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Packages beginning with letter E

e00compr-1.0.1-33.fc35 Library to compress and uncompress E00 files linux/armv7hl
e00compr-devel-1.0.1-33.fc35 Development files for e00compr linux/armv7hl
e00compr-libs-1.0.1-33.fc35 Libraries for e00compr linux/armv7hl
e00compr-tools-1.0.1-33.fc35 Command-line tools associated with e00compr linux/armv7hl
earcut-hpp-devel-2.2.4-4.fc35 Fast, header-only polygon triangulation linux/noarch
earlyoom-1.7-1.fc35 Early OOM Daemon for Linux linux/armv7hl
easyeffects-6.2.6-1.fc35 Audio effects for PipeWire applications linux/armv7hl
easyrpg-player-0.7.0-1.fc35 Game interpreter for RPG Maker 2000/2003 and EasyRPG games linux/armv7hl
eatmydata-130-4.fc35 Utility to disable fsync() and friends for the command specified linux/armv7hl
eb-4.4.3-18.fc35 Library for accessing Japanese CD-ROM electronic books linux/armv7hl
eb-devel-4.4.3-18.fc35 Development files for eb linux/armv7hl
ecdsautils-0.4.1-1.fc35 Tiny collection of programs used for ECDSA (keygen, sign, verify) linux/armv7hl
ecdsautils-devel-0.4.1-1.fc35 Development files for ecdsautils linux/armv7hl
ecdsautils-libs-0.4.1-1.fc35 Shared libraries for ecdsautils linux/armv7hl
edac-ctl-0.18-20.fc35 Script to load EDAC driver and register DIMM labels linux/armv7hl
edac-util-0.18-20.fc35 Command-line tool to generate standard EDAC reports linux/armv7hl
edac-utils-0.18-20.fc35 Userspace helper for kernel EDAC drivers linux/armv7hl
edflib-1.21-1.fc35 C/C++ library to read/write EDF+ and BDF+ files linux/armv7hl
edflib-devel-1.21-1.fc35 Development files for edflib linux/armv7hl
edgar-1.35-1.fc35 A platform game linux/armv7hl
edid-decode-0-40.20211028git67ed12e3.fc35 Decode EDID data in human-readable format linux/armv7hl
edk2-aarch64-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 UEFI firmware for aarch64 virtual machines linux/noarch
edk2-arm-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 ARM Virtual Machine Firmware linux/noarch
edk2-ovmf-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 UEFI firmware for x86_64 virtual machines linux/noarch
edk2-ovmf-ia32-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 Open Virtual Machine Firmware linux/noarch
edk2-qosb-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 Tool to enroll secureboot linux/noarch
edk2-tools-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 EFI Development Kit II Tools linux/armv7hl
edk2-tools-doc-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 Documentation for EFI Development Kit II Tools linux/noarch
edk2-tools-python-20211126gitbb1bba3d7767-1.fc35 EFI Development Kit II Tools linux/noarch
efifs-1.9-1.fc35 Free software EFI/UEFI standalone file system drivers linux/armv7hl
efl-1.26.3-1.fc35 Collection of Enlightenment libraries linux/armv7hl
efl-devel-1.26.3-1.fc35 Development files for EFL linux/armv7hl
efs2tar-0-0.4.20210317git4db1b0f.fc35 A tool to convert SGI efs filesystems to tarballs linux/armv7hl
eggdrop-1.9.3-1.fc35 World's most popular Open Source IRC bot linux/armv7hl
egl-gbm-1.1.0-1.fc35 Nvidia egl gbm libary linux/armv7hl
egl-wayland-1.1.11-1.fc35 Wayland EGL External Platform library linux/armv7hl
egl-wayland-devel-1.1.11-1.fc35 Wayland EGL External Platform library development package linux/armv7hl
electron-cash-4.2.12-1.fc35 A lightweight Bitcoin Cash client linux/noarch
elementary-calculator-1.7.2-1.fc35 Calculator app designed for elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-calendar-6.1.1-1.fc35 Desktop calendar app designed for elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-calendar-devel-6.1.1-1.fc35 The official elementary calendar (devel files) linux/armv7hl
elementary-camera-6.2.0-1.fc35 Camera app designed for elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-capnet-assist-2.4.2-1.fc35 Captive Portal Assistant for elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-code-6.2.0-1.fc35 Code editor from elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-code-devel-6.2.0-1.fc35 The text editor that works (development files) linux/armv7hl
