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OpenImageIO-1.8.17-1.9 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: OpenImageIO Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.8.17 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.9 Build date: Mon Feb 17 09:09:05 2020
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 1249969 Source RPM: OpenImageIO-1.8.17-1.9.src.rpm
Summary: Library for Reading and Writing Images
OpenImageIO is a library for reading and writing images, and a bunch of related
classes, utilities, and applications. There is a particular emphasis on formats
and functionality used in professional, large-scale animation and visual
effects work for film. OpenImageIO is used extensively in animation and VFX
studios all over the world, and is also incorporated into several commercial






* Thu Apr 11 2019
  - Update to release 1.8.17
* Fri Mar 15 2019 Stefan BrĂ¼ns <>
  - Add explicit BuildRequires: libboost_system-devel, required since boost 1.69
* Mon Jun 18 2018
  - Fix gcc8 build with -Wno-error=class-memaccess,
    - Wno-error=sizeof-pointer-memaccess and -Wno-error=uninitialized
  - Disable python bindings sub package until it builds with python3
    and remove its build  requirements.
* Fri Apr 13 2018
  - Update to release 1.8.10 and
    rebase oiio-add-libdl-for-plugin.patch.
  - Upstream changes since 1.8.6 :
    * oiiotool frame sequence wildcard improvements: fix handling of
    negative frame numbers and ranges, also the `--frames` command
    line option is not enough to trigger a loop over those frame
    numbers, even if no other arguments appear to have wildcard
    structure. #1894
    * TIFF bug fix: read_tile() and read_tiles() input of
    un-premultiplied tiles botched the "shape" of the tile data
    array. #1907
    * fmath.h avx-512 improvements. #1893
    * testsuite is not Python 2/3 agnostic.
    * Properly find newer openjpeg 2.3. #1871
    * Bug fix in IBA::copy where uninitialized dst image botched its
    ROI. #1876
    * RAW: Important bug fix when dealing with rotated (and vertical)
    images, which were not being re-oriented properly and could get
    strangely scrambled. #1854
    * OpenEXR: gracefully detect and reject files with subsampled
    channels, which is a rarely-to-never-used OpenEXR feature that
    we don't support properly. #1849
    * Field3d: Prevent crashes when open fails. #1848
    * RAW: Add "raw:HighlightMode" configuration hint to control
    libraw's handling of highlight mode processing. #1851
    * simd.h: Minor fixes especially for avx512. #1846
    * iv: Drop GLEW and obsolete GL stuff from iv in favor of
    QOpenGLFunctions, and fix broken pixelview text rendering. #1834
    * Add explicit DL library dependency to itself
    instead of only to the binaries and test utilities. #1860
    * Build fixes for Hurd OS. #1850
    * All string->numeric parsing and numeric->string formatting is
    now locale-independent and uses '.' as decimal marker. #1796
    * oiiotool outputs are now written to temporary files, then
    atomically moved to the specified filename at the end. This
    makes it safe for oiiotool to "overwrite" a file
    (i.e. `oiiotool in.tif ... -o out.tif`) without problematic
    situations where the file is truncated or overwritten before the
    reading is complete. #1797
    * Python bindings for ImageBuf.get_pixels and set_pixels fixed
    some bugs when passed an ROI without a channel range specified.
    * More robust parsing of XMP metadata for unknown metadata names.
    * strutil.h now includes a to_string<> utility template. #1814
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Updated oiio-detectplatform-others.patch to handle armv6l
* Sun Dec 24 2017
  - Updated oiio-detectplatform-others.patch to handle armv7l
  - Disable imageviewer (iv) on ARM, it does not build with GLES
* Tue Dec 12 2017
  - Change to pkgconfig() type build requirements.
* Tue Dec 05 2017
  - Drop bundled fonts, recommend google-droid-fonts instead
  - Add oiio-add-libdl-for-plugin.patch
  - Update to release 1.8.6, upstream changes since 1.8.5 -
    for more details see included
    * oiiotool: Improved logic for propagating the pixel data format
      through multiple operations, especially for files with multiple
      subimages. #1769
    * ImageCache/TextureSystem: improved stats on how long we wait for
      ImageInput mutexes. #1779
    * Build: Fix build bug where if the makefile wrapper got CODECOV=0,
      it would force a "Debug" build (required for code coverage tests)
      even though code coverage is instructed to be off. (It would be
      fine if you didn't specify CODECOV at all.) #1792
    * Build: minor fixes for Windows build. #1793, #1794
    * Developers: The ParamValue class has added get_int_indexed() and
      get_float_indexed() methods. #1773
    * Developers: array_view added begin(), end(), cbegin(), cend()
      methods, and new constructors from pointer pairs and from std::array.
