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Packages beginning with letter O

obs-build-20220927-398.1.1.fc35 A generic package build script linux/noarch
obs-build-mkbaselibs-20220927-398.1.1.fc35 Tools to generate base library packages linux/noarch
obs-build-mkdrpms-20220927-398.1.1.fc35 Tools to generate DeltaRPMs linux/noarch
obs-signd-2.5.10-3.20210907git5c32050.fc35 The OBS sign daemon linux/armv7hl
obserware-0.2.9-1.fc35 An advanced system monitor utility written in Python and Qt linux/noarch
ocaml-base64-3.5.0-2.fc35 Base64 library for OCaml linux/armv7hl
ocaml-base64-devel-3.5.0-2.fc35 Development files for ocaml-base64. linux/armv7hl
ocaml-caml-mode-4.9-1.fc35 Opam file for caml-mode linux/armv7hl
ocaml-dose3-7.0.0-3.fc35 Framework for managing distribution packages and dependencies linux/armv7hl
ocaml-dose3-devel-7.0.0-3.fc35 Development files for ocaml-dose3 linux/armv7hl
ocaml-libguestfs-1.48.3-1.fc35 OCaml bindings for libguestfs linux/armv7hl
ocaml-libguestfs-devel-1.48.3-1.fc35 OCaml bindings for libguestfs linux/armv7hl
ocaml-libnbd-1.10.5-1.fc35 OCaml language bindings for libnbd linux/armv7hl
ocaml-libnbd-devel-1.10.5-1.fc35 OCaml language development package for libnbd linux/armv7hl
ocaml-libvirt- OCaml binding for libvirt linux/armv7hl
ocaml-libvirt-devel- Development files for ocaml-libvirt linux/armv7hl
ocaml-mccs-1.1-33.13.fc35 Multi Criteria CUDF Solver with OCaml bindings linux/armv7hl
ocaml-mccs-devel-1.1-33.13.fc35 Development files for ocaml-mccs linux/armv7hl
ocaml-merlin-4.4-1.fc35 Context sensitive completion for OCaml linux/armv7hl
ocaml-opam-file-format-2.1.3-2.fc35 Parser and printer for the opam file syntax linux/armv7hl
ocaml-opam-file-format-devel-2.1.3-2.fc35 Development files for ocaml-opam-file-format linux/armv7hl
ocaml-why3-1.4.0-4.fc35 Software verification library for ocaml linux/armv7hl
ocaml-why3-devel-1.4.0-4.fc35 Development files for using the ocaml-why3 library linux/armv7hl
ocaml-z3-4.8.14-1.fc35 Ocaml interface to z3 linux/armv7hl
ocaml-z3-devel-4.8.14-1.fc35 Files for building ocaml applications that use z3 linux/armv7hl
oci-seccomp-bpf-hook-1.2.6-1.fc35 OCI Hook to generate seccomp json files based on EBF syscalls used by container linux/armv7hl
oci-seccomp-bpf-hook-tests-1.2.6-1.fc35 Tests for oci-seccomp-bpf-hook linux/armv7hl
ocp-0.2.99-1.fc35 Open Cubic Player for MOD/S3M/XM/IT/MIDI music files linux/armv7hl
ocrmypdf-12.7.2-1.fc35 Add an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files linux/noarch
ocrmypdf+watcher-12.7.2-1.fc35 Metapackage for ocrmypdf: watcher extras linux/noarch
ocrmypdf+webservice-12.7.2-1.fc35 Metapackage for ocrmypdf: webservice extras linux/noarch
ocrmypdf-doc-12.7.2-1.fc35 ocrmypdf documentation linux/noarch
ocsinventory-agent-2.9.0-1.fc35 Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation client linux/armv7hl
octave-6.4.0-1.fc35 A high-level language for numerical computations linux/armv7hl
octave-NLopt-2.7.1-3.fc35 Octave bindings for NLopt linux/armv7hl
octave-control-3.4.0-1.fc35 Computer-Aided Control System Design (CACSD) Tools for Octave linux/armv7hl
octave-devel-6.4.0-1.fc35 Development headers and files for Octave linux/armv7hl
octave-dicom-0.4.1-1.fc35 Dicom processing for Octave linux/armv7hl
