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crmsh-3.0.3-10.3.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 42.3 updates for noarch

Name: crmsh Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.3
Version: 3.0.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 10.3.1 Build date: Tue Aug 28 18:03:03 2018
Group: Productivity/Clustering/HA Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 2615394 Source RPM: crmsh-3.0.3-10.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: High Availability cluster command-line interface
The crm shell is a command-line interface for High-Availability
cluster management on GNU/Linux systems. It simplifies the
configuration, management and troubleshooting of Pacemaker-based
clusters, by providing a powerful and intuitive set of features.






* Thu Jun 28 2018
  - Update to version 3.0.3:
    * low: bootstrap: suppress the error message (bsc#1087248)
    * high: bootstrap: expected votes wouldn't update in unicast mode (bsc#1087248)
    * medium: bootstrap: run "csync2_update" for all files after new joining node call csync2_remote (bsc#1087248)
    * medium: utils: Avoid crash on missing process id (bsc#1084730)
* Thu Jun 28 2018
  - Update to version 3.0.2:
    - medium: bootstrap: fix UnboundLocalError: local variable 'nodename' referenced before assignment
    - low: ui_cluster: when use help option, do not exit, just print help messages and return
    - low: ui_cluster: when have an error for optparse, just return and stay at shell
    - Release 3.0.1
    - Fix SBD configuration when using SBD device (Fixes #235)
    - low: bootstrap: Improve message when sbd is not installed (bsc#1050427)
    - medium: bootstrap: Missing dmidecode on ppc64le (bsc#1069802)
    - low: ra: Don't require deprecated parameters (#321)
    - Fix is_program(dmidecode) error (bsc#1070344)
    - fix: ui_resource: Using crm_failcount instead of crm_attribute(bsc#1074127)
    - low: ui_node: normal is deprecated in favor of member
    - test: Update tests for previous fix
    - medium: ui_cluster: Stop corosync when stopping pacemaker (bsc#1066156)
    - Parse /32 route entries
    - Fix: TypeError in
    - high: config: Locate pacemaker daemons more intelligently (#67) (bsc#1096783)
    - high: ra: Support Pacemaker 2.0 daemon names
  - Remove merged patches:
    * 0001-Allow-empty-fencing_topology-bsc-1025393.patch
    * 0002-low-bootstrap-Fix-warning-for-formatting-SBD-device-.patch
    * 0003-medium-ui_cluster-Fix-init-with-no-arguments-bsc-102.patch
    * 0004-low-utils-Use-proc-for-process-discovery.patch
    * 0005-medium-scripts-health-Make-health-script-available-a.patch
    * 0006-remove-bindnetaddr-for-unicast-bsc-1030437.patch
    * 0007-medium-bootstrap-Set-expected_votes-based-on-actual-.patch
    * 0008-high-cibconfig-Graph-file-output-option-was-reversed.patch
    * 0009-medium-bootstrap-Enable-help-geo-init-etc.-bsc-10374.patch
    * 0010-medium-bootstrap-Handle-failure-to-fetch-config-grac.patch
    * 0011-medium-bootstrap-Check-required-arguments-to-geo-joi.patch
    * 0012-doc-geo-join-requires-clusters-argument-bsc-1037442.patch
    * 0013-medium-bootstrap-Make-arbitrator-argument-optional-b.patch
    * 0014-medium-history-Revert-preference-of-messages-over-ha.patch
    * 0015-medium-ui_cluster-Add-force-to-ha-cluster-remove-bsc.patch
    * 0016-high-bootstrap-Add-option-to-enable-diskless-SBD-mod.patch
    * 0017-medium-scripts-Clarify-help-text-for-NFS-wizard-bsc-.patch
    * 0018-medium-scripts-Relax-broadcast-IP-validation-bsc-104.patch
    * 0019-medium-bootstrap-Fix-watchdog-SBD-envvars-bsc-104511.patch
* Fri Jun 23 2017
  - medium: bootstrap: Fix watchdog SBD envvars (bsc#1045118)
    * Add 0019-medium-bootstrap-Fix-watchdog-SBD-envvars-bsc-104511.patch
  - medium: scripts: Relax broadcast IP validation (bsc#1044233)
    * Add 0018-medium-scripts-Relax-broadcast-IP-validation-bsc-104.patch
  - medium: scripts: Clarify help text for NFS wizard (bsc#1044244)
    * Add 0017-medium-scripts-Clarify-help-text-for-NFS-wizard-bsc-.patch
* Thu Jun 22 2017
  - high: bootstrap: Add option to enable diskless SBD mode to cluster init (bsc#1045118)
    * Add 0016-high-bootstrap-Add-option-to-enable-diskless-SBD-mod.patch
  - medium: ui_cluster: Add --force to ha-cluster-remove (bsc#1044071)
    * Add 0015-medium-ui_cluster-Add-force-to-ha-cluster-remove-bsc.patch
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - medium: history: Revert preference of messages over ha-log.txt (bsc#1031138)
    * Add 0014-medium-history-Revert-preference-of-messages-over-ha.patch
* Wed May 10 2017
  - medium: bootstrap: Make arbitrator argument optional (bsc#1038386)
    * Add 0013-medium-bootstrap-Make-arbitrator-argument-optional-b.patch
* Wed May 03 2017
  - doc: geo-join requires --clusters argument (bsc#1037442)
    * Add 0012-doc-geo-join-requires-clusters-argument-bsc-1037442.patch
  - medium: bootstrap: Check required arguments to geo-join (bsc#1037421)
    * Add 0011-medium-bootstrap-Check-required-arguments-to-geo-joi.patch
  - medium: bootstrap: Handle failure to fetch config gracefully (bsc#1037423)
    * Add 0010-medium-bootstrap-Handle-failure-to-fetch-config-grac.patch
  - medium: bootstrap: Enable "help geo-init" etc. (bsc#1037417)
    * Add 0009-medium-bootstrap-Enable-help-geo-init-etc.-bsc-10374.patch
* Thu Apr 27 2017
  - high: cibconfig: Graph file output option was reversed (bsc#1036595)
  - Add 0008-high-cibconfig-Graph-file-output-option-was-reversed.patch
* Mon Apr 24 2017
  - low: bootstrap: Update fix for formatting SBD device (bsc#1028704)
  - medium: bootstrap: Set expected votes based on actual node count (bsc#1033288)
  - Add 0007-medium-bootstrap-Set-expected_votes-based-on-actual-.patch
* Fri Apr 21 2017
  - low: remove bindnetaddr for unicast(bsc#1030437)
  - Add 0006-remove-bindnetaddr-for-unicast-bsc-1030437.patch
* Thu Apr 20 2017
  - medium: scripts/health: Make health script available as wizard (fate#320848) (fate#320866)
  - Add 0005-medium-scripts-health-Make-health-script-available-a.patch
* Wed Mar 15 2017
  - low: bootstrap: Fix warning for formatting SBD device (bsc#1028704)
  - medium: ui_cluster: Fix init with no arguments (bsc#1028735)
  - low: utils: Use /proc for process discovery
  - Add 0002-low-bootstrap-Fix-warning-for-formatting-SBD-device-.patch
  - Add 0003-medium-ui_cluster-Fix-init-with-no-arguments-bsc-102.patch
  - Add 0004-low-utils-Use-proc-for-process-discovery.patch
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Allow empty fencing topology (bsc#1025393)
  - Add 0001-Allow-empty-fencing_topology-bsc-1025393.patch
* Tue Jan 31 2017
  - Update to version 3.0.0:
    * high: bootstrap: Add bootstrap commands (fate#321114)
    * high: logparser: Update transition RE (#168)
    * medium: hb_report: don't use backticks in local
    * medium: hb_report: Make sure this never expands to rm -rf /
    * medium: ui_history: Avoid ugly wrapping of diff output
    * medium: ui_cluster: Fix broken cluster remove command
    * low: cibconfig: Clearer error for duplicate ID (bsc#1009748)
    * low: crm_pssh: Fix nodenum envvar name
    * low: cmd_status: More detail in verify output
    * low: ui_cluster: start/stop don't touch corosync, just pacemaker
    * low: ui_script: Fix script list all/names argument handling
    * low: ui: Fix vim highlightning support.
