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caja-extension-atril-1.20.0-lp152.3.4 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for ppc64le

Name: caja-extension-atril Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.20.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.4 Build date: Sun Oct 27 01:08:15 2019
Group: System/GUI/Other Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 73159 Source RPM: atril-1.20.0-lp152.3.4.src.rpm
Summary: Atril extension for Caja file manager
Atril is a document viewer capable of displaying multiple and single
page document formats like PDF and Postscript.

This package contains the Atril extension for the Caja file manager.
It adds an additional tab called "Document" to the file properties




GPL-2.0-only AND LGPL-2.0-only


* Fri Mar 09 2018
  - Update to version 1.20.0:
    * build: Remove a pre-GTK+3 option.
    * epub: Make minizip support more BSD variants.
    * previewer: Add a style class atril-previewer-window.
    * An implementation of WidthOfScreen and HeightOfScreen.
    * shell: Show caret navigation in the menu.
    * ev-link-accessible: Improve efficiency of methods to get start
      and end indices.
    * Expose form fields, images and links as AtkObject children of
      the page.
    * ev-view-accessible: Add a method to determine if a given doc
      rect is showing.
    * ev-page-cache: Add a method to check if a given page has been
    * libview: Update the caret cursor when jumping to a find result.
    * libview: Update ATK_STATE_SHOWING when the visible page range
    * libview: Implement AtkComponent for pages.
    * libview: Fix shift+click text selection.
    * a11y: Ensure text cached when one request an EvPageAccessible.
    * a11y: Managing atk states on EvPageAccessible.
    * a11y: Add, if applies, ATK_RELATION_FLOWS_TO/FROM on
    * a11y: Move the AtkHyperText implementation from
      EvViewAccessible to EvPageAccessible.
    * a11y: Move the AtkText implementation from EvViewAccessible to
    * a11y: Expose EvPageAccessible as children of EvViewAccessible.
    * a11y: New EvPageAccessible.
    * libview: Fix some broken aspects of the EvViewAccessible text
    * libview: Take caret navigation into account when getting
      AtkHyperlink indices.
    * a11y: Clean implementation of atk_text_get_caret_offset().
    * a11y: Fix implementation of atk_text_set_caret_offset().
    * view: set_caret_cursor_position() should emit "cursor-moved" if
    * Remove support for deprecated
    * a11y: Implement AtkDocument on EvViewAccessible.
    * a11y: With caret navigation enabled, accessibility current page
      is cursor page.
    * ev-view-accessible: Call document_changed_cb when setting the
    * Some text fixes for caret message area.
    * ev-view-accessible: Fix a crash in ev_view_accessible_get_link.
    * ev-view-accessible: Clear the cached data when the current page.
    * shell: remove view_actions_focus_out_cb.
    * shell: Remove ev_window_set_view_accels_sensitivity.
    * shell: forward accels to the focused widget.
    * Use a global array for view accel action.
    * fix crash when selecting text in djvu documents.
    * shell: fix stock item for message area.
    * docs: libview: Re-add type builtins section.
    * Fix crashes of epub documents with caret-navigation.
    * Store the caret cursor position in document metadata.
    * libview: Add ev_view_set_caret_cursor_position.
    * libview: Update the current page also when pending scroll is to
      find a location.
    * libview: Do not schedule a redraw when enabling/disabling caret
    * libview: Stop caret cursor blinking when cursor is not in a
      visible page.
    * shell: Enable/disable the caret navigation with F7.
    * libview: Add ev_view_supports_caret_navigation().
    * ev-link-accesible: Return the index/offset after the last
      character in the link.
    * help: Remove references to removed selection mode.
    * libview: Fix selections starting/ending in page margins.
    * libview: Reduce the pages to scan for selections.
    * libview: Remove unused rectangle selection mode.
    * libview: Rework ev_view_accessible_get_selection.
    * libview: do not redraw the whole view when caret cursor moves.
    * libview: Update the cursor area after positioning the cursor
      when moving between lines.
    * ev-view-accessible: Fix ev_view_accesssible_get_n_selections.
    * ev-view-accessibl: Fix get_caret_offset when the caret
      navigation is enabled.
    * libview: Use error bell and return early when moving between
      lines fails.
    * libview: do not schedule a resize in ensure_rectangle_is_visible.
