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RPM of Group Monitoring

aide-0.14-1mdv2010.1 Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment linux/x86_64
analog-6.0-5mdv2010.1 WWW server logfile analysis program linux/x86_64
apachetop-0.12.6-6mdv2010.0 Utility to display Apache logs with a top-like interface linux/x86_64
arpalert-2.0.11-1mdv2010.1 A monitor ethernet networks linux/x86_64
awffull-3.10.2-4mdv2010.1 A Webalizer Fork, Full o' Features! linux/x86_64
bootchart- Boot Process Performance Visualization linux/x86_64
bpowerd-3.0b1-9mdv2010.0 Power Control Program for Best Patriot UPS linux/x86_64
bwm-ng-0.6-2mdv2010.1 Console-based live network and disk io bandwidth monitor linux/x86_64
cfengine3-agent-3.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Cfengine agent linux/x86_64
cfengine3-base-3.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Cfengine base files linux/x86_64
cfengine3-execd-3.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Cfengine agent execution wrapper linux/x86_64
cfengine3-monitord-3.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Cfengine anomaly detection daemon linux/x86_64
cfengine3-serverd-3.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Cfengine server daemon linux/x86_64
chkrootkit-0.49-4mdv2010.1 Check rootkits linux/x86_64
collectd-4.9.2-1mdv2010.1 Collects system information in RRD files linux/x86_64
collectl-3.4.0-1mdv2010.1 A utility to collect various linux performance data linux/noarch
colortail-0.3.2-2mdv2010.1 A colorised tail with configuration files linux/x86_64
conky-1.7.2-3mdv2010.1 A lightweight system monitor linux/x86_64
cpulimit-1.1-6mdv2010.1 CPU Usage Limiter linux/x86_64
deflate-stats-1.0-4mdv2010.0 Apache mod_deflate logfile analyzer linux/noarch
devmon-0.3.1-0.beta1.1mdv2010.0 SNMP Device Monitoring for Hobbit/BigBrother linux/noarch
devmon-templates-20080206-4mdv2010.0 Templates for Devmon SNMP Device Monitoring for Hobbit/BigBrother linux/noarch
digitemp-3.6.0-2mdv2010.1 Digital thermometer using DS1820 1-wire sensors linux/x86_64
distcc-gnome-monitor-2.18.3-9mdv2010.1 Program to monitor distibuted compilation of distcc linux/x86_64
dnstop-20090128-1mdv2010.1 This displays various tables of DNS traffic on your network linux/x86_64
domain-check-1.3-4mdv2010.0 DNS domain expiration checker linux/noarch
dsniff-2.4-0.b2.14mdv2010.1 Network audit tools linux/x86_64
dsniff-webspy-2.4-0.b2.14mdv2010.1 Network audit tools linux/x86_64
emifreq-applet-0.18-8mdv2010.0 EmiFreq applet is just a little applet to show and control the CPU linux/x86_64
etherape-0.9.9-1mdv2010.1 Graphical network viewer modeled after etherman linux/x86_64
etrace-1.1-7mdv2010.1 Network tracing tool linux/x86_64
exim-monitor-4.72-1mdv2010.1 X11 monitor application for exim linux/x86_64
filelight-1.9-1.rc3.1mdv2010.0 Graphical disk usage statistics linux/x86_64
flow-tools-0.68-7mdv2010.0 Tool set for working with NetFlow data linux/x86_64
gai-leds-0.6-8mdv2010.0 GAI applet displaying the status of the keyboard leds linux/x86_64
ganglia-core-3.1.7-2mdv2010.1 Cluster Core linux/x86_64
ganglia-gmetad-3.1.7-2mdv2010.1 Meta daemon linux/x86_64
ganglia-script-3.1.7-2mdv2010.1 Cluster Script linux/x86_64
ganglia-webfrontend-3.1.7-2mdv2010.1 Ganglia Web Frontend linux/x86_64
gapcmon-0.8.6-2mdv2010.1 Utility for monitoring the operation of UPSs controlled by apcupsd linux/x86_64
