compression to the PSD encoder.
    * Added define 'psd:preserve-opacity-mask' to preserve the opacity mask
      in a PSD file.
    * Fixed issue where the display window was used instead of the data window
      when reading EXR files (reference
* Fri Sep 16 2016
  - Updated to 6.9.5-9
    * Prevent memory use after free
    * Prevent buffer overflow.
    * Prevent spurious removal of MPC cache files
    * Prevent buffer overflow and other problems in SIXEL, PDB, MAP,
      TIFF, and CALS coders.
    * Fix MSVG regression
    * Prevent buffer overflow in BMP & SGI coders.
    * Fixed incorrect padding calculation in PSD encoder.
* Mon Aug 01 2016
  - updated to 6.9.5-4
    * Prevent buffer overflow
* Fri Jul 29 2016
  - updated to 6.9.5-3:
    * Fix MVG stroke-opacity (reference
    * Prevent possible buffer overflow when reading TIFF images (bug report from
      Shi Pu of MS509 Team).
    * To comply with the SVG standard, use stroke-opacity for transparent strokes.
    * The histogram coder now returns the correct extent.
    * Use CopyMagickString() rather than CopyMagickMemory() for strings.
    * Correct for numerical instability (reference
* Mon Jun 06 2016
  - updated to 6.9.4-7:
    * Fix small memory leak (patch provided by Андрей Черный).
    * Coder path traversal is not authorized (bug report provided by
      Masaaki Chida).
    * Turn off alpha channel for the compare difference image (reference
    * Support configure script --enable-pipes option to enable pipes (|) in
    * Support configure script --enable-indirect-reads option to enable
      indirect reads (@) in filenames.
  - remove ImageMagick-CVE-2016-5118.patch, use --enable-pipes=no instead
* Tue May 31 2016
  - updated to 6.9.4-5:
    * Most OpenCL operations are now executed asynchronous.
    * Security improvements to TEXT coder broke it (reference
    * Fix stroke offset problem for -annotate (reference
    * Add additional checks to DCM reader to prevent data-driven faults (bug
      report from Hanno Böck).
    * Fixed proper placement of text annotation for east / west gravity.
    2016-05-15  6.9.4-3 Cristy  <quetzlzacatenango@image...>
    * Fix pixel cache on disk regression (reference
    * Quote passwords when passed to a delegate program.
    * Can read geo-related EXIF metdata once-again (reference
    * Sanitize all delegate emedded formatting characters.
    * Don't sync pixel cache in AcquireAuthenticCacheView() (bug report from
      Hanno Böck).
* Tue May 31 2016
  - security update:
    * CVE-2016-5118 [bsc#982178]
      + ImageMagick-CVE-2016-5118.patch
* Tue May 17 2016
  - updated to 6.9.4-1:
    * Remove https delegate.
    * Check for buffer overflow in magick/draw.c/DrawStrokePolygon().
    * Replace show delegate title with image filename rather than label.
    * Fix GetNextToken() off by one error.
    * Remove support for internal ephemeral coder.
  - refreshed ImageMagick-6.8.8-1-disable-insecure-coders.patch
  - believe or not, correct license string is ImageMagick:
* Wed May 11 2016
  - rework ImageMagick-6.8.8-1-disable-insecure-coders.patch
    * add new policy (TEXT, SHOW, WIN and PLT)
  - rebase patches (p0)
    * ImageMagick-
    * ImageMagick-
    * ImageMagick-
    * ImageMagick-
    * ImageMagick-
    * ImageMagick-
    * ImageMagick-6.8.8-1-disable-insecure-coders.patch
* Thu May 05 2016
  - Disable insecure coders [bnc#978061]
    * ImageMagick-6.8.8-1-disable-insecure-coders.patch
    * CVE-2016-3714
    * CVE-2016-3715
    * CVE-2016-3716
    * CVE-2016-3717
    * CVE-2016-3718
* Thu May 05 2016
  - Update to 6.9.3-10: fix imagetragick
* Thu Apr 14 2016
  - Update to 6.9.3-8:
    * Respect gravity when rendering text (e.g. convert -gravity center
    * Return empty string for %d property and no directory.
    * Return filename for the %i property.
    * Fixed lost pixels in frequency space.
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Tue Jan 05 2016
  - Update to 6.9.3-0:
    * Don't break on euro-style numbers.
    * 16-bit pnm images have a max value of 65535.
    * Fixed compile error when POSIX threads are not defined.
    * Fixed memory leak when reading incorrect PSD files.
    * Enhance PDF to properly handle unicode titles.
    * Fix memory leak in icon coder.
* Thu Dec 17 2015
  - Update to 6.9.2-8:
    * Gray artifacts in large gif when using -layers optimize.
    * The DICOM reader now handles the rescale intercept and slope.
    * Added 'bmp3:alpha' option for including the alpha channel when
      writing an image in the BMP3 format.
    * PixelColor off by one on i386.
    * Added local contrast enhancement.
    * Fixed bug in SetPixelCacheExtent that made images all black.
    * Added 6dot variant for unicode and iso braille formats.
    * Fixed alpha blending issue with semi-transparent pixels in the
      merged image of PSD files. This can be disabled by setting the
      option 'psd:alpha-unblend' to 'off'.
    * Fixed issue in jpeg:extent that prevented it from working.
    * Fixed memory leak when reading Photoshop layers in a TIFF file.
    * Support gradient:bounding-box, gradient:vector, gradient:center,
      and gradient:radius to shape the gradient rendering.
    * Recognize label:@- as stdin.
    * Make commas optional for coordinates.
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - Update to 6.9.2-4:
    * Fixed accessing subimage in a TIFF photoshop layer.
    * Fixed out of bounds error in -splice.
    * Created Manhattan Interpolate method for -sparse-color.
    * Don't round up for JPEG image resolution.
    * Read the whole image @ image.jp2[0] or an individual
      tile @ image.jp2[1], image.jp2[2].
    * The -caption option no longer fails for filenames with @ prefix.
    * Added extra checks to avoid out of bounds error when parsing the 8bim
    * Fixed size of memory allocation in RLE coder to avoid segfault.
    * The -colorspace gray option no long leaves a ghostly shadow.
    * Preserving image origin in TGA files.
    * Support color compliance for TXT format.
    * Limit -fx recursive to avoid stack overflow.
    * Don't set image colorspace to gray for -alpha copy option.
    * GetImageType() no longer has side-effects to match behavior of IMv7.
    * Swap pixels for -spread command-line option.
    * Fix ModulusAdd & ModulusSubstract for HDRI compositing.
    * Added "-set colorspace:auto-grayscale false" that will prevent automatic
      conversion to grayscale inside coders that support grayscale.
    * Fixed -list weight and the options for -weight.
    * Added fontFamily, fontStyle, fontWeight and textUnderColor to the Image
      class of Magick++.
    * Fixed reading Photoshop layers of LSB TIFF files.
* Mon Jul 27 2015
  - Update to 6.9.1-10:
    * New version 6.9.1-10, SVN revision 19269.
