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Packages beginning with letter J

jacktrip-1.6.6-1.fc35 A system for high-quality audio network performance over the Internet linux/armv7hl
jacoco-0.8.7-6.fc35 Java Code Coverage for Eclipse linux/noarch
jacoco-javadoc-0.8.7-6.fc35 API documentation for jacoco linux/noarch
jacoco-maven-plugin-0.8.7-6.fc35 A Jacoco plugin for maven linux/noarch
jacop-4.8-5.fc35 Java Constraint Programming solver linux/noarch
jacop-javadoc-4.8-5.fc35 Javadocs for jacop linux/noarch
jakarta-json-1.1.6-5.fc35 Jakarta JSON Processing linux/noarch
jakarta-json-api-1.1.6-5.fc35 Jakarta JSON Processing API linux/noarch
jakarta-json-impl-1.1.6-5.fc35 Jakarta JSON Processing default provider linux/noarch
jakarta-saaj-1.4.2-6.fc35 SOAP with Attachments API for Java linux/noarch
jakarta-saaj-javadoc-1.4.2-6.fc35 API documentation for jakarta-saaj linux/noarch
jansi-2.3.3-4.fc35 Generate and interpret ANSI escape sequences in Java linux/armv7hl
jansi-javadoc-2.3.3-4.fc35 Javadocs for jansi linux/armv7hl
japanese-bitmap-fonts-0.20080710-30.fc35 Free Japanese Bitmap fonts linux/noarch
java-1.8.0-openjdk- OpenJDK 8 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32- OpenJDK Runtime Environment 8 in a preview of the OpenJDK AArch32 project linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32-demo- OpenJDK 8 Demos linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32-devel- OpenJDK 8 Development Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32-headless- OpenJDK 8 Headless Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32-javadoc- OpenJDK 8 API documentation linux/noarch
java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32-javadoc-zip- OpenJDK 8 API documentation compressed in a single archive linux/noarch
java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32-src- OpenJDK 8 Source Bundle linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 8 Demos linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 8 Development Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 8 Headless Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1.8.0-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 8 API documentation linux/noarch
java-1.8.0-openjdk-javadoc-zip- OpenJDK 8 API documentation compressed in a single archive linux/noarch
java-1.8.0-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 8 Source Bundle linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk- OpenJDK 11 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 11 Demos linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 11 Development Environment linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 11 Headless Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 11 API documentation linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-javadoc-zip- OpenJDK 11 API documentation compressed in a single archive linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 11 linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 11 Source Bundle linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk-static-libs- OpenJDK 11 libraries for static linking linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk- OpenJDK 17 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 17 Demos linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 17 Development Environment linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 17 Headless Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 17 API documentation linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-javadoc-zip- OpenJDK 17 API documentation compressed in a single archive linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 17 linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 17 Source Bundle linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk-static-libs- OpenJDK 17 libraries for static linking linux/armv7hl
