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cjs-4.2.0-1.2 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: cjs Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.2.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Wed Nov 27 23:01:22 2019
Group: System/GUI/Other Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 66937 Source RPM: cjs-4.2.0-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: JavaScript module used by Cinnamon
JavaScript bindings based on GObject Introspection for the
Cinnamon Desktop.




MIT AND (MPL-1.1 OR GPL-2.0-or-later OR LGPL-2.1-or-later)


* Mon Jul 01 2019 Dead Mozay <>
  - Update to version 4.2.0:
    * update deprecated glib function (#72)
    * Fix new autoconf-archive compile issue (#73)
* Fri Mar 15 2019 Dead Mozay <>
  - Update to version 4.0.0:
    * Add marshalling for native JS errors
    * object: Associate callbacks with the object on which they're installed
    * Use the GIVFuncInfo to hook up vfuncs instead of the GICallbackInfo
    * Capture JS exceptions from invoked virtual functions
    * global: Add a bootstrap system
    * coverage: Use global bootstrap to add JS coverage code
    * coverage: Don't error out on various files
    * coverage: Scan ES6 classes for functions
    * coverage: Correct AST walking for labelled statements
    * coverage: Walk AST in more cases
    * coverage: Refactor bootstrap code to use ES6 classes
    * error: Use JSProtoKey to get Error constructor
    * object: Remove hash-x32 implementation
    * object: Merge weak_pointer_list and dissociate_list
    * object: Remove vfunc list
    * jsapi-util: Remove jsapi-private
    * tests: Use assertions in coverage tests
    * js: Convert scripts to UTF-16 before evaluating
    * coverage: Use LCOV data from SpiderMonkey
    * coverage: Propagate gjs_coverage_write_statistics() errors
    * tests: Add regression test for vfunc crash avoidance
    * jsapi-util-string: Use mozjs UTF8-to-JSString conversion
    * jsapi-util-string: Missing error check
    * importer: Missing error check
    * jsapi-util: Improve check for SyntaxError
    * js: Use JS_EncodeStringToUTF8() directly where advantageous
    * param, importer: Spurious error when resolving non-string
    * js: Don't convert to UTF-8 to compare ASCII names
    * suppressions: Eliminate machine-dependent expressions
    * object: check in gjs_typecheck_object if the object has been finalized
    * object: don't resolve or set,get properties on finalized elements
    * object: add better logging when invalid access happens
    * object: reset the keep alive flag on wrapper when object is disposed
    * installed-tests/js: add testGObjectDestructionAccess to verify access to destryed objects
    * object: Leave out param untouched on error
    * maint: highlight the license
    * release: Add NEWS for 1.51.3]
    * Amend gtk-application.js
    * mv gtk-window.js to amend gtk.js, including suggestions
    * arg: String as GdkAtom, and GdkAtom as string
    * Test case improved in `installed-tests/js/testCairo.js` [fixes #27]
    * object: Only show critical errors on access to finalized objects
      (Closes: #21)
    * coverage: Remove unused JSCompartmentOptions
    * js: Remove unnecessary property getters and setters
    * object: Show error when using proto functions (connect*, emit) on destroyed object
    * object: make clear in toString() proto method when the object is finalized
    * proxyutils: remove trailing spaces
    * release: Prepare for 1.51.4
    * arg: Marshal GType of 0 to null
    * release: Include NEWS from 1.50.3
    * profiler: add SPSProfiler implementation
    * profiler: Implement --profile flag behaviour
    * profiler: Allow enabling with GJS_ENABLE_PROFILER=1
    * profiler: Disable profiler in interactive mode
    * profiler: Disable SIGUSR2 start/stop
    * profiler: Suppress cppcheck warning
    * profiler: Allow configuring with --disable-profiler
    * profiler: Always activate profiler if GJS_ENABLE_PROFILER=1
    * foreign: Use gjs_eval_with_scope() instead of public API
    * profiler: Reduce API surface
    * object: Restore resolve return value
    * tests: Don't compare Rooted<T> against NULL
    * tests: Add pending test for composite template subclass
    * maint: Fix obsolete comments on resolve hooks
    * js: Remove context from GjsAutoJSChar
    * Fix overwriting of libcjs_la_SOURCES
    * jsapi-util-string: Fix return of gjs_get_string_id()
    * Revert "object: reset the keep alive flag on wrapper when object is disposed"
    * release: Include NEWS from 1.50.4
    * maint: Update DOAP file
    * Allow using GObject.signal_* functions in place of Object methods
    * gjs_callback_closure: Log uncatchable exceptions, don't just exit
    * gjs_callback_closure: Use g_error, not exit, on uncatchable exceptions
    * _gjs_context_run_jobs: Log uncatchable exceptions, except System.exit()
