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gcc-g77-3.2.2-3mdk RPM for ppc

From Mandriva 9.1 for ppc / Mandrake / RPMS

Name: gcc-g77 Distribution: Mandrake Linux for PPC
Version: 3.2.2 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 3mdk Build date: Thu Mar 6 23:14:24 2003
Group: Development/Other Build host:
Size: 4738429 Source RPM: gcc-3.2.2-3mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Stew Benedict <>
Summary: Fortran 77 support for gcc
This package adds support for compiling Fortran 77 programs with the GNU

If you have multiple versions of GCC installed on your system, it is
preferred to type "g77-$(gcc3.2-version)" (without double quotes) in
order to use the GNU Fortran 77 compiler version 3.2.2.






* Mon Mar 03 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.2-3mdk
  - Patch613: Fix -O2 -fPIC on ppc32 (PR target/9732, xvid crash)
  - Patch614: Fix ICE in _Complex return values on x86-64
* Mon Feb 17 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.2-2mdk
  - Patch610: Fix PR c/8068, an infinite recursion in fold-const.c
    (Arend Bayer & Richard Henderson in CVS 3.2-branch)
  - ColorGCC updates:
    - Obsoletes: gcc2.96-colorgcc
    - Check for self-referencement
    - Enable colorgcc for gcj, g77, f77 too
    - Only support colorgcc for the system compiler by default. The user
      may still hand-edit /etc/colorgccrc though. As an extra,
      enable definition of gccVersion to automatically append
      "-<gccVersion>" to user-defined compilers paths.
* Sat Feb 15 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.2-1mdk
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/02/13, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs opt/7702, c/7741, c/9530, opt/9493, opt/9492, c++/8674,
      c++/7129, libstdc++/9538, libstdc++/9507
    - Fix latent bug in crossjumping
    - Fix libffi/ppc alignment bug for floats
* Sat Feb 08 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-7mdk
  - Fix lib{gnarl,gnat}.so symlinks (#1414)
  - Disable ada95 build on alpha
  - Patch610: Fix biarch build & install
  - Patch611: Fix __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ failure in C++ template
    destructors (PR c++/7768, PR c++/9622)
* Thu Feb 06 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-6mdk
  - Split Patch102 (DESTDIR) to pass-slibdir patch and nihil
  - Patch609: Fix x86-64 {ashlsi3,addsi}_1_zext splitters (Richard Henderson)
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/02/02, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs ada/8344, opt/8555, c/9506, c++/9433, target/9316,
    - Fix ppc32 libffi closure relocations
    - Fix -fPIC on ppc32 (#79732)
    - add DW_AT_comp_dir attribute to compilation unit even if the main
      input filename is absolute, but at least one of its includes are
* Wed Jan 29 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-5mdk
  - Patch607: Add x86-64 closures to libffi (Andrew Haley)
  - Patch608: Enable Java interpreter on x86-64
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/01/27, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs objc/9267, fortran/9258, java/6748, opt/7507, c++/9328,
      c++/47, PR libstdc++/9322,
    - Fix %xmm register moves
    - Fix loop-3c on x86 as -Os
    - Fix sse intrinsics for _mm_stream_pi()
* Fri Jan 24 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-4mdk
  - Patch605: Make some tests PASS or XFAIL on x86-64 if building with -m32
  - Patch606: Adjust gcc.dg/20020312-2.c test for x86-64 (Andreas Jaeger)
* Wed Jan 22 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-3mdk
  - Enable Ada on x86-64
  - Enable multilibs regression testing on x86-64
  - Patch604: Fix libjava biarch build on x86-64
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/01/16, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs opt/8794, opt/8599, preprocessor/8880, c/8032,
      inline-asm/8832, c++/8031, c++/8442, c++/8503 (aka. remove DR 295
      implementation), libstdc++/9076, libstdc++/8887, libstdc++/9168,
      libstdc++/9151, libstdc++/8707, libstdc++/9269
    - Fix g++.dg/tls failures on IA-64
    - Fix libffi on IA-64 and PowerPC
* Fri Dec 20 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-2mdk
  - Patch605: Fix loop optimizer (Eric Botcazou, PR opt/8988)
* Thu Dec 19 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-1mdk
  - BuildRequires: glibc-static-devel
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2002/12/10, with notable changes:
    - Forbid in-class initializers of static data members that do not
      have arithmetic or enumeration type. i.e. make it even more ISO
      C++ compliant.