    * coders/magick.c: added "-define h:format=FMT" and
      "-define magick:format=FMT" options. FMT can be any output format
      supported by ImageMagick except "H" or "MAGICK". If this define is
      omitted, the encoder uses GIF by default for pseudoclass images and
      PNM for directclass images, as previously.  Made "MAGICK" (read-write)
      and "H" (write-only) visible in the format list.
    * Removed incorrect EOF check in the DDS reader (reference
    * Fixed undefined behaviors (reference
    * Return exception message for unknown image properties.
    * Color shift removed when reading transparent gray images (reference
* Thu Jul 23 2015
  - Removed duplicates
  - Only libMagickCore and ImageMagick-doc contains the LICENSE file. Other
    libraries do not longer contain it, as they always require libMagickCore
    to be instaleld.
  - Moved documentation to the ImageMagick-doc package.
  - Removed executable bits from perl documentation-examples
  - Added configurations for:
    * graphviz
    * lcms2 (Little CMS 2 color management)
    * jbig
    * openjp2 (JPEG 2000)
    * openexr
    * webp
  - update to 6.9.1-9
    * Fixed issue with radial gradient in MVG (reference
  - update to 6.9.1-8
    * New version 6.9.1-8, SVN revision 19167.
    * Correct install location of the Magick++ headers (reference
    * Different gif cropping behavior between versions (reference
    * Cannot read properly simple psd file (reference
  - update to 6.9.1-7
    * Fixed and escaped output of the json coder. (reference
    * Support BPG image format (respects -quality option).
    * A bordered transparent image now remains transparent (reference
    * The -update option behavior restored (reference
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - update to 6.9.1-6
    * Cache cloning on disk optimized with sendfile() (if available).
    * Add an additional check for end-of-file for the RLE coder (reference
    * Respect resource limits in AVS coder.
    * Reverted change to 6.9.1-3 that skipped palette-building.
  - update to 6.9.1-5
    * Use correct scale when interpretting alpha (e.g. rgba(0,0,0,1)).
    * DrawGetVectorGraphics() now returns proper XML (reference
    * Support writing EXR files with different color types (reference
    * Prefer PKG_CHECK_MODULES() when searching for delegate libraries.
    * Throw exception if frame option bevel exceeds to the image width / height.
    * Resolve undefined behaviors (reference
  - update to 6.9.1-4
    * Support 'restrict' keyword under Windows.
    * Added support for reading a user supplied layer mask in PSD files.
    * Added support for reading photoshop layers in TIFF files.
  - update to 6.9.1-3
    * Fixed transparency issue with 16-bit tga files (reference
    * Fixed writing label and comment in tiff images (reference
    * Jpeg images no longer have pixels per inch as a default value for density
      units when the density is not set (reference
    * Added support for setting the font color with -fill to the pango coder.
    * Fixed bug with "-define png:format=x" in png.c, introduced in version
      6.8.9-0, that caused the define to be ignored.
    * Replaced some dead code in ReadJNGImage with an assert().
    * Avoid palette-building when writing a grayscale PNG (reference
    * Support -define compose:clamp=false option (reference
    * Don't extend any user supplied image buffer in SeekBlob() (bug report
      from a.chernij@corp...).
    * Improved reproducible builds (reference
    * Draw a rectangle of width & height of 1 (reference
  - update to 6.9.1-2
    * Avoid using a NULL alpha_image or color_image in the JNG decoder.
    * Fix JPEG-2000 transparency on write (reference
    * Identify now identifies PSD (reference
    * Speed up writing to TGA (reference
    * Reduce draw epsilon to increase mathematical stability.
    * Fixed UTF8 issue when determining the current working directory
      on Windows (reference
* Mon May 11 2015
  - update to 6.9.1-1
    * Skip empty frames when comparing layers.
    * Grayscale DPX image files are no longer skewed.
    * Fix integer overflow when scaling a 1-bit sample to Q64.
    * Account for differences in image size when comparing two images.
    * Set an upper ceiling compression with -quality and jpeg:extent.
* Mon Mar 02 2015
  - update to 6.9.0-9
    * Writing histograms / mpeg working again.
    * The -linear-stretch option worked for Q16 but not Q32.
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - update to 6.9.0-7
    * Line strokes appeared too thin.
    * Keep text in caption area.
    * A transient bug for the write MSL element.
    * Fixed infinite loop in HDR reader.
    * In the PNG codec, check status wherever a function returns it.
    * Check lengths of certain MNG chunks before reading them.
    * Small optimization to pixel cache.
    * Additional coder sanity checks.
    etc. see ChangeLog
* Fri Jan 16 2015
  - update to 6.9.0-3
    * Don't read beyond the end of a tEXt keyword when checking for
      Raw profile.
    * Fixed enabling alpha in 32-bit BMP files.
    * Added support for writing 16-bit TGA files.
    * Improved performance of dds.
    * Fix ImageMagick crashes while read EXIF from TIFF.
    * Don't handle a "previous" image in the PNG or JNG decoder.
    * Don't override gamma with 1.0 when reading a grayscale PNG
    * Update progress monitor for every PNG row instead of every pass.
    * Reject input PNG with dimensions larger than specified with
    - limit width and -limit height.
    * etc., see ChangeLog
* Mon Dec 15 2014
  - do not use -march/-mtune [bnc#904545]
* Tue Nov 18 2014
  - update to 6.9.0-0
    * Check for zero-sized rendered SVG image.
    * EXIF directory offsets must be greater than 0.
    * Accept morphology kernels from files.
    * Don't optimize JPEG compression by default.
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Thu Oct 30 2014
  - update to 6.8.9-8
    * Added sixel coder.
    * Fixed buffer overflow in PCX and DCM coder.
    * Added support for reading/writing the tIME chunk in the PNG coder.
    * Added eps:fit-page option to the PS coder to set -dEPSFitPage.
    * Support xyY colorspace.
    * Reduce noise while preserving edges with the -kuwahara option.
    * Off-by-one count when parsing an 8BIM profile.
    * OpenCL no longer benchmarks are run on every initialization.
    * Don't clone a 0x0 image.
* Mon Sep 22 2014
  - update to 6.8.9-8
    * JPEG library version >= 80 is thread safe
    * Added support for some legacy dds formats
* Wed Sep 10 2014
  - updated to 6.8.9-7
    * Fix off by one buglet when extracting profiles 8BIM.
    * Fixed bug when reading 1 bit PSD.
    * Fixed fill-rule in SVG clip path.
    * Added support for R5G6B5, RGB5A1 and RGBA4 dds files.
    * Write LAB pixels as percentages in the TXT image format.
    * Throw exception when image morphology differs when comparing.
    * Remove mogrify backup file.
    * Read WEBP images from STDIN.
* Mon Sep 08 2014
  - fix baselibs.conf requires for ImageMagick++
* Fri Aug 29 2014
  - fix license for spdx 1.2
* Fri Jul 18 2014
  - build against librsvg again
* Fri Jul 18 2014
  - updated to 6.8.9-5
    * Use -define profile:skip=icc, for example, to skip color profiles on read.
