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avahi-autoipd-0.6.32-lp150.3.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for aarch64

Name: avahi-autoipd Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 0.6.32 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.3.1 Build date: Fri May 11 02:25:25 2018
Group: Productivity/Networking/Other Build host: obs-arm-2
Size: 77767 Source RPM: avahi-0.6.32-lp150.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: IPv4LL Service for Zeroconf and Bonjour
avahi-autoipd is an implementation of Dynamic Configuration of IPv4
Link-Local Addresses.

avahi-autoipd doesn't depend on any other Avahi library, hence it makes
sense to install it even if Avahi itself is not installed.






* Wed May 02 2018
  - Add avahi-daemon-increase-rlimit.patch: increase rlimit as a
    conservative way to handle certain crashes referring to upstream
    commit 71ace71 (bsc#1085255).
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - Do not suppress errors from avahi-autoipd user creation, but do
    suppress getent output.
  - Replace $RPM_* shell vars by macros.
* Tue May 30 2017
  - Modify user generation (boo#1010384):
    + Use getent to check for existing users/groups, only creating
      them if not found.
    + Do not hide output of groupadd/useradd.
    + Do not mask failures: if a user can't be added, we have a
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Drop %insserv_cleanup scriptlets: it's been a while that avahi
    did not install any sysV init scripts anymore.
  - Simplify OBS is well able to handle macros
    in package names by now.
  - Drop conditions to only handle systemd services on openSUSE >
    12.1; it's been long that we did not ship the sysv scripts
    anymore and openSUSE 12.1 is long EOL.
* Mon Jul 11 2016
  - Replace avahi-0.6.31-systemd-order.patch with
    avahi-0.6.32-suppress-resolv-conf-warning.patch: only warn
    on missing resolv.conf if the options that use it are enabled.
* Thu Jun 23 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.32:
    + Don't log warnings about invalid packets, commonly triggered by
      Windows 10 systems.
    + Fix issue with bad packet size estimation, causing probes to
      continuously be sent when hosting large numbers of services.
    + Fix build on Solaris/SmartOS (filio.h issue).
    + Fix build on FreeBSD (PCAP_D_IN issue).
    + Fix debug output with libdaemon >= 0.14.
    + avahi_server_set_browse_domains now correctly uses the provided
      list, instead of re-using the list from the configuration file.
    + Set nl_pid to 0, this will automatically assign the value and
      prevent conflicts per netlink(7). (Bug #334).
    + Check for netlink pid=0 (kernel) instead of uid=0, which works
      correctly with network & user namespaces.
    + Fix reversed IFA_LOCAL and IFA_ADDRESS checks (Avahi#355).
    + Don't fail the build on deprecated GTK/GLIB usage.
    + Gracefully fail if SO_REUSEPORT is not available.
    + Minor Python 3 update for the python ServiceTypeDatabase test
      usage of print, should be backwards compatible.
    + avahi-autoipd: Fix incorrect usage of IFLA_RTA instead of
      IFA_RTA which could crash on ARM (Closes: gh#lathiat/avahi#42).
  - Drop upstream fixed patches:
    + avahi-unicastdomains.patch
    + avahi-gtk_box_new.patch
    + avahi-fix-mkdir.diff
    + avahi-enable-ipv6.patch
    + avahi-reserve-space-for-record-data-when-size-e.patch
  - Rebase avahi-0.6.31-invalid-packet.patch.
* Thu Jun 23 2016
  - Add avahi-0.6.31-systemd-order.patch: start after NM/wicked, to
    ensure resolv.conf is present (bsc#982317, gh#lathiat/avahi#59).
* Fri May 20 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20.2 (Fate#318572)
  - Added License field in spec file.
* Thu Apr 14 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
* Mon Jan 25 2016
  - No longer install sysv services: the systemd services have been
    installed for a long time already and are masking the sysv
    scripts; those scripts existance only add confusion (boo#959908).
* Mon Oct 19 2015
  - Temp disable 2 old Conflicts that are breaking staging. These can
    back in once there is a new release of avahi.
* Thu Oct 08 2015
  - Add avahi-0.6.31-invalid-packet.patch: do not spam logs for
    invalid packets (boo#947140 bsc#948277).
* Wed Aug 19 2015
  - Sync up the multiple .spec files.
* Thu Jan 22 2015
  - Add avahi-outdated-URL.patch: Do not redirect users to
    <>, which no
    longer exists, but bring them to the more generic blog entry (boo#914298).
* Sat Apr 26 2014
  - Do not depend on gnome-icon-theme:
    + the network-wired icon is meanwhile available in faenza, gnome,
      mate, nimbus oxygen and tango icon theme.
