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Packages beginning with letter W

WINGs-devel-0.95.9-7.fc35 Development files for the WINGs library linux/armv7hl
WINGs-libs-0.95.9-7.fc35 Widgets and image libraries needed for WindowMaker linux/armv7hl
We10X-icon-theme-0-23.20220917git3ffc38fe.fc35 Colorful icon theme inspired by Microsoft Windows 10 aesthetic linux/noarch
WindowMaker-0.95.9-7.fc35 A fast, feature rich Window Manager linux/armv7hl
WindowMaker-devel-0.95.9-7.fc35 Development files for WindowMaker linux/armv7hl
WoeUSB-5.2.4-1.fc35 Windows USB installation media creator linux/armv7hl
w3m-0.5.3-55.git20220429.fc35 Pager with Web browsing abilities linux/armv7hl
w3m-img-0.5.3-55.git20220429.fc35 Helper program to display the inline images for w3m linux/armv7hl
wabt-1.0.29-1.fc35 The WebAssembly Binary Toolkit linux/armv7hl
waf-2.0.24-1.fc35 A Python-based build system linux/noarch
waf-doc-2.0.24-1.fc35 Documentation for waf linux/noarch
waiverdb-1.4.0-1.fc35 Service for waiving results in ResultsDB linux/noarch
waiverdb-cli-1.4.0-1.fc35 A CLI tool for interacting with waiverdb linux/noarch
waiverdb-common-1.4.0-1.fc35 Common resources for WaiverDB sub-packages linux/noarch
wallpapoz-0.6.2-13.fc35 Gnome Multi Backgrounds and Wallpapers Configuration Tool linux/noarch
wangle-2022.03.14.00-1.fc35 Framework for building services in a consistent/modular/composable way linux/armv7hl
wangle-devel-2022.03.14.00-1.fc35 Development files for wangle linux/armv7hl
wapanel-1.1.0-1.fc35 Desktop-dedicated wayland bar for wayfire and other wlroots based compositors linux/armv7hl
wapanel-devel-1.1.0-1.fc35 Development files for wapanel linux/armv7hl
warble-1.4.0-1.fc35 The word-guessing game linux/armv7hl
warzone2100-4.2.7-1.fc35 Innovative 3D real-time strategy linux/armv7hl
warzone2100-sequences-4.2.7-1.fc35 Video file for warzone2100 linux/noarch
watchdog-5.16-2.fc35 Software and/or Hardware watchdog daemon linux/armv7hl
watchman-2021.05.10.00-13.fc35 File alteration monitoring service linux/armv7hl
wavpack-5.5.0-2.fc35 A completely open audiocodec linux/armv7hl
wavpack-devel-5.5.0-2.fc35 WavPack - development files linux/armv7hl
waybar-0.9.12-1.fc35 Highly customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors linux/armv7hl
wayland-devel-1.20.0-4.fc35 Development files for wayland linux/armv7hl
wayland-doc-1.20.0-4.fc35 Wayland development documentation linux/noarch
wayland-protocols-devel-1.26-2.fc35 Wayland protocols that adds functionality not available in the core protocol linux/noarch
wayvnc-0.4.1-1.fc35 A VNC server for wlroots based Wayland compositors linux/armv7hl
wcslib-7.10-1.fc35 An implementation of the FITS World Coordinate System standard linux/armv7hl
wcslib-devel-7.10-1.fc35 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with wcslib linux/armv7hl
wcslib-utils-7.10-1.fc35 Utility programs provided by wcslib linux/armv7hl
wdiff-1.2.2-42.fc35 Compare files on a word per word basis linux/armv7hl
weasyprint-53.4-1.fc35 Utility to render HTML and CSS to PDF linux/noarch
web-assets-devel-5-15.fc35 RPM macros for Web Assets packaging linux/noarch
web-assets-filesystem-5-15.fc35 The basic directory layout for Web Assets linux/noarch
web-assets-httpd-5-15.fc35 Web Assets aliases for the Apache HTTP daemon linux/noarch
web-assets-nginx-5-15.fc35 Web Assets aliases for the nginx daemon linux/noarch