    * Do not let libpng16 check ICC/sRGB profiles in non-debug runs; we do it
      ourselves anyway. Avoids emitting "known incorrect profile" warnings.
      For strict profile checking and warning, use "-debug coder".
    * Disabled OpenCL acceleration when image has a 'mask' or 'clip-mask'.
* Wed Jun 25 2014
  - updated to 6.8.9-4
    * Support RMS argument for -evaluate-sequence and -statistic options.
    * Pipe image to display program no longer reports an exception.
    * Check that profile is non-NULL in coders/tiff.c.
* Tue Jun 10 2014
  - update to 6.8.9-3
    * Quiet warning about unused variable "skip_to_iend" in coders/png.c.
    * Fixed creation of SVG from 8bim clip path.
    * The -version option returns 0 status
    * The inline coder can now read from standard input
    * Add '=' character to the santize whitelist.
* Sat May 31 2014
  - update to 6.8.9-2
    * Fixed some bugs in the PNG codec discovered by coverity analysis.
    * The -fx equality operator returns a proper boolean result now.
    * Permit spaces in the gradient color specification.
    * Fix IdentifyImage() crash when image->magick member is null.
    * The -format M and Y channels are no longer reversed.
    * Remove Makefile race condition where two targets attempt to install
    * Fix memory leak in BlobToStringInfo().
    * In certain cases, -adaptive-sharpen failed to sharpen
    * Bump major Magick++ library version.
    * Added support for writing RLE compressed TGA files.
    * Improved performance of parsing the xmp profile.
    * Fixed detecting transparency in PSD files.
* Sat May 31 2014
  - remove autotrace dependency again - it's not compiled in and
    autotrace's last release is 10 years old and we don't want to
    promote it, better drop it
* Tue May 27 2014
  - update to 6.8.9
    * Fixed bug with the PNG00 subformat when the original format was PNG32.
    * The "-strip" option now only removes profiles and comments from PNG
      output.  Previously the background, density, and other metadata were
      also discarded.
    * Support new -hough-lines option.
    * Support new -mean-shift option.
    * identify -units without argument no longer faults (reference
    * Require OpenJP2 version 2.1.0 (opj_stream_set_user_data() method signature
      change between 2.0.0 and 2.1.0).
* Sat May 24 2014
  - Fixed the SLE build
  - Added missing dependencies:
    * autotrace
    * dejavu-fonts
    * fftw3
    * ghostscript
    * libjbig
    * liblqr
    * mupdf
    * p7zip
    * xdg-utils
    * zip
* Thu Apr 24 2014
  - remove dependency on gpg-offline (blocks rebuilds and
    tarball integrity is checked by source-validator anyway)
* Mon Mar 03 2014
  - directories in libMagickCore depends on %{clibver} and
    %{quantum_depth} [bnc#866442]
* Thu Feb 27 2014
  - fix baselibs
* Wed Feb 26 2014
  - update to 6.8.8-7
  - remove disable_mat_test.patch (fixed upstream)
* Tue Feb 18 2014
  - updated to 6.8.8-6:
    * build against openjpeg2
    * identify -define identify:locate=maximum locates the position of the
      maximum value
    * Fix case where an image moment might have a mass of 0 or a Hu moment might
      be 0.
    * Enhance the TXT coder to read RGB percent values, e.g. 10.008%.
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - modified patches [bnc#843673]:
    * disable_mat_test.patch -- rather than disable the test,
      use upstream solution (increase threshold for mean error)
    - - use this patch also for s390, s390x
* Wed Jan 08 2014
  - updated to 6.8.8-1:
    * Support points argument for draw MSL element.
    * The -page option now correctly sets the image page offset.
    * The -evaluate-sequence sum returns a proper alpha channel now.
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Wed Jan 08 2014
  - really disable parallel build, don't just have a comment about it
* Wed Dec 18 2013
  - updated to 6.8.7-10:
    * fix crash when using -resize with GPU acceleration
* Mon Dec 09 2013
  - updated to 6.8.7-9:
    * fixed bug in coders/png.c that caused -define png:color-type=0
      to fail
    * fixed bug in automatic selection of OpenCL device
    * simplified interface to initialize the OpenCL environment
    * Fix possible memory corruption when writing PSD image
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Mon Oct 07 2013
  - added openexr-devel as build requirement to enable openexr support
* Thu Oct 03 2013
  - use fdupes -s [bnc#841472]
* Wed Oct 02 2013
  - disable mat tests for powerpc bnc#843673 (disable_mat_test.patch)
* Wed Oct 02 2013
  - documentation back to -doc package (bnc#841472)
* Tue Oct 01 2013
  - fix baselibs.conf for previous change
* Mon Sep 30 2013
  - setting quantum depth to 16 [bnc#840825]
* Mon Sep 30 2013
  - fix build (find doesn't support -perm +mode)
* Thu Sep 05 2013
  - updated to 6.8.6-9
    * Fixed infinite loop with jpeg:extent.
    * Fixed performance issue when converting jpeg to png.
    * Added "-define bmp:format=bmp2|bmp3|bmp4" option.
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Tue Aug 06 2013
  - updated to 6.8.6-7
    * Fix memory leak in CloneImageArtifacts and CloneImageProfiles.
    * JPEG ICC color profile requires null after ICC tag
    * etc.
  - employ gpg-offline
* Mon Jun 17 2013
  - use AllCompliance instead of X11Compliance to cover also 'None'
    * adjusted no-XPMCompliance.patch
* Mon Jun 03 2013
  - mark no-XPMCompliance.patch as suse specific
* Thu May 23 2013
  - workaround: fix reading xpm which uses symbolic color names which
    are said to be not XPMCompliant
* Tue May 21 2013
  - update to 6.8.5-7:
    * fixes reading XPM
* Mon May 13 2013
  - update to 6.8.5-6:
    * fixed 'Sometimes an sRGB image is masquerading as grayscale'
    * fixed 'The stream utility no longer faults when exporting float pixels'
    * Labels no longer overflow
    * Change the sample JPEG quantization table xml to something that works
      really well with 2x2 Chroma subsampling around quality 75.
    * Eliminate whitespace from image properties that hold PNG chunk data.
    * etc. see ChangeLog
  - remove fix-wand.pc.patch, the issue is fixed upstream
  - remove test-signatures.patch, the issue is fixed upstream
* Sun Apr 07 2013
  - add ImageMagick- to fix build of e.g.
    emacs and xine-lib, who rely on pkg-config --libs Wand returning
    actually MagickWand and not MagickCore (looks like a copy&paste
    error of upstream)
* Fri Mar 29 2013
  - update to 6.8.4-0:
    * dropped ImageMagick-,
      issue is almost fixed -> new test-signatures.patch,
      see followups in
    * created rpath.patch
    * created dont-build-in-install.patch
  - upstream changes
    * Do not write zero-length TIFF tags
    * Do not split words for caption
    * The -blur, -guassian-blur, and -sharpen are now convenience methods
      for -morphology convolve.