    * Developers: Fixed build break in simd.h when AVX512VL is enabled. #1781
    * Developers: fmath.h now defined OIIO_FMATH_H so other files can
      easily detect if it has been included.
    * Build: Fix broken build when Freetype was not found or disabled. #1800
    * Python: fixed missing exposure of RATIONAL enum value. #1799
  - Update to release 1.8.5 (beta), upstream changes since 1.7.x:
    * New oiiotool features:
    - -info:format=xml, --info:verbose=1, --colormap, -i:type=..., -i:ch=a,...,
    - -echo STRING, --eraseattrib, --text takes new optional modifiers, --deepholdout
    * New ImageBufAlgo functionality:
      + color_map() applies a color map based on the input values; #1552 (1.8.1)
      + Added implementation of ImageBufAlgo::to_IplImage(). #1461 (1.7.9/1.8.1)
      + render_text() has added parameters controlling text alignment and drop
      shadows. #1646 (1.8.3)
      + deep_holdout() culls all samples that are farther away than the opaque
      depth of a second holdout image. #1691 (1.8.4)
    * DICOM file format support (currently read-only). DICOM is the standard
      for medical imaging data. Will only build if dependency "dcmtk" is
      found at build time. #1534 (1.8.1)
    * Experimental: The TextureSystem API has been extended to support batches
      of texture lookups in a SIMD fashion. At present, only the new API was
      added, a full implementation is in progress and may not be forthcoming
      or reliable until 1.9. Even the API is experimental, and may change for
      future releases. #1733 (1.8.5)
    * Public API changes in TypeDesc; ImageSpec; ColorConig::createLookTransform()
      and createDisplayTransform(); ImageBuf::read(); new OIIO::getattribute()
      queries; ImageBufAlgo::render_text(); DeepData; ImageBufAlgo::colorconvert(),
      ociolook(), and ociodisplay(); ParamValueList::get_float
    * Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements in:
      + oiiotool
      + ImageBufAlgo; ImageBuf; TextureSystem / ImageCache / maketx
      + BMP; FFMpeg/movies; GIF; IFF; JPEG; OpenEXR; PNG; PSD; RAW; RLA; TIFF; webp; Nuke
      + Fixed several (so far unnoticed) buffer overruns and memory leaks. #1591 (1.8.2)
    * Build/test system improvements
* Sun Oct 08 2017
  - Update to release 1.7.17, upstream changes since 1.7.16:
    * Repair build breaks against Boost 1.65. #1753
    * Fix a subtle static initialization order problem. #1757
    * Build: Improved finding LibRaw. #1749
  - Update to release 1.7.16, upstream changes since 1.7.15:
    * OpenEXR: fix problem with 2-channel images putting the channels
      in the wrong order. #1717
    * TIFF: images with fewer than 4 channels, but one of those
      channels was alpha, were not correctly marking their
      spec.alpha_channel. #1718
    * Several minor updates to simd.h backported from mater.
* Sun Jun 11 2017
  - Update to release 1.7.15 sync with blender.
  - Upstream changes:
    * Add "raw:user_sat" configuration attribute to the reader. #1666
    * Better exception safety for `Filesystem::searchpath_find()`.
    * Improved I/O of color separation images, particularly those
    with custom InkSet attributes. #1658
    * Fix rare case TextureSystem crash. #1685
    * oiiotool expression substitution now recognizes FRAME_NUMBER and
    * oiiotool -resize and -resample now have more intuitive behavior
    for images where the display and pixel data windows are not the
    same, especially if the data window had a nonzero origin (such
    as with crop or overscan). #1667
    * oiiotool --resample and ImageBufAlgo::resample() have been
    extended to work for "deep" images. #1668
    * ImageCache::get_image_info() will now return a proper error
    (and not hit an assertion) if asked for information about a
    subimage or MIP level that does not exist in the file. #1672
    * ImageBuf copy constructor from another ImageBuf was previously
    broken for IB's that wrap application buffers. #1665
    * TextureSystem::get_texels fixes crashing behavior. #1669
    * Fixes to OSX rpath behavior of linked binaries. #1671
    * OpenEXR file input: fixed problem with sorting order of spectral
    alpha channels (RA, GA, BA, or AR, AG, AB). #1674
    * ImageBufAlgo::deep_merge() (and oiiotool --deepmerge) now will
    give a useful error message if you try to merge two deep images
    that do not have the same number of channels. #1675
    * ImageCache/TextureSystem statistics no longer list as "BROKEN"
    files which were invalidated, or files that were initialized
    with an ImageCacheFile but never opened. #1655



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