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Packages beginning with letter C

c3p0- JDBC DataSources/Resource Pools linux/noarch
c3p0-javadoc- API documentation for c3p0 linux/noarch
ca-certificates-2020.2.40-1.1.fc30 The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle linux/noarch
cabal-install- The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage linux/aarch64
cabal-rpm-2.0.0-1.fc30 RPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal-based packages linux/aarch64
cacti-1.2.11-1.fc30 An rrd based graphing tool linux/noarch
cacti-spine-1.2.11-1.fc30 Threaded poller for Cacti written in C linux/aarch64
caddy-1.0.3-2.fc30 Web server with automatic HTTPS linux/aarch64
cadical-1.0.3-3.fc30 Simplified SAT solver linux/aarch64
cadical-devel-1.0.3-3.fc30 Development files for cadical linux/aarch64
cadical-libs-1.0.3-3.fc30 Simplified SAT solver library linux/aarch64
cairo-1.16.0-6.fc30 A 2D graphics library linux/aarch64
cairo-devel-1.16.0-6.fc30 Development files for cairo linux/aarch64
cairo-gobject-1.16.0-6.fc30 GObject bindings for cairo linux/aarch64
cairo-gobject-devel-1.16.0-6.fc30 Development files for cairo-gobject linux/aarch64
cairo-tools-1.16.0-6.fc30 Development tools for cairo linux/aarch64
caja-1.22.3-1.fc30 File manager for MATE linux/aarch64
caja-beesu-1.22.1-1.fc30 MATE file manager beesu linux/aarch64
caja-core-extensions-1.22.3-1.fc30 Mate-file-manager extensions library linux/aarch64
caja-devel-1.22.3-1.fc30 Support for developing mate-file-manager extensions linux/aarch64
caja-extensions-common-1.22.1-1.fc30 Common files for caja-extensions linux/noarch
caja-image-converter-1.22.1-1.fc30 MATE file manager image converter extension linux/aarch64
caja-open-terminal-1.22.1-1.fc30 Mate-file-manager extension for an open terminal shortcut linux/aarch64
caja-schemas-1.22.3-1.fc30 Mate-file-manager schemas linux/aarch64
caja-sendto-1.22.1-1.fc30 MATE file manager sendto linux/aarch64
caja-sendto-devel-1.22.1-1.fc30 Development libraries and headers for caja-sendto linux/aarch64
caja-share-1.22.1-1.fc30 Easy sharing folder via Samba (CIFS protocol) linux/aarch64
caja-wallpaper-1.22.1-1.fc30 MATE file manager wallpaper linux/aarch64
caja-xattr-tags-1.22.1-1.fc30 MATE file manager xattr-tags linux/aarch64
calcium-calculator-7.9.5-3.fc30 The Calcium Calculator linux/aarch64
calcurse-4.5.1-1.fc30 Text-based personal organizer linux/aarch64
calendar-1.37-1.20190827cvs.fc30 Reminder utility linux/aarch64
calf-0.90.3-1.fc30 Audio plugins pack linux/aarch64
calibre-3.36.0-9.fc30 E-book converter and library manager linux/aarch64
calligraplan-3.2.1-1.fc30 A Project Planner linux/aarch64
calligraplan-libs-3.2.1-1.fc30 Runtime libraries for calligraplan linux/aarch64
candy-icon-theme-0-8.20200403gita9a4cdf7.fc30 Sweet gradient icon theme linux/noarch
cantoolz-3.7.0-1.fc30 A framework for Controller Area Network (CAN) bus analysis linux/noarch
cantor-18.12.3-1.fc30 KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software linux/aarch64
cantor-devel-18.12.3-1.fc30 Development files for cantor linux/aarch64
cantor-libs-18.12.3-1.fc30 Runtime files for cantor linux/aarch64
cargo-1.43.1-1.fc30 Rust's package manager and build tool linux/aarch64
cargo-doc-1.43.1-1.fc30 Documentation for Cargo linux/noarch
caribou-0.4.21-19.fc30 A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard linux/aarch64
caribou-antler-0.4.21-19.fc30 Keyboard implementation for caribou linux/aarch64
caribou-devel-0.4.21-19.fc30 Development files for caribou linux/aarch64
caribou-gtk2-module-0.4.21-19.fc30 Gtk2 module for caribou linux/aarch64
caribou-gtk3-module-0.4.21-19.fc30 Gtk3 module for caribou linux/aarch64
cascadia-code-fonts-1911.21-1.fc30 A monospaced font designed for programming and terminal emulation linux/noarch
castget-2.0.1-1.fc30 A command-line podcast downloader linux/aarch64
castxml-0.3.1-1.fc30 C-family abstract syntax tree XML output tool linux/aarch64
cataclysm-dda-0.E-1.fc30 Turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world linux/aarch64
cataclysm-dda-data-0.E-1.fc30 Data files for cataclysm-dda linux/noarch
cataclysm-dda-tiles-0.E-1.fc30 cataclysm-dda version with gfx and sound linux/aarch64
cataclysm-dda-tiles-data-0.E-1.fc30 Data files for cataclysm-dda-tiles linux/noarch
catfish-1.4.8-2.fc30 A handy file search tool linux/noarch
cawbird-1.0.4-1.fc30 Fork of the Corebird GTK Twitter client that continues to work with Twitter linux/aarch64
cbmc-5.11-2.fc30 Bounded Model Checker for ANSI-C and C++ programs linux/aarch64
cbmc-doc-5.11-2.fc30 Documentation for cbmc linux/aarch64
cc1541-3.1-1.fc30 Tool for creating Commodore 1541 Floppy disk images in D64, G64, D71 or D81 format linux/aarch64
cc65-2.18-12.fc30 A free C compiler for 6502 based systems linux/aarch64
cc65-devel-2.18-12.fc30 Development files for cc65 linux/noarch
cc65-doc-2.18-12.fc30 Documentation files for cc65 linux/noarch
cc65-utils-2.18-12.fc30 Additional utilities for cc65 linux/aarch64
ccache-swig-3.0.12-27.fc30 Fast compiler cache linux/aarch64
ccls-0.20190823.5-2.fc30 C/C++/ObjC language server linux/aarch64
ccsm-0.8.16-2.fc30 Plugin and configuration tool - Compiz Reloaded Project linux/noarch
cdrskin-1.5.2-1.fc30 Limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper to ease migration to libburn linux/aarch64
cekit-3.6.0-1.fc30 Container image creation tool linux/noarch
cekit-bash-completion-3.6.0-1.fc30 Container image creation tool linux/noarch
cekit-zsh-completion-3.6.0-1.fc30 Container image creation tool linux/noarch