    - Fix PRs c/7622, c/8639, c/8588, c/8518, c/8439, optimization/8275,
      optimization/8599, c++/8214, c++/8493, c++/8332, c++/8663,
      c++/8727, c++/5919, c++/8615, c++/8799, c++/8372,
      preprocessor/8524, libstdc++/8230, libstdc++/8708, libstdc++/8790,
      libstdc++/7445, libstdc++/6745, libstdc++/8399, libstdc++/8230
    - change -pthread so that it adds -lpthread even if -shared
    - fix .eh_frame section in crtend*.o on x86-64
    - make sure .rodata.cstNN section entries have size sh_entsize
    - readonly .eh_frame and .gcc_except_table section (needs
      binutils change too)
    - fix force_to_mode (#77756)
    - avoid creating invalid subregs in combiner (Dale Johannesen,
        - avoid using strtok in libstdc++-v3 for thread safety
      (Paolo Carlini, Nathan Myers)
* Sun Nov 17 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-4mdk
  - Get rid of -mb-step on IA-64 since production machines are available
  - Move on to gcc-3.2-rhl8-branch (2002/11/17): that's actually 3.2.1 +
    several patches merged in for TLS support, better x86-64 support and
    other fixes.
* Mon Nov 04 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-3mdk
  - Patch65: Fix x86-64 ICE with stdarg in -fpic (Jakub Jelinek, RH 3.2-11)
  - Patch610: Fix RTL sharing problems. Aka fix gmp miscompilation on
    x86-64 (Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch611: Fix reload on IA-32. Aka fix hdf5 miscompilation (Jim Wilson)
  - Patch612: Fix x86-64 relocations in PIC (Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch613: Set proper defaults for i386 in x86-64 compiler (Jan Hubicka)
* Sat Sep 21 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-2mdk
  - Disable -momit-leaf-frame-pointer by default on IA-32 too
  - Fix Patch603 (x86_64-struct-args) with missing hunk
  - Patch64: Fix x86-64 %RIP to %rip, only output (%rip) if no other
    relocation is used (Richard Henderson, RH 3.2-4)
  - Patch608: Warn about known bugs in G++ that result in incorrect
    object layouts (Mark Mitchell)
  - Patch609: Fix -m32 build of libjava on x86-64 and <bits/syscall.h>
    doesn't define SYS_sigaction from native glibc
  - Merge with SuSE releases (8 new patches):
    - Fix startfile_prefix_spec() check in Patch507 (x86_64-biarch)
    - Add Java support to x86-64 (libffi, boehm-gc, libffi)
    - Fix returning of structs on x86-64
    - Fix athlon alignment requirement for branch targets
    - Various x86-64 code generation fixes
    - Fix x86-64 Objective C nil_method implementation
    - Fix SPEC2000 sixtrack miscompilation
* Sun Aug 18 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-1mdk
  - Update to final gcc3.2 tarball
  - Patch606: Strip ".." components when prior dir doesn't exist (Alan Modra)
  - Jeff has Ada front-end now on alpha :)
  - Nuke %{?%build_*} constructs in filelist for pdf-doc. Aka better
    let rpm has problems with --without PDF instead
* Wed Aug 14 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-0.3mdk
  - Make check by default
  - Rediff Patch505 (x86_64-profile)
  - Patch603: Fix computing of field's offsets in args passing on
    x86-64. Fix kdelibs miscompilation (PR target/7559, Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch604: Fix ICE in change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c:1934 on
    x86-64. Fix hdf5 build.  (PR target/7434, Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch605: Misc fixes on x86-64 exhausted by the regresssion
    testsuite. Handle variable sized types (Jan Hubicka)
  - Explicit Requires: libgnat1 for gcc-gnat
  - Update to 3.2-branch 2002/08/12, with notable changes:
    - Make __m64 type 64-bit aligned on MMX targets
    - Fix virtual function ordering (C++ ABI change, PR c++/7470)
    - Lots ABI incompatible changes in
    - ABI incompatible changes in long long bitfield layout on IA-32
      (both C and C++), oversized bitfields layout on IA-32 and
      bitfields with base type with __attribute__((aligned ()))
