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dunst-1.4.1-1.3 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: dunst Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.4.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Wed Nov 27 17:59:59 2019
Group: System/GUI/Other Build host: obs-arm-9
Size: 242575 Source RPM: dunst-1.4.1-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: A customizable notification daemon
Dunst is a customizable replacement for the notification daemons
provided by most desktop environments.






* Wed Jul 03 2019 Ondřej Súkup <>
  - Update to version 1.4.1
    * max_icon_size not working with dynamic width
    * Failure to parse color strings with trailing comments in the config
    * Negative width in geometry being ignored
    * Incorrect handling of the argument terminator -- in dunstify
    * Crash when changing DPI while no notifications are displayed
    * Fullscreen status change not being detected in some cases
* Tue May 28 2019 Petr Cervinka <>
  - Update to version 1.4.0
    * Added
    - Add support to override `frame_color` via rules (#498)
    - Support for round corners (#420)
    - Ability to reference `$HOME` in icon paths with `~/` (#520)
    - Support to customize the mouse bindings (#530)
    - Command to toggle pause status (#535)
    - Ability to automatically replace similar notifications (like volume changes)
      via `stack_tag` (#552)
    - Comparison of raw icons for duplicate notifications (#571)
    - Introduce new desktop-entry filter (#470)
    - `fullscreen` rule to hide notifications when a fullscreen window is active (#472)
    - Added `skip_display` rule option to skip initial notification display, and
      include the notification in the history. (#590)
    * Fixed
    - Notification age not counting the time while the computer was suspended (#492)
    - Dunst losing always-on-top status on a window manager restart (#160)
    - Xpm icons not being recognized
    - When new notifications arrive, but display is full, important notifications don't
      have to wait for a timeout in a displayed notification (#541)
    - Dunst hanging while the context menu is open (#456)
    - Having & inside a notification breaking markup (#546)
    - `<I> more` notifications don't occupy space anymore, if there is only a single
      notification waiting to get displayed. The notification gets displayed directly (#467)
    - Segfault when comparing icon name with a notification with a raw icon (#536)
    - Icon size can no longer be larger than the notification when a fixed width is specified (#540)
    * Changed
    - Transient notifications no longer skip history by default (#508)
    - The notification summary no longer accepts markup (#497)
    * Removed
    - Dependency on libxdg-basedir (#550)
  - Update makefile.patch to be compatible with latest version
  - Build and install dunstify binary, command which is completely compatible to notify-send
    and can be used alongside it, but offers more features.
* Sun May 06 2018
  - update to version 1.3.2
    * Fix crash when loading invalid or corrupt icon file
  - minor cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - use %make_install macro
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - add makefile.patch to fix service installation
* Sun Feb 11 2018
  - Trim filler wording from description.
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - specfile:
    * updated copyright year
    * changed dependency gdk-2.0 to gdk-pixbuf-2.0
  - update to version 1.3.1
    * Race condition resulting in the service files being empty (#488)
  - changes from version 1.3.0:
    * Added
      + ellipsize option to control how long lines should be ellipsized
      when word_wrap is set to false (#374)
      + A beginning tilde of a path is now expanded to the home of the
      current user (#351)
      + The image-path hint is now respected, as GApplications send
      their icon only via this link (#447)
      + The (legacy) image_data hint is now respected (#353)
      + If dunst can't acquire the DBus name, dunst prints the PID of
      the process holding the name (#458 #460)
      + Increased accuracy of timeouts by using microseconds internally
      (#379 #291)
      + Support for specifying timeout values in milliseconds, minutes,
      hours, or days. (#379)
      + Support for HTML img tags (via context menu) (#428)
    * Fixed
      + new_icon rule being ignored on notifications that had a raw icon
      + Format strings being replaced recursively in some cases (#322
      + DBus related memory leaks (#397)
      + Crash on X11 servers with RandR support less than 1.5. (#413
      + Silently reading the default config file, if -conf did not
      specify a valid file (#452)
      + Notification window flickering when a notification is replaced
      (#320 #415)
      + Inaccurate timeout in some cases (#291 #379)
    * Changed
      + Transient hints are now handled (#343 #310) An additional rule
      option (match_transient and set_transient) is added to
      optionally reset the transient setting
      + HTML links are now referred to by their text in the context menu
      rather than numbers (#428)
      + icon_folders setting renamed to icon_path (#170)
      + config.def.h and config.h got merged (#371)
      + The dependency on GTK3+ has been removed. Instead of GTK3+,
      dunst now requires gdk-pixbuf which had been a transient
      dependency before. (#334 #376)
      + The _GNU_SOURCE macros had been removed to make dunst portable
      to nonGNU systems (#403)
      + Internal refactorings of the notification queue handling. (#411)
      + Dunst does now install the systemd and dbus service files into
      their proper location given by pkg-config. Use
      SERVICEDIR_(DBUS|SYSTEMD) params to overwrite them. (#463)
* Sat Jul 22 2017
  - update to 1.2.0
  - dropped dunst_bad_free.patch
    * always_run_script option to run script even if a notification is suppressed
    * Support for more icon file types
    * Support for raw icons
    * hide_duplicate_count option to hide the number of duplicate notifications
    * Support for per-urgency frame colours
    * markup setting for more fine-grained control over how markup is handled
    * history_ignore rule action to exclude a notification from being
    added to the history
    * Support for setting the dpi value dunst will use for font rendering
    via the Xft.dpi X resource
    * Experimental support for per-monitor dpi calculation
    * max_icon_size option to scale down icons if they exceed a certain size
    * Middle click on notifications can be used to trigger actions
    * Systemd service file, installed by default
    * %n format flag for getting progress value without any extra characters
    * Text and icons are now centred vertically
    * Notifications aren’t considered duplicate if urgency or icons differ
    * The maximum length of a notification is limited to 5000 characters
    * The frame width and color settings were moved to the global section
    as frame_width and frame_color respectively
    * Dropped Xinerama in favour of RandR, Xinerama can be enabled with
    the -force_xinerama option if needed
    * allow_markup is deprecated with markup as its replacement
    * The urgency specific command line flags have been deprecated with
    no replacement, respond to issue #328 on the bug tracker
    if you depend on them
    * Infinite loop if there are 2 configuration file sections with the same name
    * URLs with dashes and underscores in them are now parsed properly
    * Many memory leaks
    * Category based rules were applied without actually matching
    * dmenu command not parsing quoted arguments correctly
    * Icon alignment with dynamic width
    * Issue when loading configuration files with very long lines
    * ‘\n’ is no longer expanded to a newline inside notification text
    * Notification window wasn’t redrawn if obscured on systems without a compositor
    * ignore_newline now works regardless of the markup setting
    * dmenu process being left as a zombie if no option was selected
    * Crash when opening urls parsed from <a href=""> tags
* Sat Jan 21 2017
  - removed unneded deps
  - fixed bad free and memory leak by dunst_bad_free.patch
* Thu Jun 18 2015
  - update to 1.1.0
    * bugfixes ( memmory leak on Spotify )
    * icons
  - spec-cleaned
* Wed May 29 2013
  - created initial package (1.0.0)



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