gkrellm-plugins-2.3.4-3mdv2010.1 Plugins for gkrellm linux/x86_64
gkrellm-plugins-kam-2.3.4-3mdv2010.1 Kam plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/x86_64
gkrellm-plugins-mms-2.3.4-3mdv2010.1 Xmms plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/x86_64
gkrellm-plugins-shoot-2.3.4-3mdv2010.1 Shoot plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/x86_64
gkrellm-plugins-snmp-2.3.4-3mdv2010.1 SNMP plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/x86_64
gkrellm-plugins-stock-2.3.4-3mdv2010.1 Stock plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/x86_64
gkrellm-plugins-wmhdplop-0.9.9-1mdv2008.1 Wmhdplop plugin for gkrellm linux/x86_64
gkrellm-themes-20030129-10mdv2010.0 Themes for the GKrellM linux/noarch
glpi-0.72.4-1mdv2010.1 A web based park management linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-fusioninventory-2.2.0-0.beta4.1mdv2010.1 SNMP agent plugin linux/noarch
glpi-tracker_agent-1.5.3-1mdv2010.1 SNMP agent plugin linux/noarch
gmemusage-0.2-11mdv2010.0 Graphics memory usage meter linux/x86_64
gource-0.26b-1mdv2010.1 Gource is a software version control visualization tool linux/x86_64
gpppoem-0.1.1-7mdv2010.0 Monitor your pppoe connection linux/x86_64
hddtemp-0.3-0.beta15.12mdv2010.1 Hard Drive Temperature Monitoring linux/x86_64
htop-0.8.3-1mdv2010.0 Interactive text-mode process viewer for Linux linux/x86_64
i8kmon-1.33-2mdv2010.0 Dell laptop SMM BIOS monitoring tool linux/x86_64
i8kutils-1.33-2mdv2010.0 Dell laptop SMM BIOS support linux/x86_64
iaxping-0-5mdv2010.0 IAX ping tool linux/x86_64
ide-smart-1.4-8mdv2010.0 A system utility for monitoring a SMART capable hard-disk linux/x86_64
ifled-0.6-13mdv2009.0 Flash kbd LEDs to indicate network interface traffic linux/x86_64
iftop-0.17-7mdv2010.1 Command line tool that displays bandwidth usage on an interface linux/x86_64
iotop-0.4-1mdv2010.1 Display I/O usage of processes in a top like UI linux/noarch
iozone3-326-1mdv2010.0 Filesystem characterization & benchmark tool linux/x86_64
ippl-1.99.5-12mdv2009.1 Logs TCP, ICMP and UDP connections linux/x86_64
iptraf-3.0.1-2mdv2010.0 A console-based network monitoring program linux/x86_64
iptstate-2.2.2-2mdv2010.1 Display IP Tables state table information in a "top"-like interface linux/x86_64
jnettop-0.13.0-8mdv2010.1 Network traffic tracker linux/x86_64
john-1.7.5-2mdv2010.1 John the Ripper password cracker linux/x86_64
karpski-0.101-16mdv2010.0 A free ethernet protocol analyzer / sniffer linux/x86_64
kbbtray-0.07-4mdv2010.0 Display the status of a Big Brother or Hobbit page in the system tray linux/noarch
kdevmon-0.4.7-0.840945.2mdv2010.0 A utility for monitoring the throughput of one network device linux/x86_64
knowlan-1.0-6mdv2010.0 Knowlan is ARP protocol based Local Area Network IP and MAC Adress Extractor linux/x86_64
lavaps-2.7-9mdv2010.0 A lava lamp of currently running processes linux/x86_64
lcdproc-0.5.2-5mdv2010.1 Displays real-time system information on a 20x4 backlit LCD linux/x86_64
lire-2.1-2mdv2010.0 A log analyser supporting many log formats linux/noarch
loadcontroller-0.11-0.BETA.6mdv2009.0 A daemon which checks process linux/x86_64
logcheck-1.3.7-1mdv2010.1 Psionic LogCheck linux/x86_64
logwatch-7.3.6-4mdv2009.0 Analyzes and Reports on system logs linux/noarch
medusa-2.0-2mdv2010.1 Medusa Parallel Network Login Auditor linux/x86_64
memtester-4.1.3-1mdv2010.1 Memory tester linux/x86_64