elementary-files-6.1.4-1.fc35 File manager from elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-files-devel-6.1.4-1.fc35 File manager from elementary (development headers) linux/armv7hl
elementary-files-portal-6.1.4-1.fc35 File manager from elementary (flatpak file chooser portal) linux/armv7hl
elementary-greeter-6.1.0-1.fc35 LightDM Login Screen for the elementary desktop linux/armv7hl
elementary-icon-theme-7.1.0-1.fc35 Icons from the Elementary Project linux/noarch
elementary-icon-theme-gimp-palette-7.1.0-1.fc35 Icons from the Elementary Project (GIMP palette) linux/noarch
elementary-icon-theme-inkscape-palette-7.1.0-1.fc35 Icons from the Elementary Project (inkscape palette) linux/noarch
elementary-mail-6.4.0-1.fc35 Mail app designed for elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-music-5.1.1-3.fc35 Music player and library from elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-music-devel-5.1.1-3.fc35 The official elementary music player (development headers) linux/armv7hl
elementary-notifications-6.0.2-1.fc35 GTK Notifications Server linux/armv7hl
elementary-notifications-demo-6.0.2-1.fc35 Demo application for the elementary GTK Notifications Server linux/armv7hl
elementary-onboarding-6.1.0-1.fc35 Onboarding app for new users linux/armv7hl
elementary-photos-2.7.5-1.fc35 Photo manager and viewer from elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-planner-3.0.7-1.fc35 Task manager with Todoist support designed for GNU/Linux linux/armv7hl
elementary-screenshot-tool-6.0.2-2.fc35 Screenshot tool designed for elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-settings-daemon-1.2.0-1.fc35 Settings Daemon and Portal for Pantheon linux/armv7hl
elementary-shortcut-overlay-1.2.1-2.fc35 Native, OS-wide shortcut overlay linux/armv7hl
elementary-sideload-6.0.2-1.fc35 Sideload flatpaks on Pantheon linux/armv7hl
elementary-tasks-6.3.0-1.fc35 Synced tasks and reminders application linux/armv7hl
elementary-terminal-6.1.0-1.fc35 The terminal of the 21st century linux/armv7hl
elementary-terminal-fish-6.1.0-1.fc35 The terminal of the 21st century (fish support) linux/noarch
elementary-theme-6.1.1-1.fc35 elementary GTK+ Stylesheet linux/noarch
elementary-theme-plank-6.1.1-1.fc35 elementary GTK+ Stylesheet for plank linux/noarch
elementary-videos-2.8.4-1.fc35 Video player and library app from elementary linux/armv7hl
elementary-xfce-icon-theme-0.17-1.fc35 Icons for Xfce based on the elementary Project Icon Theme linux/noarch
elements-6.0.1-1.fc35 A C++/Python build framework linux/armv7hl
elements-alexandria-2.25.0-1.fc35 A lightweight C++ utility library linux/armv7hl
elements-alexandria-devel-2.25.0-1.fc35 The development part of the elements-alexandria package linux/armv7hl
elements-alexandria-doc-2.25.0-1.fc35 Documentation for package elements-alexandria linux/noarch
elements-devel-6.0.1-1.fc35 The development part of the elements package linux/armv7hl
elements-doc-6.0.1-1.fc35 Documentation for package elements linux/noarch
elfcat-0.1.8-1.fc35 ELF visualizer linux/armv7hl
elfutils-0.187-4.fc35 A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle ELF files and DWARF data linux/armv7hl
elfutils-debuginfod-0.187-4.fc35 HTTP ELF/DWARF file server addressed by build-id linux/armv7hl
elfutils-debuginfod-client-0.187-4.fc35 Library and command line client for build-id HTTP ELF/DWARF server linux/armv7hl
elfutils-debuginfod-client-devel-0.187-4.fc35 Libraries and headers to build debuginfod client applications linux/armv7hl
elfutils-default-yama-scope-0.187-4.fc35 Default yama attach scope sysctl setting linux/noarch
elfutils-devel-0.187-4.fc35 Development libraries to handle compiled objects linux/armv7hl
elfutils-libelf-0.187-4.fc35 Library to read and write ELF files linux/armv7hl
elfutils-libelf-devel-0.187-4.fc35 Development support for libelf linux/armv7hl
elfutils-libs-0.187-4.fc35 Libraries to handle compiled objects linux/armv7hl