java-jd-decompiler-1.1.3-1.fc35 JAVA library having JAVA decompiler of "Java Decompiler project" linux/noarch
java-jd-decompiler-core-1.1.3-1.fc35 Main library with decompiler linux/noarch
java-jd-decompiler-javadoc-1.1.3-1.fc35 Javadoc for java-jd-decompiler linux/noarch
java-latest-openjdk- OpenJDK 19 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 19 Demos linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 19 Development Environment linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 19 Headless Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 19 API documentation linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-javadoc-zip- OpenJDK 19 API documentation compressed in a single archive linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 19 linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 19 Source Bundle linux/armv7hl
java-latest-openjdk-static-libs- OpenJDK 19 libraries for static linking linux/armv7hl
java-runtime-decompiler-6.1-1.fc35 Application for extraction and decompilation of JVM byte code linux/noarch
java-runtime-decompiler-javadoc-6.1-1.fc35 Javadoc for java-runtime-decompiler linux/noarch
java-z3-4.8.14-1.fc35 Java interface to z3 linux/armv7hl
javassist-3.28.0-1.fc35 Java Programming Assistant for Java bytecode manipulation linux/noarch
javassist-javadoc-3.28.0-1.fc35 Javadocs for javassist linux/noarch
jaxb-dtd-parser-1.4.5-1.fc35 SAX-like API for parsing XML DTDs linux/noarch
jaxb-dtd-parser-javadoc-1.4.5-1.fc35 API documentation for jaxb-dtd-parser linux/noarch
jaxb-stax-ex-1.8.3-6.fc35 Extended StAX API linux/noarch
jaxb-stax-ex-javadoc-1.8.3-6.fc35 API documentation for jaxb-stax-ex linux/noarch
jc-1.22.2-1.fc35 Serialize the output of CLI tools and file-types to structured JSON linux/noarch
jcuber-4.6-1.fc35 CUBE reader for Java linux/noarch
jcuber-doc-4.6-1.fc35 Documentation for jcuber linux/noarch
jd-0.8.0-1.fc35 A 2ch browser linux/armv7hl
jdom-1.1.3-27.fc35 Java alternative to DOM and SAX linux/noarch
jdom-demo-1.1.3-27.fc35 Demos for jdom linux/noarch
jdom-javadoc-1.1.3-27.fc35 Javadoc for jdom linux/noarch
jdom2-2.0.6-24.fc35 Java manipulation of XML made easy linux/noarch
jdom2-javadoc-2.0.6-24.fc35 Javadoc for jdom2 linux/noarch
jdupes-1.20.2-2.fc35 Duplicate file finder and an enhanced fork of 'fdupes' linux/armv7hl
jello-1.5.4-1.fc35 Query JSON at the command line with Python syntax linux/noarch
jetbrains-mono-fonts-2.242-1.fc35 A mono-space font family containing coding ligatures linux/noarch
jetbrains-mono-fonts-all-2.242-1.fc35 All the font packages, generated from jetbrains-mono-fonts linux/noarch
jetbrains-mono-nl-fonts-2.242-1.fc35 A mono-space coding font family linux/noarch
jfreechart-1.5.3-1.fc35 A 2D chart library for Java applications (JavaFX, Swing or server-side) linux/noarch
jfreechart-javadoc-1.5.3-1.fc35 API documentation for jfreechart linux/noarch
jgmenu-4.4.1-1.fc35 Simple X11 application menu linux/armv7hl
jgmenu-gtktheme-4.4.1-1.fc35 GTKtheme jgmenu plugin linux/noarch
jgmenu-lx-4.4.1-1.fc35 LXDE jgmenu plugin linux/armv7hl
jgmenu-pmenu-4.4.1-1.fc35 Pmenu jgmenu plugin linux/noarch
jgmenu-xfce4-4.4.1-1.fc35 Xfce4 jgmenu plugin linux/armv7hl
jhead- Tool for displaying EXIF data embedded in JPEG images linux/armv7hl
jid-0.7.6-9.fc35 JSON incremental digger linux/armv7hl
jigdo-0.8.1-1.fc35 Ease distribution of large files over the Internet linux/armv7hl
jimtcl-0.81-2.fc35 A small embeddable Tcl interpreter linux/armv7hl