octave-doc-6.4.0-1.fc35 Documentation for Octave linux/noarch
octave-flexiblas-3.2.1-1.fc35 FlexiBLAS API Interface for Octave linux/armv7hl
octave-signal-1.4.2-1.fc35 Signal processing tools for Octave linux/armv7hl
ofono-1.34-1.fc35 Open Source Telephony linux/armv7hl
ofono-devel-1.34-1.fc35 Development files for oFono linux/armv7hl
ofx-0.10.8-1.fc35 Tools for manipulating OFX data linux/armv7hl
ogr2osm-1.1.1-1.fc35 Convert ogr-readable files like shapefiles into .pbf or .osm data linux/noarch
ohmybackup-0-0.6.20200526git50f2fce.fc35 Scan for backup directories and backup files linux/armv7hl
okular-21.12.2-1.fc35 A document viewer linux/armv7hl
okular-devel-21.12.2-1.fc35 Development files for okular linux/armv7hl
okular-libs-21.12.2-1.fc35 Runtime files for okular linux/armv7hl
okular-mobile-21.12.2-1.fc35 Document viewer for plasma mobile linux/armv7hl
okular-part-21.12.2-1.fc35 Okular kpart plugin linux/armv7hl
onedrive-2.4.20-3.fc35 OneDrive Free Client written in D linux/armv7hl
oniguruma-6.9.8-1.fc35 Regular expressions library linux/armv7hl
oniguruma-devel-6.9.8-1.fc35 Development files for oniguruma linux/armv7hl
onionscan-0.2-6.fc35 Tool for investigating the Dark Web linux/armv7hl
onionshare-2.5-1.fc35 Securely and anonymously share files of any size linux/noarch
opam-2.1.1-1.fc35 Source-based package manager for OCaml linux/armv7hl
opam-installer-2.1.1-1.fc35 Standalone script for opam install files linux/armv7hl
open-policy-agent-0.31.0-2.fc35 Open source, general-purpose policy engine linux/armv7hl
open62541-1.2.4-1.fc35 OPC UA implementation linux/armv7hl
open62541-devel-1.2.4-1.fc35 Development files for open62541 linux/armv7hl
open62541-doc-1.2.4-1.fc35 Documentation for open62541 linux/noarch
openbgpd-7.7-1.fc35 OpenBGPD Routing Daemon linux/armv7hl
openblas-0.3.19-2.fc35 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 linux/armv7hl
openblas-devel-0.3.19-2.fc35 Development headers and libraries for OpenBLAS linux/armv7hl
openblas-openmp-0.3.19-2.fc35 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, OpenMP version linux/armv7hl
openblas-serial-0.3.19-2.fc35 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, serial version linux/armv7hl
openblas-static-0.3.19-2.fc35 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/armv7hl
openblas-threads-0.3.19-2.fc35 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, pthreads version linux/armv7hl
opencl-headers-3.0-9.20211007git1aa1139.fc35 OpenCL (Open Computing Language) header files linux/noarch
opendoas-6.8.2-1.fc35 Portable fork of the OpenBSDs doas command linux/armv7hl
openexr-3.1.5-1.fc35 Provides the specification and reference implementation of the EXR file format linux/armv7hl
openexr-devel-3.1.5-1.fc35 Development files for openexr linux/armv7hl
openexr-libs-3.1.5-1.fc35 OpenEXR Libraries linux/armv7hl
openfec- Application-Level Forward Erasure Correction codes linux/armv7hl
openfec-devel- Development libraries for openfec linux/armv7hl
openfec-utils- Utilities for openfec linux/armv7hl
openfst-1.8.1-1.fc35 Weighted finite-state transducer library linux/armv7hl
openfst-devel-1.8.1-1.fc35 Development files for OpenFst linux/armv7hl
openfst-tools-1.8.1-1.fc35 Command-line tools for working with FSTs linux/armv7hl
