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libmbedcrypto1-2.8.0-lp151.2.3 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 for x86_64

Name: libmbedcrypto1 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 2.8.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.3 Build date: Mon Dec 17 18:24:00 2018
Group: System/Libraries Build host: lamb60
Size: 363863 Source RPM: mbedtls-2.8.0-lp151.2.3.src.rpm
Summary: Cryptographic base library for mbedtls
This subpackage of mbedtls contains a library that exposes
cryptographic ciphers, hashes, algorithms and format support such as
AES, MD5, SHA, Elliptic Curves, BigNum, PKCS, ASN.1, BASE64.






* Fri Apr 06 2018
  - Update to version 2.8.0:
    * Security:
      + Defend against Bellcore glitch attacks by verifying the results of RSA private key operations.
      + Fix implementation of the truncated HMAC extension. The previous implementation allowed an offline 2^80 brute force attack on the HMAC key of a single, uninterrupted connection (with no resumption of the session).
      + Reject CRLs containing unsupported critical extensions. Found by Falko Strenzke and Evangelos Karatsiolis.
      + Fix a buffer overread in ssl_parse_server_key_exchange() that could cause a crash on invalid input.
      + Fix a buffer overread in ssl_parse_server_psk_hint() that could cause a crash on invalid input.
    * Features:
      + Enable reading encrypted PEM files produced by software that uses PBKDF2-SHA2, such as OpenSSL 1.1. Submitted by Antonio Quartulli, OpenVPN Inc. Fixes #1339
      + Support public keys encoded in PKCS#1 format. #1122
    * New deprecations:
      + Compression and crypto don't mix. We don't recommend using compression and cryptography, and have deprecated support for record compression (configuration option MBEDTLS_ZLIB_SUPPORT).
    * Bugfix:
      + Fix mbedtls_x509_crt_profile_suiteb, which used to reject all certificates with flag MBEDTLS_X509_BADCERT_BAD_PK even when the key type was correct. In the context of SSL, this resulted in handshake failure. Reported by daniel in the Mbed TLS forum. #1351
      + Fix setting version TLSv1 as minimal version, even if TLS 1 is not enabled. Set MBEDTLS_SSL_MIN_MAJOR_VERSION and MBEDTLS_SSL_MIN_MINOR_VERSION instead of MBEDTLS_SSL_MAJOR_VERSION_3 and MBEDTLS_SSL_MINOR_VERSION_1. #664
      + Fix compilation error on Mingw32 when _TRUNCATE is defined. Use _TRUNCATE only if __MINGW32__ is not defined. Fix suggested by Thomas Glanzmann and Nick Wilson on issue #355
      + Fix memory allocation corner cases in memory_buffer_alloc.c module. Found by Guido Vranken. #639
      + Don't accept an invalid tag when parsing X.509 subject alternative names in some circumstances.
      + Fix a possible arithmetic overflow in ssl_parse_server_key_exchange() that could cause a key exchange to fail on valid data.
      + Fix a possible arithmetic overflow in ssl_parse_server_psk_hint() that could cause a key exchange to fail on valid data.
      + Fix a 1-byte heap buffer overflow (read-only) during private key parsing. Found through fuzz testing.
    * Changes
      + Fix tag lengths and value ranges in the documentation of CCM encryption. Contributed by Mathieu Briand.
      + Fix a typo in a comment in ctr_drbg.c. Contributed by Paul Sokolovsky.
      + Remove support for the library reference configuration for picocoin.
      + MD functions deprecated in 2.7.0 are no longer inline, to provide a migration path for those depending on the library's ABI.
      + Use (void) when defining functions with no parameters. Contributed by Joris Aerts. #678
* Thu Mar 08 2018
  - Use more cmake macros
  - Update spec file using spec-cleaner
* Tue Feb 13 2018
  - Update to version 2.7.0:
    - Security
    * Fix a heap corruption issue in the implementation of the truncated HMAC
      extension. When the truncated HMAC extension is enabled and CBC is used,
      sending a malicious application packet could be used to selectively corrupt
      6 bytes on the peer's heap, which could potentially lead to crash or remote
      code execution. The issue could be triggered remotely from either side in
      both TLS and DTLS. (CVE-2018-0488 boo#1080828)
    * Fix a buffer overflow in RSA-PSS verification when the hash was too large
      for the key size, which could potentially lead to crash or remote code
      execution. Found by Seth Terashima, Qualcomm Product Security Initiative,
      Qualcomm Technologies Inc. (CVE-2018-0487 boo#1080826)