    * low: ui_cluster: No need to check the cluster stack in requires
    * low: completers: give the op's hint when type tab after 'op'
* Wed Nov 02 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1476084519.a000372:
    * high: cibconfig: Ensure temp CIB is readable by crm_diff (bsc#999683)
    * high: parse: Support target pattern in fencing topology
    * medium: ui_configure: option to obscure passwords
    * medium: cibconfig: Remove from tags when removing object
    * medium: scripts: Better corosync defaults (bsc#1001164)
    * medium: scripts: Drop logrotate check from cluster health
    * medium: corosync: Fix missing variable in del-node
    * low: cmd_status: Highlight plural forms (bsc#996806)
* Thu Sep 15 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1473924149.8abc212:
    * high: history: Quote archive tarball name if it contains spaces (bsc#998959)
    * high: history: Prefer /var/log/messages over ha-log.txt (bsc#998891)
* Fri Sep 02 2016
  - Update to version 2.3.1+git.1472802925.a4a4041:
    * Require Python 2.6+, not 2.7 (bsc#995611)
* Tue Aug 09 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1470743271.64d1a40:
    * medium: constants: Add missing alerts constants (#150) (bsc#992789)
* Sat Jul 30 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1469918297.1b801f6:
    * high: hb_report: Skip lines without timestamps in log correctly (bsc#989810)
    * high: hb_report: Don't collect logs from journalctl if -M is set (bsc#990025)
    * high: parse: Use original _TARGET_RE
    * low: Fix a setting example of the alert to become the error
    * low: scripts: Fix use of non-relative import for ra
* Wed Jun 01 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1464769043.9e4df55:
    * medium: tmpfiles: Create temporary directory if non-existing (bsc#981583)
* Thu May 26 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1464237560.fd9e583:
    + high: constants: Add maintenance to set of known attributes (bsc#981659)
    + medium: xmlutil: reduce unknown attribute to warning (bsc#981659)
* Wed May 25 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1464167894.621fe00:
    + medium: scripts: no-quorum-policy=ignore is deprecated (bsc#981056)
* Mon May 23 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1463777827.9b402a8:
    + high: history: Store live report in per-user directory (bsc#980924)
    + medium: logparser: Handle read-only access to metadata cache (bsc#980924)
    + medium: logparser: Fix use-before-declaration error in logparser
    + medium: history: Report better error when history user is not sudoer (bsc#980924)
    + low: utils: Clearer error if permission denied when locking (bsc#980924)
    + low: history: fall back to any log file in report root
* Thu May 12 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1462967444.169c554:
    + high: parse: Support for event-driven alerts (fate#320855) (#136)
    + high: utils: Avoid deadlock if DC changes during idle wait (bsc#978480)
    + medium: ui_resource: Add force argument to resource cleanup (bsc#979420)
    + medium: ui_resource: Show utilization in output from crm resource scores
    + high: ui_resource: Improved resource move/clear/locate commands
* Tue May 03 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1462285059.d79cd0d:
    + high: ui_root: Add crm verify command
    + medium: hb_report: Fix broken -S option (#137)
    + low: hb_report: Fix spurious error on missing events.txt
    + low: scripts: Note SBD recommendation in vmware script (fate#318320)
    + low: scripts: Note SBD recommendation in libvirt script (fate#318320)
* Thu Apr 21 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1461246131.bf3c265:
    + medium: scripts: Add vmware to data manifest (fate#318320)
    + medium: ui_node: Fix crash in node fence command (bsc#974902)
    + low: scripts: Preserve formatting in description for vmware wizard
    + low: scripts: Better description for sbd
* Tue Apr 19 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1461083981.dab79a4:
    + high: scripts: VMware fencing using vCenter (fate#318320)
* Tue Apr 19 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1461051741.724349d:
    + low: cibconfig: Don't mix up CLI name with XML tag
    + low: constants: Add missing reload operation to parser
    + low: corosync: Recycle node IDs when possible
    + low: parse: Don't validate operation name in parser (bsc#975357)
    + low: scripts: Only print debug output locally unless there were remote actions
    + low: scripts: Fix watchdog test in sbd-device (fate#318320)
    + low: scripts: Shouldn't set -e here (fate#318320)
  - Remove bug-974902_crm-node-fence.patch
* Fri Apr 15 2016
  - medium: ui_node: Fix "crm node fence" (bsc#974902)
    - bug-974902_crm-node-fence.patch
* Mon Mar 21 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1458546035.5df0420:
    + medium: scripts: SBD wizard which configures SBD itself (fate#318320)
    + medium: main: Add -o|--opt to pass extra options for crmsh
    + medium: hb_report: Add timeout to SSH connection (bsc#971690)
    + low: command: handle stray regex characters in input
    + low: scripts: Clean up various scripts
* Wed Mar 16 2016
  - Fix build-compare by only touching files with timestamps in the future
    and by not including the rebuild counter in hb_report
* Tue Mar 15 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1458042315.389d264:
    + high: history: Faster log parsing (bsc#970278)
    + medium: ui_node: Use stonith_admin -F to fence remote nodes (bsc#967907)
    + medium: crm_pssh: Fix live refresh of journalctl logs (bsc#970931)
    + medium: hb_report: Use server attribute for remote nodes if set (bsc#970819)
    + medium: ui_node: Add crm node server command
    + medium: scripts: Simplify SBD script (bsc#968076) (fate#318320)
    + medium: scripts: inline scripts for call actions
    + medium: scripts: Don't require sudo for root
    + medium: scripts: Set sudo and full path for exportfs -v in nfs scripts
    + medium: scripts: Add nfs-utils to list of packages for nfsserver
    + low: history: use os.listdir to list history sessions
    + low: scripts: Fix error in service action
    + low: logtime: Improve performance of syslog_ts (bsc#970278)
    + low: hb_report: Print covered time span at exit (bsc#970823)
    + low: hb_report: Warn if generated report is empty (bsc#970823)
    + low: log_patterns_118: Add captures to log patterns for tagging (bsc#970278)
    + low: ui_resource: alias show to get
    + low: hb_report: Suggest user checks timeframe on empty logs (bsc#970823)
    + low: logparser: Add cib info to __meta for hawk
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1456299101.87fe3c9:
    + high: ui_configure: Fix commit force (#120)
    + medium: config: make multiarch dependency a dynamic include (#119)
    + low: ui_node: Less cryptic query when fencing node
* Fri Feb 19 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0+git.1455627181.78fd949:
    + high: scripts: Add LVM on DRBD cluster script (bsc#951132)
    + high: scripts: Add NFS on LVM and DRBD cluster script (bsc#951132)
    + high: added the "push" method to the "configure load" command (fate#320389)
    + medium: ui_configure: Only wait for DC if resources were stopped (#117)
    + medium: hb_report: Don't collect logs on non-nodes (bsc#959031)
    + medium: hb_report: Don't collect logs on non-nodes (bsc#959031)
    + medium: ui_configure: Only wait for DC if resources were stopped (#117)
    + medium: command: Disable fuzzy matcher for completion (#116)
    + medium: corosync: added optional parameter [name] to "corosync add-node" function
    + medium: constants: clone-min meta attribute (new in Pacemaker 1.1.14)
    + medium: cibconfig: add and|or filter combinators to influence filtering (fate#320401)
    + Medium: history: update patterns for resource (new lrmd)
    + medium: ui_configure: Rename show-property to get-property
    + medium: scripts: Updated SBD cluster script (fate#318320)
    + low: Fix title style vs. sentence style in cluster scripts (bsc#892108)
    + low: Fix title style vs. sentence style in cluster scripts (bsc#892108)
    + Low: maintenance: allow action to be forced
  - Remove merged patches:
    - Remove 0001-high-history-Parse-log-lines-without-timestamp-bsc-9.patch
    - Remove 0002-high-scripts-Improved-OCFS2-cluster-script-bsc-95398.patch
    - Remove 0003-high-scripts-fix-broken-cluster-init-script-bsc-9631.patch
* Fri Jan 22 2016
  - high: scripts: fix broken cluster init script (bsc#963135)
  - high: scripts: Improved OCFS2 cluster script (bsc#953984)
  - high: history: Parse log lines without timestamp (bsc#955581)
  - Add 0001-high-history-Parse-log-lines-without-timestamp-bsc-9.patch
  - Add 0002-high-scripts-Improved-OCFS2-cluster-script-bsc-95398.patch
  - Add 0003-high-scripts-fix-broken-cluster-init-script-bsc-9631.patch
* Tue Jan 19 2016
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1452867205.c160c5a:
    + high: cibconfig: Fix XML import bug for cloned groups (bsc#959895)
    + high: cibconfig: fail if new object already exists (bsc#959965)
    + high: cibconfig: Preserve failure through edit (bsc#959965)
    + medium: ui_cib: Call crm_shadow in batch mode to avoid spawning subshell (bsc#961392)
    + medium: ui_history: Add events command (bsc#952449)
    + medium: scripts: Reformat scripts to simplified form
    + medium: scripts: Load single file yml scripts
    + medium: cibconfig: Detect false container children
    + medium: history: Ignore central log
    + medium: history: Fix live report refresh (bsc#950422) (bsc#927414)
    + low: don't use deprecated crm_attribute -U option
    + low: hb_report: Drop function from event patterns
    + low: clidisplay: Avoid crash when colorizing None
    + doc: Documentation for history events command
* Mon Dec 07 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1449475283.649c9d2:
    + high: ui_configure: Move validate-all validation to a separate command (bsc#956442)
    + high: scripts: Don't delete steps from upgraded wizards (bnc#957925)
    + medium: scripts: Enable setting category in legacy wizards (bnc#957926)
    + high: scripts: Don't require scripts to be an array of one element
    + high: scripts: Conservatively verify scripts that modify the CIB (bsc#951954)
    + high: ui_resource: Enable start/stop/status for multiple resources at once (bsc#952775)
    + high: ui_resource: Add constraints and operations commands
    + high: ui_ra: Add ra validate command (bsc#956442)
    + high: script: Fix issues found in cluster scripts
    + low: resource: Fix unban alias for unmigrate
* Thu Nov 19 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1447774225.24dd944:
    + high: xmlutil: Order is significant in resource_set (bsc#955434)
* Mon Nov 09 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1447033314.c640af6:
    + medium: script: (filesystem) create stopped (bsc#952670)
    + doc: configure load can read from stdin
    + medium: scripts: Lower copy target to string
* Thu Oct 29 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1446121677.5f4ab3c:
    + high: scripts: Eval CIB text in correct scope (bsc#952600)
    + medium: scripts: Check required parameters for optional sub-steps
    + medium: utils: Fix python 2.6 compatibility
* Wed Oct 28 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1446022288.cbb7d77:
    + medium: scripts: No optional steps in legacy wizards (bsc#952226)
    + medium: ui_script: Tag legacy wizards as legacy in show (bsc#952226)
* Mon Oct 26 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1445863187.686e3ec:
    + high: utils: Revised time zone handling (bsc#951759)
* Tue Oct 20 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1445338389.7433378:
    + high: scripts: Fix DRBD script resource reference (bsc#951028)
    + low: constants: Tweaked graph colors
* Thu Oct 15 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1444854254.fc37f7f:
    + high: utils: Handle time zones in parse_time (bsc#949511)
    + medium: cibconfig: Fix sanity check for attribute-based fencing topology (#110)
    + medium: ui_script: Optionally print common params
    + medium: hb_report: Remove reference to function name in event patterns (bsc#942906)
    + medium: report: Make transitions without end stretch to 2525
    + doc: add missing <> to fencing_topology syntax
    + doc: add missing backslash in fencing_topology example
    + doc: add explanatory comments to fencing_topology
    + doc: Update the scripts documentation
    + doc: Fix unclosed block in scripts documentation
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1444661352.14fa72b:
    + high: scripts: Determine output format of script correctly (bsc#949980)
    + high: cibconfig: Fix bug with node/resource collision
* Thu Oct 08 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1444340345.59850ca:
    + high: utils: Fix cluster_copy_file error when nodes provided (bsc#949603)
    + low: xmlutil: More informative message when updating resource references after rename
    + doc: fix some command syntax grammar in the man page
    + doc: resource-discovery for location constraints
* Tue Oct 06 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1444133917.3f7f79f:
    + high: cibconfig: Fix bug in is_edit_valid (bsc#948547)
    + high: cibconfig: Delete constraints before resources
* Tue Oct 06 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1444122392.193bf69:
    + high: cibconfig: Allow nodes and resources with the same ID (bsc#948547)
    + high: cibconfig: Allow node/rsc id collision in _set_update (bsc#948547)
    + medium: hb_report: Don't cat binary logs
    + low: report: Silence tar warning on early stream close
* Wed Sep 30 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1443544100.aa2abda:
    + medium: report: Enable opening .xz-compressed report tarballs
    + medium: config: Always fall back to /usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin for programs (bsc#947818)
    + low: ui_resource: Silence spurious migration non-warning from pacemaker
    + high: log_patterns_118: Update the correct set of log patterns (bsc#942906)
* Thu Sep 24 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1443105613.80a246f:
    + medium: cibconfig: Only warn for grouped children in colocations (bsc#927423)
* Thu Sep 24 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1443102798.74361f5:
    + high: ui_node: Show remote nodes in crm node list (bsc#877962)
    + medium: cibconfig: Warn if configuring constraint on child resource (bsc#927423) (#101)
    + medium: cibconfig: Allow order constraints on group children (bsc#927423)
* Tue Sep 22 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1442913222.4ba506b:
    + high: config: Remove config.core.supported_schemas (bsc#946893)
* Fri Sep 11 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1441965248.a9a616d:
    + low: scripts: Fix typo in email type verifier
    + low: scripts: [MailTo] install mailx package
    + high: scripts: Add enum type to script values
    + medium: parse: Add support for node attribute as fencing topology target
    + doc: Improve documentation for the history level
    + low: ui_history: Swap from and to times if to < from
    + low: ui_history: Better error handling and documentation for the detail command
    + medium: report: Add transition tags command (bsc#943470)
    + medium: report: Mark transitions with errors with a star in info output (bsc#943470)
* Fri Sep 04 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1441319359.d823416:
    + high: scripts: Generate actions for includes if none are defined
    + high: script: Fix subscript agent reference bug
    + medium: crm_pssh: Timeout is an int (bsc#943820)
    + medium: scripts: Fix typo in lvm script
    + low: scripts: [virtual-ip] make lvs_support an advanced parameter
    + low: constants: Add meta attributes for remote nodes
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1440887645.cd6ac8a:
    + doc: Clarify documentation for colocations using node-attribute
    + high: parse: Fix crash when referencing score types by name (bsc#940194)
    + low: scripts: Improved script parameter validation
    + medium: scripts: Add MailTo script
* Wed Aug 26 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1440626270.8872dbc:
    + low: hb_report: Increase time to wait for the logmark
    + medium: log_patterns: Remove reference to function name in log patterns (bsc#942906)
    + low: hb_report: Collect libqb version (bsc#943327)
    + medium: report: Reintroduce empty transition pruning (bsc#943291)
    + medium: scripts: Ensure that the Filesystem resource exists [nfsserver] (bsc#898658)
    + low: scripts: Make virtual IP optional [nfsserver]
    + high: scripts: Add force parameter to cib and crm actions, and don't pass --force by default
    + high: scripts: Default to passing --force to crm after all
    + medium: options: Add --no option
    + medium: scripts: Use --no option over --force unless force: true is set in the script
    + high: ui_script: Print cached errors in json run
* Tue Aug 25 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1440506835.395dad0:
    + high: report: Update transition edge regexes (bsc#942906)
    + high: hb_report: Always prefer syslog if available (bsc#942906)
* Tue Aug 25 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1440493477.255685f:
    + low: scripts: Catch attempt to pass dict as parameter value
    + medium: scripts: Switch install default to false (fate#318482)
* Fri Aug 14 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1439547680.0877a90:
    + low: main: Bash completion didn't handle sudo correctly
    + high: hb_report: Correct path to hb_report after move to subdirectory (bsc#936026)
    + medium: report: Add pacemaker.log to find_node_log list (bsc#941734)
    + high: hb_report: Prefer pacemaker.log if it exists (bsc#941681)
    + high: report: Output format from pacemaker has changed (bsc#941681)
* Wed Aug 12 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1439305144.fbe773c:
    + medium: config: Add report_tool_options (bsc#917638)
* Mon Aug 10 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1438934728.5abada2:
    + Medium: cibconfig: skip sanity check for properties other than cib-bootstrap-options
    + high: parse: Add attributes to terminator set (bsc#940920)
* Thu Jul 09 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1436439891.2cc4984 (fate#318281):
    + high: ui_script: drop end sentinel from API output (fate#318211)
    + low: scripts: Title and category for exportfs
    + low: scripts: Strip shortdesc for scripts and params
    + low: scripts: Tweak description for libvirt
    + low: scripts: make overridden parameters non-advanced by default
    + low: scripts: add missing type annotations to libvirt script
    + low: scripts: Fix formatting for SAP scripts
    + low: scripts: Clearer shortdesc for filesystem
    + low: scripts: Preserve formatting of longdescs
    + medium: ui_script: Add name to action output (fate#318211)
    + low: ui_script: Check JSON command syntax
    + medium: ui_script: Fix bug in verify json encoding
* Mon Jul 06 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1436110355.d603e20:
    + low: scripts: Fix possible reference error in agent include
* Fri Jul 03 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1435949142.a824a98:
    + low: Add HAProxy script to data manifest
    + low: Remove build revision from version
    + low: scripts: Clearer error message
* Fri Jul 03 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1435679589.07d4206:
    + medium: scripts: Add HAProxy script
    + medium: constants: Add 'provides' meta attribute (bsc#936587)
* Thu Jun 25 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1435265407.2865580:
    + high: hb_report: find utility scripts after move (bsc#936026)
    + high: ui_report: Move hb_report to subdirectory (bsc#936026)
    + high: scripts: subscript values not required if subscript has no parameters / all defaults (fate#318211)
    + high: Makefile: Don't unstall hb_report using data-manifest (bsc#936026)
    + medium: scripts: Fix name override for subscripts (fate#318211)
    + medium: scripts: stop inserting comments as values
    + medium: report: Fall back to cluster-glue hb_report if necessary (bsc#936026)
    + low: scripts: Clean up generated CIB (fate#318211)
* Fri Jun 12 2015
  - Pre-release 2.2.0-rc3
  - high: Merge rewizards development branch (fate#318211)
    (fate#318384) (fate#318483) (fate#318482) (fate#318550)
  - Summary of some of the changes included in the merge of
    the rewizards branch:
    + Colorized status output
    + New and more capable cluster script implementation
    + Deprecated the crmsh templates (not the CIB templates,
      the configuration templates)
    + Implemented a JSON API interface to the cluster scripts
      for hawk to use instead of having its own wizards
    + Handlebars-like templating language for cluster scripts
      that modify the CIB
    + Collect metadata from resource agents to avoid duplication
      in configuration scripts
    + Extended validation support for parameter values
    + New cluster scripts:
    - Stonith: SBD and libvirt
    - Apache web server
    - NFS server
    - cLVM
    - Databases: MySQL / MariaDB / Oracle / DB2
    - SAP
    - OCFS2
    - etc.