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Sun Mar 24 2013
  - fix baselibs.conf
* Wed Feb 20 2013
  - use versioned /etc/ImageMagick* to allow parallel installation
    of libMagickCore
* Wed Feb 06 2013
  - name library packages after the new -QN library names (thanks dstoecker)
  - depend on newer libtiff
* Wed Feb 06 2013
  - fix missed variable expansion
* Wed Feb 06 2013
  - use a quantum depth of 8 for our package, as we do not require
    that amount of precision, and we prefer faster conversions with
    less heap usage.
* Wed Feb 06 2013
  - updated to
    * Update libver to 7
    * Dropped upstreamed ImageMagick-uninitialized-memory.patch
    * Added ImageMagick-
      Related to GhostScript. Discussion:
    * Add support for -QN library and .pc names, that express the
      pixel quantum depth the library was compiled with. Added an
      explicit spec variable for it
    * BuildRequire autoconf >= 2.69
* Tue Jan 15 2013
  - fix wrong mean-error output:
    * dropped disable-matlab-test.patch
    * added ImageMagick-uninitialized-memory.patch
* Thu Jan 10 2013
  - do not disable checking altogether.
  - disable-matlab-test.patch: disable the 1 MATLAB testcase that fails.
* Thu Jan 10 2013
  - disable check for the moment, it breaks on Factory and 12.1, but
* Tue Jan 08 2013
  - enable support for Pango markup
    * this allows rendering formatted text with the pango:"..." syntax
      see for details
    * to actually use this, libpango needs to be installed
* Tue Aug 07 2012
  - updated to
    * Added 2d named convolution kernel Binomial (for Fred Wienhaus)
    * Clean up sigmoidal-contrast.
    * Use ConcatenateString() for multi-block GIF comments.
    * Caption no longer chops off text (reference
    * Support LUV colorspace.
    * Support HCL colorspace.
    * Don't transform the composite image colorspace, set it instead.
    * Interpret -border 5% as 5% of width and 5% of height (reference
    * Don't normalize zero-sum kernels (reference
    * Transform grayscale to linear RGB if fill color is non-gray (reference
    etc. see ChangeLog
* Wed May 16 2012
  - updated to
    * Don't write an invalid PNG sRGB chunk when rendering intent is undefined.
    * EXR images are in the linear RGB colorspace with a gamma of 1.0.
    * Correct annotation offset for right-to-left labels.
    * The -level 100x0% now produces the equivalent of -negate.
    * etc., see ChangeLog
* Tue Mar 27 2012
  - cleanup the package
  - updated to fixes
    * CVE-2012-0247 [bnc#746880]
    * CVE-2012-0248 [bnc#746880]
    * CVE-2012-1185 [bnc#752879]
    * CVE-2012-1186 [bnc#752879]
* Fri Mar 09 2012
  - moved the libtool archives to the main package
  - separated the bulk documentation
  - added a regression %check for the locale comma crash
* Tue Feb 14 2012
  - license update: SUSE-ImageMagick
    Use SUSE- proprietary prefix until SPDX upstream accepts ImageMagick as
    license (e.g. like Fedora)
* Thu Jan 19 2012
  - ImageMagick-devel requires libbz2-devel [bnc#741947]
* Thu Jan 19 2012
  - update to
    * Fixed -black-threshold and -white-threshold so they work properly with
      the -channels option
    * Promote image depths 9-15 to 16 to avoid crashing in the PNG
    * Fix problems with JNG encoder "quality"
    * Fix memory leak in JP2 coder
    * Use maximum bounds when rendering PDF
    * etc. see ChangeLog
* Tue Jan 17 2012
  - Add explicit libbz2-devel BuildRequires
  - Support LZMA
  - Use libcms2 now.
  - Cleanup huge dependency bloat in -devel package, this
    will likely cause build fails on dependant packages
    the solution is to fix your BuildRequires.
* Mon Oct 31 2011
  - update to
    * removed upstreamed scene.patch
* Tue Oct 18 2011
  - build against librsvg as recommended upstream [bnc#724222]
* Sat Oct 15 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Thu Oct 06 2011
  - fixed [bnc#717871] -- imagemagick display wrong order
    * scene.patch
* Tue Sep 20 2011
  - update to
    * Fix memory leak in text annotation.
    * The "-strip" option was excluding the PNG tRNS chunk.
    * Caption now wraps properly for Chinese text.
    * The PNG encoder would sometimes fail to respect the -define
      PNG:color-type option when the incoming image was PseudoClass.
    * Properly handled continued JPEG embedded profiles.
    * Revert -colorspace sRGB option patch.
    * Revert -type PaletteMatte option patch.
    * etc. see ChangeLog.
  - obsoletes reason-error-message.patch
* Sat Sep 17 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - Fix baselibs: add missing requires to ImageMagick-devel
  - Remove redundant tags/sections
* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - fixed wrong error messages [bnc#673303]
* Fri Jul 29 2011
  - update to
    * Defend against corrupt PSD resource blocks.
    * Properly allocate points when render text with large font size.
    * Added support for Z_RLE strategy in the png compressor, using
    - quality 98 or 99.
    * Handle "-quality 97" properly in the png encoder, i.e., use intrapixel
      filtering when writing a MNG file and no filtering when writing a PNG file.
    * Added "-define PNG:compression-level|strategy|filter=value" options to
      the PNG encoder.  If these options are used, they take precedence over
      the -quality option.
    * Use zlib default compression strategy instead of Z_RLE and Z_FIXED
      strategies when linking with zlib versions (prior to 1.2.0 and,
      respectively) that don't support them.
  - switch on WEBP support -- require libwebp-devel to build
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - updated to
    * added Initial implementation of Cylinder to/from Plane 3D Distorts
      Includes deritive (scaled lookup), and anti-alised horizon (validity)
      Currently can NOT handle extractions from full 360 cylinder panoramas.
    * Fix transient error for composite over operator.
    * Fix one-off bug in option parser.
    * etc., see ChangeLog
  - adjusted inc-struct.diff
* Fri May 27 2011
  - fix requires of -devel package
* Thu May 26 2011
  - remove the -fuse-linker-plugin option, it's default in gcc 4.6
    and only confuses scripts
* Tue May 24 2011
  - Require ImageMagick from -devel subpackage: Packages that depend
    on the -devel package very likely use the tools too.
* Tue May 17 2011
  - updated to
    * The -scale option nows considers the alpha channel when scaling.
    * Don't use comma as a separator for stroked tex.
    * Fix transient bug for HSL to RGB and back.
    * Fixed PNG8 reduction to work with an image that reduces to 256 colors
      plus transparency, by merging the two darkest red colors.