ceph-14.2.9-1.fc30 User space components of the Ceph file system linux/aarch64
ceph-base-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Base Package linux/aarch64
ceph-common-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Common linux/aarch64
ceph-fuse-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph fuse-based client linux/aarch64
ceph-grafana-dashboards-14.2.9-1.fc30 The set of Grafana dashboards for monitoring purposes linux/noarch
ceph-mds-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Metadata Server Daemon linux/aarch64
ceph-mgr-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Manager Daemon linux/aarch64
ceph-mgr-dashboard-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Dashboard linux/noarch
ceph-mgr-diskprediction-cloud-14.2.9-1.fc30 ceph-mgr diskprediction_cloud plugin linux/noarch
ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local-14.2.9-1.fc30 ceph-mgr diskprediction_local plugin linux/noarch
ceph-mgr-k8sevents-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Manager plugin to orchestrate ceph-events to kubernetes' events API linux/noarch
ceph-mgr-rook-14.2.9-1.fc30 ceph-mgr rook plugin linux/noarch
ceph-mgr-ssh-14.2.9-1.fc30 ceph-mgr ssh module linux/noarch
ceph-mon-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Monitor Daemon linux/aarch64
ceph-osd-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph Object Storage Daemon linux/aarch64
ceph-radosgw-14.2.9-1.fc30 Rados REST gateway linux/aarch64
ceph-resource-agents-14.2.9-1.fc30 OCF-compliant resource agents for Ceph daemons linux/aarch64
ceph-selinux-14.2.9-1.fc30 SELinux support for Ceph MON, OSD and MDS linux/aarch64
ceph-test-14.2.9-1.fc30 Ceph benchmarks and test tools linux/aarch64
cephfs-java-14.2.9-1.fc30 Java libraries for the Ceph File System linux/aarch64
cephfs-shell-14.2.9-1.fc30 Interactive shell for Ceph file system linux/aarch64
cerbere-2.5.0-2.fc30 Pantheon session watchdog linux/aarch64
certbot-1.3.0-1.fc30 A free, automated certificate authority client linux/noarch
certmonger-0.79.9-1.fc30 Certificate status monitor and PKI enrollment client linux/aarch64
cervisia-19.04.2-1.fc30 CVS frontend linux/aarch64
cgdb-0.6.8-13.fc30 CGDB is a curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB) linux/aarch64
chafa-1.2.1-1.fc30 Image-to-text converter for terminal linux/aarch64
chafa-devel-1.2.1-1.fc30 Image-to-text converter for terminal (development files) linux/aarch64
chafa-doc-1.2.1-1.fc30 Image-to-text converter for terminal (documentation) linux/aarch64
chafa-libs-1.2.1-1.fc30 Image-to-text converter for terminal (library) linux/aarch64
chafa-static-1.2.1-1.fc30 Image-to-text converter for terminal (static library) linux/aarch64
chan-0.0.4-1.fc30 Pure C implementation of Go channels linux/aarch64
chan-devel-0.0.4-1.fc30 Development files for chan linux/aarch64
charliecloud-0.15-1.fc30 Lightweight user-defined software stacks for high-performance computing linux/aarch64
charliecloud-doc-0.15-1.fc30 Charliecloud html documentation linux/noarch
charliecloud-test-0.15-1.fc30 Charliecloud test suite linux/aarch64
chatterino2-2.1.4-8.fc30 Chat client for linux/aarch64
chealpix-3.50-1.fc30 HEALPix C Bindings Library linux/aarch64
chealpix-devel-3.50-1.fc30 HEALPix C Bindings Library development files linux/aarch64
cheat-2.5.1-3.fc30 Help for various commands and their use cases linux/noarch
cheat-bash-completion-2.5.1-3.fc30 Bash completion support for cheat linux/noarch
cheat-fish-completion-2.5.1-3.fc30 Fish completion support for cheat linux/noarch
cheat-zsh-completion-2.5.1-3.fc30 Zsh completion support for cheat linux/noarch
check-manifest-0.40-2.fc30 CLI tool to check files linux/noarch
check-mk-1.4.0p31-7.fc30 A new general purpose Nagios-plugin for retrieving data linux/aarch64
check-mk-agent-1.4.0p31-7.fc30 The check-mk's Agent linux/aarch64
check-mk-docs-1.4.0p31-7.fc30 The check-mk's documentation linux/noarch
check-mk-livestatus-1.4.0p31-7.fc30 The check-mk's Livestatus linux/aarch64
check-mk-multisite-1.4.0p31-7.fc30 The check-mk's Multisite linux/noarch
checkstyle-8.0-7.fc30 Java source code checker linux/noarch
checkstyle-javadoc-8.0-7.fc30 Javadoc for checkstyle linux/noarch
chemical-mime-data-0.1.94-25.fc30 Support for chemical/* MIME types linux/noarch
chirp-20200409-1.fc30 A tool for programming two-way radio equipment linux/noarch
chmlib-0.40-20.fc30 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files linux/aarch64
chmlib-devel-0.40-20.fc30 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files - development files linux/aarch64
chntpw-1.00-4.140201.fc30 Change passwords in Windows SAM files linux/aarch64
chrome-remote-desktop-81.0.4044.138-1.fc30 Remote desktop support for google-chrome & chromium linux/aarch64
chromedriver-81.0.4044.138-1.fc30 WebDriver for Google Chrome/Chromium linux/aarch64
chromium-81.0.4044.138-1.fc30 A WebKit (Blink) powered web browser linux/aarch64
chromium-common-81.0.4044.138-1.fc30 Files needed for both the headless_shell and full Chromium linux/aarch64
chromium-headless-81.0.4044.138-1.fc30 A minimal headless shell built from Chromium linux/aarch64
chrony-3.5-1.fc30 An NTP client/server linux/aarch64
cifs-utils-6.9-1.fc30 Utilities for mounting and managing CIFS mounts linux/aarch64
cifs-utils-devel-6.9-1.fc30 Files needed for building plugins for cifs-utils linux/aarch64
cinnamon-4.4.8-7.fc30 Window management and application launching for GNOME linux/aarch64
cinnamon-applet-blueberry-1.2.9-2.fc30 Cinnamon applet for blueberry linux/noarch
cinnamon-control-center-4.4.0-1.fc30 Utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop linux/aarch64