    + Radically simplified automake and autoconf setup
    + Improved completion performance
    + Added pygment lexers used by the history guide as stand-alone
      python module in contrib/
    + Removed dependency on corosync for regression test suite
    + Sort topics and commands in help output
    + Hide internal commands in help and ls
    + Clearer debug output when simulating
    + Cleaned up and fixed documentation bugs
  - Update to version 2.2.0~rc3+git.1434151485.7365522:
    + low: crm: Detect and report use of python 3
    + medium: hb_report: Collect logs from pacemaker.log
    + medium: ui_root: Make the cibstatus command available directly from the root
    + medium: resource: Add ban command
    + medium: handles: {{^feature}}invert blocks{{/feature}}
    + medium: handles: Replace magic value with callables
    + low: handles: Also allow # and $ in identifiers
    + doc: Update reference to parallax in scripts documentation
    + WIP: in-progress notes etc.
    + scripts: Add placeholders for some basic scripts
    + medium: handles: Fix error in strict parameter handling
    + medium: config: add config.path.hawk_wizards
    + medium: ui_script: Add JSON API
    + build: Add to generate datadir file list
    + contrib: Add pygment lexers used by the history guide
    + doc: Describe website compilation process in
    + doc: scripts: Basic documentation for the cluster scripts
    + medium: help: Sort topics and commands in help output
    + low: handles: Clean up special values
    + doc: Document the script JSON API
    + low: script: Rename describe to show
    + low: command: Hide internal commands from ls
    + doc: Fix unterminated block
    + low: scripts: Stricter regexp for identifiers
    + low: scripts: Handle local runs even if nodelist doesn't contain local node
    + low: cmd_status: Add full argument to status
    + high: cmd_status: Colorize status output
    + Pre-release 2.2.0-rc3
* Wed Jun 03 2015
  - Pre-release 2.2.0-rc2
  - medium: crm_pkg: Fix cluster init bug on RH-based systems
  - medium: crm_gv: Improved quoting of non-identifier node names (bsc#931837)
  - medium: crm_gv: Wrap non-identifier names in quotes (bsc#931837)
  - low: Fix references to pssh to refer to parallax
  - medium: report: Try to load source as session if possible (bsc#927407)
  - low: xmlutil: Update comment to match the code
  - high: report: New detection to fix missing transitions (bnc#917131)
  - medium: ui_configure: Add resource as an alias for primitive
  - medium: parse: Allow implicit initial for groups as well
  - medium: parse: More robust implicit initial parser
  - Medium: doc: add history guide
  - Low: doc: simplify to make it work with python 2.6
  - Medium: hb_report: use faster zypper interface if available
  - medium: ui_configure: Wait for DC when removing running resource
  - low: schema: Don't leak PacemakerError exceptions (#93)
  - high: ui_cluster: Add copy command
  - doc: Update the documentation for the upgrade command
  - parse: Don't require trailing colon in tag definitions
  - high: crm_pssh: Explicitly set parallax inline option (krig/parallax#1)
  - high: ui_configure: Add show-property command
  - medium: utils: Allow 1/0 as boolean values for parameters
  - low: hb_report: Use crmsh config to find pengine/cib dirs (bsc#926377)
  - low: ui_options: add alias list for show
  - medium: cliformat: Escape double-quotes in nvpair values
  - high: parse: Don't allow constraints without applicants
  - medium: parse: Disallow location rules without resources
  - medium: ui_template: Make new command more robust (bnc#924641)
  - high: fix typo in previous commit
  - high: ui_node: Don't fence node in clearstate (boo#912919)
  - low: Replaced README with
  - medium: ui_template: Always generate id unless explicitly defined (boo#921028)
  - high: cibconfig: Derive id for ops from referenced resource name (boo#921028)
  - medium: templates: Clearer descriptions for editing templates (boo#921028)
  - high: ui_context: Wait for DC after commit, not before (#85)
  - high: cibconfig: Don't delete valid tickets when removing referenced objects (bnc#922039)
  - high: ui_configure: Remove acl_group command (bnc#921056)
  - doc: Document changes to template list|new
  - medium: help: Teach help to fuzzy match topics
  - doc: Describe the shorthand syntax for commands
  - low: command: Use fuzzy match for sublevel check
  - medium: command: Fuzzy match command names
  - low: ui_context: Use true command name when reporting errors
  - Low: hb_report: add -X option for extra ssh options
  - low: allow pacemaker 1.0 version detection
  - low: allow (0,1) as option booleans
  - medium: cibconfig: Allow removal of non-existing elements if --force is set
  - medium: cibconfig: Allow delete of objects that don't exist without returning error code
  - medium: cibconfig: If a change results in no diff, exit silently
  - low: pacemaker: Remove debug output
  - medium: schema: Remove extra debug output
  - medium: schema: Test if node type is optional via schema
  - medium: parse: Treat pacemaker-next schema as 2.0+
  - low: cibconfig: Improved debug output when schema change fails
  - medium: cibconfig: Fix inverted logic causing spurious warning
  - Medium: cibconf: preserve cib user attributes
  - medium: ra: Handle non-OCF agent meta-data better
  - medium: config: Fix case-sensitivity for booleans
  - medium: report: Include transitions with configuration changes (bnc#917131)
  - medium: xmlutil: Improved check for related elements
  - doc: Documentation for show related:<obj>
  - medium: report: Convert RE exception to simpler UI output
  - medium: cibconfig: add show related:<obj>
  - medium: parse: Encode unicode using xmlcharrefreplace in parser
  - medium: parse: nvpair attributes with no value = <nvpair name=".."/> (#71)
  - medium: ui_cluster: Add diff command (bnc#914525)
  - medium: report: Fall back to end_ts = start_ts
  - medium: util: Don't fall back to current time
  - high: xmlutil: Treat node type=member as normal (boo#904698)
  - low: xmlutil: logic bug in sanity_check_nvpairs
  - medium: xmlutil: Modify sort order of object types
  - medium: cibconfig: Use orderedset to avoid reordering bugs (#79)
  - medium: orderedset: Add OrderedSet type
  - medium: cibconfig: Detect v1 format and don't patch container changes (bnc#914098)
  - medium: constants: Update transition regex (#77)
  - Revert "high: xmlutil: Reorder elements only if sort_elements is set (#78)"
  - low: ui_options: Add underscore aliases for legacy options
  - high: xmlutil: Reorder elements only if sort_elements is set (#78)
  - medium: cibconfig: Strip digest from v1 diffs (bnc#914098)
  - medium: crm_pssh: Make tar follow symlinks
  - medium: constants: Fix transition start detection
  - medium: crm_pssh: Handle incomplete Option argument
  - high: crm_pssh: Use correct Task API in do_pssh (bnc#913261)
  - medium: cibconfig: Break infinite edit loop if --force is set
  - high: utils: Locate binaries across sudo boundary (bnc#912483)
  - low: config: Convert NoOptionError to ValueError
  - low: msg: Add note on modifying supported schemas
  - medium: config: Add 2.3 to list of supported schemas
  - medium: utils: crm_daemon_dir is added to PATH in envsetup (#67)
  - Version 2.2.0-rc2, update ChangeLog
  - low: cibconfig: Protect against dereferencing None when building graph
  - low: crm_gv: Avoid crashing if passed None in my_edge
  - low: cibconfig: Use LXML to remove version data more robustly (#75)
  - Remove CIB version in case no --no-version.