    * libview: Stop the cursor blink when there are selections active.
    * libview: Deprecate ev_view_scroll in favour of
    * ev-window: Use g_signal_emit_by name instead of ev_view_scroll.
    * previewer: Remove scroll accelerators.
    * ev-window: Remove scroll accelerators.
    * libview: Add more scroll key bindings to EvView.
    * libview: Fix second parameter type of scroll signal for h, j, k
      and l bindings.
    * libview: Use merge_selection_region passing NULL to clear the
    * ev-pixbuf-cache: Clear the selection region also when clearing
      the job selection.
    * ev-pixbuf-cache: Fix the condition for when a new selection is
    * ev-view-accessible: Rewrite get_run_attributes to return the
      text attributes from the document.
    * pdf: Implement ev_document_text_get_text_attrs().
    * libview: Get text attributes from backend and save them in page
    * libdocument: Add ev_document_text_get_text_attrs().
    * libview: Emit the AtkText text-caret-moved and
      text-selection-changed signals.
    * libview: clear the selection when cursor is moved.
    * libview: Do not show the caret cursor when there are active
    * libview: Return NULL instead of empty regions from the pixbuf
    * libview: Don’t draw the caret cursor when the view is not
    * libview: Fix moving caret cursor between lines in multicolumn
    * libview: Pre-cache some prev/next pages to the current page
    * ev-pixbuf-cache: Schedule prev or next jobs first depending on
      the scroll direction.
    * ev-pixbuf-cache: Schedule jobs to render previous pages in
      inverse order.
    * libview: Add the 'cursor-moved' signal to notify when the caret
      cursor has been moved.
    * libview: Avoid unnecessary region copies when selecting text.
    * libview: Use a larger damage area to redraw selections.
    * libview: Don’t queue a redraw when damaged region hasn’t
    * libview: Invalidate union of old and new selection.
    * libview: Move the caret cursor when clicking outside a
    * libview: Remove unused in_selection member from SelectionInfo
    * libview: Keep the offset inside a line when moving the caret
      between lines.
    * libview: Position the caret cursor at beginning/end of the line.
    * libview: Do not schedule a redraw when selecting all text.
    * libview: Use prepend + reverse instead of append to create
      selections list.
    * libview: Use GSlice to allocate EvViewSelection.
    * libview: Text selection using the caret cursor.
    * libview: Update the caret cursor after selecting text with the
    * libview: Take page border into account when computing
    * libview: Fix a crash when selecting more than one page.
    * libview: Make sure the cursor blinks after moving it by a click.
    * libview: Merge get_caret_cursor_rect_from_offset and
    * libview: Notify about caret navigation errors using the error
    * libview: Do not redraw after a click if cursor position hasn’t
    * libview: Use GtkBindings for caret navigation.
    * libview: Rename EvView::binding-activated signal as
    * libview: Position the caret cursor by clicking.
    * libview: Use EvPixbufCache to find selection region.
    * libview: Split ev_pixbuf_cache_get_selection_surface into two
    * libview: Draw selection highlight from region.
    * libview: Fix the damage area used to redraw the caret cursor.
    * libview: Actually update the page when moving the care from a
      different page.
    * libview: Avoid to update the current page and scroll to the
      cursor position, if the caret cursor was not updated.
    * libview: Make caret cursor blink.
    * libview: Use logical attributes instead text layout to move the
      caret cursor.
    * libview: Add a way to get the text logical attributes from the
      page cache.
    * libview: Initial implementation of caret navigation.
    * libview: Refactor code for drawing page and selection surfaces.
    * shell: disable ViewDualOddLeft in menus for epubs.
    * libview: Only access the relevant page cache for the height
    * Activate shortcut keys for dual and continuous layout.
    * ev-view: Forward key events to the focused form field.
    * Add shortcut keys for fit-page and fit-width options.
    * shell: Do not open single page pdfs in dual mode by default.
    * libview: Don’t update current_page to negative number.
    * libview: Make page layout a mode.
    * libview: Add new zoom mode that optimises for readability.
    * Rename Fit Page Width as Fit Width.
    * Rename Best Fit mode as Fit Page.
    * Move dual page with odd pages left to the view menu.
    * libview: drop deprecated usage of gtk_container_set_resize_mode.
    * shell: Check if doc implements Annotations interface before
    * Refreshing annotations’ sidebar upon deletion.