    * Fix buffer overflow in RSA-PSS verification when the unmasked data is all
    * Fix an unsafe bounds check in ssl_parse_client_psk_identity() when adding
      64 KiB to the address of the SSL buffer and causing a wrap around.
    * Fix a potential heap buffer overflow in mbedtls_ssl_write(). When the (by
      default enabled) maximum fragment length extension is disabled in the
      config and the application data buffer passed to mbedtls_ssl_write
      is larger than the internal message buffer (16384 bytes by default), the
      latter overflows.
    * Add a provision to prevent compiler optimizations breaking the time
      constancy of mbedtls_ssl_safer_memcmp().
    * Ensure that buffers are cleared after use if they contain sensitive data.
      Changes were introduced in multiple places in the library.
    * Set PEM buffer to zero before freeing it, to avoid decoded private keys
      being leaked to memory after release.
    * Fix dhm_check_range() failing to detect trivial subgroups and potentially
      leaking 1 bit of the private key. Reported by prashantkspatil.
    * Make mbedtls_mpi_read_binary() constant-time with respect to the input
      data. Previously, trailing zero bytes were detected and omitted for the
      sake of saving memory, but potentially leading to slight timing
      differences. Reported by Marco Macchetti, Kudelski Group.
    * Wipe stack buffer temporarily holding EC private exponent
      after keypair generation.
    * Fix a potential heap buffer over-read in ALPN extension parsing
      (server-side). Could result in application crash, but only if an ALPN
      name larger than 16 bytes had been configured on the server.
    * Change default choice of DHE parameters from untrustworthy RFC 5114
      to RFC 3526 containing parameters generated in a nothing-up-my-sleeve
    - Features
    * Add alternative implementation support for CCM and CMAC (MBEDTLS_CCM_ALT,
      MBEDTLS_CMAC_ALT). Submitted by Steven Cooreman, Silicon Labs.
    * Add support for alternative implementations of GCM, selected by the
      configuration flag MBEDTLS_GCM_ALT.
    * Add support for alternative implementations for ECDSA, controlled by new
      MBEDTLS_ECDSDA_GENKEY_AT in config.h.
      The following functions from the ECDSA module can be replaced
      with alternative implementation:
      mbedtls_ecdsa_sign(), mbedtls_ecdsa_verify() and mbedtls_ecdsa_genkey().
    * Add support for alternative implementation of ECDH, controlled by the
      new configuration flags MBEDTLS_ECDH_COMPUTE_SHARED_ALT and
      MBEDTLS_ECDH_GEN_PUBLIC_ALT in config.h.
      The following functions from the ECDH module can be replaced
      with an alternative implementation:
      mbedtls_ecdh_gen_public() and mbedtls_ecdh_compute_shared().
    * Add support for alternative implementation of ECJPAKE, controlled by
      the new configuration flag MBEDTLS_ECJPAKE_ALT.
    * Add mechanism to provide alternative implementation of the DHM module.
    - API changes
    * Extend RSA interface by multiple functions allowing structure-
      independent setup and export of RSA contexts. Most notably,
      mbedtls_rsa_import() and mbedtls_rsa_complete() are introduced for setting
      up RSA contexts from partial key material and having them completed to the
      needs of the implementation automatically. This allows to setup private RSA
      contexts from keys consisting of N,D,E only, even if P,Q are needed for the
      purpose or CRT and/or blinding.
    * The configuration option MBEDTLS_RSA_ALT can be used to define alternative
      implementations of the RSA interface declared in rsa.h.
    * The following functions in the message digest modules (MD2, MD4, MD5,
      SHA1, SHA256, SHA512) have been deprecated and replaced as shown below.
      The new functions change the return type from void to int to allow
      returning error codes when using MBEDTLS_<MODULE>_ALT.
      mbedtls_<MODULE>_starts() -> mbedtls_<MODULE>_starts_ret()
      mbedtls_<MODULE>_update() -> mbedtls_<MODULE>_update_ret()
      mbedtls_<MODULE>_finish() -> mbedtls_<MODULE>_finish_ret()
      mbedtls_<MODULE>_process() -> mbedtls_internal_<MODULE>_process()
    - Deprecations
    * Deprecate usage of RSA primitives with non-matching key-type
      (e.g. signing with a public key).