  - medium: ui_options: Accept prefix or suffix of option as argument
  - medium: utils: Check if path basename is less (#74)
  - low: report: Delay Report creation until use
  - Medium: history: match error/crit messages of pcmk 1.1.12
  - low: report: Fix references to PSSH
  - high: crm_pssh: Switch to python-parallax over pssh (bnc#905116)
  - high: parse: Implicit initial parameter list
  - Low: term: get rid of annying ^O in piped-to-less-R output
  - medium: parse: Enable name[=value] for nvpair (#71)
  - medium: parse: Allow nvpair with no value using name= syntax (#71)
  - utils: append_file: open destination in append-mode (boo#907528)
  - medium: ui_history: Fix crash using empty object set
  - doc: Add note about modeline for vim syntax
  - doc: Improved documentation for show and save
  - medium: cibconfig: Delete containers first in edits (boo#905268)
  - medium: Allow removing groups even if is_running (boo#905271)
  - doc: Add documentation section describing rule expressions (boo#905637)
  - doc: Clarify documentation for property (boo#905637)
  - Medium: config: add alwayscolor to display output option
  - medium: config: Add core.ignore_missing_metadata (#68) (boo#905910)
  - medium: ui_configure: selectors in save command
  - medium: ui_context: Lazily import readline
  - medium: cibconfig: Don't bump epoch if stripping version
  - medium: ui_configure: Add replace option to commit
  - medium: cibconfig: Revised CIB schema handling
  - low: cliformat: Colorize id: as identifier (boo#905338)
  - medium: config: Fall back to /etc/crm/crmsh.conf (#67)
  - high: config: Fix path to system-wide crm.conf (#67)
  - medium: cmd_status: Show pending if available, enable extra options
  - medium: ra: Use correct path for crmd (#67)
  - medium: cibconfig: Allow unsupported schemas with warning
  - medium: pacemaker: Support pacemaker-next as schema
  - medium: parse: Support resource-discovery in location constraints
  - doc: Document deprecation of refresh and reprobe (bnc#905092)
  - low: ui_resource: --reprobe and --refresh are deprecated (bnc#905092)
  - doc: Document probe op in resource trace (bnc#905050)
  - medium: ui_resource: Set probe interval 0 if not set (bnc#905050)
  - high: ui_resource: resource trace failed if operation existed (bnc#901453)
  - high: ui_resource: Use correct name for error function (bnc#901453)
  - medium: ui_resource: Flatten, then filter (#64)
  - medium: ui_resource: Only act on resources (#64)
  - high: xmlutil: Filter list of referenced resources (bnc#901714)
  - high: cibconfig: Don't crash if given an invalid pattern (bnc#901714)
  - doc: cibconfig: Add note on inner ids after rename
  - medium: xmlutil: Use idmgmt when creating new elements (bnc#901543)
  - doc: Remove reference to crmsh documentation at
  - doc: Clarified note for default-timeouts
  - high: hb_report: Collect logs from journald (boo#900654)
  - high: report: Find nodes for any log type (boo#900654)
  - low: cibconfig: Fix vim modeline
  - medium: main: Disable interspersed args
  - high: cibconfig: Delay reinitialization after commit
  - low: cibconfig: Improve wording of commit prompt
  - low: rsctest: Better error message for unsupported action
  - medium: ui_maintenance: Combine action and actionssh into a single command
  - medium: rsctest: Add basic support for systemd services
  - high: ui_maintenance: Add maintenance sublevel (bnc#899234)
  - high: parse: Allow empty attribute values in nvpairs (bnc#898625)
  - low: main: Replace getopt with optparse
  - low: ui_cluster: More informative error message
  - low: report: Sort list of nodes
  - high: cibconfig: Add tag:<tag> to get all resources in tag
  - high: cibconfig: Generate valid CLI syntax for attribute lists (bnc#897462)
  - doc: Sort command list in documentation alphabetically
  - doc: Handle command names with underscore
  - low: ra: Add systemd-support to RaOS
  - low: ui_ra: Don't crash when no OCF agents installed
  - low: corosync: Check tools before use
  - low: main: Catch any ValueErrors that may leak through
  - medium: config: Assign default path in all cases
  - low: ui_template: List both templates and configs by default
  - low: ui_configure: add rm as alias for delete
  - low: template: Add 'new <template>' shortcut
  - high: scripts: Handle corosync.conf without nodelist in add-node (bnc#862577)
  - medium: Handle broken CIB in find_objects
  - high: parse: split shortcuts into valid rules
  - doc: Rename asciidoc files to %.adoc
  - medium: cibconfig: Add set command
  - Low: hb_report: add -Q to usage
  - upstream cs: 2.2.0-rc2-167-g4e7baf3
* Wed Oct 29 2014
  - Release 2.1.1 (bnc#902993)
  - upstream cs: 2.1.1
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - medium: ui_resource: Only act on resources (#64)
  - medium: ui_resource: Flatten, then filter (#64)
  - high: ui_resource: Use correct name for error function (bnc#901453)
  - high: ui_resource: resource trace failed if operation existed (bnc#901453)
  - upstream cs: 2.1.0-63-g9b8d798
* Mon Oct 13 2014
  - high: hb_report: Collect logs from journald (boo#900654)
  - high: report: Find nodes for any log type (boo#900654)
  - low: cibconfig: Fix vim modeline
  - upstream cs: 2.1.0-55-ga69c53c
* Fri Oct 10 2014
  - high: cibconfig: Delay reinitialization after commit (bnc#900271)
  - low: cibconfig: Improve wording of commit prompt
  - upstream cs: 2.1.0-52-geb70880
* Fri Sep 26 2014
  - high: parse: Allow empty attribute values in nvpairs (bnc#898625)
  - low: report: sort list of nodes
  - upstream cs: 2.1.0-50-g966ce53
* Fri Sep 19 2014
  - doc: Documentation for show tag:<tag>
  - high: cibconfig: Add tag:<tag> to get all resources in tag
  - high: cibconfig: Generate valid CLI syntax for attribute lists (bnc#897462)
  - upstream cs: 2.1.0-48-g76c93c8
* Wed Sep 03 2014
  - high: scripts: Handle corosync.conf without nodelist in add-node (bnc#862577)
  - high: parse: split shortcuts into valid rules
  - upstream cs: 2.1.0-44-g075fc75
* Thu Aug 28 2014
  - high: constants: Add acl_target and acl_group to cib_cli_map (bnc#894041)
  - cibconfig: Clean up output from crm_verify (bnc#893138)
  - upstream: 2.1.0-38-g7d05ad6
* Fri Aug 22 2014
  - medium: term: Handle $ in input when rendering (bnc#893011)
  - upstream: 2.1.0-33-g8cb6b59
* Fri Aug 15 2014
  - medium: cibconfig: Support crm_diff --no-version (bnc#888726)
  - low: constants: Add requires to list of meta attributes
  - 2.1.0-30-g7a4a34d
* Tue Aug 05 2014
  - medium: ui_node: Fix handling of default arguments (bnc#889673)
  - medium: crm_pssh: Degrade functionality if pssh is unpatched
  - upstream: 2.1.0-26-g29f1259
* Tue Jul 29 2014
  - high: report: Preserve path when checking timestamp of tarball (bnc#889328)
  - medium: config: Respect EDITOR and PAGER environment variables
  - medium: parse: pacemaker allows order without score or kind
  - medium: hb_report: add -Q option for quick runs
  - low: history: use -Q with hb_report to reduce waiting time
  - low: hb_report: add timestamp when debugging
  - Low: hb_report: is obsolete
  - upstream: 2.1.0-20-g9de903ff5cd8
* Tue Jul 01 2014
  - Doc: Fix incorrect title for script section
  - Doc: Update ChangeLog for release 2.1
