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update-test-32bit-pkg-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that contains a 32bit package linux/i586
update-test-affects-package-manager-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that requires a software stack restart linux/i586
update-test-broken-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update which should not be installable linux/i586
update-test-feature-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that includes new features linux/i586
update-test-interactive-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that requires confirmation linux/i586
update-test-optional-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that is not mandatory linux/i586
update-test-reboot-needed-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that requires a system reboot linux/i586
update-test-relogin-suggested-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that requires a session restart linux/i586
update-test-security-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Test update that includes security fixes linux/i586
update-test-trivial-5.1-lp152.3.2.1 Package for testing the update stack during product development linux/i586

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