    * Direct manipulation of structure fields of RSA contexts is deprecated.
      Users are advised to use the extended RSA API instead.
    * Deprecate usage of message digest functions that return void
      (mbedtls_<MODULE>_starts, mbedtls_<MODULE>_update,
      mbedtls_<MODULE>_finish and mbedtls_<MODULE>_process where <MODULE> is
      any of MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512) in favor of functions
      that can return an error code.
    * Deprecate untrustworthy DHE parameters from RFC 5114. Superseded by
      parameters from RFC 3526 or the newly added parameters from RFC 7919.
    * Deprecate hex string DHE constants MBEDTLS_DHM_RFC3526_MODP_2048_P etc.
      Supserseded by binary encoded constants MBEDTLS_DHM_RFC3526_MODP_2048_P_BIN
    * Deprecate mbedtls_ssl_conf_dh_param() for setting default DHE parameters
      from hex strings. Superseded by mbedtls_ssl_conf_dh_param_bin()
      accepting DHM parameters in binary form, matching the new constants.
    - Several bug fixes
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  -  Update to version 2.6.0:
    * Add the functions mbedtls_platform_setup() and mbedtls_platform_teardown()
      and the context struct mbedtls_platform_context to perform
      platform-specific setup and teardown operations. The macro
      MBEDTLS_PLATFORM_SETUP_TEARDOWN_ALT allows the functions to be overridden
      by the user in a platform_alt.h file. These new functions are required in
      some embedded environments to provide a means of initialising underlying
      cryptographic acceleration hardware.
    * Reverted API/ABI breaking changes introduced in mbed TLS 2.5.1, to make the
      API consistent with mbed TLS 2.5.0. Specifically removed the inline
      qualifier from the functions mbedtls_aes_decrypt, mbedtls_aes_encrypt,
      mbedtls_ssl_ciphersuite_uses_ec and mbedtls_ssl_ciphersuite_uses_psk. Found
      by James Cowgill. #978
    * Certificate verification functions now set flags to -1 in case the full
      chain was not verified due to an internal error (including in the verify
      callback) or chain length limitations.
    * With authmode set to optional, the TLS handshake is now aborted if the
      verification of the peer's certificate failed due to an overlong chain or
      a fatal error in the verify callback.
    * Fix authentication bypass in SSL/TLS: when authmode is set to optional,
      mbedtls_ssl_get_verify_result() would incorrectly return 0 when the peer's
      X.509 certificate chain had more than MBEDTLS_X509_MAX_INTERMEDIATE_CA
      (default: 8) intermediates, even when it was not trusted. This could be
      triggered remotely from either side. (With authmode set to 'required'
      (the default), the handshake was correctly aborted).
      Fix for CVE-2017-14032 and boo#1056544.
    * Reliably wipe sensitive data after use in the AES example applications
      programs/aes/aescrypt2 and programs/aes/crypt_and_hash.
      Found by Laurent Simon.
* Mon Jul 10 2017
  - Update to version 2.5.1:
    * Adds hardware acceleration support for the Elliptic Curve Point
      module. This has involved exposing parts of the internal
      interface to enable replacing the core functions and adding an
      alternative, module level replacement to support for enabling
      the extension of the interface.
    * Adds a new configuration option to mbedtls_ssl_config() to
      enable suppressing the CA list in Certificate Request messages.
      The default behaviour has not changed, namely every configured
      CA's name is included.
    * Fixes an unlimited overread of heap-based buffers in
      mbedtls_ssl_read(). The issue could only happen client-side
      with renegotiation enabled. This could result in a Denial of
      Service (such as crashing the application) or information leak.
    * Adds exponent blinding to RSA private operations as a
      countermeasure against side-channel attacks like the cache
      attack described in
    * Wipes stack buffers in RSA private key operations
      (rsa_rsaes_pkcs1_v15_decrypt(), rsa_rsaes_oaep_decrypt()).
    * Removes SHA-1 and RIPEMD-160 from the default hash algorithms
      for certificate verification. SHA-1 can be turned back on with
      a compile-time option if needed.
    * Fixes offset in FALLBACK_SCSV parsing that caused TLS server to
      fail to detect it sometimes. Reported by Hugo Leisink.
    * Tighten parsing of RSA PKCS#1 v1.5 signatures, to avoid a
      potential Bleichenbacher/BERserk-style attack.