    * gjs_context_eval: Use different GError message for uncatchable exceptions
    * gjs_context_eval: Log a critical on uncatchable exceptions]
    * build: Install suppressions files
    * Rename gjs-1.0
    * CI: use a more robuts test for profiling dumping
    * release: Prepare for 1.51.90
    * build: Ignore -Wcast-function-type in G_DEFINE_TYPE
    * jsapi-dynamic-class: Use interned strings to link prototype
    * function: move completed trampolines out of gjs_invoke_c_function
    * function: Fix outdated comment
    * tests: Add tests for GObject-valued properties
    * profiler: Remove unused function in !ENABLE_PROFILER case
    * profiler: Don't include alloca.h when disabled
    * toggle: Add debug logging
    * context: Add more debug logging to dispose
    * log: Allow logging thread ID of each message
    * context: Shut down toggle queue before dispose notify
    * context: Fix usage of g_idle_add for resolving promises
    * release: Prepare for 1.51.91
    * function: Refactor "callback blocked" message into helper function
    * function: Don't call into JS if on the wrong thread
    * Profiler: fix build on Debian/Ubuntu
    * Revert "build: Install suppressions files"
    * Remove test/
    * Tests: Fix failures from gjs renaming
    * console: Free profiler output path at different points
    * sysprof: Initialize buffer in SpCaptureWriter
    * tests: Reduce length of profiler start/stop test
    * overrides/Gio: Add D-Bus convenience to more proxy methods
    * context: Job queue should not swallow pending exceptions
    * overrides: Add override for Cairo that merges in imports.cairo
    * profiler: Don't assume layout of struct sigaction
    * context: Always import byteArray
    * Remove dead code
    * Gio: Remove obsolete code
    * tests: Add missing async test parameter
    * Remove unnecessary semicolons
    * context: dump heaps on signal
    * installed-tests/js: skip a test GTK dependent, if no GTK
    * Update tweener.js -- 48 eslint errors fixed
    * log: Remove unused debug topics
    * object: Improve lifecycle logging
    * engine: Free Cairo static data on shutdown
    * object: Ensure weak ref callback is removed on finalize
    * initial commit of heapgraph scripts
    * rename to
    * tweak
    * remove shape compression
    * omit 'self-hosting-global' unless explicitly targetted
    * release: Prepare for 1.52.1
    * Merge branch 'jaszhix/gjs-tweener-fix'
    * Revert "engine: Free Cairo static data on shutdown"
    * adjust terminal output style * don't use colors in terminal output * remove unused label function
    * Fix UTF8 encoding for some GJS string arrays. - The function that constructs string arrays for imports and argv utilized a JS_NewStringCopyZ call instead of the proper JS_NewStringCopyUTF8Z (the input is UTF8).
    * Add testing for ARGV encoding changes.
    * Automate testing for unicode encoding.
    * Test new environment flag against pipeline.
    * object: don't use toggle references unless necessary
    * object: properly disassociate wrappers
    * context: Add API to force GC schedule
    * object: Queue a forced GC when toggling down
    * object: Only weak unref if GObject is still alive
    * overrides: support Gtk template callbacks
    * context: Ensure force_gc flag is not lost if the idle is scheduled
      (Closes: #150)
    * object: Embed wrapped object list into ObjectInstance (Closes: #142)
    * jsapi-util-root: Add operator!=(nullptr_t)
    * Support interface signal handlers
    * importer: Refactor awkward 'goto out' situation
    * log: Add gjs_debug_id()
    * js: Don't convert to UTF-8 just for debug logging
    * console: --jsversion shell option
    * object: Adjust arguments of method
    * object: Upgrade severity of toggle warning to error
    * jsapi-util: Remove gjs_get_type_name()
    * mem: Remove unused counters
    * importer: Retrieve names while iterating search path (Closes: #154)
    * function: Check for invalid closure
    * Remove unnecessary inline
    * jsapi-util-string: Fix object logging
    * util-root: Allow null notification functions when rooting (Closes: #144)
    * object: Set up a single weak ref on the context (Closes: #144)
    * object: Move context dispose notify to GjsContext
    * object: Fix unused variable
    * object: Change linked list size() to return size_t
    * object: Fix logging statement
    * js: Schedule a compacting GC on gjs_gc_if_needed() (Closes: #151)
    * boxed: Update outdated comment
    * boxed: Remove limitation of 256 fields
    * tests: Debug-log coverage output
    * tests: Remove unused length argument in coverage tests
    * tests: Correct typo in test name
    * jsapi-util-string: Avoid unnecessary root
    * boxed: Remove unnecessary roots
* Sat Feb 23 2019 Marguerite Su <>
  - fix tumbleweed build
  - build with optflags
* Thu Apr 19 2018
  - Update to version 3.8.0:
    * Build with mozjs45.