cinnamon-control-center-devel-4.4.0-1.fc30 Development package for cinnamon-control-center linux/aarch64
cinnamon-control-center-filesystem-4.4.0-1.fc30 Cinnamon Control Center directories linux/aarch64
cinnamon-desktop-4.4.1-1.fc30 Shared code among cinnamon-session, nemo, etc linux/aarch64
cinnamon-desktop-devel-4.4.1-1.fc30 Libraries and headers for libcinnamon-desktop linux/aarch64
cinnamon-devel-doc-4.4.8-7.fc30 Development Documentation files for Cinnamon linux/noarch
cinnamon-menus-4.4.0-1.fc30 A menu system for the Cinnamon project linux/aarch64
cinnamon-menus-devel-4.4.0-1.fc30 Libraries and include files for the Cinnamon menu system linux/aarch64
cinnamon-screensaver-4.4.1-1.fc30 Cinnamon Screensaver linux/aarch64
cinnamon-session-4.4.1-1.fc30 Cinnamon session manager linux/aarch64
cinnamon-settings-daemon-4.4.0-2.fc30 The daemon sharing settings from CINNAMON to GTK+/KDE applications linux/aarch64
cinnamon-settings-daemon-devel-4.4.0-2.fc30 Development files for cinnamon-settings-daemon linux/aarch64
cinnamon-themes-1.8.2-1.fc30 Mint themes for GTK3 linux/noarch
cinnamon-translations-4.4.2-1.fc30 Translations for Cinnamon and Nemo linux/noarch
cjdns-20.6-2.fc30 The privacy-friendly network without borders linux/aarch64
cjdns-graph-20.6-2.fc30 Python peer graph tools for cjdns linux/noarch
cjdns-selinux-20.6-2.fc30 Targeted SELinux policy module for cjdns linux/noarch
cjdns-tools-20.6-2.fc30 Nodejs tools for cjdns linux/noarch
cjs-4.4.0-1.fc30 Javascript Bindings for Cinnamon linux/aarch64
cjs-devel-4.4.0-1.fc30 Development package for cjs linux/aarch64
cjs-tests-4.4.0-1.fc30 Tests for the cjs package linux/aarch64
ckb-next-0.4.2-1.fc30 Unofficial driver for Corsair RGB keyboards linux/aarch64
ckeditor-4.14.0-1.fc30 WYSIWYG text editor to be used inside web pages linux/noarch
ckeditor-samples-4.14.0-1.fc30 Samples for ckeditor linux/noarch
clamav-0.102.3-1.fc30 End-user tools for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/aarch64
clamav-data-0.102.3-1.fc30 Virus signature data for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/noarch
clamav-devel-0.102.3-1.fc30 Header files and libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/aarch64
clamav-filesystem-0.102.3-1.fc30 Filesystem structure for clamav linux/noarch
clamav-lib-0.102.3-1.fc30 Dynamic libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/aarch64
clamav-milter-0.102.3-1.fc30 Milter module for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/aarch64
clamav-unofficial-sigs-7.0.1-5.fc30 Scripts to download unofficial clamav signatures linux/noarch
clamav-update-0.102.3-1.fc30 Auto-updater for the Clam Antivirus scanner data-files linux/aarch64
clamd-0.102.3-1.fc30 The Clam AntiVirus Daemon linux/aarch64
clamsmtp-1.10-31.fc30 A SMTP virus scanning system linux/aarch64
clamtk-6.02-1.fc30 Easy to use graphical user interface for Clam anti virus linux/noarch
clang-8.0.0-3.fc30 A C language family front-end for LLVM linux/aarch64
clang-analyzer-8.0.0-3.fc30 A source code analysis framework linux/noarch
clang-devel-8.0.0-3.fc30 Development header files for clang linux/aarch64
clang-libs-8.0.0-3.fc30 Runtime library for clang linux/aarch64
clang-tools-extra-8.0.0-3.fc30 Extra tools for clang linux/aarch64
clatd-1.5-2.fc30 CLAT / SIIT-DC Edge Relay implementation for Linux linux/noarch
claws-mail-3.17.4-3.fc30 Email client and news reader based on GTK+ linux/aarch64
claws-mail-devel-3.17.4-3.fc30 Development package for claws-mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-3.17.4-3.fc30 Additional plugins for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-acpi-notifier-3.17.4-3.fc30 ACPI notification plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-address-keeper-3.17.4-3.fc30 Never forget a typed address in Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-archive-3.17.4-3.fc30 Archiving features for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-att-remover-3.17.4-3.fc30 Attachments remover plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-attachwarner-3.17.4-3.fc30 Attachment warner plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-bogofilter-3.17.4-3.fc30 Bogofilter plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-bsfilter-3.17.4-3.fc30 Bayesian spam filtering for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-clamd-3.17.4-3.fc30 Use Clam AntiVirus to scan messages in Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-dillo-3.17.4-3.fc30 Display HTML emails in Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-fetchinfo-3.17.4-3.fc30 Modify headers of downloaded messages in Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-gdata-3.17.4-3.fc30 Access to GData (Google services) for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-libravatar-3.17.4-3.fc30 Libravatar plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-mailmbox-3.17.4-3.fc30 Add support for mailboxes in mbox format to Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-managesieve-3.17.4-3.fc30 Add Manage sieve support to Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-newmail-3.17.4-3.fc30 Make Claws Mail write a message header summary to a file linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-notification-3.17.4-3.fc30 Various ways to notify about new messages in Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-pdf-viewer-3.17.4-3.fc30 Enables the viewing of PDF and PostScript attachments linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-perl-3.17.4-3.fc30 Perl