    - Fix strstream segfaults (#68292, Benjamin Kosnik)
  - Merge with Red Hat release (16 new patches):
    - add testcases for PR c++/5857, PR c++/6381
    - make sure pic register is set up even when the only @PLT calls
      are done in EH basic blocks (Richard Henderson)
    - fix __attribute__((visibility())) together with __asm__()
      function redirection
    - fix fold-const bug (#70541)
    - fix inlining bug with labels (#70941)
    - fix PR preprocessor/7358 (Neil Booth)
    - fix K6 ICE on linux kernel (#69989, Richard Sandiford, Jan Hubicka)
    - add -mcmodel= x86-64 documentation (Andreas Jaeger)
    - fix istream::ignore() (Benjamin Kosnik)
    - various TLS fixes but we don't use TLS for MDK 9.0
* Tue Jul 30 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-0.2mdk
  - Use BOOT_CFLAGS on alpha
  - Add PDF docs in a new subpackage
  - Really add Ada95 info pages
  - Really ship with <gcj/libgcj-config.h>
  - Provide /usr/include/libgcj as an alternative
  - Add Requires: gcj-tools to gcc-java package. Add jdk-config script
  - Update to 3.2-branch 2002/07/26, with notable changes:
    - Add placement delete (PR libstdc++/7286)
    - Fix placement delete signatures
    - Implement behavior mandated by DR 179 for std::dequeue<> (PR libstdc++/7186)
    - Fix char_traits for basic_streambuf, basic_stringbuf, and stringstream
    - Fix basic_iostream::traits_type to comply with DR 271 (PR libstdc++/7216)
    - Fix basic_istream::ignore() (PR libstdc++/7220)
    - Fix locale::operator ==() (PR libstdc++/7222)
* Thu Jul 25 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-0.1mdk
  - Fix typos in doc %preun
  - Use latest patchset for Gcc 3.2 update (Jakub Jelinek)
  - Version script is now named gcc3.2-version
  - Really do libification with no incoherent-version-in-name
  - Remove Requires: libobjc >= 2.96-0.59mdk for gcc-objc
* Thu Jul 25 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-1mdk
  - Patch601: Fix bzero() on x86-64 (Frank van der Linden, PR opt/7291)
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/24, nothing really new but this is very
    likely to become final release unless showstoppers are reported
* Tue Jul 23 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.10mdk
  - Add Ada 95 front-end
* Tue Jul 23 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.9mdk
  - Only Requires: perl for gcc-colorgcc
  - Remove scrt objects from PPC builds (Stew)
  - We now have versioned libstdcxx_incdir, that is c++/<VERSION>/
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/21, with notable changes:
    - Fix ifcvt on ppc that caused miscompilation of Mozilla (PR opt/7147)
    - Bulk libstdc++-v3 documentation merge for 3.1.1 release ;-)
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (2 new patches):
    - fixed DWARF-2 output for const char * (PR debug/7241)
    - fix typo in i386 specs (PR c/7242)
    - Use __cxa_atexit for standard compliance:
      if your C++ project knows it won't call atexit() from within its
      static constructors, use -fno-use-cxa-atexit to optimize it
* Fri Jul 19 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.8mdk
  - Patch601: Add NRVO tests for PR c++/7145, PR c++/7279
  - Patch602: Fix prefetch on x86-64 (Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch508: Fix prefetching (Janis Johnson, SuSE 3.1.1-21)
  - Add libgcj symlink to get to /usr/include/libgcj-3.2.2
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/18, with notable changes:
    - Fix ICE in find_reloads when compiling ffmpeg (PR opt/7246)
    - Fix bad operands for 'movsbl' on IA-32 (PR c/7153)
    - Fix template regression involving sizeof (PR c++/7112)
    - Fix ICE on illegal code containing incomplete class deep inside
      some complex class structure (PR c++/6716)
    - Handle multi-dimensional arrays in default copy constructor (PR c++/6944)
    - Emission of std::__default_alloc_template<>, should be weak (PR c++/6611)