opengrm-ngram-1.3.13-1.fc35 Library for making and modifying n-gram language models linux/armv7hl
opengrm-ngram-devel-1.3.13-1.fc35 Development files for OpenGrm NGram linux/armv7hl
opengrm-ngram-tools-1.3.13-1.fc35 Command-line tools for working with n-gram language models linux/armv7hl
openhantek-3.3.1-1.fc35 Hantek and compatible USB digital signal oscilloscope linux/armv7hl
openjdk-asmtools-7.0.b10-0.4.20210610.gitf40a2c0.fc35 To develop tools create proper & improper Java '.class' files linux/noarch
openjdk-asmtools-javadoc-7.0.b10-0.4.20210610.gitf40a2c0.fc35 Javadoc for openjdk-asmtools linux/noarch
openjpeg2-2.4.0-5.fc35 C-Library for JPEG 2000 linux/armv7hl
openjpeg2-devel-2.4.0-5.fc35 Development files for OpenJPEG 2 linux/armv7hl
openjpeg2-devel-docs-2.4.0-5.fc35 Developer documentation for OpenJPEG 2 linux/noarch
openjpeg2-tools-2.4.0-5.fc35 OpenJPEG 2 command line tools linux/armv7hl
openmpt123-0.6.3-1.fc35 Command-line tracker music player based on libopenmpt linux/armv7hl
openmsx-17.0-1.fc35 An emulator for the MSX home computer system linux/armv7hl
openmsx-catapult-17.0-1.fc35 Graphical front-end for openMSX linux/armv7hl
openocd-0.11.0-2.fc35 Debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded devices linux/armv7hl
openrgb-0.8-2.fc35 Open source RGB lighting control linux/armv7hlNew
openrgb-udev-rules-0.8-2.fc35 Udev rules for openrgb linux/noarchNew
openriichi- Japanese Mahjong 3D game linux/armv7hl
openriichi-data- Data files for OpenRiichi linux/noarch
opensc-0.22.0-6.fc35 Smart card library and applications linux/armv7hl
openscad-2021.01-10.fc35 The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller linux/armv7hl
openscad-MCAD-2021.01-10.fc35 OpenSCAD Parametric CAD Library linux/noarch
openscap-1.3.6-3.fc35 Set of open source libraries enabling integration of the SCAP line of standards linux/armv7hl
openscap-containers-1.3.6-3.fc35 Utils for scanning containers linux/noarch
openscap-devel-1.3.6-3.fc35 Development files for openscap linux/armv7hl
openscap-engine-sce-1.3.6-3.fc35 Script Check Engine plug-in for OpenSCAP linux/armv7hl
openscap-engine-sce-devel-1.3.6-3.fc35 Development files for openscap-engine-sce linux/armv7hl
openscap-python3-1.3.6-3.fc35 Python 3 bindings for openscap linux/armv7hl
openscap-report-0.1.3-0.fc35 A tool for generating human-readable reports from (SCAP) XCCDF and ARF results linux/noarch
openscap-scanner-1.3.6-3.fc35 OpenSCAP Scanner Tool (oscap) linux/armv7hl
openscap-utils-1.3.6-3.fc35 OpenSCAP Utilities linux/armv7hl
opensips-3.1.9-1.fc35 Open Source SIP Server linux/armv7hl
opensips-aaa_radius-3.1.9-1.fc35 RADIUS backend for AAA api linux/armv7hl
opensips-acc-3.1.9-1.fc35 Accounts transactions information to different backends linux/armv7hl
opensips-auth_aaa-3.1.9-1.fc35 Performs authentication using an AAA server linux/armv7hl
opensips-b2bua-3.1.9-1.fc35 Back-2-Back User Agent linux/armv7hl
opensips-cachedb_couchbase-3.1.9-1.fc35 Couchbase connector for cache subsystem linux/armv7hl
opensips-cachedb_memcached-3.1.9-1.fc35 Memcached connector for cache subsystem linux/armv7hl
opensips-cachedb_mongodb-3.1.9-1.fc35 MongoDB connector for cache subsystem linux/armv7hl