based extended filtering engine for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-pgp-3.17.4-3.fc30 PGP plugin for signing and encrypting with Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-python-3.17.4-3.fc30 Python scripting access to Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-rssyl-3.17.4-3.fc30 RSS plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-smime-3.17.4-3.fc30 S/MIME support for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-spam-report-3.17.4-3.fc30 Report spam mail to various places with Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-spamassassin-3.17.4-3.fc30 Spamassassin plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-tnef-3.17.4-3.fc30 TNEF message parsing for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-vcalendar-3.17.4-3.fc30 Handling of vCalendar messages in Claws Mail linux/aarch64
clazy-1.6-1.fc30 Qt oriented code checker based on clang framework linux/aarch64
cldr-emoji-annotation-36.12.120191002_0-1.fc30 Emoji annotation files in CLDR linux/noarch
cldr-emoji-annotation-devel-36.12.120191002_0-1.fc30 Files for development using cldr-annotations linux/noarch
clementine-1.3.1-36.20181130gitd260c8b.fc30 A music player and library organizer linux/aarch64
clevis-11-6.fc30 Automated decryption framework linux/aarch64
clevis-dracut-11-6.fc30 Dracut integration for clevis linux/aarch64
clevis-luks-11-6.fc30 LUKSv1 integration for clevis linux/aarch64
clevis-systemd-11-6.fc30 systemd integration for clevis linux/aarch64
clevis-udisks2-11-6.fc30 UDisks2/Storaged integration for clevis linux/aarch64
cli11-devel-1.8.0-1.fc30 Command line parser for C++11 linux/aarch64
cli11-docs-1.8.0-1.fc30 Documentation for CLI11 linux/noarch
clingo-5.3.0-5.fc30 A grounder and solver for logic programs linux/aarch64
clingo-devel-5.3.0-5.fc30 Development files for clingo linux/aarch64
clippy-1.43.1-1.fc30 Lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code linux/aarch64
clipsmm-0.3.5-6.fc30 C++ interface to the CLIPS expert system C library linux/aarch64
clipsmm-devel-0.3.5-6.fc30 Headers for developing C++ applications with CLIPS linux/aarch64
clipsmm-doc-0.3.5-6.fc30 Documentation for the C++ clipsmm library linux/noarch
clisp-2.49.93-9.dd40369git.fc30 ANSI Common Lisp implementation linux/aarch64
clisp-devel-2.49.93-9.dd40369git.fc30 Development files for CLISP linux/aarch64
cloud-init-17.1-9.fc30 Cloud instance init scripts linux/noarch
clover2-10.4.1-1.D20190428gitae89cda.fc30 Yet another compiler language linux/aarch64
clover2-devel-10.4.1-1.D20190428gitae89cda.fc30 Development files for clover2 linux/aarch64
clover2-libs-10.4.1-1.D20190428gitae89cda.fc30 Library package needed for clover2 linux/aarch64
clufter-bin-0.77.2-1.fc30 Common internal compiled files for clufter linux/aarch64
clufter-cli-0.77.2-1.fc30 Tool for transforming/analyzing cluster configuration formats linux/noarch
clufter-common-0.77.2-1.fc30 Common internal data files for clufter linux/noarch
clufter-lib-ccs-0.77.2-1.fc30 Extra plugins for transforming/analyzing CMAN configuration linux/noarch
clufter-lib-general-0.77.2-1.fc30 Extra clufter plugins usable for/as generic/auxiliary products linux/noarch
clufter-lib-pcs-0.77.2-1.fc30 Extra plugins for transforming/analyzing Pacemaker configuration linux/noarch
clustershell-1.8.3-1.fc30 Python framework for efficient cluster administration linux/noarch
cmake-3.17.2-1.fc30 Cross-platform make system linux/aarch64
cmake-data-3.17.2-1.fc30 Common data-files for cmake linux/noarch
cmake-doc-3.17.2-1.fc30 Documentation for cmake linux/noarch
cmake-filesystem-3.17.2-1.fc30 Directories used by CMake modules linux/aarch64
cmake-gui-3.17.2-1.fc30 Qt GUI for cmake linux/aarch64
cmake-rpm-macros-3.17.2-1.fc30 Common RPM macros for cmake linux/noarch
cmst-2020.05.09-1.fc30 A Qt based GUI front end for the connman connection manager with systemtray icon linux/aarch64
co2mon-2.1.1-1.20190313git6a53ffa.fc30 CO2 monitor software linux/aarch64
co2mon-devel-2.1.1-1.20190313git6a53ffa.fc30 Include files for CO2 monitor software linux/aarch64
coapthon3-1.0.1-2.fc30 Command-line tools for python-coapthon3 linux/noarch
cobbler-2.8.5-0.3.fc30 Boot server configurator linux/aarch64
cobbler-web-2.8.5-0.3.fc30 Web interface for Cobbler linux/noarch
coccinelle-1.0.7-6.fc30 Semantic patching for Linux (spatch) linux/aarch64
coccinelle-bash-completion-1.0.7-6.fc30 Bash tab-completion for coccinelle linux/noarch
coccinelle-doc-1.0.7-6.fc30 Documentation for coccinelle linux/aarch64
coccinelle-examples-1.0.7-6.fc30 Examples for coccinelle linux/aarch64
cockatrice-2.7.2-1.fc30 A cross-platform virtual tabletop software for multi-player card games linux/aarch64
cockatrice-langpack-cs-2.7.2-1.fc30 Czech language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-de-2.7.2-1.fc30 German language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-en-2.7.2-1.fc30 English language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-es-2.7.2-1.fc30 Spanish language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-et-2.7.2-1.fc30 Estonian language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-fr-2.7.2-1.fc30 French language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-it-2.7.2-1.fc30 Italian language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-ja-2.7.2-1.fc30 Japanese language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-ko-2.7.2-1.fc30 Korean language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-nb-2.7.2-1.fc30 Norwegian language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-nl-2.7.2-1.fc30 Dutch language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-pl-2.7.2-1.fc30 Polish language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-pt-2.7.2-1.fc30 Portuguese language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-pt_BR-2.7.2-1.fc30 Brazil language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-ru-2.7.2-1.fc30 Russian language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-sr-2.7.2-1.fc30 Serbian language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-sv-2.7.2-1.fc30 Swedish language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockatrice-langpack-zh-Hans-2.7.2-1.fc30 "Chinese language data for cockatrice linux/noarch