elisa-player-22.08.0-2.fc35 Elisa music player linux/armv7hl
elixir-1.13.4-1.fc35 A modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM linux/armv7hl
elixir-doc-1.13.4-1.fc35 Documentation for the elixir language and tools linux/armv7hl
emacs-ansible-vault-mode-0.5.2-1.fc35 Minor mode for in place manipulation of ansible-vault linux/noarch
emacs-anthy-unicode- Emacs files for anthy-unicode linux/noarch
emacs-caml-mode-4.9-1.fc35 Emacs mode for editing OCaml source code linux/noarch
emacs-common-proofgeneral-4.4-15.20211013gitfd04605.fc35 Emacs mode for standard interaction interface for proof assistants linux/noarch
emacs-dockerfile-mode-1.8-1.fc35 An emacs mode for handling Dockerfiles linux/noarch
emacs-flycheck-32-1.fc35 On the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-json-mode-1.8.0-1.fc35 Major mode for editing JSON files with Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-json-reformat-0.0.7-1.fc35 Reformatting tool for JSON linux/noarch
emacs-merlin-4.4-1.fc35 Context sensitive completion for OCaml in Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-notmuch-0.36-3.fc35 Not much support for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-popup-0.5.9-1.fc35 Visual Popup Interface Library for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-proofgeneral-4.4-15.20211013gitfd04605.fc35 Compiled elisp files to run Proof General under GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-s-1.13.0-1.fc35 The long lost Emacs string manipulation library linux/noarch
emoji-picker-2.19.8-1.fc35 An emoji selection tool linux/noarch
enchant2-2.3.2-1.fc35 An Enchanting Spell Checking Library linux/armv7hl
enchant2-aspell-2.3.2-1.fc35 Integration with aspell for libenchant linux/armv7hl
enchant2-devel-2.3.2-1.fc35 Development files for enchant2 linux/armv7hl
enchant2-nuspell-2.3.2-1.fc35 Integration with Nuspell for libenchant linux/armv7hl
enchant2-voikko-2.3.2-1.fc35 Integration with voikko for libenchant linux/armv7hl
engrampa-1.26.0-2.fc35 MATE Desktop file archiver linux/armv7hl
enki-22.08.0-1.fc35 Text editor for programmers linux/noarch
enki-doc-22.08.0-1.fc35 Additional documentation for enki linux/noarch
enlightenment-0.25.4-1.fc35 Enlightenment window manager linux/armv7hl
enlightenment-data-0.25.4-1.fc35 Enlightenment data files linux/noarch
enlightenment-devel-0.25.4-1.fc35 Enlightenment headers, documentation and test programs linux/armv7hl
entr-5.2-1.fc35 Run arbitrary commands when files change linux/armv7hl
environment-modules-5.0.1-1.fc35 Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment linux/armv7hl
eog-41.2-1.fc35 Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/armv7hl
eog-devel-41.2-1.fc35 Support for developing plugins for the eog image viewer linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-exif-display-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog exif-display plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-export-to-folder-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog export-to-folder plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-fit-to-width-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog fit-to-width plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-fullscreenbg-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog fullscreenbg plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-hide-titlebar-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog hide-titlebar plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-light-theme-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog light-theme plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-map-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog map plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-maximize-windows-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog maximize-windows plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-postasa-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog postasa plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-pythonconsole-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog pythonconsole plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-send-by-mail-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog send-by-mail plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugin-slideshowshuffle-3.26.8-1.fc35 eog slideshowshuffle plugin linux/armv7hl