    * libdocument: Make ev_mapping_list_remove void.
    * page-cache: Add flags parameter to ev_page_cache_mark_dirty().
    * pdf: Reset the annotation mapping when there are no more
    * Add an option to remove annotations to the view popup menu.
    * libview: add ev_view_remove_annotation.
    * pdf: Implement remove_annotation virtual func.
    * libdocument: add ev_mapping_list_remove.
    * libdocument: Add remove_annotation to DocumentAnnotations.
    * pdf: Make annotation names unique.
    * pdf: Add support for adding other types of annotations.
    * libview: Rename ev_view_set_focused_element and make it public
    * Change the opacity of the annotation window.
    * Change color of annotation window.
    * libview: Grab focus for form fields and links on mouse press.
    * libdocument: Added ev_mapping_list_get.
    * pdf: Add activation link for Fields that have it.
    * libview: Handle activation link of a Form Field if present.
    * libdocument: Add activation_link to EvFormField struct.
    * ev-properties-licence: don’t use deprecated GtkAlignment.
    * libview: : avoid deprecated gtk_adjustment_changed.
    * ev-job-find: mark two methods as skip.
    * ev-jobs: have ev_job_failed_from_error shadow ev_job_failed.
    * libview: add missing transfer and element-type annotations.
    * ev-mapping-list: make a boxed type.
    * libdocument: add missing transfer and element-type annotations.
    * gtk 3.22: Avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_monitor_ functions.
    * Avoid gdk_screen_get_primary_monitor,
    * ev-document-misc.c: Avoid deprecated
    * dvi: Mitigate command injection attacks by quoting filename.
    * mdvi-lib: Fix compilation warning (const-correctness).
    * libmisc: set width chars for page label.
    * libview: Scroll small pages in non-continuous mode.
    * libview: Enable GDK_SMOOTH_SCROLL events for view.
    * libview: Ctrl+mouse wheel zoom should be pointer-centred, not
    * ev-view: Add pan gesture to switch page.
    * ev-view: Explicitly require a GtkScrolledWindow as the parent
    * ev-view: Add pinch/zoom gesture to handle document zooming.
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Fix unwanted move to start after fullscreen.
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Preload one extra visible range while
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Keep thumbnails already rendered.
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Fix clunky scrolling.
    * annotations-sidebar: Clean up the styling.
    * ev-annotation-window: Fix setting the colour of the window
    * libview: fix annotation window focus change after creation.
    * libview: Fix focus on ev_annotation_window.
    * libview: Don’t change the font color of the annotation window.
    * shell: Use GdkRGBA for annotations.
    * libdocument: Add EvAnnotation API using GdkRGBA.
    * libdocument: Use the new deprecation macros.
    * Add deprecation macros.
    * fix runtime warnings caused by previous HDPI commit.
    * Take monitor scale factor into account when calculating zoom.
    * Add hi-dpi support for main view..
    * shell: Ditch gimpcellrenderertoggle.
    * sidebar-layers: Make it actually usable and fix a runtime
    * libview: setting annotation window icons sizes.
    * libview: save changes to a dropdown in an embedded form.
    * libdocument: Adjust rendering of shadow for active and inactive
    * avoid deprecated gdk_screen_make_display_name.
    * ev-window: remove deprecated GtkToolbar-shadow-type.
    * annotation-properties-dialog: don’t use a headerbar.
    * Avoid deprecated gdk_display_get_screen and
    * ev-window: don’t use deprecated gtk_show_uri.
    * avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_number.
    * build: properly clean the generated .caja-extension file.
    * build: require cairo >= 1.10.0 and drop some old code.
    * shell: remove unused code from utils.
    * ev-view: avoid deprecated gtk_drag_begin.
    * egg-editable-toolbar: avoid deprecated gtk_drag_begin.
    * message-area: replace some GtkStock deprecations.
    * ev-sidebar: avoid deprecated GTK_STOCK_CLOSE icon.
    * password-view: replace some GtkStock deprecations.
    * password-view: don’t use deprecated GtkAlignment.
    * toolbar-editor: don’t use deprecated GtkAlignment.
    * Update translations.
  - Add atril-gtk-3.20.patch: Restore GLib 2.48 and GTK+ 3.20
* Sun Aug 20 2017
  - Update to version 1.18.3 (changes since 1.18.1):
    * libmisc: Set character width for page label.