cockpit-213-1.fc30 Web Console for Linux servers linux/aarch64
cockpit-389-ds- Cockpit UI Plugin for configuring and administering the 389 Directory Server linux/noarch
cockpit-bridge-213-1.fc30 Cockpit bridge server-side component linux/aarch64
cockpit-composer-11-1.fc30 Composer GUI for use with Cockpit linux/noarch
cockpit-dashboard-213-1.fc30 Cockpit remote servers and dashboard linux/noarch
cockpit-doc-213-1.fc30 Cockpit deployment and developer guide linux/noarch
cockpit-docker-213-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for Docker containers linux/aarch64
cockpit-kdump-213-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for kernel crash dumping linux/noarch
cockpit-machines-213-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for virtual machines linux/noarch
cockpit-networkmanager-213-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for networking, using NetworkManager linux/noarch
cockpit-ostree-180-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for rpm-ostree linux/noarch
cockpit-packagekit-213-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for packages linux/noarch
cockpit-pcp-213-1.fc30 Cockpit PCP integration linux/aarch64
cockpit-podman-13-1.fc30 Cockpit component for Podman containers linux/noarch
cockpit-selinux-213-1.fc30 Cockpit SELinux package linux/noarch
cockpit-session-recording-1-1.fc30 Cockpit Session Recording linux/noarch
cockpit-sosreport-213-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for diagnostic reports linux/noarch
cockpit-storaged-213-1.fc30 Cockpit user interface for storage, using udisks linux/noarch
cockpit-system-213-1.fc30 Cockpit admin interface package for configuring and troubleshooting a system linux/noarch
cockpit-tests-213-1.fc30 Tests for Cockpit linux/aarch64
cockpit-ws-213-1.fc30 Cockpit Web Service linux/aarch64
codeblocks-17.12-12.fc30 An open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE linux/aarch64
codeblocks-contrib-17.12-12.fc30 Additional Code::Blocks plug-ins linux/aarch64
codeblocks-contrib-devel-17.12-12.fc30 Files needed to build Code::Blocks contrib plug-ins linux/aarch64
codeblocks-contrib-libs-17.12-12.fc30 Libraries needed to run Code::Blocks contrib plug-ins linux/aarch64
codeblocks-devel-17.12-12.fc30 Files needed to build Code::Blocks plug-ins linux/aarch64
codeblocks-libs-17.12-12.fc30 Libraries needed to run Code::Blocks and its plug-ins linux/aarch64
codespell-1.15.0-2.fc30 Fix common misspellings in text files linux/noarch
cog-0.3.0-1.fc30 A small single “window” launcher for the WebKit WPE port linux/aarch64
cog-devel-0.3.0-1.fc30 Development files for cog linux/aarch64
cogl-1.22.4-1.fc30 A library for using 3D graphics hardware to draw pretty pictures linux/aarch64
cogl-devel-1.22.4-1.fc30 cogl development environment linux/aarch64
cogl-doc-1.22.4-1.fc30 Documentation for cogl linux/noarch
cogl-tests-1.22.4-1.fc30 Tests for cogl linux/aarch64
coin-1.3.0-1.fc30 Track the virtual currencies in real world currency value linux/aarch64
colin-0.3.1-3.fc30 Tool to check generic rules/best-practices for containers/images/dockerfiles. linux/noarch
colin-doc-0.3.1-3.fc30 colin documentation linux/noarch
collectl-4.3.0-5.fc30 A utility to collect various Linux performance data linux/noarch
colobot-0.1.12-3.fc30 A video game that teaches programming in a fun way linux/aarch64
colobot-data-0.1.12-3.fc30 Data files for Colobot: Gold Edition linux/noarch
colobot-music-0.1.12-3.fc30 Music for Colobot: Gold Edition linux/noarch
colordiff-1.0.19-1.fc30 Color terminal highlighter for diff files linux/noarch
community-mysql-8.0.20-1.fc30 MySQL client programs and shared libraries linux/aarch64
community-mysql-common-8.0.20-1.fc30 The shared files required for MySQL server and client linux/aarch64
community-mysql-devel-8.0.20-1.fc30 Files for development of MySQL applications linux/aarch64
community-mysql-errmsg-8.0.20-1.fc30 The error messages files required by MySQL server linux/aarch64
community-mysql-libs-8.0.20-1.fc30 The shared libraries required for MySQL clients linux/aarch64
community-mysql-server-8.0.20-1.fc30 The MySQL server and related files linux/aarch64
community-mysql-test-8.0.20-1.fc30 The test suite distributed with MySQL linux/aarch64
compat-golang-github-coreos-etcd-devel-3.3.12-5.20190413gitf29b1ad.fc30 etcd golang devel libraries linux/noarch
compat-golang-github-garyburd-redigo-devel-2.0.0-1.fc30 Go client for Redis linux/noarch
compat-golang-github-syndtr-gosnappy-devel-0-0.15.20190409git2e65f85.fc30 Implementation of the Snappy compression format for Go linux/noarch
compat-libpthread-nonshared-2.29-29.fc30 Compatibility support for linking against libpthread_nonshared.a. linux/aarch64
compat-lua-5.1.5-15.fc30 Powerful light-weight programming language (compat version) linux/aarch64
compat-lua-devel-5.1.5-15.fc30 Development files for compat-lua linux/aarch64