* Sat Mar 11 2017
  - Update to version 2.4.2:
    * Add checks to prevent signature forgeries for very large messages while
      using RSA through the PK module in 64-bit systems. The issue was caused by
      some data loss when casting a size_t to an unsigned int value in the
      functions rsa_verify_wrap(), rsa_sign_wrap(), rsa_alt_sign_wrap() and
      mbedtls_pk_sign(). Found by Jean-Philippe Aumasson.
    * Fixed potential livelock during the parsing of a CRL in PEM format in
      mbedtls_x509_crl_parse(). A string containing a CRL followed by trailing
      characters after the footer could result in the execution of an infinite
      loop. The issue can be triggered remotely. Found by Greg Zaverucha,
    * Removed MD5 from the allowed hash algorithms for CertificateRequest and
      CertificateVerify messages, to prevent SLOTH attacks against TLS 1.2.
      Introduced by interoperability fix for #513.
    * Fixed a bug that caused freeing a buffer that was allocated on the stack,
      when verifying the validity of a key on secp224k1. This could be
      triggered remotely for example with a maliciously constructed certificate
      and potentially could lead to remote code execution on some platforms.
      Reported independently by rongsaws and Aleksandar Nikolic, Cisco Talos
      team. #569 CVE-2017-2784 (boo#1029017)
* Sun Nov 13 2016
  - Update to version 2.4.0:
    * Removes the MBEDTLS_SSL_AEAD_RANDOM_IV configuration option,
      because it was not compliant with RFC-5116 and could lead to
      session key recovery in very long TLS sessions.
    * Fixes potential stack corruption in mbedtls_x509write_crt_der()
      and mbedtls_x509write_csr_der() when the signature is copied to
      the buffer without checking whether there is enough space in
      the destination. The issue cannot be triggered remotely.
    * Added support for CMAC for AES and 3DES and AES-CMAC-PRF-128,
      as defined by NIST SP 800-38B, RFC-4493 and RFC-4615.
    * Added hardware entropy self-test to verify that the hardware
      entropy source is functioning correctly.
    * Added a script to print build environment information for
      diagnostic use in test scripts, which is also now called by verification script.
    * Added the macro MBEDTLS_X509_MAX_FILE_PATH_LEN that enables the
      user to configure the maximum length of a file path that can be
      buffered when calling mbedtls_x509_crt_parse_path().
    * Added a configuration file config-no-entropy.h that configures
      the subset of library features that do not require an entropy
    * Added the macro MBEDTLS_ENTROPY_MIN_HARDWARE in config.h. This
      allows users to configure the minimum number of bytes for
      entropy sources using the mbedtls_hardware_poll() function.
    * Miscelanous bugfixes
  - Drop no longer needed mbedtls_fix522.patch
* Sat Aug 27 2016
  - Merge changes from home:X0F:HSF
  - Add mbedtls_fix522.patch which fixes building of dpendant
* Fri Aug 12 2016
  - Update description
* Thu Aug 11 2016
  - Split shared libraries to subpackages
* Tue Aug 09 2016
  - update to 2.3.0:
    * adding libmbedcrypto, libmbedx509
    * headers moved to /usr/include/mbedtls
    * remove compatibility symlink
    * source compatibility header /usr/include/mbedtls/compat-1.3.h
    * Use primary upstream license (Apache-2.0)
* Thu Jul 14 2016
  - Update to version 1.3.17 (boo#988956):
    * Security
      + Fix missing padding length check in
      mbedtls_rsa_rsaes_pkcs1_v15_decrypt required by PKCS1 v2.2
      + Fix a potential integer underflow to buffer overread in
      mbedtls_rsa_rsaes_oaep_decrypt. It is not triggerable
      remotely in SSL/TLS.
      + Fix potential integer overflow to buffer overflow in
      mbedtls_rsa_rsaes_pkcs1_v15_encrypt and
    * Bugfix
      + Fix bug in mbedtls_mpi_add_mpi() that caused wrong results
      when the three arguments where the same (in-place doubling).
      Found and fixed by Janos Follath. #309
      + Fix issue in Makefile that prevented building using armar.
      + Fix issue that caused a hang up when generating RSA keys of
      odd bitlength
      + Fix bug in mbedtls_rsa_rsaes_pkcs1_v15_encrypt that made
      null pointer dereference possible.