eog-plugins-3.26.8-1.fc35 A collection of plugins for the eog image viewer linux/armv7hl
eog-plugins-data-3.26.8-1.fc35 Common data required by plugins linux/noarch
eog-tests-41.2-1.fc35 Tests for the eog package linux/armv7hl
eom-1.26.0-5.fc35 Eye of MATE image viewer linux/armv7hl
eom-devel-1.26.0-5.fc35 Support for developing plugins for the eom image viewer linux/armv7hl
eot-utils-1.1-29.fc35 Create or examine EOT font format files linux/armv7hl
epiphany-41.4-1.fc35 Web browser for GNOME linux/armv7hl
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.7.18-1.1lsb3.2.fc35 Drivers for Epson inkjet printers linux/armv7hl
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2-1.1.48-1.1lsb3.2.fc35 Drivers for Epson inkjet printers linux/noarch
eralchemy-1.2.10-10.fc35 Entity Relation Diagrams generation tool linux/noarch
erlang- General-purpose programming language and runtime environment linux/armv7hl
erlang-asn1- Provides support for Abstract Syntax Notation One linux/armv7hl
erlang-bbmustache-1.12.2-1.fc35 Binary pattern match-based Mustache template engine for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-bitcask-2.1.0-8.fc35 Eric Brewer-inspired key/value store linux/armv7hl
erlang-certifi-2.8.0-1.fc35 Dummy certifi (certificate bundle) package for erlang linux/noarch
erlang-clique-0.3.12-1.fc35 CLI Framework for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-common_test- A portable framework for automatic testing linux/armv7hl
erlang-compiler- A byte code compiler for Erlang which produces highly compact code linux/armv7hl
erlang-corba-doc-5.1-1.fc35 Erlang CORBA documentation linux/noarch
erlang-cosEvent-5.1-1.fc35 Orber OMG Event Service linux/armv7hl
erlang-cosEventDomain-5.1-1.fc35 Orber OMG Event Domain Service linux/armv7hl
erlang-cosFileTransfer-5.1-1.fc35 Orber OMG File Transfer Service linux/armv7hl
erlang-cosNotification-5.1-1.fc35 Orber OMG Notification Service linux/armv7hl
erlang-cosProperty-5.1-1.fc35 Orber OMG Property Service linux/armv7hl
erlang-cosTime-5.1-1.fc35 Orber OMG Timer and TimerEvent Service linux/armv7hl
erlang-cosTransactions-5.1-1.fc35 Orber OMG Transaction Service linux/armv7hl
erlang-crypto- Cryptographical support linux/armv7hl
erlang-cth_readable-1.5.1-1.fc35 Common test hooks for more readable erlang logs linux/noarch
erlang-cuttlefish-2.1.1-1.fc35 A library for dealing with sysctl-like configuration syntax linux/noarch
erlang-debugger- A debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs linux/armv7hl
erlang-dialyzer- A DIscrepancy AnaLYZer for ERlang programs linux/armv7hl
erlang-diameter- Diameter (RFC 3588) library linux/armv7hl
erlang-edoc- A utility used to generate documentation out of tags in source files linux/armv7hl
erlang-eldap- Erlang LDAP library linux/armv7hl
erlang-eleveldb-3.0.10-1.fc35 Erlang LevelDB API linux/armv7hl
erlang-erl_docgen- A utility used to generate erlang HTML documentation linux/armv7hl
erlang-erl_interface- Low level interface to C linux/armv7hl
erlang-erlware_commons-1.6.0-1.fc35 Extension to Erlang's standard library linux/noarch
erlang-erts- Functionality necessary to run the Erlang System itself linux/armv7hl
erlang-et- An event tracer for Erlang programs linux/armv7hl
erlang-eunit- Support for unit testing linux/armv7hl
erlang-examples- Examples for some Erlang modules linux/armv7hl
erlang-exometer_core-1.6.1-1.fc35 Easy and efficient instrumentation of Erlang code linux/noarch
erlang-ftp- FTP client linux/armv7hl
erlang-hex_core-0.7.1-4.fc35 Reference implementation of Hex specifications linux/noarch
erlang-ic-5.1-1.fc35 IDL compiler linux/armv7hl