compat-lua-libs-5.1.5-15.fc30 Powerful light-weight programming language (compat version) linux/aarch64
compat-openssl10-1.0.2o-7.fc30 Compatibility version of the OpenSSL library linux/aarch64
compat-openssl10-devel-1.0.2o-7.fc30 Files for development of applications which have to use OpenSSL-1.0.2 linux/aarch64
compat-openssl10-pkcs11-helper-1.22-8.fc30 A library for using PKCS#11 providers linux/aarch64
compat-openssl10-pkcs11-helper-devel-1.22-8.fc30 Development files for pkcs11-helper linux/aarch64
compiz- OpenGL window and compositing manager linux/aarch64
compiz-devel- Development packages for compiz linux/aarch64
compose-utils-0.1.42-1.fc30 Utilities for working with composes linux/noarch
composer-1.10.6-1.fc30 Dependency Manager for PHP linux/noarch
composer-cli-30.19-1.fc30 A command line tool for use with the lorax-composer API server linux/aarch64
compsize-1.3-1.fc30 Utility for measuring compression ratio of files on btrfs linux/aarch64
conda-4.6.14-1.fc30 Cross-platform, Python-agnostic binary package manager linux/noarch
condor-8.8.8-1.fc30 HTCondor: High Throughput Computing linux/aarch64
condor-annex-ec2-8.8.8-1.fc30 Configuration and scripts to make an EC2 image annex-compatible. linux/aarch64
condor-classads-8.8.8-1.fc30 HTCondor's classified advertisement language linux/aarch64
condor-classads-devel-8.8.8-1.fc30 Headers for HTCondor's classified advertisement language linux/aarch64
condor-kbdd-8.8.8-1.fc30 HTCondor Keyboard Daemon linux/aarch64
condor-openstack-gahp-8.8.8-1.fc30 HTCondor's OpenStack Gahp linux/aarch64
condor-procd-8.8.8-1.fc30 HTCondor Process tracking Daemon linux/aarch64
condor-vm-gahp-8.8.8-1.fc30 HTCondor's VM Gahp linux/aarch64
configsnap-0.18.0-1.fc30 Record and compare system state linux/noarch
conky-1.11.3-1.fc30 A system monitor for X linux/aarch64
conmon-2.0.13-1.fc30 OCI container runtime monitor linux/aarch64
console-login-helper-messages-0.17-1.fc30 Combines motd, issue, profile features to show system information to the user before/on login linux/noarch
console-login-helper-messages-issuegen-0.17-1.fc30 Issue generator script showing SSH keys and IP address linux/noarch
console-login-helper-messages-motdgen-0.17-1.fc30 Message of the day generator script showing system information linux/noarch
console-login-helper-messages-profile-0.17-1.fc30 Profile script showing systemd failed units linux/noarch
conspy-1.14-2.fc30 Remote control for text mode virtual consoles linux/aarch64
container-exception-logger-1.0.3-1.fc30 Logging from a container to a host linux/aarch64
container-selinux-2.124.0-3.fc30 SELinux policies for container runtimes linux/noarch
containernetworking-plugins-0.8.5-1.fc30 Libraries for writing CNI plugin linux/aarch64
containernetworking-plugins-devel-0.8.5-1.fc30 Libraries for writing CNI plugin linux/noarch
containernetworking-plugins-unit-test-devel-0.8.5-1.fc30 Unit tests for containernetworking-plugins package linux/aarch64
containers-common-0.1.41- Configuration files for working with image signatures linux/aarch64
conu-doc-0.7.1-3.fc30 conu documentation linux/noarch
converseen- A batch image conversion tool written in C++ with Qt5 and Magick++ linux/aarch64
coolreader-3.2.30-1.fc30 Cross platform open source e-book reader linux/aarch64
copr-backend-1.132-1.fc30 Backend for Copr linux/noarch
copr-backend-doc-1.132-1.fc30 Code documentation for COPR backend linux/noarch
copr-builder-0.36-1.fc30 copr-rpmbuild with all weak dependencies linux/aarch64
copr-cli-1.86-1.fc30 Command line interface for COPR linux/noarch
copr-dist-git-0.47-1.fc30 Copr services for Dist Git server linux/noarch
copr-frontend-1.164-1.fc30 Frontend for Copr linux/noarch
copr-frontend-devel-1.164-1.fc30 Development files to build against copr-frontend linux/noarch
copr-frontend-doc-1.164-1.fc30 Code documentation for COPR linux/noarch
copr-frontend-fedora-1.164-1.fc30 Template files for copr-frontend linux/noarch
copr-keygen-1.77-1.fc30 Part of Copr build system. Aux service that generate keys for signd linux/noarch
copr-keygen-doc-1.77-1.fc30 Code documentation for copr-keygen component of Copr buildsystem linux/noarch
copr-rpmbuild-0.36-1.fc30 Run COPR build tasks linux/aarch64
copydeps-4.0-1.fc30 Find and copy .so / .dll files required by a binary executable linux/noarch
copyq-3.11.1-1.fc30 Advanced clipboard manager linux/aarch64
coreboot-utils-4.9-1.fc30 Various utilities from coreboot project linux/aarch64
coreboot-utils-devel-4.9-1.fc30 Headers for coreboot linux/aarch64
corectrl-1.0.7-2.fc30 Friendly hardware control linux/aarch64
coreutils-8.31-6.fc30 A set of basic GNU tools commonly used in shell scripts linux/aarch64
coreutils-common-8.31-6.fc30 coreutils common optional components linux/aarch64
coreutils-single-8.31-6.fc30 coreutils multicall binary linux/aarch64
corosync-3.0.4-1.fc30 The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces linux/aarch64
corosync-vqsim-3.0.4-1.fc30 The Corosync Cluster Engine - Votequorum Simulator linux/aarch64
corosynclib-3.0.4-1.fc30 The Corosync Cluster Engine Libraries linux/aarch64
corosynclib-devel-3.0.4-1.fc30 The Corosync Cluster Engine Development Kit linux/aarch64
corsix-th-0.63-1.fc30 Open source clone of Theme Hospital linux/aarch64
corsix-th-data-0.63-1.fc30 Data files for corsix-th linux/noarch
coturn- TURN/STUN & ICE Server linux/aarch64
coturn-client-devel- Coturn client development headers linux/aarch64
coturn-client-libs- TURN client static library linux/aarch64
coturn-utils- Coturn utils linux/aarch64