    * arg: don't crash when asked to convert a null strv to an array.
    * arg: Include headers for std::abs().
    * maintenance: Modernise shell scripts.
    * modules/console: Update fancy error reporter to mozjs38.
    * jsapi-util-args: Mark functions as always-inline.
    * package: Support running Meson projects from source.
    * package: Fix initSubmodule() with Meson.
    * package: Don't rely upon directory configuration for
    * package: Set GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR when ran from source.
    * build: Autodetect SpiderMonkey's debug mode.
    * context: Use GThread to determine owner thread.
    * jsapi-constructor-proxy: Inherit from js::Wrapper.
    * system: Switch from JS::CallReceiver to JS::CallArgs.
    * coverage: Root using context, not runtime.
    * package: Add checkSymbol() to check for symbol availability.
    * package: Add requireSymbol() method.
    * overrides: Implement Gio.ListStore[Symbol.iterator].
    * modules/system.cpp: Add a dumpHeapComplete() method.
    * Use std::unique_ptr instead of g_autofree/g_autoptr().
    * modules/cairo-*-surface.cpp: Silence compiler warnings.
    * js: Stop using flags argument to String.replace().
    * tests: Root using context, not runtime.
    * autofree: Avoid using local typedefs in classes.
    * GjsAutoChar: Do not take ownership of const char*.
    * maint: Fix a wrong sscanf argument.
    * js: Use autoptr in gjs_object_require_property().
    * jsapi-util-string: Remove useless length calculation.
    * maint: Add a static code analysis "make target".
    * Fix the build with debug logs enabled.
    * js: Module exports use ES6 scope rules.
    * console: Refactor read-eval-print loop.
    * js: Use a special object for modules.
    * js: Refactor global object creation.
    * js: New JS_Enumerate API.
    * js: Switch from JS::NullPtr() to nullptr.
    * js: Global object is implicit in many functions.
    * js: JSCLASS_IMPLEMENTS_BARRIERS is now implicit.
    * js: Weak pointer callback API change.
    * js: setProperty operations with triple result state.
    * js: New JS_IsArrayObject() API.
    * js: Rename JS_InternString to JS_AtomizeAndPinString.
    * importer: API change in enumerate operation.
    * js: Set JSPROP_RESOLVING when defining properties.
    * modules/console: Update to js::PrintError from upstream.
    * js: Various API changes for SpiderMonkey 45.
    * coverage: Misc Javascript-side API changes.
    * importer: Seal import with JSPropertyDescriptor directly.
    * js: Update obsolete comments.
    * js: Adapt to new JS::TraceEdge<T> API.
    * js: New JSClass struct layout.
    * js: Adapt to options changes.
    * js: Report warnings and errors with encoding.
    * tests: Refactor to avoid error reporter.
    * js: Replace error reporter callbacks.
    * js: Replace JSRuntime APIs that now take JSContext.
    * js: Remove JSRuntime.
    * js: Adapt to misc API changes in SpiderMonkey 52.
    * js: Unbarriered read while in weak ptr callback.
    * docs: Overview of SpiderMonkey 52 features in NEWS.
    * GjsAutoChar: Add a proper operator= (const char*).
    * js: Allow access to modules' lexical scope.
    * tests: Re-enable JIT.
    * build: Use 'always inline' macro in more places.
    * js: Use correct autoptr in gjs_string_to_filename().
    * function: Better message about call during GC.
    * promise: Move to native promises.
    * promise: Report unhandled rejections.
    * context: Properly create const strings array.
    * importer: Give module objects a [Symbol.toStringTag].
    * object: Don't let a method shadow a property.
    * Backport of patch required for JSObject compare to nullptr.
    * Backport of patch required for vectors MOZ_MUST_USE returns.
    * Revert "js: Workaround for function with custom prototype".
    * Revert "build: Allow compiling without RTTI".
    * lang: Move all legacy Lang.Class code.
    * class: Move to ES6 classes in internal code.
    * GObject: Move all legacy GObject class code.
    * GObject: Adapt GObject class framework to ES6.
    * class: Move to ES6 GObject classes in internal code.