erlang-inets- A set of services such as a Web server and a HTTP client etc linux/armv7hl
erlang-jinterface- A library for accessing Java from Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-kernel- Main erlang library linux/armv7hl
erlang-lager-3.9.2-4.fc35 A logging framework for Erlang/OTP linux/noarch
erlang-megaco- Megaco/H.248 support library linux/armv7hl
erlang-mnesia- A heavy duty real-time distributed database linux/armv7hl
erlang-mochiweb-3.1.0-1.fc35 An Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers linux/noarch
erlang-observer- A set of tools for tracing and investigation of distributed systems linux/armv7hl
erlang-odbc- A library for unixODBC support in Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-orber-5.1-1.fc35 A CORBA Object Request Broker linux/armv7hl
erlang-os_mon- A monitor which allows inspection of the underlying operating system linux/armv7hl
erlang-parsetools- A set of parsing and lexical analysis tools linux/armv7hl
erlang-proper-1.4-1.fc35 A QuickCheck-inspired property-based testing tool for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-protobuffs-0.9.2-4.fc35 A set of Protocol Buffers tools and modules for Erlang applications linux/noarch
erlang-providers-1.9.0-1.fc35 An Erlang providers library linux/noarch
erlang-public_key- API to public key infrastructure linux/armv7hl
erlang-rebar3-3.18.0-5.fc35 Tool for working with Erlang projects linux/noarch
erlang-reltool- A release management tool linux/armv7hl
erlang-relx-4.7.0-1.fc35 Release assembler for Erlang/OTP Releases linux/noarch
erlang-riak_ensemble-3.0.10-1.fc35 Multi-Paxos framework in Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-riak_sysmon-2.2.1-1.fc35 Rate-limiting system_monitor event handler for Riak linux/noarch
erlang-rpm-macros-0.3.6-1.fc35 Macros for simplifying building of Erlang packages linux/noarch
erlang-runtime_tools- A set of tools to include in a production system linux/armv7hl
erlang-sasl- The System Architecture Support Libraries linux/armv7hl
erlang-sext-1.8.0-5.fc35 Sortable Erlang Term Serialization linux/noarch
erlang-snmp- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support linux/armv7hl
erlang-ssh- Secure Shell application with sftp and ssh support linux/armv7hl
erlang-ssl- Secure Socket Layer support linux/armv7hl
erlang-stdlib- The Erlang standard libraries linux/armv7hl
erlang-syntax_tools- A set of tools for dealing with erlang sources linux/armv7hl
erlang-tftp- TFTP client linux/armv7hl
erlang-tools- A set of programming tools including a coverage analyzer etc linux/armv7hl
erlang-triq-1.3.0-9.fc35 A property-based testing library for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-wx- A library for wxWidgets support in Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-xmerl- Provides support for XML 1.0 linux/armv7hl
erofs-fuse-1.5-1.fc35 FUSE support for mounting EROFS images linux/armv7hl
erofs-utils-1.5-1.fc35 Utilities for working with EROFS linux/armv7hl
esc-1.1.2-11.fc35 Enterprise Security Client Smart Card Client linux/armv7hl
esh-0.3.2-1.fc35 Simple templating engine based on shell linux/noarch
esorex-3.13.5-1.fc35 Recipe Execution Tool of the European Southern Observatory linux/armv7hl
esptool-3.3.1-1.fc35 A utility to communicate with the ROM bootloader in Espressif ESP8266 & ESP32 linux/noarch
et-6.2.1-2.fc35 Remote shell that survives IP roaming and disconnect linux/armv7hl
etckeeper-1.18.17-1.fc35 Store /etc in a SCM system (git, mercurial, bzr or darcs) linux/noarch
etckeeper-brz-1.18.17-1.fc35 Support for bzr with etckeeper (via breezy) linux/noarch
etckeeper-dnf-1.18.17-1.fc35 DNF plugin for etckeeper support linux/noarch
etherape-0.9.20-1.fc35 Graphical network monitor for Unix linux/armv7hl
etherecho-0-0.5.20201109git0394541.fc35 Broadcast a message to all machines in the same network segment linux/armv7hl
ethtool-6.0-1.fc35 Settings tool for Ethernet NICs linux/armv7hl
evince-41.5-1.fc35 Document viewer linux/armv7hl