coxeter-3.1-3.20180226.7b5a1f0.fc30 Combinatorial aspects of Coxeter group theory linux/aarch64
coxeter-devel-3.1-3.20180226.7b5a1f0.fc30 Header files and library links for coxeter linux/aarch64
coxeter-tools-3.1-3.20180226.7b5a1f0.fc30 Coxeter command line tools linux/aarch64
cp2k-6.1-4.fc30 Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics linux/aarch64
cp2k-common-6.1-4.fc30 Molecular simulations software - common files linux/aarch64
cp2k-mpich-6.1-4.fc30 Molecular simulations software - mpich version linux/aarch64
cp2k-openmpi-6.1-4.fc30 Molecular simulations software - openmpi version linux/aarch64
cpp-9.3.1-2.fc30 The C Preprocessor linux/aarch64
cppad-devel-20200000.0-2.fc30 The cppad C++ include files for Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) linux/aarch64
cppad-doc-20200000.0-2.fc30 Documentation for cppad-devel linux/noarch
cppcheck-1.90-4.fc30 Tool for static C/C++ code analysis linux/aarch64
cppcheck-gui-1.90-4.fc30 Graphical user interface for cppcheck linux/aarch64
cppcheck-htmlreport-1.90-4.fc30 HTML reporting for cppcheck linux/aarch64
cppmyth-2.13.0-1.fc30 Client interface for the MythTV backend linux/aarch64
cppmyth-devel-2.13.0-1.fc30 Development files for cppmyth linux/aarch64
cpprest-2.10.13-1.fc30 C++ REST library linux/aarch64
cpprest-devel-2.10.13-1.fc30 Development files for cpprest linux/aarch64
cpptoml-devel-0.1.1-1.fc30 Header files for cpptoml linux/aarch64
cppzmq-devel-4.6.0-1.fc30 Header-only C++ binding for libzmq linux/aarch64
cptutils-1.72-1.fc30 Utilities to manipulate and translate color gradients linux/aarch64
crawl-0.24.0-1.fc30 Roguelike dungeon exploration game linux/aarch64
crawl-common-data-0.24.0-1.fc30 Common data files of crawl linux/noarch
crawl-tiles-0.24.0-1.fc30 Roguelike dungeon exploration game with tiles linux/aarch64
crawl-tiles-data-0.24.0-1.fc30 Data files of crawl-tiles linux/noarch
create-fake-rpm-2-1.fc30 Generate fake (S)RPM linux/noarch
createrepo_c-0.15.5-1.fc30 Creates a common metadata repository linux/aarch64
createrepo_c-devel-0.15.5-1.fc30 Library for repodata manipulation linux/aarch64
createrepo_c-libs-0.15.5-1.fc30 Library for repodata manipulation linux/aarch64
creds-0.1.0-1.fc30 Simple encrypted credential management with GPG linux/noarch
crit-3.13-5.fc30 CRIU image tool linux/aarch64
criu-3.13-5.fc30 Tool for Checkpoint/Restore in User-space linux/aarch64
criu-devel-3.13-5.fc30 Header files and libraries for criu linux/aarch64
criu-libs-3.13-5.fc30 Libraries for criu linux/aarch64
cros-adapta-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Chromium OS GTK Theme linux/noarch
cros-garcon-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Chromium OS Garcon Bridge linux/noarch
cros-guest-tools-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Chromium OS integration meta package linux/noarch
cros-host-fonts-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Chromium OS Host Fonts Configuration linux/noarch
cros-notificationd-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Chromium OS Notification Bridge linux/noarch
cros-pulse-config-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 This package installs a helper systemd unit for PulseAudio support linux/noarch
cros-sftp-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 SFTP service files for CrOS integration linux/noarch
cros-sommelier-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 This package installs unit-files and support scripts for sommelier linux/noarch
cros-sommelier-config-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Sommelier config for Chromium OS integration linux/noarch
cros-sudo-config-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 sudo config for Chromium OS integration. linux/noarch
cros-systemd-overrides-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Systemd overrides for running under Chromium OS linux/noarch
cros-ui-config-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 UI integration for Chromium OS linux/noarch
cros-wayland-1.0-0.32.20200509gitfce526e.fc30 Wayland extras for virtwl in Chromium OS linux/noarch
cross-binutils-common-2.31.1-3.fc30 Cross-build binary utility documentation and translation files linux/noarch
cross-gcc-common-9.2.1-1.fc30 Cross-build GNU C compiler documentation and translation files linux/noarch
crossguid2-0.2.2-2.20190529gitca1bf4b.fc30 Lightweight cross platform C++ GUID/UUID library linux/aarch64
crossguid2-devel-0.2.2-2.20190529gitca1bf4b.fc30 Development files for crossguid2 linux/aarch64
crudini-0.9.3-1.fc30 A utility for manipulating ini files linux/noarch
crun- OCI runtime written in C linux/aarch64
crypto-policies-20190527-1.git0b3add8.fc30 Systemwide crypto policies linux/noarch
cryptobone-1.2-1.fc30 Secure Communication Under Your Control linux/aarch64
cryptopp-8.2.0-1.fc30 C++ class library of cryptographic schemes linux/aarch64
cryptopp-devel-8.2.0-1.fc30 Header files and development documentation for cryptopp linux/aarch64
cryptopp-doc-8.2.0-1.fc30 Documentation for cryptopp linux/noarch
cryptopp-progs-8.2.0-1.fc30 Programs for manipulating cryptopp routines linux/aarch64
cryptsetup-2.3.0-1.fc30 A utility for setting up encrypted disks linux/aarch64
cryptsetup-devel-2.3.0-1.fc30 Headers and libraries for using encrypted file systems linux/aarch64
cryptsetup-libs-2.3.0-1.fc30 Cryptsetup shared library linux/aarch64
cryptsetup-reencrypt-2.3.0-1.fc30 A utility for offline reencryption of LUKS encrypted disks. linux/aarch64
csbuild-2.4.0-1.fc30 Tool for plugging static analyzers into the build process linux/noarch