  - Low: help: Handle topics with subtopics correctly
  - upstream: 2.1.0-4-g7993c9d0f0c8
* Wed Jun 25 2014
  - Medium: hb_report: dot is not illegal in file names (bnc#884079, debian#715391)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-151-g74bdd9a1a02a
* Wed Jun 25 2014
  - low: history: remove existing report directory on refresh
  - upstream: 2.0.0-149-gfb2c8c0591cb
* Thu Jun 19 2014
  - Medium: hb_report: update interface to zypper (bnc#883186)
  - Medium: hb_report: support logs with varied timestamps (bnc#883186)
  - Low: hb_report: getstampproc is global (bnc#883186)
  - Low: hb_report: gdb debug symbols output change (bnc#883186)
  - Low: hb_report: don't restrict debuginfo to cluster stack binaries (zypper) (bnc#883186)
  - high: ui_history: Lazily fetch report data on command (bnc#882959)
  - medium: report: Make setting report period more robust (bnc#882959)
  - medium: ui_history: Print source if given no argument (bnc#883437)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-147-g9ea5208a0054
* Fri Jun 13 2014
  - medium: ui_resource: Remove empty attrlists when overriding children (bnc#882655)
  - high: cibconfig: Retain empty attribute sets (bnc#882655)
  - low: report: unpack tarball if it's newer than the existing directory
  - low: report: get node list based on collected logs, not from cib
  - low: report: test for ha-log.txt instead of cib.txt when listing nodes
  - low: report: don't warn on extra nodes in the report
  - upstream: 2.0.0-133-g934052881c13
* Thu Jun 12 2014
  - configure: Nicer error when pacemaker is not running (bnc#882475)
  - medium: scripts: configure SSH in cluster init (bnc#882476)
  - medium: ui_assist: add template command (bnc#882477)
  - medium: cliformat: Fix CLI formatting for rules and id-refs
  - upstream: 2.0.0-125-g758b534296ff
* Wed Jun 11 2014
  - doc: Improved documentation for constraints (bnc#873781)
  - doc: Document interval suffixes (bnc#873677)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-119-gb2f081b32b1a
* Tue Jun 10 2014
  - medium: ui_node: Fix display of node attributes (bnc#881979)
  - medium: parse: Allow remote as node type
  - low: cliformat: Don't show extraneous id for acl rules
  - upstream: 2.0.0-115-gf5dfb15e7f43
* Thu Jun 05 2014
  - high: cibconfig: Fix bug in copy_nvpairs (bnc#881369)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-111-gf36401b
* Tue Jun 03 2014
  - high: parse: Try to retain ordering if possible (bnc#880371)
  - high: cibconfig: Enable use of v2 patches in Pacemaker (bnc#880371)
  - high: parse: support for ACL schema 2.0 (bnc#880371)
  - medium: resource: modify some command wait options (bnc#880982)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-109-g0b2645b
* Tue Jun 03 2014
  - medium: ui_resource: trace promote/demote for multistate resources
  - medium: parse: Allow empty property sets (bnc#880632)
  - medium: schema: Fix typo in test_schema()
  - upstream: 2.0.0-99-g3c1db7e
* Tue May 27 2014
  - high: cibconfig: adjust attributes when adding operations (bnc#880052)
  - high: parse: Support id-ref in nvpairs (fate#316118)
  - low: ui_configure: Add --force flag to configure delete
  - low: ui_resource: Allow untrace without explicit interval
  - upstream: 2.0.0-93-g29c4073
* Thu May 22 2014
  - medium: xmlutil: Limit xpath search to children (bnc#879419)
  - medium: ui: Fix argument check in resource commands (gh#crmsh/crmsh#29)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-88-g598dfd4
* Fri May 16 2014
  - high: xmlutil: Include remote nodes in nodelist (bnc#877962)
  - high: cibconfig: Ban containers stealing children (bnc#878112)
  - high: parse: Allow role in rule-based location constraints (bnc#878128)
  - low: command: Add -h and --help as aliases to help
  - upstream: 2.0.0-85-g5c9da05
* Wed May 14 2014
  - medium: ui_resource: Fix race in start/stop/manage/unmanage (bnc#877640)
  - medium: report: Return to handling timestamps internally (bnc#877495)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-73-g5f04128
* Tue May 13 2014
  - report: Make regexp groups non-capturing to avoid limit (bnc#877484)
  - constants: Rename cluster attribute to cluster-name (fate#316118)
  - cibconfig: Enable score for instance_attributes (bnc#865292)
  - cibconfig: Support rules in attribute lists (bnc#865292)
  - scripts: Handle percent characters in script output (bnc#876882)
  - parse: Allow 'in' and 'spec' instead of 'in_range' and 'date_spec'
  - pacemaker: Support Pacemaker XML schema version 2.0
  - hb_report: Fix ssh passwords again (bnc#867365)
  - vars: Add cluster to list of extra cluster properties (fate#316118)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-63-g65d1ad8
* Wed Apr 30 2014
  - ui: Fix garbage characters in prompt (bnc#875788)
  - report: Resolve datetime/timestamp mixup (bnc#874162)
  - parse: Fix check for action/role in resource set parser (bnc#875787)
  - site: pass --force flag through to crm_ticket (bnc#873200)
  - cibconf: add comments in the right order (bnc#866434)
  - parse: Unify API for err() (bnc#875791)
  - crm: Check and complain about python version < 2.6
  - upstream: 2.0.0-38-gc2e94fe366a3
* Fri Apr 11 2014
  - hb_report: pcmk lib changed permissions (bnc#872958)
  - history: Use subsecond precision if possible (bnc#872932)
  - history: set colours for all nodes found (bnc#872936)
  - upstream: 2.0.0-18-ga957470950b6
* Wed Apr 09 2014
  - parse: Support cib object tags (fate#315101)
  - cibconfig: Support filename-style globs in show/edit (bnc#864346)
  - Support Pacemaker 1.3 schema
  - upstream: 2.0.0-12-g60ed9131ec43
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - utils: Don't crash on missing reply to y/n question (bnc#872380)
  - ui_resource: Don't create extra nvpairs (bnc#865024)
  - Allow building without PyYAML on targets that lack it
  - upstream: 2.0.0-5-g69af99663efd
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - Upstream release 2.0
  - Upstream moved to
  - upstream cs: 0baa5a6
* Thu Apr 03 2014
  - history: Improve output when using crm_report (bnc#870886)
  - make sanity check of node name not case sensitive
  - hb_report: Don't use deprecated ifconfig (bnc#871089)
  - upstream cs: e4d5b0a985fa
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - medium: Enhanced configure syntax (bnc#870753)
  - medium: Display without class:provider: prefix if possible (bnc#870755)
  - low: Better args error handling in configure load/save (bnc#870654)
  - upstream cs: f3309a48f199
* Mon Mar 17 2014
  - medium: command: Propagate error from auto-commit (bnc#868533)
  - medium: crm_pkg: Add --no-refresh to zypper commands
  - medium: scripts: Improved setup in cluster init/add (bnc#868008)
  - upstream cs: 053db64d9cca
* Thu Mar 13 2014
  - medium: scripts: Improved debug output from cluster scripts (bnc#866636)
  - medium: scripts: corosync uses mcastport - 1 (bnc#868008)
  - medium: xmlutil: fencing-topology used broken comparison (bnc#866639)
  - medium: utils: ask() did not respect force flag in all cases (bnc#868007)
  - low: utils: Nicer warning when crm_simulate fails
  - low: ui: Don't call nonexistent function on unsupported cluster stack
  - low: main: Better descriptions for -d and -R flags.