    * etc., see ChangeLog
* Sun May 08 2011
  - created ImageMagick-devel-32bit for cross-compiling
* Thu Apr 21 2011
  - updated to fixes [Bug 682238]
    * macroized and cleaned up scripts
    * added conditions for optional components
    * updated file lists for upstream
    * cleaned up the include tree in devel (patch)
* Mon Apr 11 2011
  - updated to fixes [bnc#682238]
    * config files moved to /etc/ImageMagick*
    * see ChangeLog for more details
* Wed Feb 23 2011
  - updated to fixes [bnc#673789]
    * removed survive-exif.patch
* Mon Feb 21 2011
  - added patch for crash reading png with exif
* Mon Feb 14 2011
  - packaged README.txt from xtp [bnc#671047]
* Mon Dec 06 2010
  - fix build for factory
* Mon Nov 15 2010
  - updated to 6.6.5-8: don't read config files from $CWD
* Thu Nov 04 2010
  - updated to 6.6.5-5:
    * Revised PNG palette optimization
    * Added some debug logging in coders/png.c.
    * More precise blur values for Lanczos2Sharp and LanczosSharp.
    * Added location of first Mitchell crossing (=8/7) to the filters data
    * Added Lanczos2D* filters now named Lanczos2*
    * Reorganization of AcquireFilter() to make it work better
    * Clearer EWA filters (LanczosSharp etc) comments.
    * Added LanczosSharp  (3-lobe Lanczos with sharpening)
    * Filter sharpening factors are also always applied regardless of usage.
    * CubicBC filter formulas simplified by constant folding. In
      particular, P1 coefficient (always zero) removed from coeff.
    * Revert the Robidoux filter to a Keys cubic with C=(108 sqrt 2-29)/398
      (as already specified in the documentation).
    * Ignore PS bounding box offsets if -page is set.
    * Add support for -evaluate exp.
* Fri Oct 15 2010
  - updated to 6.6.5-0:
    * Added "filter:sigma" expert setting defining the 'sigma' for the Gaussian
      filter only.  This is similar in action to 'blur' but only for Gaussians,
      and does not modify the filters support, allowing you to set a very small
      sigma, without the function 'missing' all pixels.
    * Patch for  DrawableRotation() and DrawableTranslation()
    * The webp format requires the webpconv delegate program (experimental).
    * Replaced "Robidoux" with Cubic 'Keys' filter that is near equivelent to
      the previous sharped "Lanczos2D" filter. (C=0.31089212245300069)
      This also is very similer to a Mitchell filter but specifically designed
      for EWA use and is the new default filter for Distorting Images.
    * Added new filter 'Lanczos2D' a 2-lobe Lanczos as defined by
      Andreas Gustafsson in his thesis  "Interactive Image Warping" (page 24)
    * Added filter "Robidoux" which is a slightly sharpened version of the
      "Lanczos2D" filter (blur=0.958033808) specifically designed to be less
      'blurry' for horizontal and vertical lines in no-op distortions.
    * Add support for "pattern:vertical2" and "pattern:horizontal2".
    * Add support for "pattern:vertical3" and "pattern:horizontal3".
    * Properly handle PSD layers with negative offsets.
    * Added sqrt(2) bluring default for Gaussian Filter if used as
      a Cylindrical EWA filter.  This resulted removing the last aliasing
      issue that was present in tests for Gaussian EWA resampling. Of course
      it is still a very blury filter for default use in EWA.
    * Adjusted Variable Mapping Blur Composition so user arguments actual
      relate properly to the sigma of the blur for a maximum mapping value.
    * Fix horizon anti-alising for output-scaled perspective distortions.
    * 'Bessel' filter is now offically and more accuritally named 'Jinc'
      however 'Bessel' while not visible as a filter option can still be used
      as an internal alias for 'Jinc'.
    * Fix memory assertion with --enable-embeddable (reference
    * Don't permit access to pixels when pinging an image (reference
* Tue Oct 05 2010
  - updated to 6.6.4-8:
    * Automatically set the quantum depth to 16 for HDRI.
    * IPTC profile not always wrapped properly inside an 8BIM profile.
    * TIFF tile geometry must be divisible by 16.
    * Rename of SincPolynomial to SincFast for easier user understanding.
      Ditto for LanczosChebyshev to LanzcosFast.
    * Switch default resize filters to using the faster SincPolynomial
      filter by default internally.  However 'Sinc' will still use the
      Trigonometric function, and can be used to assign the trig version
      of Sinc() to filters using the filter expert options.
    * The default filter for 'distort' was found to be a very blurry inaccurate
      filter function.  It was removed and replaced with a correct Gaussian
      filter (as used by resize)
    * Added a switch so that "-interpolate filter" will force the use of
      a cylindrical filter for ALL pixels in distorted images.  That is you can
      use that switch to use a cylindrical filter even for images that are
      being enlarged by the distortion.  However EWA is still currently using
      a fixed 2.0 sampling radius.  This switch complements the use of "-filter
      point" which turns off EWA filters in favor of interpolation for all
      pixels in a distorted image.  BOTH switches should not be used together.
    * A bug in the support radius of the EWA resampling function was found,
      now that correctly defined resize filters are being used. Suddenly Normal
      Gaussian distortions are not so blurry, and tests with distortions of
      the 'Rings' image show extremely good and clear results, with only minimal
      blurring.  The filter 'blur' expert option can be used to adjust this
    * Don't negate the geometry offset for the -extent option.
    * The RGBO format is now listed as a supported format.
    * Added the Nicolas Robidoux and Chantal Racette  Lanczos resize filter
      function as "LanczosChebyshev" as faster alternative to Lanczos.
    * Re-code Nicolas Robidoux and Chantal Racette Polynomial Approximation of
      the Sinc Trigonometric resize filter, as a proper filter to allow
      direct comparision and speed testing of the filter.
    * Expanded the "-set option:filter:verbose 1" output, so as to also include
      the actual functions and other values that were used to create the filter.
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - updated to 6.6.4-0:
    * Repair a few incorrect LocaleNCompare() calls (ttf.c, ps.c).
    * Path no longer closed if join style is round (reference
    * Add case for BGRQuantum to GetQuantumExtent().
    * Support no compression on PCX write.
    * Fixed bug in the raw BGRA coders (reference
    * Fix off-by-one error in the PSD coders.
    * Nicolas Robidoux with the assistance of Chantal Racette contribute an
      approximation of the sinc function over the interval [-3,3].
    * Eliminate a small memory leak in LevelizeImageChannel() (reference
    * Recognize -fx logtwo (reference
* Tue Aug 24 2010
  - updated to 6.6.3-9:
    * Eliminate useless message about assuming zero delay when writing
      a single-frame MNG, and changed it from Error to Warning when
      writing a multiple-frame MNG.
    * Only use the first alpha channel in PSD image.
    * Only use XPM complying colors for XPM images (e.g. green is rgb(0,255,0)).
    * Eliminate bogus "invalid colormap index" when pinging ICO images.
    * Support -set density / units.
    * Properly map PNG intent to image->rendering_intent
    * The orient option sometimes improperly set "undefined" (reference
    * Only list orientation options for the -list orientation option (reference
    * Return proper standard deviation for combined channels (reference
    * Handle transparency properly for the PSD image format.
