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libstdc++6-4.6.3-2.mga2 RPM for x86_64

From Mageia 2 for x86_64 / media / core / release

Name: libstdc++6 Distribution: Mageia
Version: 4.6.3 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 2.mga2 Build date: Mon Apr 16 01:59:42 2012
Group: System/Libraries Build host:
Size: 1868384 Source RPM: gcc-4.6.3-2.mga2.src.rpm
Packager: blino <blino>
Summary: GNU C++ library
This package contains the GCC Standard C++ Library v3, an ongoing
project to implement the ISO/IEC 14882:1998 Standard C++ library.






* Mon Apr 16 2012 blino <blino> 4.6.3-2.mga2
  + Revision: 230992
  - add libstdc++ html doc and man pages in new libstdc++-docs package, using Fedora spec bits
    (this also removes prebuilt libstdc++ html doc from gcc-doc)
  - pass --disable-quadmath if quadmath is disabled (still not enough to make the rpm build correctly)
* Sat Mar 03 2012 tmb <tmb> 4.6.3-1.mga2
  + Revision: 217194
  - drop merged patches: P140, P209
  - update to 4.6.3 bugfix release (74 fixes)
  - make sure gnative2ascii is in gcj-tools and not in gcc-gnat (#4618)
* Sun Feb 19 2012 tmb <tmb> 4.6.2-2.mga2
  + Revision: 211052
  - add fix for PR middle-end/51077 (mga #4593)
    * tree-object-size.c (addr_object_size): Check TREE_CODE of
      MEM_REF's operand rather than code of the MEM_REF itself.
      (fixes Internal compiler error when building lesstif, mga #4492)
  - fix libjava bootstrap build with glibc-2.15 (upstream PR/50888)
  - make gfortran require quadmath-devel if it is built
    + rtp <rtp>
      - Fix build on arm:
        * fix building with quadmath disabled by removed extra info page
        * add missing arm-specific header in the gcc-plugins package
* Mon Dec 05 2011 tmb <tmb> 4.6.2-1.mga2
  + Revision: 176905
  - update filelists
  - add quadmath libraries for GCC __float128 and Fortran REAL*16 support
  - spec cleanup
  - rediff ada so.ext patch
  - drop p105 (obsolete)
  - update lib major/minor
  - build with '--enable-linker-build-id'
  - fix doc
  - fix linux32 support (patch by pcpa, from mdv)
  - bump requires on ppl to 0.11.2
  - rediff P107, P115, P116, P132, P211, P304, P507 to apply cleanly
  - drop merged patches P508-P517
  - remove obsolete defattr
  - drop support for ppc(64), sparc(64)
  - update to 4.6.2
* Sun Sep 11 2011 fwang <fwang> 4.5.2-5.mga2
  + Revision: 142272
  - rebuild for new libpng
* Wed Apr 20 2011 rtp <rtp> 4.5.2-4.mga1
  + Revision: 89091
  - Add missing link in gcc-gnat (#833)
  - Add fix for PR/48090
  - cross gcc build fixes:
    - fix cross program prefix to be the same as for the other toolchain tools
    - fix when cross building 32 bit target on 64bit
* Tue Mar 29 2011 rtp <rtp> 4.5.2-3.mga1
  + Revision: 78682
  - enable back checks
  - cross toolchain fixes. Now, it should be possible to try to build cross
    toolchains (brieftly tested with mipsel cross toolchain on arm).
  - disable libffi package so as to make sure newer libffi is used (which is
    the case in fact)
  - fix monolithic build due to misplacement of gcc-plugin files.
  - add noarch for pdf doc rpm.
  - arm support (default DT_GNU_HASH, set __ARM_PCS or __ARM_PCS_VFP, fix
    wformat error)
  - mips o32/n32/64 support
  - backport PR/21803, PR/47166, PR/44768, PR/46865, workaround for PR/48090
* Tue Jan 18 2011 tmb <tmb> 4.5.2-2.mga1
  + Revision: 23432
  - obsolete manbo-mandriva-files-gcc-* for a clean upgrade
  - drop rpm tags
  - drop manbo support
  - drop support for old mandriva releases
  - rename mandriva to mageia
  - fix bugzilla url
  - imported package gcc
* Sat Jan 08 2011 Thomas Backlund <> 4.5.2-2.mga1
  - initial import
  - switch from manbo_mkrel to mkrel
* Tue Dec 28 2010 pcpa <pcpa> 4.5.2-1mnb2
  + Revision: 625688
  - Update to gcc 4.5.2.
    + tv <tv>
      - let the doc subpackage be noarch
* Wed Aug 25 2010 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.5.1-1mnb2
  + Revision: 573098
  - gcc 4.5.1
* Tue Aug 24 2010 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.5.0-1mnb2
  + Revision: 572931
  - fix gcc-plugins group
  - revert previous commit which was bogus :-/
  - libstdc++ gdb python helper is always in /usr/lib whatever the arch is,
    and since it's a python script, it's "noarch", so we can unconditionnally
    put it in a directory ending in /usr/lib, no need to have both /usr/lib