opensips-cachedb_redis-3.1.9-1.fc35 Redis connector for cache subsystem linux/armv7hl
opensips-call_center-3.1.9-1.fc35 An inbound call center system linux/armv7hl
opensips-carrierroute-3.1.9-1.fc35 Routing extension suitable for carriers linux/armv7hl
opensips-cgrates-3.1.9-1.fc35 Billing module for CGRates engine linux/armv7hl
opensips-compression-3.1.9-1.fc35 Message compression/decompression and base64 encoding linux/armv7hl
opensips-cpl_c-3.1.9-1.fc35 Call Processing Language interpreter linux/armv7hl
opensips-db_berkeley-3.1.9-1.fc35 Berkeley DB backend support linux/armv7hl
opensips-db_http-3.1.9-1.fc35 HTTP DB backend support linux/armv7hl
opensips-db_mysql-3.1.9-1.fc35 MySQL storage support for OpenSIPS linux/armv7hl
opensips-db_perlvdb-3.1.9-1.fc35 Perl virtual database engine linux/armv7hl
opensips-db_postgresql-3.1.9-1.fc35 PostgreSQL storage support for OpenSIPS linux/armv7hl
opensips-db_sqlite-3.1.9-1.fc35 SQLite sorage support for OpenSIPS linux/armv7hl
opensips-db_unixodbc-3.1.9-1.fc35 OpenSIPS unixODBC Storage support linux/armv7hl
opensips-emergency-3.1.9-1.fc35 Emergency call treatment linux/armv7hl
opensips-event_rabbitmq-3.1.9-1.fc35 Event RabbitMQ module linux/armv7hl
opensips-h350-3.1.9-1.fc35 H350 implementation linux/armv7hl
opensips-httpd-3.1.9-1.fc35 HTTP transport layer implementation linux/armv7hl
opensips-identity-3.1.9-1.fc35 Support for SIP Identity (see RFC 4474) linux/armv7hl
opensips-jabber-3.1.9-1.fc35 Gateway between OpenSIPS and a jabber server linux/armv7hl
opensips-json-3.1.9-1.fc35 A JSON variables within the script linux/armv7hl
opensips-ldap-3.1.9-1.fc35 LDAP connector linux/armv7hl
opensips-lua-3.1.9-1.fc35 Helps implement your own OpenSIPS extensions in Lua linux/armv7hl
opensips-media_exchange-3.1.9-1.fc35 Lets exchange SDP between calls linux/armv7hl
opensips-mi_html-3.1.9-1.fc35 A minimal web user interface for the Management Interface linux/armv7hl
opensips-mi_http-3.1.9-1.fc35 A JSON REST interface for the Management Interface linux/armv7hl
opensips-mi_xmlrpc_ng-3.1.9-1.fc35 A xmlrpc server for the Management Interface (new version) linux/armv7hl
opensips-mmgeoip-3.1.9-1.fc35 Wrapper for the MaxMind GeoIP API linux/armv7hl
opensips-peering-3.1.9-1.fc35 Radius peering linux/armv7hl
opensips-perl-3.1.9-1.fc35 Helps implement your own OpenSIPS extensions in Perl linux/armv7hl
opensips-pi_http-3.1.9-1.fc35 A HTTP provisioning interface for OpenSIPS linux/armv7hl
opensips-presence-3.1.9-1.fc35 Presence server linux/armv7hl
opensips-presence_callinfo-3.1.9-1.fc35 SIMPLE Presence extension linux/armv7hl
opensips-presence_dfks-3.1.9-1.fc35 Extension to Presence server for Broadsoft's DFKS linux/armv7hl
opensips-presence_dialoginfo-3.1.9-1.fc35 Extension to Presence server for Dialog-Info linux/armv7hl
opensips-presence_mwi-3.1.9-1.fc35 Extension to Presence server for Message Waiting Indication linux/armv7hl
opensips-presence_xcapdiff-3.1.9-1.fc35 Extension to Presence server for XCAP-DIFF event linux/armv7hl
opensips-presence_xml-3.1.9-1.fc35 SIMPLE Presence extension linux/armv7hl
opensips-proto_sctp-3.1.9-1.fc35 An optional SCTP transport module linux/armv7hl
opensips-proto_tls-3.1.9-1.fc35 An optional TLS transport module linux/armv7hl