metasploit-3.3.3-1mdv2010.1 Penetration Testing Resources linux/noarch
metasploit-gui-3.3.3-1mdv2010.1 GUI for metasploit linux/noarch
mgm-1.1-8mdv2010.1 Moaning Goat Status Meter linux/noarch
monika-0.4.4-6mdv2010.0 Monika PBS monitor tools linux/noarch
monit-5.1.1-2mdv2010.1 Process monitor and restart utility linux/x86_64
monitorix-1.2.0-3mdv2010.1 Monitorix is a free, open source, lightweight system monitoring tool linux/noarch
mpt-status-1.2.0-4mdv2010.0 Program Showing the Status of LSI FusionMPT RAID Controller linux/x86_64
munin-1.4.4-2mdv2010.1 Network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer) linux/noarch
munin-master-1.4.4-2mdv2010.1 Network-wide graphing framework (master) linux/noarch
munin-node-1.4.4-2mdv2010.1 Network-wide graphing framework (node) linux/noarch
natmonitor-2.4-6mdv2009.1 This little utility monitor hosts bandwidth usage in your home lan linux/x86_64
ndsad-1.33-5mdv2009.1 NDSAD captures traffic information and translates it into Cisco NetFlow format linux/x86_64
nessus-client-2.2.10-7mdv2010.1 Nessus GTK+ client linux/x86_64
nessus-devel-2.2.10-7mdv2010.1 Development headers for nessus linux/x86_64
nethogs-0.7.0-1mdv2010.1 Top-like monitor for network traffic linux/x86_64
netsniff-ng- A high performance network sniffer for packet inspection linux/x86_64
netwatch-1.3.0-1mdv2010.1 Ethernet/PPP IP Packet Monitor linux/x86_64
nfswatch-4.99.10-1mdv2010.0 An NFS traffic monitoring tool linux/x86_64
nload-0.7.2-2mdv2010.1 Ncurses network traffic and bandwidth monitor linux/x86_64
nta-1.0-6mdv2010.1 Network traffic analyzer linux/noarch
ntop-3.3.10-4mdv2010.1 Network and traffic analyzer linux/x86_64
nuapplet-0.7-3mdv2008.0 NuFW applet for the GNOME panel linux/x86_64
nut-monitor-1.1-2mdv2010.0 NUT (Network UPS Tools) GUI Client linux/noarch
openvcpd-0.5-0.rc2.2mdv2010.1 Daemon utility to control vserver linux/x86_64
ossec-hids-1.4-4mdv2010.0 Host-based Intrusion Detection System linux/x86_64
ossec-hids-client-1.4-4mdv2010.0 The OSSEC HIDS Client linux/x86_64
ossec-hids-server-1.4-4mdv2010.0 The OSSEC HIDS Server linux/x86_64
owncloud-1.0-0.6mdv2010.1 Open personal cloud linux/noarch
packit-1.0-7mdv2010.0 Network Injection And Capture Tool linux/x86_64
pathalizer-0.7-4mdv2010.0 A web path analyzer linux/x86_64
pbsweb-butf-0.9-10mdv2010.0 PBSWeb linux/noarch
perf- Performance monitor for the Linux kernel linux/x86_64
perl-UPS-Nut-0.04-6mdv2010.0 A perl module to talk to a UPS via NUT upsd linux/noarch
pflogsumm-1.1.0-9mdv2010.0 Postfix Log Entry Summarizer linux/noarch
pfqueue-0.5.6-4mdv2009.0 Queue manager for the Postfix or Exim mail transport agent linux/x86_64
phmap-1.0-10mdv2010.0 A war dialer linux/x86_64
pktstat-1.8.4-6mdv2010.1 Displays a live list of active connections and what files are being transferred linux/x86_64
puppet-0.25.4-1mdv2010.1 System Automation and Configuration Management Software linux/noarch
puppet-server-0.25.4-1mdv2010.1 Server for the puppet system management tool linux/noarch
qdu-2.2-3mdk Graphical Disk Usage linux/x86_64
qps- Visual process manager linux/x86_64
rancid-2.3.2-1mdv2010.0 Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ linux/x86_64
reportdhcp-2.1-9mdv2010.0 Displays statistics and lease entries for ISC DHCPD linux/noarch
root-tail-1.2-8mdv2010.0 Root-tail prints text directly to an X11 root window linux/x86_64
sarg- Squid report generator per user/ip/name linux/x86_64