    + the dependency causes avahi depending on gtk3, which causes a
      build loop with gtk2.
    + the avahi-desktop.patch causes these desktop files to be only
      shown in GTK based desktops, which have any of those icon
      themes available.
* Tue Apr 15 2014
  - We've moved everything to /run, adjust file list as well.
* Thu Feb 27 2014
  - Do not start unconditionally / by default under sysconfig as
    it breaks vlan,bridge,bonding setups (bnc#853845, bnc#851953).
* Wed Sep 25 2013
  - Sanitize scrtiplet requirements (bnc#839520):
    + Add shadow Requires(pre) for useradd and groupadd.
    + Add coreutils Requires(post) for chown.
* Sat Sep 21 2013
  - Change RPM Group of shared library package to System/Libraries.
  - Run to sync .spec files.
* Wed Aug 21 2013
  - Fix hang when registering with large numbers of service files
    (bnc#835984, avahi-reserve-space-for-record-data-when-size-e.patch).
* Mon Feb 04 2013
  - Automatically disable avahi on networks with unicast .local
    domain (bnc#431704,,
  - Split avahi-autoipd into a separate package (bnc#431704#c6,
    avahi-autoipd.if-up, avahi-autoipd.if-down,
  - Use dedicated UID and GID for avahi-autoipd.
  - Added sysconfig to fine tune behavior.
  - Remove no more needed gnome-nettool2.png.
  - Fix paths in man pages (sed script).
  - Update avahi-discover.desktop to fit Desktop Menu Specification
    better (avahi#365, fdo#49699, avahi-desktop.patch).
  - Move service-types.db to the main package. It is requires by
    python-avahi and avahi-utils.
* Mon Jan 28 2013
  - Add avahi-move-everything-to-run.patch: move everything
    (socket and pid files) to /run.
* Wed Nov 14 2012
  - Fix useradd invocation: -o is useless without -u and newer
    versions of pwdutils/shadowutils fail on this now.
* Tue Oct 16 2012
  - Replace systemd-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(systemd)
    to prefer the -mini package, avoiding build cycles.
* Wed Oct 03 2012
  - Mark /etc/avahi/hosts as %config(noreplace)
* Wed Jul 11 2012
  - Add avahi-enable-ipv6.patch: enable IPv6 by default. Fix
* Sun Jul 01 2012
  - Add avahi-fix-mkdir.diff: fix build with automake 1.12.1, which
    removed AM_PROG_MKDIR_P, which is deprecated for a long time.
* Mon Feb 27 2012
  - Stop passing --with-systemdsystemunitdir to configure: we'll just
    use the right default value, which should be %{_unitdir}.
  - Change systemd BuildRequires to systemd-devel since this is
    needed to get that default value in configure.
* Wed Feb 15 2012
  - Update to version 0.6.31:
    + Add Mumble to service type database
    + systemd: is not longer useful
    + Compatibility with newer automake
  - Rebase avahi-empty-share-dir.patch.
  - Move dbus xml interface files from devel subpackage to main
    subpackage: those files are needed at runtime.
* Thu Dec 08 2011
  - Add avahi-gir-fixup.patch: Change the gir/typelib dependency to
    be correctly instead of avahi-core.
* Wed Dec 07 2011
  - Split the typelib files in typelib-1_0-Avahi-0_6 subpackage.
  - Add typelib-1_0-Avahi-0_6 Requires to libavahi-glib-devel
* Sun Dec 04 2011
  - Change libtool BuildRequires to be unconditional: it is needed to
    build all submodules as well.
  - Change License tag to spdx identifier (LGPL-2.1+) and remove
    duplicate mentions of the License tag.
* Mon Oct 10 2011
  - Use systemd macros for 12.1
* Fri Sep 30 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Sat Sep 17 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
  - Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
* Sat Jul 02 2011
  - Add avahi-gtk_box_new.patch: do not used deprecated
    gtk_[hv]box_new function anymore; this fixes build of
* Wed May 18 2011
  - Update to version 0.6.30:
    + Make IPv6 work again
    + Minor other updates
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 0.6.29:
    + Updates regarding systemd integration
    + Compatibility with newer gtk3 and gobject introspection
    + Fix CVE-2011-1002, fixing the fix for CVE-2010-2244
    + Minor other updates
    + Updated translations
  - Drop patches fixed upstream:
    + avahi-init-lsb.patch
    + avahi-init-dnsconfd-fix-status.patch
    + avahi-fix-howl.pc.patch
    + avahi-null-packet-infinite-loop.patch
* Fri Feb 25 2011
  - Enable gtk3 support:
    + Add gtk3-devel BuildRequires for avahi-glib2.