opensips-proto_wss-3.1.9-1.fc35 An optional Secure WebSocket transport module linux/armv7hl
opensips-pua-3.1.9-1.fc35 Offer the functionality of a presence user agent client linux/armv7hl
opensips-pua_bla-3.1.9-1.fc35 BLA extension for PUA linux/armv7hl
opensips-pua_dialoginfo-3.1.9-1.fc35 Dialog-Info extension for PUA linux/armv7hl
opensips-pua_mi-3.1.9-1.fc35 Connector between usrloc and MI interface linux/armv7hl
opensips-pua_usrloc-3.1.9-1.fc35 Connector between usrloc and pua modules linux/armv7hl
opensips-pua_xmpp-3.1.9-1.fc35 SIMPLE-XMPP Presence gateway linux/armv7hl
opensips-rabbitmq-3.1.9-1.fc35 RabbitMQ module linux/armv7hl
opensips-rabbitmq_consumer-3.1.9-1.fc35 RabbitMQ message receiver linux/armv7hl
opensips-regex-3.1.9-1.fc35 RegExp via PCRE library linux/armv7hl
opensips-rest_client-3.1.9-1.fc35 HTTP client module for OpenSIPS linux/armv7hl
opensips-rls-3.1.9-1.fc35 Resource List Server linux/armv7hl
opensips-siprec-3.1.9-1.fc35 Call recording using SIPREC protocol linux/armv7hl
opensips-snmpstats-3.1.9-1.fc35 SNMP management interface for the OpenSIPS linux/armv7hl
opensips-stir_shaken-3.1.9-1.fc35 Support for implementing STIR/SHAKEN linux/armv7hl
opensips-tls_mgm-3.1.9-1.fc35 Management for TLS certificates and parameters linux/armv7hl
opensips-uuid-3.1.9-1.fc35 Generates UUIDs as specified in RFC 4122 linux/armv7hl
opensips-xcap-3.1.9-1.fc35 XCAP common functions linux/armv7hl
opensips-xcap_client-3.1.9-1.fc35 XCAP client linux/armv7hl
opensips-xml-3.1.9-1.fc35 Basic XML parsing and manipulation linux/armv7hl
opensips-xmpp-3.1.9-1.fc35 Gateway between OpenSIPS and a jabber server linux/armv7hl
opensmtpd-6.8.0p2-7.fc35 Free implementation of the server-side SMTP protocol as defined by RFC 5321 linux/armv7hl
openssh-8.7p1-3.fc35 An open source implementation of SSH protocol version 2 linux/armv7hl
openssh-askpass-8.7p1-3.fc35 A passphrase dialog for OpenSSH and X linux/armv7hl
openssh-clients-8.7p1-3.fc35 An open source SSH client applications linux/armv7hl
openssh-keycat-8.7p1-3.fc35 A mls keycat backend for openssh linux/armv7hl
openssh-server-8.7p1-3.fc35 An open source SSH server daemon linux/armv7hl
openssl-1.1.1q-1.fc35 Utilities from the general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation linux/armv7hl
openssl-devel-1.1.1q-1.fc35 Files for development of applications which will use OpenSSL linux/armv7hl
openssl-libs-1.1.1q-1.fc35 A general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation linux/armv7hl
openssl-perl-1.1.1q-1.fc35 Perl scripts provided with OpenSSL linux/armv7hl
openssl-static-1.1.1q-1.fc35 Libraries for static linking of applications which will use OpenSSL linux/armv7hl
opentoonz-1.5.0-4.fc35 2D animation software linux/armv7hl
opentoonz-data-1.5.0-4.fc35 OpenToonz data files linux/noarch
opentoonz-doc-1.5.0-4.fc35 OpenToonz doc files linux/noarch
opentrep-0.07.10-1.fc35 C++ library providing a clean API for parsing travel-focused requests linux/armv7hl
opentrep-devel-0.07.10-1.fc35 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for opentrep linux/armv7hl
opentrep-doc-0.07.10-1.fc35 HTML documentation for the opentrep library linux/noarch
openttd-12.2-4.fc35 Transport system simulation game linux/armv7hl
openttd-docs-12.2-4.fc35 Documentation for OpenTTD linux/noarch