csclng-1.6.0-1.fc30 A compiler wrapper that runs Clang in background linux/aarch64
cscope-15.9-4.fc30 C source code tree search and browse tool linux/aarch64
cscppc-1.6.0-1.fc30 A compiler wrapper that runs cppcheck in background linux/aarch64
csdiff-1.7.1-1.fc30 Non-interactive tools for processing code scan results in plain-text linux/aarch64
csmatch-1.6.0-1.fc30 A compiler wrapper that runs smatch in background linux/aarch64
csmock-2.4.0-1.fc30 A mock wrapper for Static Analysis tools linux/noarch
csmock-common-2.4.0-1.fc30 Core of csmock (a mock wrapper for Static Analysis tools) linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-bandit-2.4.0-1.fc30 csmock plug-in providing the support for Bandit. linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-clang-2.4.0-1.fc30 csmock plug-in providing the support for Clang linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-cppcheck-2.4.0-1.fc30 csmock plug-in providing the support for Cppcheck linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-pylint-2.4.0-1.fc30 csmock plug-in providing the support for Pylint. linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-shellcheck-2.4.0-1.fc30 csmock plug-in providing the support for ShellCheck. linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-smatch-2.4.0-1.fc30 csmock plug-in providing the support for smatch linux/noarch
csound-6.13.0-1.fc30 A sound synthesis language and library linux/aarch64
csound-csoundac-6.13.0-1.fc30 An FLTK and python frontend for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-devel-6.13.0-1.fc30 Csound development files and libraries linux/aarch64
csound-dssi-6.13.0-1.fc30 Disposable Soft Synth Interface (DSSI) plugin for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-fltk-6.13.0-1.fc30 FLTK plugins for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-fluidsynth-6.13.0-1.fc30 Fluidsyth soundfont plugin for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-jack-6.13.0-1.fc30 Jack Audio plugins for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-java-6.13.0-1.fc30 Java Csound support linux/aarch64
csound-manual-6.13.0-1.fc30 Csound manual linux/noarch
csound-osc-6.13.0-1.fc30 Open Sound Control (OSC) plugin for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-portaudio-6.13.0-1.fc30 PortAudio plugin for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-stk-6.13.0-1.fc30 STK (Synthesis ToolKit in C++) plugin for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-virtual-keyboard-6.13.0-1.fc30 Virtual MIDI keyboard plugin for Csound linux/aarch64
csound-wiimote-6.13.0-1.fc30 Wiimote plugin for Csound linux/aarch64
cswrap-1.6.0-1.fc30 Generic compiler wrapper linux/aarch64
ctdb-4.10.15-0.fc30 A Clustered Database based on Samba's Trivial Database (TDB) linux/aarch64
ctdb-tests-4.10.15-0.fc30 CTDB clustered database test suite linux/aarch64
cups-2.2.12-8.fc30 CUPS printing system linux/aarch64
cups-client-2.2.12-8.fc30 CUPS printing system - client programs linux/aarch64
cups-devel-2.2.12-8.fc30 CUPS printing system - development environment linux/aarch64
cups-filesystem-2.2.12-8.fc30 CUPS printing system - directory layout linux/noarch
cups-filters-1.27.4-1.fc30 OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends linux/aarch64
cups-filters-devel-1.27.4-1.fc30 OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends - development environment linux/aarch64
cups-filters-libs-1.27.4-1.fc30 OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends - cupsfilters and fontembed libraries linux/aarch64
cups-ipptool-2.2.12-8.fc30 CUPS printing system - tool for performing IPP requests linux/aarch64
cups-libs-2.2.12-8.fc30 CUPS printing system - libraries linux/aarch64
cups-lpd-2.2.12-8.fc30 CUPS printing system - lpd emulation linux/aarch64
cura-lulzbot-3.6.21-1.fc30 3D printer control software linux/noarch
curl-7.65.3-4.fc30 A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others) linux/aarch64
curl-minimal-7.65.3-4.fc30 Conservatively configured build of curl for minimal installations linux/aarch64
custom-kickstarts-0.30.2-1.fc30 Kickstart files for Custom Spins (not official) linux/noarch
cutter-1.2.7-1.fc30 Unit Testing Framework for C/C++ linux/aarch64
cutter-devel-1.2.7-1.fc30 Libraries and header files for Cutter development linux/aarch64
cutter-gui-1.2.7-1.fc30 GUI Test module for Cutter linux/aarch64
cutter-re-1.10.1-3.fc30 GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework linux/aarch64
cutter-report-1.2.7-1.fc30 PDF report module for Cutter linux/aarch64
cvc4-1.7-3.fc30 Automatic theorem prover for SMT problems linux/aarch64
cvc4-devel-1.7-3.fc30 Headers and other files for developing with cvc4 linux/aarch64
cvc4-java-1.7-3.fc30 Java interface to cvc4 linux/aarch64
cvc4-libs-1.7-3.fc30 Library containing an automatic theorem prover for SMT problems linux/aarch64
cvc4-python3-1.7-3.fc30 Python 3 interface to cvc4 linux/aarch64
cyrus-imapd-3.0.13-1.fc30 A high-performance email, contacts and calendar server linux/aarch64
cyrus-imapd-devel-3.0.13-1.fc30 Cyrus IMAP server development files linux/aarch64
cyrus-imapd-doc-extra-3.0.13-1.fc30 Extra documentation for the Cyrus IMAP server linux/noarch
cyrus-imapd-libs-3.0.13-1.fc30 Runtime libraries for cyrus-imapd linux/aarch64
cyrus-imapd-utils-3.0.13-1.fc30 Cyrus IMAP server administration utilities linux/aarch64
cyrus-imapd-virusscan-3.0.13-1.fc30 Cyrus virus scanning utility linux/aarch64
cyrus-imapd-vzic-3.0.13-1.fc30 Utilities to convert timezone database files linux/aarch64

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