webalizer-2.23_08-19.fc35 A flexible Web server log file analysis program linux/armv7hl
webanalyze-0.3.1-6.fc35 Tool to uncovers technologies used on websites linux/armv7hl
webextension-gsconnect-49-1.fc35 Web browser integration for GSConnect linux/armv7hl
webkit2gtk3-2.38.2-1.fc35 GTK Web content engine library linux/armv7hl
webkit2gtk3-devel-2.38.2-1.fc35 Development files for webkit2gtk3 linux/armv7hl
webkit2gtk3-doc-2.38.2-1.fc35 Documentation files for webkit2gtk3 linux/noarch
webkit2gtk3-jsc-2.38.2-1.fc35 JavaScript engine from webkit2gtk3 linux/armv7hl
webkit2gtk3-jsc-devel-2.38.2-1.fc35 Development files for JavaScript engine from webkit2gtk3 linux/armv7hl
webp-pixbuf-loader-0.0.7-1.fc35 WebP image loader for GTK+ applications linux/armv7hl
websvn-2.7.0-1.fc35 Online subversion repository browser linux/noarch
websvn-selinux-2.7.0-1.fc35 SELinux context for websvn linux/noarch
weechat-3.5-2.fc35 Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client linux/armv7hl
weechat-devel-3.5-2.fc35 Development files for weechat linux/armv7hl
weezl-0.1.7-1.fc35 Fast LZW compression and decompression linux/armv7hl
weldr-client-35.5-2.fc35 Command line utility to control osbuild-composer linux/armv7hl
wesnoth-1.16.5-1.fc35 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/armv7hl
wesnoth-data-1.16.5-1.fc35 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/noarch
wesnoth-server-1.16.5-1.fc35 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/armv7hl
wesnoth-tools-1.16.5-1.fc35 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/armv7hl
weston-8.0.0-12.fc35 Reference compositor for Wayland linux/armv7hl
weston-demo-8.0.0-12.fc35 Weston demo program files linux/armv7hl
weston-devel-8.0.0-12.fc35 Common headers for weston linux/armv7hl
weston-libs-8.0.0-12.fc35 Weston compositor libraries linux/armv7hl
wev-1.0.1-0.20211130git54de46d.fc35 A tool for debugging events on a sway Wayland window linux/armv7hl
wgctrl-0-0.11.20210811git4253848.fc35 Control of WireGuard interfaces on multiple platforms linux/armv7hl
wget-1.21.3-1.fc35 A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols linux/armv7hl
wget2-2.0.0-1.fc35 An advanced file and recursive website downloader linux/armv7hl
wget2-devel-2.0.0-1.fc35 Libraries and header files needed for using wget2 libraries linux/armv7hl
wget2-libs-2.0.0-1.fc35 Runtime libraries for GNU Wget2 linux/armv7hl
whois-5.5.13-1.fc35 Improved WHOIS client linux/armv7hl
whois-nls-5.5.13-1.fc35 Gettext catalogs for whois tools linux/noarch
why3-1.4.0-4.fc35 Software verification platform linux/armv7hl
why3-all-1.4.0-4.fc35 Complete Why3 software verification platform suite linux/armv7hl
why3-emacs-1.4.0-4.fc35 Emacs support file for why3 files linux/noarch
why3-examples-1.4.0-4.fc35 Example inputs linux/noarch
why3-proofgeneral-1.4.0-4.fc35 Why3 integration with ProofGeneral linux/noarch
why3-xemacs-1.4.0-4.fc35 XEmacs support file for why3 files linux/noarch
widelands-1.0-1.fc35 Open source realtime-strategy game linux/armv7hl
wike-1.7.2-2.fc35 Wikipedia Reader for the GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
wimlib-1.13.6-1.fc35 Open source Windows Imaging (WIM) library linux/armv7hl
wimlib-devel-1.13.6-1.fc35 Development files for wimlib linux/armv7hl
wimlib-utils-1.13.6-1.fc35 Tools for creating, modifying, extracting, and mounting WIM files linux/armv7hl