    - Fix NRVO when return value is initialized with "{...}" (PR opt/7145)
    - Fix ICE with implicit typename in a template (PR c++/6255)
    - Fix another NRVO miscompilation (PR c++/7279)
    - set_new_handler() shall be declared to not throw any exception
    - Fix operator== on hashtables (PR libstdc++/7057)
* Tue Jul 02 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.7mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/01
  - Add missing 32-bit libraries on x86-64
  - Remove DT_RPATH from Java binaries (#66103, from Red Hat 3.1-7)
* Mon Jun 24 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.6mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/06/23
  - Update Source1 (java wrapper) to call gij for version information
  - Update Patch506 (DESTDIR) to pass down DESTDIR into multidirs
  - Patch507: Fix x86-64 biarch support (SuSE 3.1.1-10)
* Fri Jun 21 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.5mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/06/19
  - Remove explicit Conflicts: gcc < 2.96-0.60mdk
  - Move Java headers to /usr/include/libgcj-3.2.2
  - Add java javac wrappers from RH jdkgcj package
  - Add c89 and c99 wrappers
  - Fix gcj-tools alternatives removal
  - Fix x86-64 profiling (from SuSE 3.1.1-4)
  - Disable leaf frame pointer elimination by default on x86-64
* Sun Jun 09 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.4mdk
  - Fix typo in --disable-multilib for configure options
  - Fix Conflicts: gcc < 2.96-0.60mdk
  - Re-enable frame pointer elimination on x86-64
  - Merge with SuSE releases (3 new patches for x86-64):
    - Fix subreg handling
    - Fix XMM register reload
    - Fix output of a case-vector element that is relative
* Sun Jun 09 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.3mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/06/07
  - Use --with-slibdir, define libdir in configure options
  - Disable Java on x86_64. Likewise for multilibs support
  - Update Patch506 (DESTDIR) to pass slibdir variable as well
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (5 new patches):
    - default to -momit-leaf-frame-pointer on i386 (Richard Henderson)
    - use linkonce section/hidden symbol for i686 pic getpc thunks (rth)
    - m$ compatibility for unnamed fields as typedef of struct/union (PR c/6660)
    - fix -fverbose-asm with unnamed fields (PR c/6809)
    - fix -mmmx ICE (PR optimization/6842)
* Wed Jun 05 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.2mdk
  - Strip debug info from static libraries
  - Use default libstdc++-v3 flags + only --enable-long-long
  - Provide HTML docs to libstdc++-v3
  - Add alternatives for jar rmic rmiregistry grepjar java
  - Add full Requires: %{version}-%{release} to -devel subpackages
  - Add -static-devel subpackages for libstdc++ and libgcj
* Sat Jun 01 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.1mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/05/30
  - Don't hardcode /lib, use /%{_lib}. Leave /lib/cpp as is however
  - Requires: libf2c0 for gcc-g77. Obsoletes: libf2c3.2
  - Shared libgcc is now in libgcc1 subpackage. Obsoletes:
    and Provides: both libgcc3.2 and libgcc3.0
  - Add intrinsic headers on x86-64, include <altivec.h> on PPC
  - Remove SuSE patches merged in Red Hat and FSF releases
  - Remove merged parts from Patch9 (attr-visibility2)
  - Remove merged parts from Patch10 (trunc_int_for_mode.patch)
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (7 new patches):
    - fix C++ __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ (PR c++/6794)
    - add test for fixed mozilla miscompilation
    - fix SPARC CSE ICE (PR optimization/6759)
    - fix x86_64 dbx64_register_map typo (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix DWARF-2 with flag_asynchronous_unwind_tables set for leaf
      functions (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix DWARF-2 x86_64 __builtin_dwarf_reg_sizes (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix x86_64 movabsdi (Michael Matz)
