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RPM of Group System/Servers

coturn-4.5.2-3.mga8 Free open source implementation of TURN and STUN Server linux/i586
libopendkim10-2.10.3-13.mga8 An open source DKIM library linux/i586
mariadb-bench-10.5.19-1.mga8 Benchmarks and test system linux/i586New
mariadb-common-10.5.19-1.mga8 Common files linux/i586New
mariadb-common-core-10.5.19-1.mga8 Common files required by core binary linux/i586New
mariadb-connect-10.5.19-1.mga8 CONNECT handler linux/i586New
mariadb-core-10.5.19-1.mga8 Server core binary linux/i586New
mariadb-extra-10.5.19-1.mga8 MariaDB extra storage engines linux/i586New
mariadb-feedback-10.5.19-1.mga8 Feedback storage engine linux/i586New
mariadb-mroonga-10.5.19-1.mga8 Mroonga Storage Engine linux/i586New
mariadb-obsolete-10.5.19-1.mga8 MariaDB obsolete storage engines linux/i586New
mariadb-pam-10.5.19-1.mga8 PAM authentication plugin linux/i586New
mariadb-sequence-10.5.19-1.mga8 Sequence Storage Engine linux/i586New
mariadb-sphinx-10.5.19-1.mga8 Sphinx Storage Engine linux/i586New
mariadb-spider-10.5.19-1.mga8 Spider Storage Engine linux/i586New
mediawiki-1.35.9-1.mga8 A wiki engine linux/noarchNew
mediawiki-mysql-1.35.9-1.mga8 Mediawiki with mysql database linux/noarchNew
mediawiki-pgsql-1.35.9-1.mga8 Mediawiki with postgresql database linux/noarchNew
mediawiki-sqlite-1.35.9-1.mga8 Mediawiki with sqlite database linux/noarchNew
mysql-MariaDB-10.5.19-1.mga8 A MySQL drop-in replacement linux/i586New
opendkim-2.10.3-13.mga8 DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) milter to sign and/or verify mail linux/i586
phpldapadmin- A web-based LDAP administration tool linux/noarch
phppgadmin-7.13.0-1.1.mga8 PostgreSQL database administration over the web interface linux/noarch

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