    * Emit a warning if the PNG encoder can't satisfy the color type and
      bit depth requested with a "-define" directive.
    * The -fx 2e+6/1e+5 argument no longer returns the wrong results (reference
    * Add -subimage-search option to the compare utility.
    * Throw exception if image size differs for the compare program but the
    - subimage-search option is not specified.
* Mon Aug 02 2010
  - update baselibs.conf
* Thu Jul 29 2010
  - updated to 6.6.3-1:
    * obsoletes units.patch
    * obsoletes grayscale-tiff-jpeg.patch
* Tue Jun 22 2010
  - fixed jpeg compression of grayscale tif format [bnc#615223]
* Mon May 10 2010
  - Do not compile in build time but use mtime of changes file instead.
    This allows build-compare to identify that no changes have happened.
* Mon Apr 26 2010
  - fixed units in the output [bnc#598714]
    * units.patch
* Wed Apr 07 2010
  - update baselibs.conf
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - updated to version 6.6.1-0:
    * Fixed bug in equal-size tile cropping, when image has a page offset.
    * The -recolor 4x4 matrix is now interpretted properly (previously it
      summed rather attenuating the alpha channel).
    * Support writing 1-bit PSD images.
    * Support LCMS 2.0.
    * Improved WMF support under Windows.
    * The new coders/png.c was failing to read a 1-bit paletted image properly.
    * Finished eliminating the deprecated direct references to members of
      the png_info structure. ImageMagick can now be built with libpng-1.5.
    * Respect the -density option when rendering a Postscript or PDF image.
    * Distort barrel no longer complains when 3 arguments are given (reference
    * Support -direction left-to-right option for rendering text
    * coders/png.c: Eliminated support of libpng versions older than 1.0.12.
    * Relocated the new, misplaced png_get_rowbytes() call.
    * Updated setjmp/longjmp/jmpbuf usage to work with libpng-1.5.
    * Add support for monochrome PSD images.
    * VignetteImage() no longer crashes when x and y arguments are both greater
      than half the width (x) and height (y) of the image.
    * Eliminated some of the deprecated direct references to members of
      the png_info structure.  This must be finished before we can build
      with libpng-1.5.
    * The animate program no longer loops twice when -loop 1 is specified.
    * The caption format would sometimes hang when the text was not UTF-8.
    * Don't gamma correct log to linear color conversion unless the -gamma is
      specified (reference
    * Detect CMYKProcessColor AI tag.
    * Delete image from command line cache for -write option.
    * Add support for the Adobe Large Document format.
    * Recognize -remap option for the mogrify utility.
    * The default Helvetica font is not always available, check for
      Century Schoolbook too (reference
* Mon Mar 15 2010
  - updated to version 6.6.0-5:
    * Permit user to get virtual pixels with a region width of 0.
    * Reformulate the jinc() functio  so that the main peak is of amplitude of 1.
    * Resampling filter must respect the image virtual pixel method.
    * The -evaluate-sequence option behaves like -evaluate except it operates
      on a sequence of images.
    * Add support for the Adobe Large Document format.
    * Add support for the -maximum and -minimum options.
    * Check to see if ICON image width /height exceeds that of the image canvas.
    * Set the DPX descriptor to Luma only if the image type is not TrueColor.
    * Add support for -fx airy(), j0(), j1(), jinc(), and sinc() (reference
    * Don't embed an XMP profile in an EPS image for now.
    * Insufficient image data in EPT is a warning rather than an error.
    * Respect -type TrueColor when writing gray DPX images.
    * Fix problem reading 10-bit grayscale DPX images when scanline length is
      not a multiple of 3.
    * BMP has an alpha channel, it was treated as an opacity channel.
    * Write 10-bit grayscale DPX images properly.
    * Detect PDF ICCBased colorspace.
    * Finalized -set option:convolve:scale  kernel normalize/scale option
    * TransformImage() resets the image blob when called in the PICT decoder;
      use SetImageExtent() instead.
    * Support PSD RLE compression.
    * The jpeg:extent define sometimes exceeded the specified limit.
    * Resolve "too many open files"  (reference
    * Added Correlate method which does a Convolve without reflecting the kernel.
    * Initialize grayscale colormap for PSD images.
    * Addition Third-level Subtractive Morphology Methods:
      EdgeIn, EdgeOut, Edge, TopHat, BottomHat
    * Ensuring original kernels passed to morphology are cloned before being
      modifified for use by specific methods (EG: convolve scale/normalize)
    * display -immutable to display transparent image without a checkboard.
    * Make -define png:color-type less persnickity about what it will accept.
    * added use of -precision in 'showkernel' output of -morphology
    * correct use of a 'reflected kernel' for 'Convolve' 'Dilate' and
      'Distance' Morphology primatives. This does not have a performance hit,
      though is only truely applicable when the kernel is asymmetric.  Note that
      'Erode' does not use a 'reflected' kernel, so that 'Open' and 'Close'
      operations work properly.  This 'reflected usage is defined by online
      morphology lecture notes (Google for "EECE Binary Morphology")
    * Added convolve kernel scaling setting "-set option:convolve:scale N"
      If undefined morphology convolve does not do any scaling or normalization
      of the convolution kernel.  A value of 0.0 causes normalization for both
      zero and non-zero (added weights) kernel types.
    * Speed up reading the PSD image format.
    * Add the -precision option.  Use it to set the maximum number of significant
      digits to be printed.
    * Add -features option to the identify program to display channel features.
    * Add -unique option to the identify program to display channel features.
    * Add support for compact floating point (i.e. -depth 16 -define
    * Transparent images no longer flicker on certain system when using the
      display program.
    * Permit interactive resizing with the display program.
    * Support heterogeneous distributed processing, see
    * Fix semaphore assertion when reading a corrupt image with Magick++.
    * Add support for -brightness-contrast option.
    * Add support for the BGRA raw image format.
    * Added Kernel Generator to generate kernels from user strings, which
      allows the generation in many built in kernels for both Convolution
      and other Morphological methods.  New Kernels currently include..
      Convolution: Gaussian, Blur, Comet
      Morphological: Rectangle, Square, Diamond, Disk, Plus
      Distance: Chebyshev, Manhatten, Knight, Euclidean
      And both old and new (rectangular) user defined kernel specifications
      including the use of 'nan' to represent elements which are not part
      of the kernel definition.  List built-in kernel types use "-list kernel"
    * Added -morphology {method}[:{iteration}] {kernel_string}
      Initial methods includes no only the basic morphology methods: Dilate,
      Erode, Open, Close; and a pixel color preserving 'Intensity' version, but
      also the special methods: Convolve, and Distance.  Of course the
      appropriate kernel should be provided for each specific method.
    * Add OpenCL-enabled filter (e.g.  convert image.png -process
      "convolve '-1, -1, -1, -1, 9, -1, -1, -1, -1'" image.jpg).