      + Fix issue that caused a crash if invalid curves were passed
      to mbedtls_ssl_conf_curves. #373
    * Changes
      + On ARM platforms, when compiling with -O0 with GCC, Clang or
      armcc5, don't use the optimized assembly for bignum
      multiplication. This removes the need to pass
    - fomit-frame-pointer to avoid a build error with -O0.
      + Disabled SSLv3 in the default configuration.
      + Fix non-compliance server extension handling. Extensions for
      SSLv3 are now ignored, as required by RFC6101.
* Sun Jan 10 2016
  - Update to 1.3.16
    * Fixes a potential double free when
      mbedtls_asn1_store_named_data() fails to allocate memory. This
      was only used for certificate generation and was not
      triggerable remotely in SSL/TLS. boo#961290
    * Disables by default MD5 handshake signatures in TLS 1.2 to
      prevent the  SLOTH (CVE-2015-7575) attack on TLS 1.2 server
      authentication (other attacks from the SLOTH paper do not apply
      to any version of mbed TLS or PolarSSL). boo#961284
    * Fixes an over-restrictive length limit in GCM.
    * Fixes a bug in certificate validation that caused valid chains
      to be rejected when the first intermediate certificate has a
      pathLenConstraint equal to zero.
    * Removed potential leak in mbedtls_rsa_rsassa_pkcs1_v15_sign()
    * Added config.h option POLARSSL_SSL_ENABLE_MD5_SIGNATURES to
      control use of MD5-based signatures for TLS 1.2 handshake
      (disabled by default).
* Wed Nov 18 2015
  - Update to 1.3.15
    * Fix potential double free if ssl_set_psk() is called more than once and
      some allocation fails. Cannot be forced remotely. Found by Guido Vranken,
    * Fix potential heap corruption on Windows when
      x509_crt_parse_path() is passed a path longer than 2GB. Cannot be
      triggered remotely. Found by Guido Vranken, Intelworks.
    * Fix potential buffer overflow in some asn1_write_xxx() functions.
      Cannot be triggered remotely unless you create X.509 certificates based
      on untrusted input or write keys of untrusted origin. Found by Guido
      Vranken, Intelworks.
    * The X509 max_pathlen constraint was not enforced on intermediate
      certificates. Found by Nicholas Wilson, fix and tests provided by
      Janos Follath. #280 and #319
    * Self-signed certificates were not excluded from pathlen counting,
      resulting in some valid X.509 being incorrectly rejected. Found and fix
      provided by Janos Follath. #319
    * Fix bug causing some handshakes to fail due to some non-fatal alerts not
      begin properly ignored. Found by mancha and Kasom Koht-arsa, #308
    * Fix build error with configurations where ECDHE-PSK is the only key
      exchange. Found and fix provided by Chris Hammond. #270
    * Fix failures in MPI on Sparc(64) due to use of bad assembly code.
      Found by Kurt Danielson. #292
    * Fix typo in name of the extKeyUsage OID. Found by inestlerode, #314
    * Fix bug in ASN.1 encoding of booleans that caused generated CA
      certificates to be rejected by some applications, including OS X
      Keychain. Found and fixed by Jonathan Leroy, Inikup.
    * Fix "Destination buffer is too small" error in cert_write program.
      Found and fixed by Jonathan Leroy, Inikup.
* Thu Oct 08 2015
  - Update to 1.3.14
    * Added fix for CVE-2015-5291 (boo#949380) to prevent heap corruption due to buffer
      overflow of the hostname or session ticket. Found by Guido Vranken,
    * Fix stack buffer overflow in pkcs12 decryption (used by
      mbedtls_pk_parse_key(file)() when the password is > 129 bytes. Found by
      Guido Vranken, Intelworks. Not triggerable remotely.
    * Fix potential buffer overflow in mbedtls_mpi_read_string().
      Found by Guido Vranken, Intelworks. Not exploitable remotely in the context
      of TLS, but might be in other uses. On 32 bit machines, requires reading a
      string of close to or larger than 1GB to exploit; on 64 bit machines, would
      require reading a string of close to or larger than 2^62 bytes.
    * Fix potential random memory allocation in mbedtls_pem_read_buffer()
      on crafted PEM input data. Found and fix provided by Guido Vranken,
      Intelworks. Not triggerable remotely in TLS. Triggerable remotely if you
      accept PEM data from an untrusted source.
    * Fix potential double-free if ssl_set_psk() is called repeatedly on
      the same ssl_context object and some memory allocations fail. Found by
      Guido Vranken, Intelworks. Can not be forced remotely.