    * EvPixbufCache: Handle backends that don't render a selection.
    * Update translations.
* Sun Aug 20 2017
  - Update to version 1.18.1:
    * Take monitor scale factor into account when calculating zoom.
    * Add hi-dpi support for main view.
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Fix unwanted move to start after
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Preload one extra visible range while
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Keep thumbnails already rendered.
    * sidebar-thumbnails: Fix clunky scrolling.
    * sidebar-layers: Make it actually usable and fix a runtime
    * libview: Save changes to a dropdown in an embedded form.
    * ev-window: Remove a deprecated GtkToolbar-shadow-type.
    * annotation-properties-dialog: Don't use a headerbar.
    * comics: Make the files containing "--checkpoint-action="
    * Update translations.
* Tue Mar 14 2017
  - Update to version 1.18.0:
    * NEWS: use consistent, project wide, markdown-like formatting to
      make generating release announcements easier.
    * Build: Require caja >= 1.17.1.
    * Move to GTK+3 (require GTK+ >= 3.14), drop the GTK+2 code and
    - -with-gtk build option.
    * [comics] Add support for unarchiver (unar and lsar).
    * [libview] Increase the page cache size to reduce the number of
      page reloads.
    * Remove the metadata migration code.
    * Force the X11 backend.
    * Fix lots of GTK+ deprecations.
    * Fix some a11y issues.
    * Some more fixes and cleanups.
    * Update translations.
  - Switch to Gtk3.
* Sun Mar 05 2017
  - Switch to Gtk2 (boo#1028022, gh#mate-desktop/caja#657).
* Tue Nov 01 2016
  - Update to version 1.16.1:
    * Require poppler 0.22.0 (for case-sensitive search in PDFs).
    * [comics] Fix MIME type comparisons.
    * [comics] Support an application/vnd.comicbook+zip MIME type.
    * [djvu] Support an image/vnd.djvu+multipage MIME type.
    * [pdf] Fix case-sensitive search.
    * thumbnailer: Skip epub files (thumbnail generation never
      worked there and caused segfaults).
    * Some code cleanups.
    * Update translations.
* Tue Sep 20 2016
  - Update to version 1.16.0:
    * Build: Require poppler 0.18.0.
    * Use GtkAboutDialog instead of MateAboutDialog.
    * Drop dependency on libmate-desktop and --without-matedesktop
      build option.
    * Update toolbar-editor from libegg.
    * Update synctex to 1.18.
    * Split dual mode option into dual mode with odd and even pages
      on the left.
    * Add Ctrl+Up/Down keybindings for previous/next search results.
    * Add caja-sendto support for sending current document by email,
      to removable device, etc.
    * Improve named destinations support with --named-dest command line
      argument and dbus support.
    * [dvi] Use t1 font mapping files.
    * GTK+3: Add style class for view.
    * GTK+3: Fix a possible crash when building with introspection
    * GTK+3: Fix lots of deprecations.
    * Some more fixes and cleanups.
    * Update translations.
  - Switch to Gtk3.
* Wed Aug 10 2016
  - Update to version 1.14.2:
    * Add setting to set page cache size.
    * Add setting to disable auto-reload.
    * Fix some issues with rotated documents.
    * Some more fixes and cleanups.
    * Make distcheck use currently selected GTK+ version.
    * Update translations.
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Add a missing mathjax dependency to atril-backends.
  - Rename atril-caja package to caja-extension-atril.
  - Supplement caja-extension-atril if atril and caja are installed.
* Sun May 22 2016
  - Update to version 1.14.1:
    * Fix several random webview related crashes.
    * Update translations.
* Sat Apr 09 2016
  - Update to version 1.14.0:
    * Update copyrights, mention MATE team in Caja extension.
    * GTK+3: Add CSS name EggToolbarEditor for 3.20.
    * Some more fixes and cleanups.
    * Update translations.
    * Fix Changelog generation.
* Sun Feb 21 2016
  - Update to version 1.13.1:
    * totem-screensaver: Use org.gnome.SessionManager to inhibit
    * totem-screensaver: Don't use old API and add ref to TotemScrsaver.
    * totem-screensaver: Fix assertions on entry to TotemScrsaver
    * GTK+3: Add atril-window style class to top level.