  - low: parse: More liberal parsing of role assignment in constraint rules
  - upstream cs: dbf8e3b7538
* Sat Mar 08 2014
  - high: xmlutil: Improved XML comparison function (bnc#866434)
  - upstream cs: 4bb659cf287e
* Thu Mar 06 2014
  - high: xmlutil: Don't strip comments from CIB (bnc#866434)
  - medium: xmlutil: order-independent XML comparison (bnc#866434)
  - test: Improved unit tests (bnc#866434) (bnc#865024)
  - medium: scripts: fix bugs in init script (bnc#866569)
  - medium: scripts: enable trace logging for cluster scripts (bnc#866636)
  - low: xmlutil: don't crash on degenerate colocations
  - low: ui_cluster: use crm_mon -bD1 in wait_for_cluster (bnc#866635)
  - low: utils: Record all calls in regression test output (bnc#862383)
  - upstream cs: 3fe4ae374b57
* Tue Feb 25 2014
  - medium: ui_resource: Add maintenance command (bnc#863071)
  - upstream cs: b0b556a3ca77
* Wed Feb 19 2014
  - high: scripts: Disable strict host key checking (bnc#864268)
  - high: parse: Fix resource sets displaying as XML (savannah#41617) (bnc#864563)
  - upstream cs: 6daeb2253a4a
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - medium: hb_report: Fix incorrect quotes (bnc#863816)
  - upstream cs: 364c59ee0612
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - spec: Require python >= 2.6
  - high: cibconfig: Handle non-string arguments (bnc#863736)
  - low: cibconfig: do not format xml tags when requested (bnc#863746)
  - medium: ui_root: Rename root level to 'root' (bnc#863583)
  - doc: manpages: Section name broke docbook generation (bnc#863055)
  - upstream cs: 6545c6fc8bf6
* Mon Feb 10 2014
  - tests: run CIB tests with regression test suite
  - upstream cs: 49572fb0f7bb
* Thu Feb 06 2014
  - high: parse: Fix sequential=true for resource sets (bnc#862334)
  - medium: corosync: Allow tabs in corosync.conf (bnc#862577)
  - low: cibconfig: fencing_topology warning with stonith templates (savannah#41414)
  - spec: update description of crmsh package
  - tests: split regression tests into separate -test package
  - tests: use python-nose as unit test runner
  - tests: improved unit test coverage
  - upstream cs: cc52dc69ceb1
* Mon Feb 03 2014
  - medium: xmlutil: rsc_template has no provider attribute (savannah#41410)
  - doc: ui_configure: Document the type: prefix argument to configure show (bnc#861776)
  - medium: ra: Infer provider from RA name (bnc#860754)
  - low: ui_options: add missing documentation for options set (bnc#860585)
  - medium: ui_cib: correct name of cib import (bnc#860584)
  - medium: ui_ra: Fix problems with ra info command (bnc#860583)
  - Update .spec file and restore pkg_group macro to match openSUSE package
    Issue in verification script that prevented use of macro should be fixed
  - upstream cs: 3bf6bc6b82ad
* Tue Jan 21 2014
  - medium: scripts: Updated health script (fate#309206)
  - medium: ui_corosync: Fix corosync.log
  - medium: config: Fix bug preventing load of crm.conf
  - low: xmlutil: fix unescaped backslash in listshadows()
  - upstream cs: fdf3c08dc5e2
* Tue Jan 21 2014
  - medium: ui_resource: Fix crash in resource cleanup (bnc#859570)
  - upstream cs: 693938052ee8
* Mon Jan 20 2014
  - medium: ui_assist: Add assist sublevel (fate#314917)
  - low: ui: Tab completion for new commands
  - upstream cs: efa56d142298
* Mon Jan 20 2014
  - medium: report: call corosync-blackbox, not corosync-fplay
  - medium: report: Move report command to cli root
  - medium: report: Open reports output by crm_report (fate#316330)
  - medium: parse: Fix bugs in parsing uppercase input
  - medium: hb_report: Install manpage for crmsh_hb_report
  - medium: scripts: Add --scriptdir command line option
  - medium: scripts: Support sudo in scripts
  - low: report: Show progress when processing many transitions
  - low: doc: add documentation on single-stepping cluster scripts
  - upstream cs: f3c81a0ba50b
* Thu Jan 16 2014
  - medium: help: Bug in delayed loading of help text
  - medium: ui_corosync: new commands: add-node, del-node,
    set, get
  - Medium: corosync: Better parser
  - medium: scripts: implemented cluster add script
  - low: scripts: handle removing multiple nodes at once
  - Medium: scripts: Improved syntax for cluster scripts
  - Doc: Update cluster script example and documentation
  - Medium: scripts: New node remove script
  - upstream cs: a10e109c4c04
* Tue Jan 14 2014
  - Medium: ui_resource: Fix bug in resource restart
  - Medium: ui_corosync: add log command
  - Medium: scripts: Allow more compact syntax for steps
  - Medium: scripts: Clean up after remote script execution
  - upstream cs: 7cd5688c164d
* Fri Jan 10 2014
  - High: scripts: Cluster scripts (fate#316464, fate#309206, fate#316332)
  - Medium: help: Return error if help topic is not found (bug#40821)
  - Medium: crm_gv: Support rsc_template in graphs (bnc#850159)
  - Low: config: Validate boolean values correctly
  - Low: main: Seed random generator on startup
  - Low: main: More informative error on start failure
  - Low: cluster: Use crm_node -l for node list
  - Low: ui_cib: Fix typo in sublevel name: cib.cibconfig -> cib.cibstatus
  - Doc: Updated documentation
  - upstream cs: d2314df6e8a2
* Thu Jan 02 2014
  - Medium: cibconfig: Updated fix for configure load method (bnc#841764)
  - Low: parse: Correct recognition of kind in order constraints
  - upstream cs: cfd8529e182b
* Fri Dec 20 2013
  - Medium: ui_report: Fix bug when calling hb_report in report sublevel
  - Medium: ui_history: Fix bug when checking current sublevel in
    history commands
  - upstream cs: 809d4b774bd4
* Tue Dec 17 2013
  - Medium: parse: Resource sets in location constraints (fate#315158)
  - Medium: parse: Regular expressions in location constraints
  - Dev: unittests: Run unit tests with regression builds
  - Low: parse: Stricter parsing of resource names
  - Low: utils: Look for crmd in config.path.crm_daemon_dir
  - upstream cs: 0d3abc34b627
* Mon Dec 09 2013
  - medium: parse: rsc_template is not recognized by parser (bnc#854562)
  - medium: vars: Add support for remote-node (bnc#854552)
  - low: cibconfig: add missing config import
  - build: Add to Makefile
  - build: Add missing dependency for python-PyYAML (bnc#854060)
  - hb_report: Add support for xz compression (bnc#854060)
* Thu Dec 05 2013
  - build: update version number to 2.0
  - ui: minor completion bug fixes
  - doc: document 'options show all'
  - cluster: Added prototypical cluster sublevel
  - upstream cs: 258f36978113
* Tue Dec 03 2013
  - ui: Added bash completion
  - ui: Improved interactive completion (bnc#845337)
  - ui: Better help output
  - ui: Colors for prompt and interactive help
  - ui: Tab completion for multi-line statements (bnc#845339)
  - config: New configuration file format
  - ui: New command: resource scores
  - configure: Allow setting role in location constraints
  - templates: Updated OCFS2 template
  - cluster: WIP cluster configuration sublevel
  - upstream cs: b63a22f6252b
* Mon Oct 28 2013
  - build: add dependency on which
  - upstream cs: eff5a29dc60e
* Fri Oct 25 2013
  - build: add hb_report from cluster-glue
  - ui: anonymous temporary shadow CIBs
  - ra: improve error reporting if the RA does not exist
  - history: add wdiff command
  - upstream cs: da117d6c690d
* Wed Oct 16 2013
  - doc: explain groups in more detail (bnc#845336)
  - cibconf: fix two fencing top issues (savannah#40173)
  - node: clear state new way since pcmk 1.1.8 (bnc#843699)
  - cibconf: improve message when producing a configuration graph
  - upstream cs: 6ebf75d0560b (1.2.6)
* Wed Sep 25 2013
  - cibconf: fix removing cluster properties in edit (bnc#841764)
  - history: improve setting history source
  - cibconf: fix rsc_template referencing (savannah#40011)
  - help: fix help for alias commands
  - history: show and allow completion of all primitives and not
    only top level resources such as groups
  - site: add missing completions
  - site: add missing command aliases
  - upstream cs: crmsh-1.2.6
* Mon Sep 23 2013
  - Use fdupes to make symlinks of duplicate .pyo files.