    * Fix possible heap buffer overflow in base64_encode() when the input
      buffer is 512MB or larger on 32-bit platforms. Found by Guido Vranken,
      Intelworks. Found by Guido Vranken. Not trigerrable remotely in TLS.
    * Fix potential heap buffer overflow in servers that perform client
      authentication against a crafted CA cert. Cannot be triggered remotely
      unless you allow third parties to pick trust CAs for client auth. Found by
      Guido Vranken, Intelworks.
    * Fix compile error in net.c with musl libc. Found and patch provided by
      zhasha (#278).
    * Fix macroization of 'inline' keywork when building as C++. (#279)
    * Added checking of hostname length in ssl_set_hostname() to ensure domain
      names are compliant with RFC 1035.
  - Changes for 1.3.13
    * Fix possible client-side NULL pointer dereference (read) when the client
      tries to continue the handshake after it failed (a misuse of the API).
      (Found and patch provided by Fabian Foerg, Gotham Digital Science using afl-fuzz.)
    * Add countermeasure against Lenstra's RSA-CRT attack for PKCS#1 v1.5
      signatures. (Found by Florian Weimer, Red Hat.)
    * Setting SSL_MIN_DHM_BYTES in config.h had no effect (overriden in ssl.h)
      (found by Fabio Solari) (#256)
    * Fix bug in mbedtls_rsa_public() and mbedtls_rsa_private() that could
      result trying to unlock an unlocked mutex on invalid input (found by
      Fredrik Axelsson) (#257)
    * Fix -Wshadow warnings (found by hnrkp) (#240)
    * Fix unused function warning when using MBEDTLS_MDx_ALT or
      MBEDTLS_SHAxxx_ALT (found by Henrik) (#239)
    * Fix memory corruption in pkey programs (found by yankuncheng) (#210)
    * Fix memory corruption on client with overlong PSK identity, around
      SSL_MAX_CONTENT_LEN or higher - not triggerrable remotely (found by
      Aleksandrs Saveljevs) (#238)
    * Fix off-by-one error in parsing Supported Point Format extension that
      caused some handshakes to fail.
    * When verifying a certificate chain, if an intermediate certificate is
      trusted, no later cert is checked. (suggested by hannes-landeholm)
  - Changes for 1.3.12
    * Increase the minimum size of Diffie-Hellman parameters accepted by the
      client to 1024 bits, to protect against Logjam attack.
    * Increase the size of default Diffie-Hellman parameters on the server to
      2048 bits. This can be changed with ssl_set_dh_params().
    * Fix thread-safety issue in SSL debug module (found by Edwin van Vliet).
    * Some example programs were not built using make, not included in Visual
      Studio projects (found by Kristian Bendiksen).
    * Fix build error with CMake and pre-4.5 versions of GCC (found by Hugo
    * Fix missing -static-ligcc when building shared libraries for Windows with
    * Fix compile error with armcc5 --gnu.
    * Add SSL_MIN_DHM_BYTES configuration parameter in config.h to choose the
      minimum size of Diffie-Hellman parameters accepted by the client.
    * The PEM parser now accepts a trailing space at end of lines (#226).
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - Add baselibs.conf: build libmbedtls9-32bit, as needed by
* Mon Jun 15 2015
  - Update to 1.3.11:
    * Remove bias in mpi_gen_prime (contributed by Pascal Junod).
    * Remove potential sources of timing variations (some contributed by Pascal
    * Options POLARSSL_HAVE_INT8 and POLARSSL_HAVE_INT16 are deprecated.
    * Enabling POLARSSL_NET_C without POLARSSL_HAVE_IPV6 is deprecated.
    * compat-1.2.h and openssl.h are deprecated.
    * ssl_set_own_cert() no longer calls pk_check_pair() since the performance
      impact was bad for some users (this was introduced in 1.3.10).
    * Move from SHA-1 to SHA-256 in example programs using signatures (suggested
      by Thorsten Mühlfelder).
    * Remove dependency on sscanf() in X.509 parsing modules.
    * Fix compile errors with PLATFORM_NO_STD_FUNCTIONS.
    * Fix bug in entropy.c when THREADING_C is also enabled that caused
      entropy_free() to crash (thanks to Rafał Przywara).
    * Fix memory leak when gcm_setkey() and ccm_setkey() are used more than once
      on the same context.