openttd-opengfx-7.1-1.fc35 OpenGFX replacement graphics for OpenTTD linux/noarch
opentype-sanitizer-9.0.0-1.fc35 Parses and serializes OpenType/WOFF/WOFF2 font files linux/armv7hl
openvdb-9.0.0-2.fc35 C++ library for sparse volumetric data discretized on three-dimensional grids linux/armv7hl
openvdb-devel-9.0.0-2.fc35 Development files for openvdb linux/armv7hl
openvdb-libs-9.0.0-2.fc35 Core OpenVDB libraries linux/armv7hl
openvpn-2.5.8-1.fc35 A full-featured TLS VPN solution linux/armv7hl
openvpn-devel-2.5.8-1.fc35 Development headers and examples for OpenVPN plug-ins linux/armv7hl
openvswitch-2.15.0-8.fc35 Open vSwitch daemon/database/utilities linux/armv7hl
openvswitch-devel-2.15.0-8.fc35 Open vSwitch OpenFlow development package (library, headers) linux/armv7hl
openvswitch-ipsec-2.15.0-8.fc35 Open vSwitch IPsec tunneling support linux/armv7hl
openvswitch-test-2.15.0-8.fc35 Open vSwitch testing utilities linux/noarch
openvswitch-testcontroller-2.15.0-8.fc35 Simple controller for testing OpenFlow setups linux/armv7hl
openxr-1.0.23-1.fc35 An API for writing VR and AR software linux/armv7hl
openxr-devel-1.0.23-1.fc35 Headers and development files of the OpenXR library linux/armv7hl
openxr-libs-1.0.23-1.fc35 Libraries for writing VR and AR software linux/armv7hl
openzwave-1.6.1914-1.fc35 Sample Executables for OpenZWave linux/armv7hl
options-1.7-1.fc35 Library for managing sets of JVM properties to configure an app or library linux/noarch
options-javadoc-1.7-1.fc35 API documentation for options linux/noarch
oraculum-0.2.4-7.fc35 Backend and API for Fedora QA Dashboard linux/noarch
orca-41.3-1.fc35 Assistive technology for people with visual impairments linux/noarch
origin-3.11.2-6.fc35 OpenShift Open Source Container Management by Red Hat linux/armv7hl
origin-clients-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Client binaries for Linux linux/armv7hl
origin-cluster-capacity-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Cluster Capacity Analysis Tool linux/armv7hl
origin-docker-excluder-3.11.2-6.fc35 Exclude docker packages from updates linux/noarch
origin-dockerregistry-3.11.2-6.fc35 Docker Registry v2 for Origin linux/armv7hl
origin-excluder-3.11.2-6.fc35 Exclude openshift packages from updates linux/noarch
origin-hyperkube-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Kubernetes server commands linux/armv7hl
origin-hypershift-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin server commands linux/armv7hl
origin-master-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Master linux/armv7hl
origin-node-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Node linux/armv7hl
origin-pod-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Pod linux/armv7hl
origin-sdn-ovs-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin SDN Plugin for Open vSwitch linux/armv7hl
origin-service-catalog-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Service Catalog linux/armv7hl
origin-template-service-broker-3.11.2-6.fc35 Template Service Broker linux/armv7hl
origin-tests-3.11.2-6.fc35 Origin Test Suite linux/armv7hl
origin-web-console-3.11.2-6.fc35 Web Console for the OpenShift Application Platform linux/armv7hl
osbuild-72-1.fc35 A build system for OS images linux/noarch