* Fri Sep 13 2013
  - Add crmsh-cibadmin_can_patch.patch: Allow atomic CIB updates
    (cibadmin -P support)
* Fri Sep 13 2013
  - completion: list all resource ids for rsctest
  - rsctest: fix multistate resource testing
  - rsctest: add support for STONITH resources
  - history: use more anonymous groups to prevent out of groups
  - upstream cs: edde9365afa6
* Wed Aug 28 2013
  - cibconf: disable atomic updates until cibadmin gets fixed
  - cibconf: match special ids on configuration edit (fixes
    disappearing elements on edit)
  - doc: website sources
  - upstream cs: 5cfd0ebaa7e3 (1.2.6-rc3)
* Thu Aug 08 2013
  - cibconf: repair configure load update
  - upstream cs: 66376eb02944
* Mon Aug 05 2013
  - release candidate 1.2.6-rc1
  - main: allow starting with a specified CIB shadow
  - main: make sure that tmp files get removed
  - cibconf: replace minidom with lxml
  - cibconf: groups can have the container meta attribute
  - cibconf: do not load CIB automatically in a non-interactive
    mode (bnc#813045)
  - cibconf: allow single level fencing_topology (savannah#38737)
  - cibconf: improve exit code if a referenced element does not
    exist (e.g. in the show command)
  - cibconf: add simulate alias for the ptest command
  - cibconf: add -S when running crm_simulate (formerly ptest)
  - cibconf: use cibadmin patch to update live CIB (with pcmk >= 1.1.10)
  - cibconf: node ids are not id but text
  - cibconf: improve elements edit operation
  - resource: trace and untrace (RA) commands
  - resource: prevent whitespace in meta_attributes when setting
    attributes in nested elements such as groups (bnc#815447)
  - resource: add option for better control of group management
  - node/resource: improve lifetime processing
  - node: update interface to crm_node, its usage changed
  - node: maintenance/ready commands
  - node: ignore case when looking up nodes
  - node: update interface to crm_node (node delete)
  - node: allow forced node removal
  - shadow: fix regression in cib import (from PE file)
  - shadow: set shadow directory according to the user preference
  - history: fix search for resource messages (bnc#803790)
  - history: refresh live report for commands other than info
  - history: use anonymous re groups to prevent out of groups assertion
  - history: fix xpath expression for graphs of resource sets
  - history: skip empty lines (!) when searching logs
  - history: add support for rfc5242 date format in syslog
  - userprefs: add reset command
  - ui: fix exit code of crm status if crm_mon fails (savannah#38702)
  - ui: fix exit code of the help command
  - parse: drop obsolete test for operations
  - performance: do not make unnecessary parameter uniqueness test
  - performance: check programs existence with python os module
  - performance: improve tests for running resources
* Tue Feb 12 2013
  - main: do not fail if the user's homedir is not defined
  - cibconfig: directed graph support
  - cibconfig: modgroup command
  - cibconfig: fix syntax error in ptest
  - history: create missing parts of the history cache directory
  - history: graph command
  - history: show pe commands
  - history: diff between PE inputs
  - upstream cs: 53d0f83c064e (release v1.2.5)
* Thu Dec 27 2012
  - history: update completion lists for transition
  - history: add one node log pattern
  - history: add date to the long peinputs listing
  - upstream cs: bf5c9a8b3e87 (v1.2.4 really)
* Wed Dec 19 2012
  - history: force refresh on session load
  - history: detailed transition output
  - history: add colours to info
  - history: try always to print some real time period
  - history: print transitions in info
  - history: fix regression when creating log objects
  - history: implement transition save (to shadow) subcommand
  - upstream cs: 7c09f05419e6 (v1.2.4)
* Tue Dec 11 2012
  - cibconfig: improve id management on element update
  - cibconfig: don't bail out if filter fails
  - ui: improve quotes insertion
  - history: optimize source refreshing
  - history: fix setting up the timeframe alias for limit
  - history: fix unpacking reports specified without directory
  - history: add log subcommand to transition
  - ra: add support for nagios plugins
  - ra: don't print duplicate RAs in the list command (bnc#793585)
  - utils: make sure that there's at least one column (savannah#37658)
  - build: pcmk.pc renamed to pacemaker.pc in pacemaker v1.1.8
  - upstream cs: fe29639e39eb (v1.2.3)
* Mon Oct 15 2012
  - report: adjust patterns for 1.1.8
  - ra: manage without glue installed (savannah#37560)
  - cibconfig: show error message on id in use
  - ui: readd quotes for single-shot commands
  - upstream cs: b6bb311c7bd3 (crmsh-1.2.1)
* Thu Oct 11 2012
  - cibconfig: repair edit for non-vi users
  - cibconfig: node type is optional now
  - ra: add support for crm_resource
  - ra: improve support for RH fencing-agents
  - utils: exit code of cibadmin -Q on no section changed in 1.1.8
  - history: add the exclude (log messages) command
  - report: remove keyword 'as' which is not compatible with python
    2.4 (savannah#37534)
  - build: replace StrictVersion with LooseVersion (savannah#37537)
  - upstream cs: 1d38a7a06f04
* Thu Sep 27 2012
  - ra: don't fail on unknown ${} term sequences (fixes oracle
  - cibconfig: update schema separately (don't remove the status
  - upstream cs: 0994b099c2dc
* Tue Sep 18 2012
  - help: add topics to the help system
  - help: add '?' as alias for help
  - help: append slash to levels in overview help screen
  - help: page overview help screens
  - ui: add vim syntax highlighting support
  - utils: use crm_simulate if ptest is not available
  - upstream cs: df0b30262868 (release 1.2.0)
* Wed Aug 29 2012
  - ui: import readline only when needed (don't print ".[?1034h")
  - cibconfig: support kind attribute in orders
  - cibconfig: implement node-attribute in collocations
  - cibconfig: drop attributes set to default on cib import
  - cibconfig: support require-all in resource sets
  - cibconfig: support setting attributes resource sets
  - cibconfig: support for fencing-topology
  - cibconfig: new schema command
  - upstream cs: a4f00b8fb5c8
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - history: implement session saving
  - history: add alias (timeframe) for the limit command
  - history: improve limiting the report time period
  - xml: retrieve data from schema (lf#2092)
  - xml: support for RNG schema
  - upstream cs: 2651d52fb3cd
* Mon Jul 09 2012
  - ui: fix the node status command (lf#2175)
  - cibconf: display referenced attr set ids (lf#2304)
  - cibconf: don't verify parameters starting with '$'
  - cibconf: fix meta attributes verify for container elements (lf#2555)
  - cibconf: test for duplicate monitor intervals (lf#2586)
  - cibconf: don't skip monitor operations on verify
  - ui: don't accept non-ascii input (lf#2597)
  - upstream cs: a2b420ccab94
* Mon Jul 02 2012
  - ra: don't require certain parameters for rhcs stonith resources
  - ticket: fix redirecting rsc references in tickets (bnc#763465)
  - ui: enable wait (option -w) for single-shot configure commands
  - upstream cs: 94167417eb8f
* Fri Jun 08 2012
  - report: fine tune resource match patterns
  - utils: improve terminal output height calculation (pager)
  - upstream cs: d1dc149810d7
* Wed Jun 06 2012
  - rsctest: fixes and support for clones
  - upstream cs: fb4d9bbaff30
* Tue Jun 05 2012
  - rsctest: resource testing
  - upstream cs: 28450520a1f1
* Fri May 25 2012
  - shadow: calculate shadow directory just like crm_shadow (bnc#759056)
  - history: update patterns for resources
  - upstream cs: 9569a7f283cb afba1bc67e98
* Mon Apr 23 2012
  - Add libxslt-tools to BuildRequires
* Thu Mar 29 2012
  - Change how appropriate version of pacemaker for ticket support is
    required (bnc#752241)
* Tue Mar 27 2012
  - drop dependency on python-xdg (lives in SDK repo)
* Tue Mar 27 2012
  - add Requires pacemaker >= 1.1.6-2 to the spec file
* Mon Mar 26 2012
  - move user files to standard locations (XDG)
  - site: ticket standby and activate commands
  - cibstatus: ticket management
  - site: update interface to crm_ticket
  - cibconf: use uname instead of id when listing nodes (cl#5043)
  - ra: use only effective UID when choosing RA interface
  - ra: always use lrmadmin with glue 1.0.10 (cl#5036)
  - upstream cs: 9569a7f283cb
* Tue Feb 14 2012
  - history: reset time period when setting source
  - doc: describe deficiency in the configure edit command (bnc#715698)
  - cibconf: repair resource parameter uniqueness test
  - completion: add command aliases to completion tables (cl#5013)
  - cibconf: repair ability to manage multiple rsc/op_defaults (bnc#737812)
  - history: add clone/ms resources to events (fixes the transition command)
  - utils: repair ptest usage (bnc#736212)
  - cibconf: repair xml edit
  - history: expand clones and ms in the resource command (bnc#729631)
  - build: add optional regression testing on rpm build
  - upstream cs: c06b8cf8fcf8
* Wed Jan 11 2012
  - Clean up spec file (fix license string, don't rm buildroot, etc.)
* Tue Jan 10 2012
  - license update: GPL-2.0
    It is sufficient to add the GPL-2.0 in SPDX format
* Fri Dec 16 2011
  - Add BuildRequires: libtool
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - cibconf: remove also elements which depend on the resource
    template which is to be deleted (bnc#730404)
  - cibconf: report error if a referenced template in primitive
    doesn't exist (bnc#730404)
  - upstream cs: cb8034d8d3da
* Thu Nov 17 2011
  - cibconf: exchange rsc and with-rsc after converting collocation
    sets to standard constraints (bnc#729628)
  - cibconf: convert resource sets to standard constraints on
    resource removal (bnc#729628)
  - ra: fix start/stop interval test
  - history: don't assume that a hb_report tarball name matches the
    top directory name
  - completion: add templates as possible resource refences in
  - upstream cs: aa1bda731a28
* Sun Nov 06 2011
  - history: handle non-existing source better (bnc#728346)
  - history: fix regression when fetching new PE inputs (bnc#723417)
  - history: use debug severity for repeating messages (bnc#726611)
  - upstream cs: 431a83929670
* Wed Oct 26 2011
  - build: fetch the daemon location from glue-config.h
  - upstream cs: 1d7925b6862a
* Mon Oct 24 2011
  - ui: revert changeset 3802eb56b914 (bnc#717198)
  - utils: prevent spurious error messages if an element doesn't
    exist in CIB (bnc#723677)
  - report: add pattern to match resource log messages
  - upstream cs: 43184b4987f1
* Wed Oct 19 2011
  - stable release 1.1.0
  - history/troubleshooting support
  - template support
  - geo-cluster support commands
  - support for configure rsc_ticket
  - support for LRM secrets at the resource level
  - enable removal of unmanaged resources (bnc#696506)
  - split-off from Pacemaker after release 1.1.6
  - upstream cs: d2c001ae6344



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