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Packages beginning with letter A

a2ps-h-20010113-668.1.1 a2ps Support for Korean PostScript Filter (Python Version) linux/noarch
a2ps-perl-ja-1.45-86.1.1 Perl Version of Miguel Santana's a2ps (with Japanese Support) linux/noarch
abiword-docs-2.8.6-8.1.1 A Multiplatform Word Processor - Documentation linux/noarch
accerciser-lang-3.2.1-2.1.2 Languages for package accerciser linux/noarch
accountsservice-lang-0.6.15-2.1.3 Languages for package accountsservice linux/noarch
ack-1.96-2.1.3 Grep-Like Text Finder linux/noarch
adaptec-firmware-1.35-14.1.1 Firmware files for Adaptec SAS Cards (AIC94xx Series) linux/noarch
adaptx-0.9.13-116.1.1 XSLT Processor Written in Java linux/noarch
adaptx-doc-0.9.13-116.1.1 Documentation for adaptx linux/noarch
adaptx-javadoc-0.9.13-116.1.1 Javadoc for adaptx linux/noarch
adolc-doc-2.2.1-5.1.2 Algorithmic Differentiation Library for C/C++ -- documentation linux/noarch
aelfred-1.2-278.1.1 Java-based XML parser linux/noarch
aelfred-demo-1.2-278.1.1 Java-based XML parser (demo and samples) linux/noarch
aelfred-javadoc-1.2-278.1.1 Java-based XML parser (documentation) linux/noarch
aisleriot-lang-3.2.1-3.1.2 Languages for package aisleriot linux/noarch
aisleriot-themes-3.2.1-3.1.2 Solitaire Card Games for GNOME -- Extra Themes linux/noarch
akonadi-googledata-lang-1.2.0-2.1.2 Languages for package akonadi-googledata linux/noarch
alacarte-lang-0.13.2-16.13.1 Languages for package alacarte linux/noarch
alarm-clock-applet-lang-0.3.2-5.1.2 Languages for package alarm-clock-applet linux/noarch
alsa-docs- Additional Package Documentation linux/noarch
alsa-firmware- Firmware Data Files for ALSA linux/noarch
amarok-lang-2.4.3-8.4.1 Languages for package amarok linux/noarch
anjuta-extras-lang-3.2.0-3.1.2 Languages for package anjuta-extras linux/noarch
anjuta-lang-3.2.1-1.2 Languages for package anjuta linux/noarch
ant-1.8.2-4.1.1 Antlr Task for ant linux/noarch
ant-antlr-1.8.2-4.1.1 Antlr Task for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-bcel-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional apache bcel tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-bsf-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional apache bsf tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-log4j-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional apache log4j tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-oro-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional apache oro tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-regexp-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional apache regexp tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-resolver-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional apache resolver tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-xalan2-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional apache xalan2 tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-commons-logging-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional commons logging tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-commons-net-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional commons net tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-contrib-1.0b2-52.1.1 Collection of tasks for Ant linux/noarch
ant-contrib-javadoc-1.0b2-52.1.1 Collection of tasks for Ant linux/noarch
ant-contrib-manual-1.0b2-52.1.1 Collection of tasks for Ant linux/noarch
ant-javadoc-1.8.2-4.1.1 Javadoc for ant linux/noarch
ant-javamail-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional javamail tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jdepend-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional jdepend tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jmf-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional jmf tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jsch-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional jsch tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-junit-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional junit tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-manual-1.8.2-4.1.1 Manual for ant linux/noarch