    and /usr/lib64
  - make sure LTO is enabled
  - remove workaround for debugedit issue since it's now fixed in rpm thanks to Anssi :)
  - import gcc 4.5.0
    + herton <herton>
      - Move to gdb data dir.
* Tue Feb 09 2010 fwang <fwang> 4.4.3-2mnb2
  + Revision: 502641
  - rebuild for new gmp
* Sun Jan 24 2010 fwang <fwang> 4.4.3-1mnb2
  + Revision: 495383
  - New version 4.4.3
  - CVE-2009-3736 patch merged upstream
    + peroyvind <peroyvind>
      - set interpreter path when using -muclibc to the one used by our uClibc (P304)
* Mon Nov 30 2009 oden <oden> 4.4.2-5mnb2
  + Revision: 471759
  - P303: security fix for CVE-2009-3736
* Fri Nov 27 2009 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.4.2-4mnb2
  + Revision: 470667
  - update for gcc 4.4.2
    + tv <tv>
      - split checks in %check
      - more more doc from libstdc++-devel and gcc-c++ into gcc-doc
      - use ln instead of cp (less disk usage, faster)
* Tue Sep 29 2009 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.4.1-3mnb2
  + Revision: 450840
  - another attempt at fixing the libgcj_bc stuff.
    The previous change wasn't a good idea because non-system compilers' libgcj_bc
    would obsolete the system libgcj_bc which is a bad idea :)
* Mon Sep 28 2009 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.4.1-2mnb2
  + Revision: 450607
  - One more attempt at fixing libgcj_bc packaging
  - don't ship libgcj_bc shared libs both in libgcj10 and libgcj_bc1
    should fix bug #54121
* Thu Jul 23 2009 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.4.1-1mnb2
  + Revision: 398776
  - upload gcc 4.4.1 tarball
  - preparation for gcc 4.4.1 (couldn't find it on the mirrors yet)
* Mon Jul 20 2009 anssi <anssi> 4.4.0-5mnb2
  + Revision: 398069
  - remove python files from gcj-tools that conflicted with
* Sat Jul 18 2009 anssi <anssi> 4.4.0-4mnb2
  + Revision: 396976
  - enable libobjc_gc (Mika Laitio)
* Wed Jun 03 2009 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.4.0-3mnb2
  + Revision: 382395
  - enable cloog/ppl in the build
  - Don't install aot-compile and rebuild-gcj-db since it's part of java-1.5.0-gcj
  - remove meaningless comment, disable -Wformat=error :-/
  - only do try find locale files for libstdc++ if we actually build it
  - check if files are present before trying to sanitize their rpath
  - ada fixes
  - Revert wrong hunk from wformat-fixes (see comment above it in the source)
* Tue May 19 2009 cfergeau <cfergeau> 4.4.0-1mnb2
  + Revision: 377476
  - Don't attempt to build ada docs when ada is disabled
  - Add cloog/ppl support to build (disabled for now)
  - Fix customization of gcc bug URL
  - Fix spec for ada support. Don't reenable ada build for now since we don't have
    a gnat compiler available in main to bootstrap it
  - enable java in build
  - spec update for gcj 4.4.0
  - Initial pass at a gcc 4.4 package, rediff patches and get working C and C++ compilers. java and ada and tests are disabled for now.
  - Fix one more format warning
  - Get rid of cputoolize
  - Rediff patches against gcc 4.3.3
  - Reset release counter
  - Disable ada for now
  - Add missing space in substitution, this bug has been here forever, dunno why it never showed up before...
  - Add patch 114 to fix -Wformat=error issues
  - Upload gcc 4.3.3 tarball
    + helio <helio>
      - Add another wformat fix on current patch
    + anssi <anssi>
      - split libgcj_bc to a separate package to avoid future conflicts
      - fix libgcj_bc handling of non-system-compilers (ported from gcc4.3)
      - do not require libgcj-devel in gcj-tools
    + peroyvind <peroyvind>
      - only leave out libgcc_eh.a when building cross bootstrap (needs to be verified)
      - don't include when building without libgomp
      - libgmp-devel & libmpfr-devel is needed for building regardless of gfortran
      - sync some patches and configure options with gcc from gdium tree
      - fix bootstrap build of cross compiler
      - work around issue with xgcc ignoring --sysroot when cross-compiling
      - fix so that lsb-headers patches gets applied in correct location..
      - * add mips stuff to lsb-headers for cross compiling (P1000)
        * sysroot headers should go to usr/include/, not include/
    + pixel <pixel>
      - rebuild with gnat enabled



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