osbuild-luks2-72-1.fc35 LUKS2 support linux/noarch
osbuild-lvm2-72-1.fc35 LVM2 support linux/noarch
osbuild-ostree-72-1.fc35 OSTree support linux/noarch
osbuild-selinux-72-1.fc35 SELinux policies linux/noarch
osbuild-tools-72-1.fc35 Extra tools and utilities linux/noarch
osc-0.180.0-332.4.1.fc35 Open Build Service Commander linux/noarch
oscillatord-3.0.10-1.fc35 Daemon for disciplining an oscillator linux/armv7hl
oscilloscope-0.18-1.fc35 Generic graphical signal plotting tool linux/noarch
osgearth-2.7-35.fc35 Dynamic map generation toolkit for OpenSceneGraph linux/armv7hl
osgearth-devel-2.7-35.fc35 Development files for osgearth linux/armv7hl
osgearth-doc-2.7-35.fc35 Documentation files for osgearth linux/noarch
osgearth-examples-2.7-35.fc35 osgearth example applications linux/armv7hl
osgearth-examples-data-2.7-35.fc35 Data for osgearth example applications linux/noarch
osgearth-tools-2.7-35.fc35 osgearth viewers and tools linux/armv7hl
osinfo-db-20220727-1.fc35 osinfo database files linux/noarch
osmo-0.4.4-2.fc35 Personal organizer linux/armv7hl
osmo-fl2k-0.1.1-0.12.20211018git197f421c.fc35 Turns FL2000-based USB 3.0 to VGA adapters into low cost DACs linux/armv7hl
osmo-fl2k-devel-0.1.1-0.12.20211018git197f421c.fc35 Development files for osmo-fl2k linux/armv7hl
osmo-fl2k-libs-0.1.1-0.12.20211018git197f421c.fc35 Libraries for osmo-fl2k linux/armv7hl
osslsigncode-2.5-1.fc35 OpenSSL based Authenticode signing for PE/MSI/Java CAB files linux/armv7hl
ostree-2022.3-2.fc35 Tool for managing bootable, immutable filesystem trees linux/armv7hl
ostree-devel-2022.3-2.fc35 Development headers for ostree linux/armv7hl
ostree-grub2-2022.3-2.fc35 GRUB2 integration for OSTree linux/armv7hl
ostree-libs-2022.3-2.fc35 Development headers for ostree linux/armv7hl
ostree-tests-2022.3-2.fc35 Tests for the ostree package linux/armv7hl
otter-browser-1.0.03-1.fc35 Web browser controlled by the user, not vice-versa linux/armv7hl
oval-graph-1.3.3-1.fc35 Tool for visualization of SCAP rule evaluation results linux/noarch
ovn-22.06.0-33.fc35 Open Virtual Network support linux/armv7hl
ovn-central-22.06.0-33.fc35 Open Virtual Network support linux/armv7hl
ovn-host-22.06.0-33.fc35 Open Virtual Network support linux/armv7hl
ovn-vtep-22.06.0-33.fc35 Open Virtual Network support linux/armv7hl
owncloud-client-2.10.1-1.fc35 The ownCloud Client linux/armv7hl
owncloud-client-caja-2.10.1-1.fc35 Caja overlay icons linux/armv7hl
owncloud-client-devel-2.10.1-1.fc35 Development files for owncloud-client linux/armv7hl
owncloud-client-dolphin-2.10.1-1.fc35 Dolphin overlay icons linux/armv7hl
owncloud-client-libs-2.10.1-1.fc35 Common files for owncloud-client and owncloud-client linux/armv7hl
owncloud-client-nautilus-2.10.1-1.fc35 owncloud client nautilus extension linux/armv7hl
owncloud-client-nemo-2.10.1-1.fc35 Nemo overlay icons linux/armv7hl
oxipng-5.0.1-5.fc35 Lossless PNG compression optimizer linux/armv7hl
oxygen-cursor-themes-5.25.4-1.fc35 Oxygen cursor themes linux/noarch
oxygen-icon-theme-5.96.0-1.fc35 Oxygen icon theme linux/noarch
oxygen-sounds-5.25.4-1.fc35 The Oxygen Sound Theme linux/noarch
oz-0.18.1-5.fc35 Library and utilities for automated guest OS installs linux/noarch

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