jimtcl-devel-0.81-2.fc35 Development files for jimtcl linux/armv7hl
jitterentropy-3.3.1-1.fc35 Library implementing the jitter entropy source linux/armv7hl
jitterentropy-devel-3.3.1-1.fc35 Development headers for jitterentropy library linux/armv7hl
jmock-2.12.0-5.fc35 Java library for testing code with mock objects linux/noarch
jmock-example-2.12.0-5.fc35 jMock Examples linux/noarch
jmock-imposters-2.12.0-5.fc35 jMock imposters linux/noarch
jmock-javadoc-2.12.0-5.fc35 API documentation for jmock linux/noarch
jmock-junit3-2.12.0-5.fc35 jMock JUnit 3 Integration linux/noarch
jmock-junit4-2.12.0-5.fc35 jMock JUnit 4 Integration linux/noarch
jmock-junit5-2.12.0-5.fc35 jMock JUnit 5 Integration linux/noarch
jmock-legacy-2.12.0-5.fc35 jMock Legacy Plugins linux/noarch
jmock-testjar-2.12.0-5.fc35 jMock Test Jar linux/noarch
jmol-14.32.22-1.fc35 Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D linux/noarch
jmol-doc-14.32.22-1.fc35 Documentation for jmol linux/noarch
jmol-javadoc-14.32.22-1.fc35 Java docs for jmol linux/noarch
jni-inchi-0.8-2.fc35 International Chemical Identifiers for Java linux/armv7hl
jni-inchi-javadoc-0.8-2.fc35 API documentation for jni-inchi linux/noarch
jo-1.9-1.fc35 Small utility to create JSON objects linux/armv7hl
jol-cli-0.16-2.fc35 Java Object Layout command line interface linux/noarch
jol-core-0.16-2.fc35 Java Object Layout core classes linux/noarch
jol-parent-0.16-2.fc35 Java Object Layout parent POM linux/noarch
joni-2.1.24-1.fc35 Java port of Oniguruma regexp library linux/noarch
journal-brief-1.1.8-1.fc35 Show interesting new systemd journal entries since last run linux/noarch
jowl-2.2.0-1.fc35 CLI for JSON operations with Lodash linux/noarch
jpegxl-doc-0.6.1-6.fc35 Documentation for JPEG-XL linux/noarch
jql-4.0.6-2.fc35 JSON query language CLI tool linux/armv7hl
jrnl-2.8.3-5.fc35 A simple journal application for the command line linux/noarch
jrnl-doc-2.8.3-5.fc35 Documentation for jrnl linux/noarch
js-d3-flame-graph-4.0.7-1.fc35 A D3.js plugin that produces flame graphs linux/noarch
js-d3-flame-graph-doc-4.0.7-1.fc35 Documentation and example files for js-d3-flame-graph linux/noarch
js-jquery-ui-1.13.2-1.fc35 jQuery user interface linux/noarch
js-jsroot-6.3.4-2.fc35 JavaScript ROOT - Interactive numerical data analysis graphics linux/noarch
js-uglify-3.17.1-1.fc35 JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit - core library linux/noarch
js8call-2.2.0-10.fc35 Amateur Radio message passing using FT8 modulation linux/armv7hl
jsmol-14.32.22-1.fc35 JavaScript-Based Molecular Viewer From Jmol linux/noarch
json-devel-3.10.5-1.fc35 Development files for json linux/armv7hl
json-fortran-8.3.0-2.fc35 A Modern Fortran JSON API linux/armv7hl
json-fortran-devel-8.3.0-2.fc35 Development files for json-fortran linux/armv7hl
jsoncpp-1.9.4-5.fc35 JSON library implemented in C++ linux/armv7hl
jsoncpp-devel-1.9.4-5.fc35 Development headers and library for jsoncpp linux/armv7hl
jsoncpp-doc-1.9.4-5.fc35 Documentation for jsoncpp linux/noarch
juk-21.12.2-1.fc35 Music player linux/armv7hl
julietaula-montserrat-alternates-fonts-7.222-1.fc35 A Montserrat area inspired typeface family alternate version linux/noarch
julietaula-montserrat-fonts-7.222-1.fc35 Base version of the Montserrat area inspired typeface linux/noarch
jupp-41-1.fc35 Compact and feature-rich WordStar-compatible editor linux/armv7hl
just-1.9.0-1.fc35 Just a command runner linux/armv7hlNew
jwhois-4.0-66.fc35 Internet whois/nicname client linux/armv7hl
jxl-pixbuf-loader-0.6.1-6.fc35 JPEG-XL image loader for GTK+ applications linux/armv7hl

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