* Sat May 18 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-1mdk
  - Update to 3.1 release
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (17 new patches):
    - fix x86_64 ICE in do_SUBST (truncate to proper mode)
    - fix x86_64 q_regs_operand (Jan Hubicka)
    - better PR c++/6381 fix (Jason Merrill)
    - fix unitialized pointer-to-member values (Alexandre Oliva)
    - fix templates with asm inputs (Jason Merrill)
    - fix -fdata-section (Andreas Schwab)
    - fix loop-2[cd].c tests on i386 (Eric Botcazou)
    - fix fold-const.c typo
    - readd warning about i386 -malign-double into documentation (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix PR libstdc++/6594 (Ben Kosnik)
    - fix PR PR libstdc++/6648 (Paolo Carlini)
    - fix libstdc++ testsuite rlimits (Rainer Orth)
    - fix PR c/6643
    - rotate testcases (Tom Rix)
    - build libiberty with -fpic on x86_64 (Andreas Schwab)
    - fix x86_64 multilib build (Bo Thorsen)
    - fix x86_64 ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK (Jan Hubicka)
  - Merge with SuSE releases (7 new patches):
    - Fix built-in memset() miscompilation on i386 (Jan Hubicka)
    - Fix DESTDIR macro usage in libstdc++-v3 directory
    - Various x86_64 fixes
  - Use DESTDIR for libstdc++-v3 and libjava %install
  - We can now lower the gxx_include_dir hackage in %configure
  - Migrate colorgcc to colorgcc-%{version}
* Wed May 15 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.12mdk
  - /usr/bin/c++ must be an alternative, not a regular executable.
    This should fix the clash with the binary from gcc3.0-c++
* Sat May 11 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.11mdk
  - Obsoletes gcc3.1-colorgcc, gcc3.1-doc
  - Patch600: cp/lex.c (cxx_init_options): By default, don't wrap lines
    since the C front-end operates that way, already. Happify Pixel.
* Wed May 08 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.10mdk
  - Add Obsoletes: gcc3.1, Provides: gcc3.1 to packages of compilers
* Tue May 07 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.9mdk
  - Rebuild as the system compiler
  - s/multiple_gcc/system_compiler/g
* Tue May 07 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.8mdk
  - Add MMX and SSE intrinsics to filelist
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/05/05, which brings:
    - Fix if-cvt that caused sh-utils miscrompilation on IA-64 (PR opt/6534)
    - Even more corrections to ordering of base class cleanups
* Fri May 03 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.7mdk
  - [Build]Requires: binutils >=
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/05/02, which brings:
    - Only run regrename and cprop-registers if optimizing (PR c++/6396)
    - Don't run crossjump optimization before bb-reorder (PR opt/6516, XF4.2)
    - Disable -dD, -dN and -dI when -M or -MM is in effect
    - ABI change for returning simple classes from functions
    - Fix destructors call ordering (PR c++/6527)
    - Assignment operators don't have to return by value (PR c++/5719)
    - Fix ICE on some illegal typedefs (PR c++/6477)
    - Avoid building cv-qualified reference types in copy constructors
      (PR c++/6486, PR c++/6506)
    - If the friend has an explicit scope, enter that scope before name
      lookup (PR c++/6492)
* Tue Apr 30 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.6mdk
  - Merge package with the tree where it is the system compiler:
    - Provides: libgcc = 3.2.2-3mdk
    - Get rid of %{?!%{X}: ...} since rpm has real troubles with them
    - Always dispatch libs into $FULLPATH
    - Add /usr/bin/cc to filelist
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/28, which brings:
    - Fix constant folding bug (PR c/5430)
    - Fix ICE when concatenating many, many, many strings (PR c/3581)
    - Fix handling of "weak" attribute (PR c/6343)
    - Fix zlib miscompilation with certain optflags (PR opt/6475)