    * Fix some build warnings.
* Mon Jan 25 2016
  - Update to version 1.13.0:
    * Update copyrights, mention MATE team in caja extension.
    * Drop MateConf migration script.
* Fri Dec 18 2015
  - Update to 1.12.2:
    * [epub] Fix crash when accessibility is enabled.
* Sun Nov 29 2015
  - Update to 1.12.1:
    * [dvi] Fix crash due to regression.
    * Update translations.
* Thu Nov 05 2015
  - Update to 1.12.0.
* Wed Oct 14 2015
  - Update to 1.11.0:
    * Make smclient mandatory.
    * [epub] drop embedded MathJax in favour of using distro-packaged
    * Retrieve strings directly from gschema (requires intltool
    * Drop mate-icon-theme dependency.
    * Several code cleanups.
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - Update to 1.10.2:
    * Fix several command line options.
    * Fix several findbar issues.
    * Make libmatedesktop optional.
    * [pdf] Fix saving annotations added to different pages.
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - Update to 1.10.1:
    * Fix crash when pressing Esc with no document opened.
    * Gtk3: Add webkit2gtk-4.0 and prefer it over 3.0.
    * Help fixes.
* Tue May 05 2015
  - Update to 1.10.0 (changes since 1.9.2):
    * [webkit] Do not connect signal handlers more than once.
    * [webkit] Gtk2: use signals to get notifications about load
      finish and errors (instead of polling in idle function).
    * [webkit] indicate that job failed when the thumbnail loading
    * [webkit] changed lock/unlock logic so that there's no locking in
      a function and unlocking in a callback.
    * [libdocument] Fix saving attachments when the name contains a
  - Spec cleanup.
* Thu Jan 22 2015
  - Update to version 1.9.2 (unstable)
    * Fix some crashes
    * comics backend: add support for bsdtar
* Thu Dec 11 2014
  - Update to version 1.9.1 (unstable)
    + Add ini file for caja extension
    + Add appdata file
    + Many fixed memory leaks from monsta
    + sidebar-thumbnails: connect to job finished signal before scheduling
      the job
    + zero-init all signals arrays
    + Add support for external links to EvViewPresentation
    + Save zoom factor in default settings when sizing mode is free
    + [pdf] Add support for OCG State actions
    + [pdf] Update to poppler api changes
    + [pdf] Do not resolve named destinations in the backend
    + [pdf] Bump poppler requirements to 0.16.0
    + [pdf] Implement document_links_find_link_page()
    + [djvu] Implement document_links_find_link_page()
    + [libdocument] Use find_link_page() instead of find_link_dest() in
    + GDK_KEY_* keys are Gtk+2 as well.
    + [shell] Add timestamp parameter to SyncView
    + [shell] Use new methods to get page and page label from a link
    + [libview] The updated GtkComboBox api is in Gtk+2.24
    + [dvi] Fix drawing glyphs with transparency
    + [shell] Send the URI of the input file instead of the filename in SyncSource
    + [libdocument] Add xz compression support
    + [pdf] Support .pdf.xz files
    + [shell] Add EvBookmarks to handle internal document bookmarks
    + [backends] Fix several security issues in the dvi-backend
    + Small a11y fixes
    + Remember the current page when document is reloaded in presentation mode
    + presentation: Allow to change rotation in presentation mode
    + Rotate with CTRL+Left/Right in presentation mode too
    + Add .png extension when saving images using DnD
    + Gtk3: Use gtk_paned_new() instead gtk_[h|v]paned_new()
    + Gtk3: Add GtkStyleContect support
    + Gtk3: Don't use gdk_cursor_unref()
    + Gtk3: Use gtk_widget_render_icon_pixbuf()
    + Gtk3: presentation: Make sure background window is black by default
      in presentation mode
* Sun Oct 26 2014
  - Update to version 1.9.0 (unstable)
    + Add epub support (part of GSoC 2014).
    + Use MateAboutDialog from libmate-desktop.
  - Fix version requirements
  - Fix caja subpackage description
  - Fix caja subpackage dependency; make depend on caja instead of
  - Add a -thumbnailer subpackage
  - Add pkgconfig(webkit-1.0) build requirement; needed to build
    epub format backend
  - Add pkgconfig(mate-desktop-2.0) build requirement; needed to build
    with about-dialog support



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