    * Fix bug in ssl_mail_client when password is longer that username (found by
      Bruno Pape).
    * Fix undefined behaviour (memcmp( NULL, NULL, 0 );) in X.509 modules
      (detected by Clang's 3.6 UBSan).
    * mpi_size() and mpi_msb() would segfault when called on an mpi that is
      initialized but not set (found by pravic).
    * Fix detection of support for getrandom() on Linux (reported by syzzer) by
      doing it at runtime (using uname) rather that compile time.
    * Fix handling of symlinks by "make install" (found by Gaël PORTAY).
    * Fix potential NULL pointer dereference (not trigerrable remotely) when
      ssl_write() is called before the handshake is finished (introduced in
      1.3.10) (first reported by Martin Blumenstingl).
    * Fix bug in pk_parse_key() that caused some valid private EC keys to be
    * Fix bug in Via Padlock support (found by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos).
    * Fix thread safety bug in RSA operations (found by Fredrik Axelsson).
    * Fix hardclock() (only used in the benchmarking program) with some versions
      of mingw64 (found by kxjhlele).
    * Fix potential unintended sign extension in asn1_get_len() on 64-bit
    * Fix potential memory leak in ssl_set_psk() (found by Mansour Moufid).
    * Fix compile error when POLARSSL_SSL_DISABLE_RENEGOTATION and
      POLARSSL_SSL_SSESSION_TICKETS where both enabled in config.h (introduced in
    * Add missing extern "C" guard in aesni.h (reported by amir zamani).
    * Add missing dependency on SHA-256 in some x509 programs (reported by
      Gergely Budai).
    * Fix bug related to ssl_set_curves(): the client didn't check that the curve
      picked by the server was actually allowed.
  - Drop getrandom-syscall-fallback.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed Apr 01 2015
  - getrandom-syscall-fallback.patch: Fall back to /dev/urandom if getrandom
    syscall is not implemented.
* Fri Mar 27 2015
  - Update package categories
* Wed Mar 18 2015
  - Create symlink to ensure compatibility with polarssl
* Mon Mar 16 2015
  - Update provides/obsoletes
* Sun Mar 15 2015
  - Fix sed for includes
* Sun Mar 15 2015
  - Rename to mbedtls
  - Use cmake macro for building
  - Update to 1.3.10
    * NULL pointer dereference in the buffer-based allocator when the buffer is
      full and polarssl_free() is called (found by Mark Hasemeyer)
      (only possible if POLARSSL_MEMORY_BUFFER_ALLOC_C is enabled, which it is
      not by default).
    * Fix remotely-triggerable uninitialised pointer dereference caused by
      crafted X.509 certificate (TLS server is not affected if it doesn't ask for a
      client certificate) (found using Codenomicon Defensics).
    * Fix remotely-triggerable memory leak caused by crafted X.509 certificates
      (TLS server is not affected if it doesn't ask for a client certificate)
      (found using Codenomicon Defensics).
    * Fix potential stack overflow while parsing crafted X.509 certificates
      (TLS server is not affected if it doesn't ask for a client certificate)
      (found using Codenomicon Defensics).
    * Fix timing difference that could theoretically lead to a
      Bleichenbacher-style attack in the RSA and RSA-PSK key exchanges
      (reported by Sebastian Schinzel).
    * Add support for FALLBACK_SCSV (draft-ietf-tls-downgrade-scsv).
    * Add support for Extended Master Secret (draft-ietf-tls-session-hash).
    * Add support for Encrypt-then-MAC (RFC 7366).
    * Add function pk_check_pair() to test if public and private keys match.
    * Add x509_crl_parse_der().
    * Add compile-time option POLARSSL_X509_MAX_INTERMEDIATE_CA to limit the
      length of an X.509 verification chain.
    * Support for renegotiation can now be disabled at compile-time
    * Support for 1/n-1 record splitting, a countermeasure against BEAST.
    * Certificate selection based on signature hash, prefering SHA-1 over SHA-2
      for pre-1.2 clients when multiple certificates are available.
    * Add support for getrandom() syscall on recent Linux kernels with Glibc or
      a compatible enough libc (eg uClibc).
    * Add ssl_set_arc4_support() to make it easier to disable RC4 at runtime
      while using the default ciphersuite list.
    * Added new error codes and debug messages about selection of
* Tue Jan 20 2015
  - Add polarssl-CVE-2015-1182.patch: Remote attack using crafted certificates:
    fix boo#913903, CVE-2015-1182.