    * Added StringTo...() processing functions
* Mon Feb 15 2010
  - don't remove *.la files, see [bnc#579798]
* Tue Feb 09 2010
  - build -doc subpackage as noarch
  - spec cleanup
* Mon Jan 11 2010
  - updated to 6.5.8-9, which fixes [bnc#565014]
* Wed Jan 06 2010
  - package baselibs.conf
* Mon Nov 23 2009
  - updated to 6.5.7-9 (See ChangeLog)
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Mon Aug 24 2009
  - splitted out doc package, see [bnc#533439]
* Tue Aug 04 2009
  - updated to version 6.5.4-8 (See ChangeLog)
* Thu Jul 30 2009
  - update baselibs.conf to complete previous change
* Fri Jun 05 2009
  - updated to 6.5.3-2:
    * shared library version increased from 1 to 2
    * subpackages renamed accordingly
    * includes a fix for bnc#507728
* Fri Jan 23 2009
  - backported fix for race condition [bnc#465967]
* Fri Dec 05 2008
  - fixed fontconfig detection [bnc#441874]
* Mon Dec 01 2008
  - add libMagicWand1 to baselibs.conf (for libxine1)
* Tue Oct 07 2008
  - add baselibs.conf (libMagickCore1) required by libfprint0-32bit
* Wed Sep 10 2008
  - update to 6.4.3-6, see ChangeLog for details
* Wed Apr 09 2008
  - update to 6.4.0-4, see ChangeLog for details
    * mostly bugfixes
* Mon Apr 07 2008
  - Fix PRNG.
* Sat Mar 29 2008
  - fix requires
* Wed Mar 26 2008
  - updated to 6.3.9-7, see ChangeLog for details
    * renamed shared library subpackages:
      libMagick10 -> libMagickCore1
      libWand10 -> libMagickWand1
      libMagick++10 -> libMagick++1
    * read EXIF data in TIFF images
    * add -encipher / -decipher options to the command-line utilities
    * many bugfixes and improvements
* Mon Dec 03 2007
  - fixed BuildRequires
* Fri Nov 30 2007
  - updated to 6.3.7-2, see ChangeLog for details
    * fixes conflicts in header files [#340485]
* Mon Oct 08 2007
  - Add libMagick10 to Requires of perl-PerlMagick (#331611)
* Tue Sep 25 2007
  - updated to 6.3.5-10: fixes CVE-2007-4985, CVE-2007-4986,
    CVE-2007-4987, CVE-2007-4988 [#327021]
* Fri Aug 03 2007
  - fix provides for ImageMagick-Magick++ (#293401)
* Sat Jul 28 2007
  - remove requires on ImageMagick-Magick++
* Wed Jul 25 2007
  - updated to 6.3.5-3, see ChangeLog for details
  - reduced the requrements of the main package,
    created ImageMagick-extra with full set of requirements
  - adjusted to Shared Library Policy:
    * created libMagick10 and libWand10
    * renamed ImageMagick-Magick++ -> libMagick++10
    * renamed ImageMagick-Magick++-devel -> libMagick++-devel
* Thu Apr 19 2007
  - updated to 6.3.3-8, see ChangeLog for details
  - fixed various crashes on malformed input, including
    CVE-2007-1797 and CVE-2007-1667 [#258253]
  - do not build static libs
  - adjusted BuildRequires for libjasper-devel
* Tue Feb 27 2007
  - adjust BuildRequires: libexif -> libexif-devel
* Mon Feb 19 2007
  - Array boundaries fix in bezier path (#243280)
    - bezier-array.patch
* Mon Oct 30 2006
  - fixed overflows in dcm and palm codecs CVE-2006-5456 [#215685]
* Wed Oct 18 2006
  - disabled -fstack-protector for %suse_version <= 1000
* Tue Oct 17 2006
  - updated to 1.3.0-0
    * enhanced -fx
    * many bugfixes, see ChangeLog
* Thu Jul 13 2006
  - updated to 1.2.8-1
    * security fixes merged upstream
    * fixed compilation with new libpng
    * many other fixes
* Wed Mar 15 2006
  - fixed rpath in perl module
* Fri Feb 03 2006
  - better fix for format string vulnerability
    CVE-2006-0082 [#141390]
  - fixed shell metacharacters in file names passed into delegates
    CVE-2005-4601 [#141999]
  - added version numbers to devel subpackage requirements
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Mon Jan 16 2006
  - Use -fstack-protector.
* Tue Dec 20 2005
  - updated to 6.2.5
* Wed Sep 21 2005
  - updated to 6.2.4
* Sat Sep 17 2005
  - parallelize build
* Wed Sep 07 2005
  - fixed URL in man pages [#115568]
* Thu Jul 21 2005
  - moved .la files back to main package, they are needed for runtime
* Fri Jul 15 2005
  - updated to 6.2.3
  - fixed incorrect char type usage [#95086]
* Tue May 03 2005
  - updated to 6.2.2, fixes crash in PNM reader [#80428]
* Wed Mar 09 2005
  - fixed format string vulnerability [#67273]
* Wed Mar 02 2005
  - linked PerlMagick correcly
  - added xorg-x11-devel to requires of devel subpackage
* Sat Jan 22 2005
  - fix libltdl removal on lib64
* Tue Jan 18 2005
  - updated to 6.1.8
    * fixed .psd file read overflow (CAN-2005-0005) [#49839]
* Mon Nov 01 2004
  - fixed integer overflow in EXIF handling [#47745]
* Tue Sep 14 2004
  - branched new subpackage ImageMagick-Magick++-devel [#45245]
* Tue Sep 14 2004
  - removed Requires: ImageMagick-devel from ImageMagick-Magick++ [#45245]
* Tue Sep 07 2004
  - updated to 6.0.7
    * fixed possible miscompilation of included headers
    * fixed PerlMagick's Profile crash [#44710]
    * other bugfixes
* Tue Aug 31 2004
  - updated to 6.0.6-2:
    * fixed decoding runlength-encoded BMP [#44081]
    * enabled LZW compression
* Mon Aug 09 2004
  - fix build with current automake
* Mon Jun 28 2004
  - updated to 6.0.2
* Fri Mar 26 2004
  - adjusted default fonts
* Fri Feb 06 2004
  - update to 5.5.7-16
  - added run_ldconfig macro
  - build as user
* Tue Sep 09 2003
  - fixed annotate function [29748]
* Mon Sep 08 2003
  - fixed reading of tiff images [#25552]
* Thu Aug 28 2003
  - fixed output from Magick++-config --version
  - compiled with -fno-strict-aliasing
* Wed Aug 20 2003
  - require the perl version we build with
* Tue Jul 29 2003
  - lib64 fixed
  - filelist fixed
* Fri Jul 25 2003
  - updated to 5.5.7-10
  - used perl_process_packlist
* Mon Feb 10 2003
  - updated to 5.5.4-4:
    - fixed bug [#23111]
  - copied ltdl sources from libtool package
* Thu Dec 19 2002
  - add liblcms-devel to #neededforbuild
* Thu Nov 21 2002
  - updated to 5.5.1
* Wed Nov 20 2002
  - fix build with latest automake
* Fri Nov 01 2002
  - fixed detection of lpr [#21187]
  - fixed to compile with new libjasper
* Tue Sep 03 2002
  - do not try to detect supported ghostscript devices [#18424]
* Thu Aug 29 2002
  - fixed typo in delegates.mgk
* Sat Aug 10 2002
  - Fix filelist for threaded perl
* Fri Jul 26 2002
  - fix neededforbuild
* Fri Jul 26 2002
  - update to 5.4.7-4
* Tue Jul 02 2002
  - update to 5.4.7
* Fri May 03 2002
  - %_lib fixes
* Wed Mar 06 2002
  - added symlink index.html->ImageMagick.html in doc directory
* Mon Feb 04 2002
  - update to 5.4.2-3, xtp updated to 5.4.3
* Thu Jan 31 2002
  - changed neededforbuild <libpng> to <libpng-devel-packages>
* Thu Jan 17 2002
  - html files installed correctly
* Tue Jan 15 2002
  - update to 5.4.2:
    - new scripting language utility, conjure
* Mon Dec 03 2001
  - update to 5.4.1:
    - better SVG support
    - changed default background color to none
    - eliminated the dependancy on libtiff, libpng, libjpeg
    - coders/wmf.c updated for libwmf 0.2
* Thu Oct 18 2001
  - update to 5.4.0:
    - Text drawing now handles UTF8-encoding
    - Added a MATLAB encoder
    - Uses SHA instead of MD5 for image signatures
* Fri Aug 24 2001
  - update to 5.3.8:
    - Added a new method SetImageClipMask().