evince-devel-41.5-1.fc35 Support for developing backends for the evince document viewer linux/armv7hl
evince-djvu-41.5-1.fc35 Evince backend for djvu files linux/armv7hl
evince-dvi-41.5-1.fc35 Evince backend for dvi files linux/armv7hl
evince-libs-41.5-1.fc35 Libraries for the evince document viewer linux/armv7hl
evince-nautilus-41.5-1.fc35 Evince extension for nautilus linux/armv7hl
evince-previewer-41.5-1.fc35 Evince previewer linux/armv7hl
evince-thumbnailer-41.5-1.fc35 Evince thumbnailer linux/armv7hl
evolution-3.42.4-2.fc35 Mail and calendar client for GNOME linux/armv7hl
evolution-bogofilter-3.42.4-2.fc35 Bogofilter plugin for Evolution linux/armv7hl
evolution-data-server-3.42.5-2.fc35 Backend data server for Evolution linux/armv7hl
evolution-data-server-devel-3.42.5-2.fc35 Development files for building against evolution-data-server linux/armv7hl
evolution-data-server-doc-3.42.5-2.fc35 Documentation files for evolution-data-server linux/noarch
evolution-data-server-langpacks-3.42.5-2.fc35 Translations for evolution-data-server linux/noarch
evolution-data-server-perl-3.42.5-2.fc35 Supplemental utilities that require Perl linux/armv7hl
evolution-data-server-tests-3.42.5-2.fc35 Tests for the evolution-data-server package linux/armv7hl
evolution-devel-3.42.4-2.fc35 Development files for building against evolution linux/armv7hl
evolution-devel-docs-3.42.4-2.fc35 Developer documentation for Evolution linux/noarch
evolution-ews-3.42.4-1.fc35 Evolution extension for Exchange Web Services linux/armv7hl
evolution-ews-langpacks-3.42.4-1.fc35 Translations for evolution-ews linux/noarch
evolution-help-3.42.4-2.fc35 Help files for evolution linux/noarch
evolution-langpacks-3.42.4-2.fc35 Translations for evolution linux/noarch
evolution-mapi-3.42.1-1.fc35 Evolution extension for MS Exchange 2007 servers linux/armv7hl
evolution-mapi-langpacks-3.42.1-1.fc35 Translations for evolution-mapi linux/noarch
evolution-pst-3.42.4-2.fc35 PST importer plugin for Evolution linux/armv7hl
evolution-spamassassin-3.42.4-2.fc35 SpamAssassin plugin for Evolution linux/armv7hl
exaile-4.1.2-1.fc35 Simple but powerful Amarok-style music player for GTK users linux/noarch
exercism-3.0.13-8.fc35 Exercism command-line interface linux/armv7hl
exfalso-4.5.0-1.fc35 Tag editor for various music files linux/noarch
exfatprogs-1.2.0-1.fc35 Userspace utilities for exFAT filesystems linux/armv7hl
exim-4.96-6.fc35 The exim mail transfer agent linux/armv7hlNew
exim-clamav-4.96-6.fc35 Clam Antivirus scanner dæmon configuration for use with Exim linux/armv7hlNew
exim-greylist-4.96-6.fc35 Example configuration for greylisting using Exim linux/armv7hlNew
exim-mon-4.96-6.fc35 X11 monitor application for Exim linux/armv7hlNew
exim-mysql-4.96-6.fc35 MySQL lookup support for Exim linux/armv7hlNew
exim-pgsql-4.96-6.fc35 PostgreSQL lookup support for Exim linux/armv7hlNew
exiv2-0.27.5-1.fc35 Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library linux/armv7hl
exiv2-devel-0.27.5-1.fc35 Header files, libraries and development documentation for exiv2 linux/armv7hl
exiv2-doc-0.27.5-1.fc35 Api documentation for exiv2 linux/noarch
exiv2-libs-0.27.5-1.fc35 Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library linux/armv7hl
exo-4.16.3-1.fc35 Application library for the Xfce desktop environment linux/armv7hl
exo-devel-4.16.3-1.fc35 Development tools for exo library linux/armv7hl
expat-2.5.0-1.fc35 An XML parser library linux/armv7hl
expat-devel-2.5.0-1.fc35 Libraries and header files to develop applications using expat linux/armv7hl
expat-static-2.5.0-1.fc35 expat XML parser static library linux/armv7hl
extra-cmake-modules-5.96.0-1.fc35 Additional modules for CMake build system linux/noarch
extremetuxracer-0.8.2-1.fc35 High speed arctic racing game linux/armv7hl
extremetuxracer-common-0.8.2-1.fc35 Common files for Extreme Tux Racer and its fonts linux/noarch
extremetuxracer-papercuts-fonts-0.8.2-1.fc35 PaperCuts 2.0 font linux/noarch

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