    + Add libavahi-ui-gtk3-0 subpackage.
    + Pass --enable-gtk3 instead of --disable-gtk3 to configure in
  - Remove explicit Requires of glib2-devel and gtk2-devel in
    libavahi-glib-devel: they will automatically be added the
    pkgconfig() way.
  - Use sysconfig PreReq instead of sysvinit(network) on 11.3 and
* Thu Feb 17 2011
  - Add avahi-null-packet-infinite-loop.patch: fix an infinite loop
    eating CPU when receiving corrupted/null packets. Fix bnc#671797.
* Sun Feb 13 2011
  - Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
      least one desktop file.
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
* Tue Dec 07 2010
  - prereq init script network
* Wed Oct 13 2010
  - Add avahi-init-dnsconfd-fix-status.patch to make avahi-dnsconfd
    init script report unused instead of dead in status when it's
* Tue Oct 05 2010
  - Update to version 0.6.28:
    + Updates regarding systemd integration
    + Properly avoid bus activation on non-systemd systems
    + Compatibility with newer gtk3 and gobject introspection
    + i18n updates
    + Minor other updates
  - Drop avahi-gobject-introspection-1.2.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed Sep 29 2010
  - Change lang package Requires to Recommends since it is not
    mandatory at runtime.
* Sat Sep 18 2010
  - Rename avahi-gobject-introspection-1.1.patch to
    avahi-gobject-introspection-1.2.patch and update it to the 1.2
* Wed Sep 01 2010
  - Update to version 0.6.27:
    + Various systemd fixes.
    + Daemon:
    - make sure we never choke on SIGPIPE
    - return successful error code when we ran successfully
    - reset signals on initialization
    - unblock all signals by default
    + Update libavahi-client so that it can deal with auto-activated
      avahi daemons
    + Bump soname
    + Build fix when gtk3 is not installed.
    + i18n updates
  - Changes from version 0.6.26:
    + Fix CVE-2010-2244
    + Support for Gtk+ 3 and Gtk+ Introspection
    + Native systemd socket activation support
    + Add systemd service files
    + Add various resource control options, for traffic rate limiting
      as well as cache size and D-Bus client object limits.
    + i18n updates
    + Minor other updates
  - Rename libavahi-core6 to libavahi-core7, to follow library soname
  - Rebase avahi-gacdir.patch.
  - Add avahi-gobject-introspection-1.1.patch to set format of gir
    file to 1.1.
  - Add avahi-fix-howl.pc.patch to fix generation of howl.pc.
  - Drop avahi-0.6.25-fixcrash.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop avahi-init_unused-not-dead.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Add gobject-introspection-devel BuildRequires for the glib2
    build, to get introspection support.
  - Remove libglade2-devel BuildRequires.
  - Remove avahi-utils-gtk <= 0.6.22 Conflicts, since the file for
    which we added the Conflicts doesn't exist anymore.
  - Pass --disable-gtk3 to configure since we don't want gtk3 support
    right now.
  - Pass --with-systemdsystemunitdir=/lib/systemd/system to
    configure. Thanks Kay!
* Mon Jun 21 2010
  - also check ipv6 case in avahi-0.6.25-fixcrash.patch
* Wed Jun 16 2010
  - Add avahi-0.6.25-fixcrash.patch: avoid crash due to assertion
    when receiving corrupt packets.
* Sat May 01 2010
  - Handle /var/run on tmpfs.
  - Avoid self-obsoletes.
* Mon Mar 15 2010
  - Do not force start avahi daemon on update (bnc#588367).
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
* Tue Dec 15 2009
  - Add baselibs.conf as a source
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Wed Oct 07 2009
  - Add avahi-init_unused-not-dead.patch, init scripts report
    service dead instead of unused after a stop (bnc#329708).
* Thu Aug 13 2009
  - Tweak the use of new python macros.
* Mon Aug 10 2009
  - fix generation of sub-spec files by using
* Sun Aug 09 2009
  - use new python macros
* Thu May 28 2009
  - Remove perl-XML-Parser BuildRequires.
* Thu Apr 16 2009
  - Update to version 0.6.25:
    + Use send_destination for DBus <deny> rule
    + Make .desktop files pass desktop-file-validate
    + CVE-2009-0758: Reflector creates packet storm on legacy unicast
    + Build system fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Respin avahi-desktop.patch.
  - Drop bnc_459007.patch: fixed upstream.



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