    * tests: Add ES6 class inheriting from legacy class.
    * Gtk: Use GObject.registerClass() for Gtk.Widgets.
    * legacy class: Add name property to class object.
    * legacy class: Reinstate Lang.getMetaClass().
    * gerror: Use JS::CaptureCurrentStack for stack info.
    * stack: Remove gjs_context_get_frame_info().
    * gerror: Define a columnNumber on GError-backed errors.
    * console: Print exception even when not from SpiderMonkey.
    * tests: Re-enable accidentally disabled tests.
    * jsapi-util: Also rate limit checking the process size.
    * object: Remove unused argument.
    * maint: Add ASAN Address Sanitizer.
    * docs: Correct leftover mozjs38.
    * arg: Avoid assigning out-of-range values.
    * build: Add LSan suppression file.
    * build: Don't use the vptr sanitiser.
    * arg: Avoid taking abs() of -2^63.
    * tests: Suppress message about too-big integer.
    * main: Use g_option_context_parse_strv().
    * build: Put dbus-run-session in AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENT.
    * build: Don't use LOG_COMPILER for shell scripts.
    * object: Avoid taking address of empty vector.
    * context: Avoid null pointer dereference.
    * build: Update Valgrind suppressions rules.
    * build: Valgrind with AX_VALGRIND_CHECK.
    * maint: Add SpiderMonkey helgrind suppression rules.
    * tests: Split legacy Gtk.Widget tests out.
    * Revert freeing closures in idle handler.
    * closure: Debug message on invalidate signal.
    * object: Refactor out ConnectData.
    * closure: Prevent collection of invalidated closure.
    * coverage: Correct a licensing mistake.
    * stack: Use js::DumpBacktrace() for gjs_dumpstack().
    * coverage: Don't error out on various files.
    * coverage: Scan ES6 classes for functions.
    * coverage: Correct AST walking for labelled statements.
    * coverage: Walk AST in more cases.
    * tests: Create test ASTs by parsing JS.
    * coverage: Don't count literals as executable.
    * coverage: Don't mark empty var declarations executable.
    * coverage: Misc refactors.
    * coverage: Fix coverage prefixes.
    * jsapi-util-args: Update out-of-date comments.
    * build: Tweak code coverage options.
    * tweener: Fix a couple of warnings.
    * legacy: Allow ES6 classes to inherit from abstract Lang.Class
    * importer.cpp: Update search path for Cinnamon.
    * Remove valgrind configuration.
    * Fix DEBUG compiler error in Spidermonkey 52.
    * Get most tests passing.
    * Fix usage of g_idle_add for resolving promises.
    * Fix scope warning for restrictedWords in the tweener module.
  - Drop baselibs.conf.
* Thu Nov 09 2017
  - Update to version 3.6.1:
    * cairo: Free popped pattern.
    * value: Fix a memory leak while marshalling GValue.
    * arg: Fix memory leaks.
* Sat Oct 28 2017
  - Update to version 3.6.0:
    * object: Keep proper track of pending closure invalidations.
    * Revert "handler ID's must be managed from start to finish -
      they should be initialised to 0, and re-set to 0 whenever
      they're finished being used".
    * object: Zero out new ConnectData.
    * Revert freeing closures in idle handler.
    * closure: Prevent collection of invalidated closure
* Sun Aug 20 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.4:
    * object.cpp: Follow-up to 503fa20 - handler ID's must be managed
      from start to finish - they should be initialised to 0, and
      re-set to 0 whenever they're finished being used.
    * arg: Don't crash when asked to convert a null strv to an array.
    * object: Don't invalidate closure if already invalid.
    * closure: Remove a pointer to runtime.
    * closure: Prevent use-after-free in closures.
* Sun Jul 09 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.3:
    * object.cpp: Follow-up to 503fa20 - handler ID's must be managed
      from start to finish - they should be initialised to 0, and
      re-set to 0 whenever they're finished being used.
    * arg: Don't crash when asked to convert a null strv to an array.
    * object: Don't invalidate closure if already invalid.
    * closure: Remove pointer to runtime.
    * closure: Prevent use-after-free in closures.
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.2:
    * tweener: Add undefined property check.
    * tweener.js: Silence some additional warnings due to
      missing/unused properties.
    * object: Prevent use-after-free in signal connections.
    * util-root: Require GjsMaybeOwned callback to reset.
* Wed May 24 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.1:
    * Better GLib and autotools compatibility.
  - Remove cjs-autotools-compat.patch, cjs-glib-compat.patch: merged



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