slay-1.2-15mdv2010.0 Utility to kill all processes belonging to a user linux/noarch
slsnif-0.4.4-7mdv2010.0 A serial sniffer linux/x86_64
smem-0.9-1mdv2010.1 Memory reporting tool linux/noarch
smtpscan-0.5-5mdv2010.0 Remote SMTP Server Detection linux/noarch
sshdfilter-1.5.4-6mdv2010.0 SSH brute force attack blocker linux/noarch
ssl-cert-check-3.3-3mdv2010.0 SSL certificate expiration checker linux/noarch
ssldump-0.9-0.beta3.5mdv2009.1 SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer linux/x86_64
statgrab-tools-0.16-2mdv2009.0 Tools from libstatgrab to monitoring the system linux/x86_64
superkaramba-theme-AeroG-0.8-6mdv2010.0 Monitoring theme for superkaramba linux/x86_64
superkaramba-theme-cynapses-2.0-6mdv2010.0 Monitoring theme for superkaramba linux/x86_64
superkaramba-theme-cynapses_karamba-2.0.alpha-6mdv2010.0 Monitoring theme for superkaramba linux/x86_64
superkaramba-theme-fantastik-3.0-7mdv2010.0 Monitoring theme for superkaramba linux/x86_64
superkaramba-theme-systemtux-1.3-6mdv2010.0 Monitoring theme for superkaramba linux/x86_64
superkaramba-theme-topmon-0.3-6mdv2010.0 Monitoring theme for superkaramba linux/x86_64
tcpslice-1.2a3-3.20061130.5mdv2010.0 A tool for extracting portions of packet trace files linux/x86_64
tcpstat-1.5-12mdv2010.0 A network statistics reporter linux/x86_64
tcptrace-6.6.7-6mdv2010.0 Tool for analysis of TCP dump files linux/x86_64
tcptrack-1.3.0-7mdv2010.0 A packet sniffer which displays TCP information like the 'top' command linux/x86_64
tenshi-0.11-0.2mdv2010.0 Tenshi log monitoring program linux/x86_64
torque-xpbs-2.4.8-1mdv2010.1 The Portable Batch System (PBS) X interface linux/x86_64
torsmo-0.18-2mdv2008.1 System monitor like gkrellm, but lightweight linux/x86_64
toshutils-2.0.1-3mdk Toshiba laptop utilities linux/x86_64
tpb-0.6.4-7mdv2010.1 Program to use the IBM ThinkPad(tm) special keys linux/x86_64
tripwire- A system integrity assessment tool linux/x86_64
tstat-1.01-5mdv2010.0 Sniffer able to provide several insight on the traffic patterns linux/x86_64
ttcp-1.12-3mdv2009.0 A tool for testing TCP connections linux/x86_64
updateads-1.0-5mdv2010.0 Update BIND ad server listings linux/noarch
uptimed-0.3.16-1mdv2010.1 A daemon to record and keep track of system uptimes linux/x86_64
warewulf-web-2.6.3-2mdv2008.1 The Warewulf web frontend linux/x86_64
wmcube-0.98-14mdv2010.0 Realtime rotating 3d-object and CPU load in a small dock app linux/x86_64
wmfishtime-1.24-5mdv2010.0 Analog clock with background fish tank in a dockapp linux/x86_64
wmhdplop-0.9.9-1mdv2008.1 Wmhdplop is yet another monitoring applet linux/x86_64
wmnd-0.4.12-7mdv2010.0 A dockapp for monitoring network interfaces linux/x86_64
wmstock-0.11-10mdv2010.0 A stock ticker in a small dock app linux/x86_64
wmtop-0.84-11mdv2010.0 WindowMaker dock applet for top linux/x86_64
wulfstat-1.0.1-7mdv2010.0 A beowulf/cluster/LAN monitoring tool linux/x86_64
xferstats-2.16-8mdv2010.0 Compiles information about file transfers from logfiles linux/x86_64
xlogmaster-1.6.0-12mdk Quick & easy monitoring of logfiles and devices. linux/x86_64
xmlsysd-1.0.4-7mdv2010.0 XML-based system information daemon linux/x86_64
xosview-1.8.3-5mdv2009.1 An X Window System utility for monitoring system resources linux/x86_64
xrestop-0.4-10mdv2010.1 X Resource Monitor linux/x86_64
zeppoo-0.0.4-5mdv2010.0 Rootkit detection tool linux/x86_64

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