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RPM of Group Education

afce-0.9.8-9.mga9 Algorithm Flowchart Editor linux/aarch64
algobox-1.0.3-3.mga9 Algorithmic software linux/aarch64
anki-2.1.15-4.mga9 Flashcard program for using space repetition learning linux/noarch
ardesia-1.2-0.9.mga9 A free digital sketchpad software linux/aarch64
auto-multiple-choice-1.4.0-8.mga9 Multiple choice papers management linux/aarch64
canorus-0.7.3-0.svn20190422.10.mga9 A music score editor linux/aarch64
curtain-0.3-9.mga9 Show a movable and resizable curtain on the desktop screen linux/aarch64
eduactiv8-4.19.02-4.mga9 Educational activity pack for kids linux/noarch
educazionik-2.0.0-0.14.mga8 Italian educational project linux/aarch64
examinator-0.2-11.mga9 Application to generate multiple choice exams in LaTeX quality linux/aarch64
fet-5.37.5-4.mga9 Free Timetabling Software linux/aarch64
fullrecall-1.5.3-8.mga9.nonfree A software that can help to memorize with the minimum time investment linux/noarch
gamine-1.6-3.mga9 An interactive game for young children linux/aarch64
gcompris-qt-2.4-1.mga9 "J'ai compris" / I Have Understood, the new QT based version linux/aarch64
gcompris-qt-activities-2.4-1.mga9 Activities files linux/aarch64
gcompris-qt-translations-2.4-1.mga9 Translations files linux/aarch64
gcompris-qt-voices-2.4-1.mga9 Voices pack for gcompris-qt linux/aarch64
gngt-1.1.2-8.mga9 German Noun Gender Trainer is a tool for German lerners linux/aarch64
gnutu-2.9-4.mga9 Student's Schedule linux/aarch64
gtypist-2.9.5-6.mga9 Typing Tutor linux/aarch64
itest-client-1.4.1-9.mga9 Client component of iTest linux/aarch64
itest-server-1.4.1-9.mga9 Server component of iTest linux/aarch64
kanagram-22.04.3-1.mga9 Word learning program linux/aarch64
kbruch-22.04.3-1.mga9 Practice calculating with fractions linux/aarch64
kgeography-22.04.3-1.mga9 A geography learning program linux/aarch64
khangman-22.04.3-1.mga9 Classical hangman game linux/aarch64
kig-22.04.3-1.mga9 KDE Interactive Geometry linux/aarch64
kiten-22.04.3-1.mga9 A Japanese reference/learning tool linux/aarch64
klavaro-3.13-2.mga9 Touch Typing Tutor linux/aarch64
klettres-22.04.3-1.mga9 Language learning program linux/aarch64
kmplot-22.04.3-1.mga9 A mathematical function plotter linux/aarch64
kroots-1.6.0-5.mga9 Find all the roots of a complex number linux/aarch64
ktouch-22.04.3-1.mga9 A program for learning touch typing linux/aarch64
kturtle-22.04.3-1.mga9 An educational programming environment linux/aarch64
kumir-2.1.0-0.rc9.20190320.10.mga9 Kumir is a simple programming language and IDE for teaching programming linux/aarch64
kwordquiz-22.04.3-1.mga9 A general purpose flash card program linux/aarch64
mnemosyne-2.8-2.mga9 Flash-card learning tool which optimizes the learning process linux/noarch
openboard-1.6.1-12.mga9 Interactive whiteboard for schools and universities linux/aarch64
opengrade-3.2.4-3.mga9 Local and web-based gradebook linux/noarch
parley-22.04.3-1.mga9 KDE Vocabulary training application linux/aarch64
python-whiteboard-1.0.4-0.20131006.9.mga9 Linux whiteboard in python linux/noarch
pywords-0.6-2.mga8 Application for learning words, forms linux/noarch
qabcs-1.0.2-3.mga9 Learn alphabet linux/aarch64
rocs-22.04.3-1.mga9 Graph Editor and a Programming Environment linux/aarch64
task-edu-1-20.mga9 Meta-package for educational programs linux/noarch
tkgate-2.1-3.mga9 Event driven digital circuit simulator linux/aarch64
ulcc-1.0.0-5.mga9 Teaching children by pictures linux/aarch64

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