wine-mono-7.3.0-1.fc35 Mono library required for Wine linux/noarch
winetricks-20220411-1.fc35 Work around common problems in Wine linux/noarch
wingpanel-3.0.2-1.fc35 Stylish top panel linux/armv7hl
wingpanel-applications-menu-2.10.2-1.fc35 Lightweight and stylish app launcher linux/armv7hl
wingpanel-devel-3.0.2-1.fc35 Stylish top panel (development files) linux/armv7hl
wingpanel-indicator-datetime-2.4.0-1.fc35 Datetime Indicator for wingpanel linux/armv7hl
wingpanel-indicator-network-2.3.3-1.fc35 Network Indicator for wingpanel linux/armv7hl
wingpanel-indicator-notifications-6.0.6-1.fc35 Notifications Indicator for wingpanel linux/armv7hl
wingpanel-indicator-sound-6.0.1-1.fc35 Sound Indicator for wingpanel linux/armv7hl
wingpanel-libs-3.0.2-1.fc35 Stylish top panel (shared library) linux/armv7hl
wings-2.2.9-1.fc35 3D Subdivision Modeler linux/armv7hl
wings-docs-2.2.9-1.fc35 Documentation for Wings 3D linux/armv7hl
wireplumber-0.4.11-2.fc35 A modular session/policy manager for PipeWire linux/armv7hl
wireplumber-devel-0.4.11-2.fc35 Development files for wireplumber linux/armv7hl
wireplumber-libs-0.4.11-2.fc35 Libraries for WirePlumber clients linux/armv7hl
wireshark-3.6.8-1.fc35 Network traffic analyzer linux/armv7hl
wireshark-cli-3.6.8-1.fc35 Network traffic analyzer linux/armv7hl
wireshark-devel-3.6.8-1.fc35 Development headers and libraries for wireshark linux/armv7hl
wlcs-1.3.0-5.fc35 Wayland Conformance Test Suite linux/armv7hl
wlcs-devel-1.3.0-5.fc35 Development files for wlcs linux/armv7hl
wlr-randr-0.2.0-1.fc35 An xrandr clone for wlroots compositors linux/armv7hl
wlroots-0.14.1-3.fc35 A modular Wayland compositor library linux/armv7hl
wlroots-devel-0.14.1-3.fc35 Development files for wlroots linux/armv7hl
wmbusmeters-1.9.0-1.fc35 Read the wireless mbus protocol to acquire utility meter readings linux/armv7hl
wob-0.13-1.fc35 A lightweight overlay volume/backlight/progress/anything bar for Wayland linux/armv7hl
woff-0.20091126-33.fc35 Encoding and decoding for Web Open Font Format (WOFF) linux/armv7hl
wofi-1.3-1.fc35 A launcher/menu for wlroots based wayland compositors linux/armv7hl
wofi-devel-1.3-1.fc35 Development package for wofi linux/armv7hl
wordpress-5.9.5-1.fc35 Blog tool and publishing platform linux/noarch
worker-4.11.0-1.fc35 File Manager for the X11 linux/armv7hl
workrave-1.10.49-1.fc35 Program that assists in the recovery and prevention of RSI linux/armv7hl
workrave-mate-1.10.49-1.fc35 Workrave applet for MATE linux/armv7hl
workrave-xfce-1.10.49-1.fc35 Workrave applet for Xfce linux/armv7hl
wpa_supplicant-2.10-2.fc35 WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X Supplicant linux/armv7hl
wpa_supplicant-gui-2.10-2.fc35 Graphical User Interface for wpa_supplicant linux/armv7hl
wsdd-0.7.0-1.fc35 Web Services Dynamic Discovery host daemon linux/noarch
wsjtx-2.5.4-1.fc35 Weak Signal communication by K1JT linux/armv7hl
wtype-0.4-3.fc35 xdotool type for Wayland linux/armv7hl
wxGlade-1.0.4-1.fc35 A wxWidgets/wxPython/wxPerl GUI designer linux/noarch
wxsqlite3-4.8.2-6.fc35 C++ wrapper around the SQLite 3.x database linux/armv7hl
wxsqlite3-devel-4.8.2-6.fc35 Development files for wxsqlite3 linux/armv7hl
wxsqlite3-doc-4.8.2-6.fc35 Documentation files for wxsqlite3 linux/noarch

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