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - Update to 1.3.9, detailed changes available in ChangeLog file:
    * Lowest common hash was selected from signature_algorithms extension in
      TLS 1.2: fix boo#903672, CVE-2014-8627.
    * Remotely-triggerable memory leak when parsing some X.509 certificates,
    * Remotely-triggerable memory leak when parsing crafted ClientHello,
    * Ciphersuites using SHA-256 or SHA-384 now require TLS 1.x.
    * Ciphersuites using RSA-PSK key exchange now require TLS 1.x.
    * POLARSSL_MPI_MAX_SIZE now defaults to 1024 in order to allow 8192 bits RSA
    * X.509 certificates with more than one AttributeTypeAndValue per
      RelativeDistinguishedName are not accepted any more.
  - Build with POLARSSL_THREADING_PTHREAD: fix boo#903671.
* Fri Aug 15 2014
  - Update to 1.3.8, detailed changes available in ChangeLog file:
    * Fix length checking for AEAD ciphersuites (found by Codenomicon).
      It was possible to crash the server (and client) using crafted messages
      when a GCM suite was chosen.
    * Add CCM module and cipher mode to Cipher Layer
    * Support for CCM and CCM_8 ciphersuites
    * Support for parsing and verifying RSASSA-PSS signatures in the X.509
      modules (certificates, CRLs and CSRs).
    * Blowfish in the cipher layer now supports variable length keys.
    * Add example config.h for PSK with CCM, optimized for low RAM usage.
    * Optimize for RAM usage in example config.h for NSA Suite B profile.
    * Add POLARSSL_REMOVE_ARC4_CIPHERSUITES to allow removing RC4 ciphersuites
      from the default list (inactive by default).
    * Add server-side enforcement of sent renegotiation requests
    * Add SSL_CIPHERSUITES config.h flag to allow specifying a list of
      ciphersuites to use and save some memory if the list is small.
* Sat Mar 29 2014
  - Update to 1.3.5, detailed changes available in ChangeLog file:
    * Elliptic Curve Cryptography module added
    * Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman module added
    * Ephemeral Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman support for SSL/TLS
      (ECDHE-based ciphersuites)
    * Ephemeral Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm support for SSL/TLS
      (ECDSA-based ciphersuites)
    * Ability to specify allowed ciphersuites based on the protocol version.
    * PSK and DHE-PSK based ciphersuites added
    * Memory allocation abstraction layer added
    * Buffer-based memory allocator added (no malloc() / free() / HEAP usage)
    * Threading abstraction layer added (dummy / pthread / alternate)
    * Public Key abstraction layer added
    * Parsing Elliptic Curve keys
    * Parsing Elliptic Curve certificates
    * Support for max_fragment_length extension (RFC 6066)
    * Support for truncated_hmac extension (RFC 6066)
    * Support for zeros-and-length (ANSI X.923) padding, one-and-zeros
      (ISO/IEC 7816-4) padding and zero padding in the cipher layer
    * Support for session tickets (RFC 5077)
    * Certificate Request (CSR) generation with extensions (key_usage,
    * X509 Certificate writing with extensions (basic_constraints,
      issuer_key_identifier, etc)
    * Optional blinding for RSA, DHM and EC
    * Support for multiple active certificate / key pairs in SSL servers for
      the same host (Not to be confused with SNI!)
* Wed May 15 2013
  - Update to 1.2.7:
    * Ability to specify allowed ciphersuites based on the protocol
    * Default Blowfish keysize is now 128-bits
    * Test suites made smaller to accommodate Raspberry Pi
    * Fix for MPI assembly for ARM
    * GCM adapted to support sizes > 2^29
* Sat Mar 16 2013
  - Update to 1.2.6:
    * Fixed memory leak in ssl_free() and ssl_reset()
    * Corrected GCM counter incrementation to use only 32-bits
      instead of 128-bits
    * Fixed net_bind() for specified IP addresses on little endian
    * Fixed assembly code for ARM (Thumb and regular)
    * Detailed information available in ChangeLog file.
* Fri Mar 08 2013
  - Update to 1.2.5
* Sun Jan 29 2012
  - Remove redundant tags/sections per specfile guideline suggestions
* Sat Jun 11 2011
  - Update to version 0.99.5
* Sun Apr 10 2011
  - Initial version



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