ant-scripts-1.8.2-4.1.1 Additional scripts for ant linux/noarch
ant-swing-1.8.2-4.1.1 Optional swing tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-testutil-1.8.2-4.1.1 Test utility classes for ant linux/noarch
antlr-java-2.7.7-85.1.2 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (Manual) linux/noarch
antlr-javadoc-2.7.7-85.1.2 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (Java Documentation) linux/noarch
antlr-manual-2.7.7-85.1.2 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (Manual) linux/noarch
apache-portlet-1_0-api-1.0-96.1.1 Portlet API 1.0 from Jetspeed2 linux/noarch
apache-portlet-1_0-api-javadoc-1.0-96.1.1 Portlet API 1.0 from Jetspeed2 linux/noarch
apache2-doc-2.2.21-3.2.2 Additional Package Documentation. linux/noarch
apache2-icons-oxygen-1.0.0-7.1.1 Oxygen icons for Apache 2 linux/noarch
apel-10.7-12.1.1 A Portable Emacs Library linux/noarch
apparmor-admin_en-10.3-93.1.2 AppArmor Admin Guide (English) linux/noarch
apparmor-admin_en-pdf-10.3-93.1.2 AppArmor Admin Guide (English) as PDF linux/noarch
apparmor-docs-2.7.rc1-3.3.1 AppArmor Documentation package linux/noarch
apparmor-parser-lang-2.7.rc1-3.3.1 Languages for package apparmor linux/noarch
apparmor-profiles-2.7.rc1-3.3.1 AppArmor profiles that are loaded into the apparmor kernel module linux/noarch
apparmor-utils-2.7.rc1-3.3.1 AppArmor User-Level Utilities Useful for Creating AppArmor Profiles linux/noarch
apparmor-utils-lang-2.7.rc1-3.3.1 Languages for package apparmor linux/noarch
apper-lang-0.7.0-1.3.1 Languages for package apper linux/noarch
appframework-1.03-13.1.2 Swing Application Framework linux/noarch
appframework-javadoc-1.03-13.1.2 Swing Application Framework linux/noarch
aqbanking-lang-5.0.16-2.1.2 Languages for package aqbanking linux/noarch
archivemail-0.8.2-3.1.1 Tool for archiving and compressing old email in mailboxes linux/noarch
arista-0.9.7-2.2.1 Preset-based transcoder for the GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
arista-lang-0.9.7-2.2.1 Languages for package arista linux/noarch
arpwatch-ethercodes-2011.11.5-1.1.1 Ethercodes Data for arpwatch linux/noarch
asciidoc-8.4.5-12.2.1 Text-Based Document Generation linux/noarch
asciidoc-examples-8.4.5-12.2.1 Examples and Documents for asciidoc linux/noarch
asm-1.5.3-279.1.1 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm-javadoc-1.5.3-279.1.1 Java bytecode manipulation framework (documentation) linux/noarch
asm2-2.2.3-13.1.1 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm2-examples-2.2.3-13.1.1 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm2-javadoc-2.2.3-13.1.1 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
at-spi-lang-1.32.0-18.1.2 Languages for package at-spi linux/noarch
at-spi2-atk-lang-2.2.1-2.1.2 Languages for package at-spi2-atk linux/noarch
at-spi2-core-lang-2.2.1-2.1.3 Languages for package at-spi2-core linux/noarch
atk-doc-2.2.0-2.1.3 Additional Package Documentation for atk linux/noarch
atk-lang-2.2.0-2.1.3 Languages for package atk linux/noarch
atkmm-doc-2.22.5-6.1.3 C++ Binding for the ATK library linux/noarch
atmel-firmware-1.3-152.1.1 Firmware for Atmel at76c50x Wireless Network Chips linux/noarch
audit-visualize-1.5.2-102.1.1 Visualization tools for the audit subsystem linux/noarch
autoconf-2.68-7.1.1 A GNU Tool for Automatically Configuring Source Code linux/noarch
autoconf-archive-2010.10.26-5.1.1 A Collection of macros for GNU autoconf linux/noarch
autoconf-el-2.68-7.1.2 Emacs mode for editing GNU Autoconf scripts linux/noarch
autoconf213-2.13-13.1.1 A GNU Tool for Automatically Configuring Source Code linux/noarch
automake-1.11.1-10.1.1 A Program for Automatically Generating GNU-Style Files linux/noarch
autoyast2-2.21.4-2.1.2 YaST2 - Automated Installation linux/noarch
autoyast2-installation-2.21.4-2.1.2 YaST2 - Auto Installation Modules linux/noarch
avahi-lang-0.6.30-10.1.3 Languages for package avahi linux/noarch
axis-1.4-278.1.2 Apache implementation of the SOAP linux/noarch
axis-javadoc-1.4-278.1.2 Api documentation for axis linux/noarch
axis-manual-1.4-278.1.2 Manual for axis linux/noarch

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