    - Fix stack overflow in the garbage collector (PR c/5154)
    - Fix ICE in Blitz++ (PR c++/5504) but rebreaks PR c++/411 which was
      already there for 2.95.2, so it doesn't really matter
    - More fixes to cv-qualifiers loosage (PR c++/6331)
    - Fix mangling of arrays with cv-qualified elements
    - Fix access control bug in lookup for operator= (PR c++/6479, aspell build)
    - Fix tellg() (PR libstdc++/6414)
* Wed Apr 24 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.5mdk
  - Remove s/-O3/-O2/ workaround
  - Remove duplicate non-ghost c++ entry in filelist
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/23 with notable changes:
    - Get rid of libgcjgc
    - Fix qmake miscompilation on IA-64 (PR middle-end/6279)
    - Fix Konqueror3 miscompilation on IA-32 (PR middle-end/6247)
    - Fix ICE in remove_eh_handler (PR c++/6320)
    - Fix bug with -mfpmath=sse (PR middle-end/6205)
    - Fix SSE comparisons (PR opt/5887)
    - Fix ICE on illegal-code from ggv package (PR c/6358)
    - Fix GCSE PRE at least on ppc64 (PR c/6344)
    - Fix C++ inliner regression (PR c++/6352)
    - Fix reload on IA-32
    - Fix ICE on deferred inlining (PR c++/6316)
    - Fix regression on redefinition of a type in a derived class (PR c++/5658)
    - Fix cv-qualifiers loosage (PR c++/6331)
    - Handle templates with explicit nested names (PR c++/6256)
    - Valgrind fixes (PR libstdc++/4164)
    - Fix performance regression in iostreams (PR libstdc++/4150)
    - Allow private inner interfaces (PR java/6294)
* Wed Apr 17 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.4mdk
  - Remove Patch600 now obsoleted by new libgcj.jar name and location
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/15 with notable changes:
    - Introduce __gnu_linux__ and __gnu__hurd__
    - Finally remove the CHILL front-end
    - libgcj now goes into %{_datadir}/java/libgcj-<version>.jar
    - Fix ICE when compiling Altivec code (PR c/6290)
    - Fix ICE in LAPACK on IA-64 (PR optimization/6177)
    - Fix ICE when compiling Wine-20020310 (PR c/6223)
    - Fix loop miscompilation in binutils (PR optimization/6233)
    - Fix ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1 (PR c/5078)
    - Disable cross-jumping for highly connected graphs (PR optimization/6007)
    - Fix statement expressions in the C++ front-end (PR c++/5373)
    - Fix infinite loop when compiling some class template (PR c++/5189)
    - Fix crash in layout_virtual_bases (PR c++/6273)
    - Fix Blitz++ failures on IA-64
    - Fix infinite loop with typedef attributes
    - Remove implicit typenameness (PR c++/5507)
    - Don't free DECL_SAVED_FUNCTION_DATA for inline functions (PR c++/6189)
    - Fix exception unsafe code in locale (PR libstdc++/1072)
    - Fix filebuf::seekpos (PR libstdc++/5180)
* Tue Apr 09 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.3mdk
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/08 with notable fixes:
    - Fix tail recursive call optimization (PR c/5120)
    - Fix handling of static data members with incomplete types (PR c++/5571)
    - Fix ICE under mangle_class_name_for_template with a parm of +int()
    - Fix STLport-4.5.3 EH regression tests miscompilation (PR c++/6179)
* Thu Apr 04 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.2mdk
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/01
* Wed Mar 27 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.1mdk
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/03/25
  - BuildRequires: texinfo >= 4.1 (Titi sux for the delay)
  - Add gcj-jar into gcj-tools package
  - Likewise for {grepjar,rmic,remiregistry}
  - Move libstdc++-v3 includes to /usr/include/g++-v31/
  - Get rid of libg2c-pic since gcc-3.1 now provides shared libf2c
  - Add more --with[out]'isms for languages selection
  - First Mandrake Linux release



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Fabrice Bellet, Mon Jun 10 00:34:33 2019