    - Added @ to the image geometry specification. Use it to specify
      the square-root of the maximum area in pixels of an image
    - many bugfixes
* Tue Aug 21 2001
  - removed wv-devel from neededforbuild, it is no longer needed
  - fixed segfault in svg converting
  - fixed doc installation
* Wed Aug 15 2001
  - compiled with libjasper
* Tue Jul 24 2001
  - update to 5.3.7
* Fri Jul 20 2001
  - changed neededforbuild <gs_fonto> to <ghostscript-fonts-other>
  - changed neededforbuild <gs_fonts> to <ghostscript-fonts-std>
  - changed neededforbuild <gs_lib> to <ghostscript-library>
  - changed neededforbuild <gs_serv> to <ghostscript-serv>
* Wed Jun 27 2001
  - update to 5.3.6
  - dropped ImageMagick-pictures subpackage
* Tue Jun 12 2001
  - update to 5.3.5
  - fixed to compile with new autoconf
* Tue Apr 17 2001
  - Remove magickcpp_version macro
* Thu Apr 05 2001
  - updated to 5.3.1
* Tue Mar 27 2001
  - libtoolize main dir as well
* Mon Mar 26 2001
  - libtoolize
* Fri Mar 09 2001
  - updated to 5.3.0
  - fixed neededforbuild
* Mon Feb 19 2001
  - fixed filelist
* Tue Feb 13 2001
  - update to 5.2.9
* Tue Dec 12 2000
  - compiled with option --with-threads
* Tue Dec 05 2000
  - update to 5.2.6
  - now uses freetype2
* Thu Nov 16 2000
  - update to 5.2.5
* Tue Nov 14 2000
  - fixed writing transparent xpm files
* Wed Nov 08 2000
  - changed to long names
  -    imagemag -> ImageMagick
  -    magickd  -> ImageMagick-devel
  -    magickpp -> ImageMagick-Magick++
  -    plmagick -> perl-PerlMagick
  -    impict   -> ImageMagick-pictures
* Wed Oct 18 2000
  - update to 5.2.4
  - compiled with --with-modules
* Mon Sep 18 2000
  - fixed usage of suse_update_config
* Thu Sep 14 2000
  - drop subpackage imfilm, removed povray from neededforbuild
  - povray scripts are now in /usr/share/doc/imagemag/scenes
* Thu Sep 14 2000
  - update to 5.2.3
  - new subpackage magickd for includes and static libs
  - changed prefix to /usr
  - removed --without-largefiles
* Tue Aug 22 2000
  - fixed perl path
* Thu Jun 08 2000
  - update to latest source from ftp
  - added source url
* Tue Jun 06 2000
  - images, scenes -> /usr/share/ImageMagick
  - doc -> %{_defaultdocdir}/imagemag
* Mon Jun 05 2000
  - used --without-largefiles
* Thu Jun 01 2000
  - xtp updated to 5.2.0
* Mon May 29 2000
  - updated to 5.2.0
* Fri May 19 2000
  - used %{_defaultdocdir}
  - changed group
* Fri Apr 28 2000
  - fixed to compile with xf86-4.0
* Mon Apr 10 2000
  - added URL
* Fri Apr 07 2000
  - added suse config update macro
* Thu Apr 06 2000
  - update to 5.1.1
  - added BuildRoot
* Wed Jan 19 2000
  - fixed specfile
* Mon Jan 03 2000
  - update to 5.1.0
* Mon Sep 27 1999
  - fixed requirements for sub packages
* Mon Sep 13 1999
  - ran old prepare_spec on spec file to switch to new prepare_spec.
* Wed Sep 01 1999
  - update to 4.2.9
* Mon Jun 28 1999
  - update to 4.2.7
* Wed May 19 1999
  - fixed path in specfile
* Wed May 19 1999
  - fixed specfile
* Tue May 18 1999
  - update to 4.2.5
  - new subpackage: magickpp (aka Magick++) a C++-API for libmagick
* Fri Feb 19 1999
  - update to 4.2.0
* Mon Jan 18 1999
  - set libraries to 755
* Wed Jan 13 1999
  - update to 4.1.7 / PerlMagick 1.58
* Mon Dec 14 1998
  - update to 4.1.6
  - disabled unix98/ptys in
* Tue Dec 01 1998
  - update to 4.1.5 / PerlMagick 1.53
* Tue Nov 17 1998
  - update to 4.1.4
  - switched to use configure instead of imake
* Mon Aug 17 1998
  - update to 4.0.9
* Fri Aug 14 1998
  - fixed online documentation
    /usr/doc/packages/ImageMagick/ImageMagick.html is start page
  - added new subpackage PerlMagick "plmagick"
* Thu Aug 13 1998
  - update to 4.0.8
    fixed default for printCommand in Display with a app-defaults file
* Mon Jun 29 1998
  - update to version 4.0.7
    needs libpng-1.0.1 (and povray built with that version)
* Tue Apr 07 1998
  - update to version 4.0.4
    added freetype support
    needs libpng-1.0.1 (and povray built with that version)
* Sun Mar 01 1998
  - update to version 4.0.1
* Sun Nov 16 1997
  - fixed Symlink /usr/doc/packages/ImageMagick
* Fri Nov 14 1997
  - new version 3.9.2
* Tue Nov 11 1997
  - imfilm and impict are built from same specfile
* Mon Nov 03 1997
  - ready for autobuild



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